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Bonnie M. Wells

This story is part of the "Lookin' For A Killer Series" as well as the Pure Coincidence Book Series, and contains quotes from various sources.

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Six year old JonBenet' Ramsey was murdered in her home on Christmas night in 1996.

The murder would capture the attention of the American people for years to come.

It would also be a murder of speculation and debate that remained unsolved for years to come.

But, in 1996, I didn't know how long it would take to solve the case, so I quickly did up any psychic information that I had and sent it to the proper people, in hopes that it would help catch the child's killer.

A Psychopath

I wasn't sure who had killed JonBenet' Ramsey, but I was reasonably sure they were a psychopath. Only a psychopath could devise such a twisted and evil plan and then carry it out right under the noses of the child's sleeping family.

Long ago I'd told Detective Winstanley that I thought there was something about Christmas that set the psychopath off. Of course, back in those days, I'd been speaking about a local man who always seemed to go bonkers around the holidays. It would be awhile before I realized I might have stumbled across a character trait that included all psychopaths. Perhaps holidays set them all off. The FBI Profilers had said on more than one occasion that killers .... especially serial killers .... who were almost always psychopaths, could be triggered by "stressors." These stressors could be holidays, a birth or death within the killer's family, the loss of a job or relationship, etc. Anything that upset the normal routine of their lives. In other words .... any little excuse would do!

People Of Interest ...Whatever That Means

JonBenet's parents....John and Patsy instantly became the "people of interest" in the child's death. I suppose that was natural since she was found inside her own home. Still, there were several things that made me think there had definitely been an intruder in the Ramsey home that night.

One was the family's apparent gullibility and lack of suspicion. They considered everyone their friends and took little precaution to safeguard their household. This in itself was not a crime, but to my way of thinking, it opened the door for the psychopath ..... a person who only needed a peep hole to begin with!


As the case progressed, I began buying books written by experts .... both pro and con. I wanted as much information as I could gather. I intended to see if it fit together with my psychic work and would lead to a good suspect in the case.

Of course I'd already sent out my own information prior to my "investigation" of other people's work. I would never be interested in copying someone else's work and claiming it for my own. I'd had that done to me a time or two and it was not pleasant ..... although I was getting accustomed to being pushed into the furthest corner and ignored while the rest of the world got all the credit. Well, I liked my little corner. It was a lot like solitary confinement .... and I didn't even know what crime I'd committed! Thank God I was allowed my paper and pens! And speaking of God .... it seemed to me that the longer I was pushed aside and ignored, not to mention ridiculed and slandered, the "unsolved" cases across this nation just kept piling ever higher. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I was getting a little suspicious about it all!

The Ransom Note

The ransom note demanded 118,000.00 for JonBenet's safe return. Of course after her body was found, everyone knew it was just a decoy to stall for time.

There was all kinds of speculation about the unusual amount of the ransom. Many thought it pointed to John Ramsey's involvement because his bonus that year was 118,000.00 dollars.

Still others said it pointed toward Patsy because her Bible lay opened to Psalms 118. The maid said the Bible had been opened to that same passage for a long, long time, so it was not something that had occurred about the time of JonBenet's murder.

It simply made me think the killer was someone who had been in the Ramsey's bedroom as well as other parts of their home. I thought he'd remembered the Bible verses and possibly gone home and read them in preparation for the murder.

Psalms 118

Patsy Ramsey had just gone through extensive treatment for cancer and I thought the Bible verses gave her comfort.

Psalms 118, Verse 1 said .... "O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good, because his mercy endurath forever."

But verse 18 was the one that caught my attention ...."The Lord hath chastened me sore, but he hath not given me over unto death."

I thought the killer was someone who had just gone through a traumatic experience .... a life threatening experience ..... and was someone who felt a "bond" with Patsy Ramsey, but who was very envious and resentful of John Ramsey.

