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Bonnie M. Wells

Warren High School, Barlow, Ohio

I'd never known Jill Bohl, but over the years I spoke to several people who had gone to school with her or knew her from sports or from the small dairy bar where she worked when she was in school.

After graduation, Jill hung around this area for awhile but soon realized there were few 'good jobs' available and decided to join the U.S. Army.

Some were surprised that Jill decided to join the service, because the pretty, dark haired girl had always seemed a little reserved and shy. Still, they thought if anyone could do it, Jill could.

She Wanted To Be A Cop

They say Jill wanted to be a police officer. Perhaps that's why she chose to become an MP in the military.

Regardless of her reasoning, she was good at her job, and few doubted that when she returned home she would join one of our local law enforcement branches and continue her police career there.

She had been stationed in Louisiana, and had come home on leave before heading out west to her next assignment.

Jill was staying with her aunt and uncle just a short distance from the little dairy bar where she'd worked as a high school student. It was home to her and most of her family. She knew everyone -- or thought she did.

May 5th, 1987

May 5th was very late in the year for snow in our area, but in 1987 that's what we got .... and quite a bit of it too!

The lady who owned the restaurant where Jill had worked as a teenager opened shop that May morning as usual -- but that's where 'usual' ended - for her and for Jill Bohl.

Jill's lifeless body lay underneath the huge oak tree located to the side of the business, and overlooking Davlin Lake - a summer camping and fishing area that had been built back when I was in Warren High School, and named after the owners son [Dave] and daughter [Linda] which were classmates of mine.

As luck would have it, a state trooper came by, so the restaurant owner flagged him down.

Trooper Nick called the incident in to the sheriff's department, and requested the county coroner.

Thus began the nightmare .....

Note: The following information is based upon interviews I conducted with witnesses as well as family, friends and class mates of Jill Bohl:


Jill's lifeless body lay on top of the ground; her .357 Magnum about six feet beyond her body, as if carelessly tossed there, almost as an afterthought.

Jill had been shot through the main artery in the left leg and had bled to death .... but there's where understanding and normal ended. There was no blood on the ground around or beneath Jill, as there should have been if she had died where she lay.

There was no trail of blood leading to her body -- as there would have been if she had stumbled her way onto the property - perhaps seeking help.

And, to make matters even more confusing, there was a set of tire tracks plainly visible in the snow right up to Jill's body -- but, her own vehicle was no where in sight!

After an extended period of time, the Washington County Coroner managed to get to the crime scene -- only to determine it wasn't a 'crime scene' after all!

He simply drove into the parking lot, looked at the body, said "suicide" and drove away -- leaving all concerned standing there in shocked disbelief.

That 2.2 Mile Thing

It was the mid 1990's before I stumbled upon the 2.2 mile measurement within several of our unsolved murder cases in this area.

I didn't know much about Jill Bohl's case back then -- didn't know where her car had been located -- didn't even know about the tire tracks leading up to her dead body -- but I would. By the time I got finished I'd know a whole lot about Jill's case, and with each piece I learned, I became ever more convinced that Jill Bohl had not committed suicide -- no more than Dawn Holiday had committed suicide.

After a few weeks of talking to people I pieced the story back together.

Jill had been stationed in Louisiana, and her vehicle bore Louisiana tags on it. The car had sat along a back road for nearly a week before it was reported. By that time Jill was already dead, but the person who reported the car had not made the connection. The car was near a power station -- something else I'd noticed in these cases; power company right of ways, and over-looking water. Electricity and water didn't mix -- or if it did, it was a deadly combination.

I'd known a man one time whose grandfather had been struck by lightening and killed during a storm. Guess that would be a mixture of electricity and water, wouldn't it?

Jill's vehicle was located 2.2 miles from her dead body. It seemed awfully strange to me, but even stranger was how the coroner could say she'd killed herself when there was no blood present. It was obvious that she'd bled to death, but where? And who drove the vehicle that brought her to the big oak tree overlooking the lake?

