Joshua's Woman

A Dream By

Bonnie M. Wells

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date & Time Of Dream: 10:00 a.m. / Feb. 7, 2009

My grandson Joshua will be 21 years old in August, and I have seldom dreamed about him, but on February 7th......

I dreamed that I went to visit my daughter Christina. Her husband Bryan was there and one of his friends, as well as Christina and Joshua.

I entered the house and the first thing I saw was some bleached blond woman in skimpy, street walker, lingerie coming through the living room in front of the men!

Christina was in the kitchen, so after glancing disgustedly at the woman and then at the men who seemed quite taken with her, I went into the kitchen to speak to Christina.

"Who is that whore in your living room that's parading around half naked in front of your son, your husband and his friend?" I asked.

"Oh, that's Joshua's girlfriend, and she's living here with us." Christina chirped, as if it was all perfectly normal!

"Girlfriend? That's a money grubbing hooker who is way older than Joshua. What the hell is wrong with you people?" I snarled.

End of Dream

Needless to say, I was absolutely furious when I awoke, and was about half tempted to drive to Belpre and see for myself if Joshua did have a girlfriend living with him! I couldn't imagine Joshua doing something like that -- but in today's world, I suppose anything is possible.

I did manage to talk myself out of it though -- at least until my granddaughter Mariah came in from school on Monday, and then I'd question her!

The Joshua dream had been my second dream of the night, and the other one wasn't much better than this one had been .... it was about Wild Bill! I seemed to be batting zero!

Of course I did tell Mariah about the dream, as well as a couple of my friends {Diane and Sindee} and I did ask Mariah if Joshua was actually seeing anyone {especially a blond} at this time. She assured me that he wasn't, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

A Dream Fulfilled

February 11th, 2009: Christina called and after we'd talked a few minutes I told her the dream I'd had about Josh.

When I told her that I'd seriously considered coming to her house and just slapping the tar out of all of them, she laughed and said no, he didn't have a blond haired girlfriend, although he had gotten himself into a tight spot a day or so ago. I asked how he did that, and was told that he had gone to {a romance internet group}.Com and was corresponding with a 26 year old woman from Australia. Supposedly she was a buyer for some big company and was going to Africa and then was going to fly into our area to meet Joshua!!

It was along about this time that I felt the hair on my arms begin to rise! 26 years old .... she was 5 years older than Josh .... I'd thought the woman in the dream was around 30 ..... "Is this woman a blond?" I asked Christina.

"Yes, according to her profile, she is a blond," Christina replied.

"When is she coming here?" I asked.

"Well, she was supposed to be here today, but she isn't coming now." Christina replied

It turns out that the woman contacted Joshua and told him that she ran a little short of cash, and needed an additional $400.00 in order to get a flight into our area!!!! {Every instinct in me screamed HOOKER!!!! She was a scam artist ... getting money from men, and then probably never being heard from again!}

I guess my grandson has a little bit of sense anyhow because he told the woman that he had no intention of sending her any money at all for any reason. Guess he hasn't heard from her since!!!

Few around me have ever been able to get by with very much without me dreaming about what they were doing. It began when I was but a toddler, and it has never stopped. Sometimes it irritates the hell out of certain people, but, that's okay. It's the Lords way of 'keeping me informed' ...... and I sure do appreciate it!

If you'd like to read the dream I had about Wild Bill, click on the links button at the bottom of this page. We'll see if that dream pans-out also.


The above dream was an 'indicator' of things to come. It was to 'alert' me to the fact that something was coming my way that would require concerted effort in order to reach the destination, and to know what I was looking at when I got there.

Rest assured, if the Lord can send me a dream that pans-out like this one did, then he can also send ones that will show what happened; to whom it happened; and by whom it happened.

I continue to gather information, and now firmly believe that the series of dreams that have taken place since February 7th have indicated the abduction {disappearance} of Kimberly Sue Jones from Parkersburg, West Virginia on the night of February 2nd. 2009.



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