American Journal

March 4th, 1997: American Journal had a tv segment that dealt with the Ramsey case. The man who had played Santa Claus at the Ramsey's Christmas party for the previous three years was interviewed and I was speechless!

Bill McReynolds told interviewers that he had never cared much for Christmas until recent years. "His own mother had suffered with bouts of depression and always seemed to have a "spell" during the holidays so he had grown up not caring much for them."

McReynolds said he'd been a journalist for most of his life and had tried his hand at short story writing a time or two. One of his stories had been about a girl who was murdered in her own home and then carried down to the basement and left!

I had difficulty concentrating on the rest of the interview because my mind wanted to keep going back to what the man had already said.

The man's next comments absolutely sent me into orbit .....

He said he'd suffered a tragedy in his own life a few years earlier when his own daughter had been kidnapped and murdered on (Christmas night!) McReynolds claimed it was then and there that he decided to celebrate Christmas by trying to make other children happy.

McReynolds told how JonBenet had given him a tour of the Ramsey household ..... the entire household .... bedrooms, basement....everything ..... in 1995 and how much he enjoyed playing Santa for her, because he was much loved by the family.

Coincidental Date

The story about Bill McReynolds' daughter took a few twists and turns as time went on, and detectives working the Ramsey case were shocked to learn that McReynolds had failed to mention his daughter and the "coincidental" date. But it seemed this was only the tip of the iceberg as there was a lot more to come from the McReynolds family.

It turned out that Bill McReynolds daughter had indeed been kidnapped .... she and one of her friends .... on Christmas night, precisely 22 years before JonBenet was murdered! But she had not been killed as McReynolds had told on the tv program. Instead, her friend was sexually assaulted while she was tied up and forced to watch. Nothing was done to her however, and afterward the two girls were released. As far as I know the case was never solved, and no one knows who assaulted the girl's friend to this day.

And as far as the comments about the story he claimed to write were concerned, it seems he had that a bit cockeyed also.

Perfect Murder ... Perfect Town

was written by Lawrence Schiller, and was one of the most informative books that I read on the Ramsey case. In this book, Bill McReynolds' wife, Janet is credited with writing the story about the girl killed in her home and carried to the basement. According to Schiller, it was actually a play titled ...Hey Rube, and based on the 1965 torture slaying of a young Indiana girl named Silvia Likens who was murdered in her own basement.

How both of these people could be interviewed by police and never mention their own daughter's abduction, or the fact that JonBenet's murder was so similar to details laid out in the play, is beyond me. And how anyone who called themselves a detective could dismiss it all as coincidence defies reason.

Schiller's book also mentioned the 1995 tour of the Ramsey household that McReynolds had spoken of. Apparently JonBenet gave "Santa" the tour which included the bedrooms, and even the "Christmas tree storage area" in the basement. How ironic that it was in this very area her tiny body would be found just a year later.

When JonBenet was found murdered, one of the first things that everyone noticed was the red "heart" that had been drawn on her hand.

The Heart ... Coincidence Or Warning?

A 1995 issue of the Boulder Business Report contained a picture of John Ramsey and his business colleagues. After JonBenet's death, John was shocked to realize that someone had some time ..... placed an x over the faces of each colleague but had drawn a "heart" around his picture!

Bill McReynolds had open "heart" surgery in August of 1996, and the detectives .....primarily detective Steve Thomas ..... thought that he was too frail to have been involved in her killing.

At the memorial service for JonBenet many people noticed the strange behavior of Bill McReynolds. Some commented on how he "rambled" when he stood up to speak. Others were astonished at his remarks about how he had questioned JonBenet one time when he was "in her bed room," and had asked her where she would be when she "wasn't here anymore." The child had replied....."In Santa's heart."

Magic Glitter

At the 1995 Christmas party, little five-year old, JonBenet had given "Santa" a vial of glitter and told him it was magic fairy dust for his beard.

