President Clinton's Grandson


Bonnie M. Wells

Dream Title: President Clinton's Grandson:

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Dream Interpreter: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: October 1st, 2004:

The Dream


I was babysitting a dark haired little boy of about 4 or 5 years of age that was former President Clinton's grandson.

Mr. Clinton, dressed casually in khaki type slacks and a light colored pull-over, polo-style shirt that was open at the collar, came to get the child.

Clinton entered my home, sat in the living room and chatted with my husband for a few minutes and then the four of us went out to the back yard and watched as the child kicked and tossed a two-tone {blue & white} ball of about the same size as a volley ball around the wide open space of my back yard.

President Clinton's hearty laughter rang out loud and clear as he clapped his hands in appreciation of the child's antics.

I looked at the man as he was laughing and so obviously enjoying the child and thought to myself .....

I didn't care much about this guy when he was in the White House, but he really does have a wonderful sense of humor and personality, and he obviously enjoys that little boy .....

End Of Dream

I told a few people about the dream and wondered if it really had any meaning. None of us knew President Clinton, and besides that he didn't even have any grandchildren!

I'd pretty much dismissed the dream as simply a dream with no actual "message" to it. One would think, after all this time, I'd know better!

The Reality


John Thrasher missing since August 14

Livingston Police Department is investigating a missing person report on John Thrasher of Livingston.

According to the report, Thrasher was last seen at the Putnam County Fair on Saturday night, August 14. He was wearing a white T-shirt with a logo on it.

John Thrasher is 21 years-old, 6'1" tall, weighs approximately 180 lbs., and has brown eyes and brown hair.

Anyone with information is urged to call Livingston Police Department at (931) 823-6496.

Police Chief Roger Phillips stated, "Any and all information received will be kept strictly confidential."

End Of News Article

Strange Facts


I live in Washington County Ohio:

Bill Clinton was president in Washington DC:

I have only babysat for one child in the past 30 years or so. It was a little dark haired, dark eyed boy name Johnathan:

I have one grandson .... his name is Joshua Thrasher: {He was not the child in the dream. Josh has blond hair and blue eyes:}

My grandson's birthday is August 17th:

Putnam is the name of a street in Marietta, Ohio:

Chief of Police in Marietta for several years was a man named Roger Phyllis:

The ball in my dream was blue and white. A computer check of the school in Livingston, Tn. revealed the team is called the "Wild Cats" and their colors are blue and white:

Joshua goes to Warren High School and their colors are blue and white.

Many of my stories on this web site are about a man named "Bill" who attended a school where the team was called the "Wild Cats." This man is exceedingly dangerous, although I seem to be the only person who can see this, or who cares.


Outdoor area / games / Bill / Clinton / White House / Washington / Chief of Police / Putnam / south of Putnam / school / open space / blue and white {may be what Thrasher was wearing since the report said he had on a white t-shirt} / baby sitter {shows years past} / someone that wasn't particularly liked or trusted in the past, but who seems to have changed or at least become more likable / someone that Thrasher has not seen for some time, but who may have been "watching him" for awhile. /

Computer Search Revealed:

White County lies due south of Putnam in Tennessee:

Washington County lies to the far east of Putnam and in fact is bordered by "former democratic presidents" ... Johnson and Carter:


I believe that someone "came after" John Thrasher, at a time when he was "not in his own home" ... a time when he was "enjoying outside activities," and "having fun, with no thought of harm coming his way."

It is highly possible that a man named "Bill" was either involved, or was a witness {Clinton came after his grandson, but he also stood watching the child play.}

This person may be someone that John Thrasher knew from an earlier time ..... perhaps from his school days. It may be someone he never really liked very much or trusted in the past, but who was able to convince him that he had changed and was now his friend.

From the information that I have available at this time, I'm inclined to believe that whoever "came after" John Thrasher came from the direction of Washington/Johnson/Carter counties. I'm also inclined to think that he was taken "south" of Putnam County, and may well be found in White County, or even further south in Warren County.

This concludes the information that I have at this time. Should anything else come in, I will forward it immediately to authorities or others directly involved in the case.

I know absolutely nothing about the roads, or streets in the area where John Thrasher was last seen, as I live in Ohio and have never been to Tennessee. However, basing my thoughts on the dream, I want to mention that I live on State Route 555, which is just off Ohio 7. If either of these numbers exist nearby, I would suggest they be checked thoroughly. Also, and names of streets or roads that fit with Bill Clinton .... {William / Bill / Jefferson / Clinton} should be investigated.

Bonnie M. Wells


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