It's been nearly thirty years since Jill died. No one speaks of her case -- well, there isn't a case. The coroner took care of that, and, in his negligent wake he left a family shattered and confused.

I don't know how much insurance Jill had on her -- but however much it was, the coroner deprived her family of it. Life insurance doesn't pay for suicides .... and neither does Uncle Sam, so her family was deprived of thousands of dollars that they would have received as military benifits had our Washington County coroner not been so quick to yell suicide ..... or had the Washington County Sheriff's Department said .... 'wait a minute doc. this doesn't look like a suicide. This looks like a homicide.' But no one bothered, and so Jill didn't receive the military funeral she should have had, and her family got nothing except humiliation piled on top of their grief.

His ruling cost the pride of one of our soldiers, and a military cop. How can he sleep at night? Probably pretty well since this same thing has gone on here for years and years with one lone woman standing up in protest, case after case.

The tire tracks in the snow leading to Jill's body should have been a red flag to the police, as should the fact that she was left handed and had been shot through the left leg ..... to me that indicates she pulled her gun in self protection, and whoever killed her overpowered her and tried to wrestle the gun away from her. As it turned toward her and pointed downward, it went off and she was fatally shot through the artery in her left leg.

Another red flag should have been the fact that her car was no where near her body, and when it was found it was covered with mud (just like Dawn Holiday's car was) and there was no blood in it either. When a person bleeds to death there is a lot of blood, and if it is in the snow, it actually looks like a tremendous amount of blood.

Another 'clue' to the fact that Jill was murdered was the two black trash bags. One was found underneath her, and the other had been tossed aside and was a few feet from her body. (There was a trash bag involved in the Jenifer McCrady case too.)

And the final 'clue' to murder should have been the fact that Jill was shot with a .38 caliber bullet, fired from her own gun, but the casing had been removed. (This too sounds like the Jenifer McCrady case in as much as she too was shot with a .357 magnum, but a .38 bullet, and the casing was never found. I honestly believe, had law enforcement stopped Jill's killer, Jenifer McCrady would still be alive.)

So, for those who are interested .....

In my opinion - based upon information gathered from various sources -- Jill Bohl did NOT commit suicide.

Jill was murdered, and I believe her case fits into the same pattern as others since. I believe she was killed by a serial killer ..... the same guy who lost his grandfather in the storm!!

And I have been bold enough to tell every cop, every individual that I have come to -- Jill Bohl was murdered. Her case needs to be re-opened and this time it needs to be investigated by the U.S. Army -- the ones who should have investigated it to begin with.

If we ever get an outside agency in here to take a look at some of these cases, I believe it's only a matter of time until someone has guts enough to say to the locals --- "Coincidence, my butt, there's an obvious pattern to these cases - there's even a rhythm and rhyme to them."

The Rhythm & The Rhyme

Jack & Jill - went up the hill -

Jill was found on May 6th, so that's the official date of her death -- but, I'll guarantee you she was killed the night of May 5th -- 5-5: Add the month and day 5+5 = {10:} Remember this:

Jill Bohl {J.B.} was {shot with a .357 Magnum:} 9 years later, Jenifer Barrett-McCrady {J.B.} was {shot with a 357 Magnum} on 9-19 -- add the month and day 9+1+9 = 19; 1+9= {10:}

Both were shot with .38 caliber bullets and the casing were not found from either bullet.

Both had trash bags involved with their dead bodies. One was under Jill while one was over Jenifer's head.

Both were taken 'up a hill' to dump: Tire tracks led to both sites: {none of which matched Jenifer McCrady's {trooper} husband's vehicles, I might add.}

Jenifer was dumped just off township road 298: Add the numbers - 2+9+8 = 19; 1+9={10}

Jill's vehicle was found just off state route 550: Add the numbers - 5+5+0 = {10}

Whoever murdered Jill Bohl went on to murder Jenifer McCrady. And Jenifer McCrady wasn't the end of his killing spree either. Jenifer's husband {Jackie D. McCrady} sits in prison for her murder. He is innocent, and if I could ever be given the chance, I could prove it to any reasonable body of people.