67 year old McReynolds told how he had taken the "fairy dust" to the hospital with him when he had his surgery, and how he had already given his wife instructions that when he died, his ashes were to be mixed with the glitter {which he referred to as fairy dust or star dust} and sprinkled over the mountainside!

And he talked about going home and carving JonBenet's name in his harp. He said he had a harp on which he'd carved the names of dead children that he had known!

Following is one of the most blood chilling quotes from Schiller's book .... It was made by neighbor and friend .... Barbara Kostanick:

Santa's Secret Visit

"The day before Christmas, JonBenet was at our house playing with Megan. The kids were talking about Santa, getting all excited. I asked JonBenet if she had visited Santa Claus yet. She said, 'Oh, Santa was at our Christmas party the other night.'

Megan had seen Santa at the Pearl Street Mall, so we talked about that. Then JonBenet said, 'Santa Claus promised that he would make a secret visit after Christmas.'

I thought she was confused. 'Christmas is tonight,' I told her. 'And Santa will be coming tonight.'

'No, no,' JonBenet insisted. 'He said this would be after Christmas. And it's a secret.' "

In another area of the book, Bill McReynolds is interviewed by police, and tells them .....

I Always Thought

"Almost everyone has written stories about me - the Denver papers, the tabloids, and even CNN. I've been on lots of TV shows. It's too late. There's nothing I can do about it. Lots of people think that I killed JonBenet, that Santa killed an angel."

"Looking back, I always thought that if anybody wanted to do major damage to this family {the Ramsey's} they could do it at Christmas, because they all adored Christmas."

I re-read this section of the book several times. I'd read a few pages and come back to it ..... read a chapter or two and come back to it. Throughout the entire book, I could not get this peculiar comment out of my mind. I wondered ..... and continue to wonder...."What kind of a person, especially a friend, would ever think about a good time to do damage to their friend and his family?" Stop and think about this. Say you play Santa for your church. You go to the homes of your fellow churchgoers who undoubtedly are your friends. Are you going to be sitting in a chair with a child on each knee and thinking about how the "family" could be devastated, and when the perfect time for such devastation would be?

Who Wrote The Ransom Note?

It didn't take hand writing experts very long to decide that John Ramsey had not been the person who wrote the ransom note. Patsy was not as fortunate. Detective Thomas was apparently convinced that Patsy had committed the crime and written the ransom note to cover her tracks!

Schiller says ....

"By now Steve Thomas had been involved in almost every aspect of the investigation and within the department, was gaining the reputation of resident expert.

For his part {Steve Thomas}, he was sure that Bill McReynolds, though his handwriting was questionable, was too frail to have committed the crime."

Page 541 of Schiller's book says....

"Bill and Janet McReynolds had recently returned from the East Coast to collect their personal belongings before moving permanently to Massachusetts. When asked , they came in for another interview with the DA. It took all day. Detective Dan Schuler, who had interviewed Burke Ramsey {JonBenet's nine year old brother} joined Lou Smit in the questioning.

The similarities between Janet McReynold's play and JonBenet's murder were discussed at length. The investigators explored Bill McReynold's physical ability to commit the murder - and questioned all the details of his travel to Spain, complete with several plane changes, the carrying of bags, all within ten days of the crime.

In the end Schuler said Bill McReynolds required more investigation and Smit felt that his wife had to be interviewed again."

"When Steve Thomas heard of the interviews, he was outraged. In his mind, the Ramsey's were destroying another person's life in their desire to avoid being charged for murder."

2003: In recent weeks I have been told by a certain person on one of the chat groups that I am a member of, that if "she recalls correctly, Patsy Ramsey has admitted to writing the ransom note." I have informed this particular person that her memory certainly isn't serving her very well because Patsy Ramsey has denied any involvement whatsoever in her child's murder. She has stated over and over again that she did not write the ransom note and that she did not kill her child, or assist anyone else in killing her child:

John and Patsy Ramsey wrote a book about their daughter's murder also. Their book was called .....

The Death Of Innocence:

Pages 166 and 167 were of utmost interest to me as I studied everything I could get my hands on about the case:

"On March 15th, 1978, Janet McReynolds's play Hey Rube, had opened off Broadway at the New York City Interart Theater and had run for sixteen performances. Based on fact, the play depicted a young girl held captive in an Indiana basement where she was abused, tortured and finally killed.

The account of the murder originally appeared in The Basement, a book by Kate Millett, which proved to be an upsetting read, offering little explanation for the crime beyond the fulfillment of someone's frightening and disturbed fantasies.

The review of McReynolds's play Hey Rube in the New York Times said, ...'It is not clear what the author intended to write. The play could be a psychological study of the killer; a sociological study of sexism; a sympathetic profile of the hapless victim, or a courtroom melodrama.'

The playwright {Janet McReynolds} offered an interview to a local paper, explaining, ...'I've always been interested in the way victims frequently seem to seek their own death, or to deliberately choose their own murderer.' "

This play was based on the horrible mistreatment and murder of sixteen year old Sylvia Likens. I have done some background work on the case, and offer the following link so my readers may be somewhat familiar with it. Why anyone would choose to convert the story to a play is beyond me unless they were attempting to educate the public of such extreme cruelty. This does not appear to be Janet McReynolds' intentions though because even the New York Times' review could not determine the reasoning for the play.

I urge my readers to view the following page, Sylvia Likens ...and then return to this page to continue reading the JonBenet story. And when you get back here, ask yourself .... Did Sylvia Likens "select her own killer?" Did she "seek her own death?"

Am I Overly Suspicious ... Or Is There Something Else Wrong In This Picture?

Have I actually lost the ability to tell whether something makes sense or not? Do the comments from Bill or Janet McReynolds make any sense to anyone reading this story? What kind of people sit around "always thinking that if anyone wanted to harm the Ramsey's the best time would be at Christmas," as Bill McReynolds stated? And what kind of woman thinks victims of murder "seek their own death and select their killers?"

If my readers see these two people as "normal" than I suggest we have a really big problem in the land of the free and home of the brave .... a really big problem.

Steve Thomas resigned from the Boulder Police Department on JonBenet's birthday in 1998: His book ....

JonBenet ... Inside The Ramsey Murder Investigation ....

rolled off the St. Martin's press in the year 2000. I was among the first to purchase it, just as I'd purchased all the others. When I investigated something ... anything ..... I wanted all the views and evidence I could get. I wanted the good, the bad and the ugly because somewhere in the confusion of it all lay the answer.

Thomas's contempt for Patsy Ramsey was evident almost from the beginning .... still, I continued to read the book because in spite of it all, I felt the man honestly believed what he was saying..... honestly thought he was right. He actually believed that Patsy Ramsey had murdered her own child, and then was cold blooded and calculating enough to cover it up and get by with it. I knew exactly how he felt ....had been there and done that myself. But even I eventually had to admit that if the evidence isn't there.....or if those in charge refuse to see the evidence, then all we can do is write the story and walk away.

Of course, as far as I could determine, "the evidence" against Patsy Ramsey just wasn't forthcoming in the case, regardless of how much Thomas wanted it to. None of the DNA evidence had matched John or Patsy or anyone else in the household. Even the fiber evidence matched absolutely nothing within the people's home. That was a very important bit of information as far as I was concerned.

Misunderstanding Or Deliberate Confusion?

Pages 111, 112 and 113 in Thomas's book were very interesting to me }.....

"McReynolds, who hugged Patsy in church during the memorial service, was anything but a roly-poly Jolly Old Elf. Instead he was a frail sixty-seven year old man with a flowing white beard who was still recovering from heart and lung surgery performed in August 1996, only four months before the murder.