By the way, Trooper Victor Nick was Jackie McCrady's partner.

And there was a dream reported to Trooper Victor Nick, back in 1994, in which the killer was identified. All he would have had to do was go over to the jail and see who was sitting in there at that time. He decided he couldn't do that.

Someone once said that a person can't fight city hall. Well, they were wrong. I said years ago that Marie Blough did not die of natural causes as everyone contended. It took several years, but you know what, Marie's case has been re-classified. She was [and is] a murder victim.

Now I want Jill Bohl's case re-opened, and I want it investigated, because I'm telling everyone here and now "Jill Bohl was murdered."

And I want Jackie McCrady's case re-investigated by someone not affiliated with this area -- someone who doesn't have an ax to grind or a re-election to win, because I'm convinced that Jackie McCrady did NOT murder his wife.

We have a serial killer living in our midst. Doesn't anyone care?

PS: The 42 day phenomena does not appear to apply in Jill Bohl's case -- unless I missed something, which is highly possible:

42 days forward would be: June 16th: {{ Amanda Tusing disappeared on June 14th / maybe I didn't miss the 'case' after all. Maybe someone else just missed the date because he'd chosen another 'more symbolic date' !!}}

42 days backward would be: March 25th:

The Coincidences

Jill Bohl & Jenifer Barrett had the same initials - JB

Both were shot with a .357 Magnum:

Both were shot with .38 caliber bullets:

The casings from the bullets were missing in both cases: (I suppose they look nice in his trophy case! Don't forget Carol Gordon either! Wonder how many .38 caliber bullet casings he has by now?)

There was no blood found with either victim:

No blood was found in either victim's vehicle:

The number 10 is involved in both cases, in two ways each -- date of death and location of body and/or vehicle:

Both cases involved the 2.2 measurement.

Both women were connected to 'cops,' - one was a cop, the other was married to a cop:

Both women were found dead under a large tree: One on top of the ground; one under it.

Both women were found with trash bags - one on top of it, the other 'under' it, you might say since it was over her head.

Jill was dumped near water, while Jenifer's vehicle was left by water.

Jenifer was buried within sight of a power company right of way, and Jill's vehicle was left by a power company right of way.

Both cases involved restaurants: Jill where she once worked; Jenifer's vehicle behind Hardee's in Belpre: (Jenifer had also worked in a resturant before she became a nurse.)

Both women had recently returned from other states: Jill - stationed in Louisiana; Jenifer - vacationing in California:

Both women's death/disappearance involved a week-day, and not a week-end:

Both women were transported after death:

Both women had a close relative named 'Jackie.'

Jill Bohl had a relative who worked with Jenifer McCrady:

Total of Similarities: 19


The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) is a unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation responsible for the analysis of serial violent and sexual crimes, organizationally situated within the Critical Incident Response Group's (CIRG) National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).

The pattern that links serial homicides is what is commonly referred to as "signature". VICAP operates under the knowledge that serial homicides are almost always sexually and control driven with a consistent evolving signature present in each murder.

In the summer of 2008, the ViCAP program made their database available to all law enforcement agencies through a secure internet link.


I finally got to meet a family memebr of Jill Bohl's. Jill died in early May of 1987, and her family does not believe she took her own life any more than I have ever believed it.

Her relative confirmed the same things that I'd thought all along .... the 'evidence' indicated that someone had killed Jill somewhere other than where she was found. She had bled to death, but there was no blood where the body was found. Her car was located a couple of miles away from her body and there was no blood in it either. There was a set of tire tracks plainly visible, leading right up to Jill's body.

Jill Bohl was murdered folks, and her murder was ignored. And if you think it can't happen to one of your loved ones - think again.


Bonnie M. Wells

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