Sick or not, we weren't going to cut him any slack in our first interview. The Ramsey's had put him on their early list of suspects, and a witness had told police that JonBenet said a "Secret Santa" was going to visit her. McReynolds knew nothing about that."

Wait...wait...wait a minute! Am I wrong here, or is there a vast difference between a "secret visit from Santa," and a "visit from a Secret Santa?" Anyone else catch this? I quoted what JonBenet told Barbara on Christmas Eve. She did NOT say she was to receive a visit from a "secret Santa," as Thomas states in his book. No wonder McReynolds said he didn't know anything about a "Secret Santa!"

Back to the book ...

Incest? Based On What Evidence?

Page 112: "McReynolds suggested incest as a possible motive for murder, but he later retracted that and told the Today show that the Ramsey's were a terrific family."

Yes, and any cop worth his pay check should have seen red flags dancing all over the room when McReynold's tried to shift motive to the Ramsey's. This should have been especially true for this particular cop since he's the one who dug until his fingers bled in search of any kind of sexual misconduct, unusual interests, pornography, extramarital affairs, use of prostitutes, anything and everything.....and came up with absolutely nothing on John Ramsey or any member of the family.

"Santa Bill told us how special JonBenet was, never asking for gifts for herself, just wanting 'joy and peace' for everyone. 'There are angels everywhere,' she told him. 'Every day is Christmas.' "

Santa Bill!!? A police officer referring to a suspect (or should I say Person of Interest?) as Santa Bill? Talk about living in lala land! Does this sound logical? Is there anyone else in my reading audience with a six year old child? Is it normal for a six year old child to never ask for anything for herself and only want joy and peace? What six year old child says that "every day is Christmas?"

"JonBenet had led McReynolds by the hand on a tour of the house during the 1995 Christmas party, including her bedroom and the basement to see where the Christmas trees were kept, {The Christmas tree area is where JonBenet's body was found.} and had given him a vial of glittery "stardust" to sprinkle in his beard. He carried it to the hospital as a lucky charm during his surgery." This should have been another "red flag" for Thomas. If JonBenet had given him the vial of glitter at Christmas time in 1995, and the man didn't have surgery until August of 1996, that's eight months. Do you remember a trinket gift that your own child gave you for Christmas, and consider it so special that you would take it to the hospital with you eight months later? Of course I'm speaking to the the adults in my reading audience. I'm sure there are some who are childish enough to do such a thing, but then we have to remember that JonBenet was NOT Bill McReynolds' child. She was just another kid that he pretended to be Santa Claus for and to entertain at the Christmas party her parents had at their home. As far as I'm concerned this shows an obsession with JonBenet and it's one that should have been dug into with some real gusto instead of the excuse finding manner in which it was treated.

"McReynolds said what was truly terrible was that this wasn't the first child to die during his Santa years. A little boy who was 'a special friend' had been murdered several years previously." Bill McReynolds only played Santa Claus from 1992 through 1996 folks! This other child's death could not possibly have been "several years previously" as Thomas states. And what does McReynolds mean by "special friend?" This sure doesn't sound good to me, and I cannot imagine what would be wrong with a cop who didn't notice the peculiarities in this man's comments.

"Janet McReynolds was quiet and impressive... Apparently so! He seems to have been impressed with the whole family! her grandmotherly appearance existing comfortably with a considerable intellect. With degrees from three universities, including a Ph.D., she had worked as a teacher and a writer and had won a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for her play, Hey Rube, which was produced in New York and Los Angeles. It was based on a true story about the horrible murder of a teenage girl in Indianapolis. Despite the subject matter, there was nothing to link the play or its author to the murder of JonBenet. Perhaps he should have tried to link it to her husband instead of her!!

"We asked if there was anything else we should know. She {Janet McReynolds} said there wasn't."

"We still had to check out her two sons, Tristan and Jesse. Tristan had a tight alibi, having been in Michigan with his girlfriend over the Christmas holidays. Jesse was a different story. He had done two and a half years in an Arizona prison for conspiracy, aggravated robbery and kidnapping."

Sure sounds like a winning family to me! Daughter is kidnapped, and witnesses the sexual assault of her friend, but no one is ever arrested! Son is a thief, kidnapper and convicted felon. Mama writes grizzly stories about murdered girls and contemplates how victims seek their own death and choose their own killers, while "secret keeping," pornography loving papa bear keeps losing his "special little friends" via murder, while he sits around thinking about when would be a good time to devastate a family that had done nothing but treat him with love and respect!!! Yes siree, sounds like an impressive bunch of people! Sad thing is, so does the cop doing the interviewing .... he certainly made an "impression" on me!

"Then came the undoing of Santa Bill. McReynolds loved appearing on television {most of them crave attention!!}, and someone recognized him as a regular customer at a local adult bookstore." {This same cop had combed every low life joint in a hundred mile radius looking for anything on John Ramsey, and found absolutely nothing. Wonder why he didn't also investigate Mr. McReynolds?}

"He {Bill McReynolds} came in again for an interview that cleared him of suspicion, but at a personal price." {What? Cleared him of suspicion? Now papa bear is into pornography, and still this cop flatly refuses to consider that he might be a damned pedophile that is preying upon little children and has gone out of his way to make certain he is around little kids ..... even though he never liked Christmas until his own daughter was kidnapped ....... which is another bare faced lie that Mr. Thomas missed. The kidnapping of this man's daughter took place 22 years to the day of JonBenet's murder. He'd only been "Santa" since 1992!! For crying out loud, what does it take? Sounds like this guy should head for Washington County Ohio where he could join the rest of the deaf, dumb and blind!

"McReynolds was distraught by the discovery of something he thought was buried so deep in his private life that his wife of thirty-five years was unaware of {is this the same thing as's a secret??} it until we called him. He emphasized that his fantasies never involved children or child pornography."

"Additional information he shared with us at the interview, which we were later able to confirm, further eliminated him. We investigated the hell out of this old man. He didn't do it." {{It wasn't Bill .....where have I heard those words before?!! }}

"Seldom has one family given so many different leads to investigators, but in the end, after following the trail for months, there was nothing to link any of them with this crime. Nevertheless, the DA's office repeatedly resurrected them as suspects." Yeah.....well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....pretty good chance it's a duck!

Thomas' Main Complaint

Officer Thomas was the first person to start the rumor that the Ramsey's were "hiding from the police" and were refusing to be interviewed about the murder of their child. It didn't take the media long to grasp the idea and off they went making the same claim.

I do not know the Ramsey's and probably never will. They attended Patsy's high school reunion a few years ago and were within 10 minutes of my home, and although I'd already worked myself half to death and sent several packages of material (at my expense) to their investigators, I received no phone calls, or any other type of acknowledgment from them. That's okay. I'm accustomed to being ignored. It doesn't change anything at all. The truth is still the truth, and lies are still lies.

So in the name of fairness and truth I have conducted further research into the case in an effort to determine when the Ramsey's were in fact interviewed and how long those interviews were. Those interested may view this material by clicking here Ramsey Interviews

There may be more added to this page at a later time, but right now, I feel an urgency in getting the page up so that it might be read. I do not know the reason for this. It's now been more than six years since JonBenet was murdered, and her case remains unsolved. Perhaps it has something to do with the "Bonnie At Six" dream that began my search into the child's case. I honestly don't know. But I've always followed my instincts, and my instinct tells me I need to post the story now, so I've done up the "highlights" for right now.

This story appears in its entirety in books number 8 and 8a of Pure Coincidence, and is available "free of charge" to any "official" people working the JonBenet case. Which "side" they are on is completely irrelevant to me.

Following is a link to a news story which I felt was important enough to add to this page. It is not written by me, and proper credit will be given to the person who did write it. Well worth reading.... and appropriately titled ...

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