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Search for Missing Woman

WTAP News // Feb 7, 2008

Reporter: Courtney Rochon



Wood County officials are looking for a woman who has been missing for a day.

Thursday, they were searching the scene of a fire for clues.

Crews were called out to the Petty family farm around 9:30 Thursday morning.

That's near the Pioneer Meat Processing plant off of Route 31.

When crews arrived on scene, the house had already burned to the ground and the fire was out.

Officials do not think anyone was living in the house at the time, but the owner of the property is also the father of a missing woman.

Parkersburg Police Sergeant J.D. Hart says 48 year old Judith Petty was last seen Wednesday around 5:30 pm near 36th Street and Emerson Avenue.

Police say Petty has serious medical problems.



Investigators Search In Fire Debris

Parkersburg News & Sentinel

Missing Woman Draws Concerns In W.Va. 31 Blaze




WAVERLY — Investigators are attempting to determine if a fire Thursday is related to a missing-person case.

The fire occurred at an abandoned farmhouse on West Virginia 31, said Chief Kim Marshall of Deerwalk Volunteer Fire Department. The property is owned by Marvin Petty, the father of Judith Petty, who went missing Wednesday evening, according to Parkersburg police.

Investigators do not know if the missing woman was inside the structure at the time of the fire. A search produced no results Thursday, but investigators planned to return today to continue sifting through the debris. No one was living in the house at the time of the blaze.

Firefighters from Deerwalk and Waverly Volunteer Fire Department responded to the property around 9:30 a.m., Marshall said. Crews arriving on scene found the structure was destroyed.

“Obviously, the structure was already burned. It was on the ground. Another adjoining building was also burned,” Marshall said.

The property was inaccessible for the majority of the departments’ vehicles. A crew in a four-wheel-drive brush truck approached the residence, but the vehicle had limited water-carrying capacity, Marshall said.

“It was inaccessible. We could only get up there with a four-wheel-drive brush truck that only had a couple of hundred gallons of water on it,” Marshall said.

The structure was unoccupied and was being used for storage, Marshall said.

“We don’t know if she was out there or not. We’re going back out in the morning if we don’t hear from her tonight. We’ll be back out there tomorrow for some more searching,” said Chief Terry Hefner, Waverly VFD.

Chief Danny Goodwin, Vienna Volunteer Fire Department and member of the Wood County Fire Investigation Team, said the cause of the fire is unknown. The damage was so extensive, it may be impossible to determine the cause.

Judith Petty, 48, of Parkersburg was last seen around 5 p.m. Wednesday when she left her north Parkersburg home to return books to Parkersburg-Wood County Public Library, said Sgt. J.D. Hart of the Parkersburg Police Department. She was last seen around 36th Street and Emerson Avenue, he said.

The missing woman has brown hair, weighs about 250 pounds and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has a history of medical problems but does not have a history of running away or becoming lost, Hart said.

Anyone with information on the missing woman should call the police department at (304) 424-8444.






Bonnie M. Wells



Well, we've come full circle, and it's time I step forward again.

For now I'm just going to quote a few comments and predictions that I made on preceeding pages of this web site.

If I'm right about the above missing woman -- I can only hope that someone will listen this time.

Quotes / Clues & Reminders:



From the 'Leah Hickman' page comes the following:

1-7-08: Quote: "On New Years Eve {2007} a fire completely destroyed the home" .. / end quote /...

Quote: "I have to move on to the next case, so if you will excuse me, I have 121, 124 and 207 to concern myself with and see if I can figure out a way to prevent him from reaching his target{s}. I doubt I'll be successful, but I have to try." / end quote /

February 7th is 207 folks!



From Mariah Faye & Independence Day comes the following:

The Cowboy

"We were still standing in the parking lot talking, when I first saw the good looking, dark haired guy with a mustache and cowboy attire.

I watched him stroll across the parking lot and sensed a familiarity about him that I could not explain.

"Do you know that guy?" Christina asked when she saw me watching him so intently.

"No, I don't think so -- but -- no, I don't know him..." I stammered.

The "cowboy" made several trips back and forth past us as we sat there talking. Each time, regardless of what we were discussing, my eyes followed him until he was out of sight. Each time Christina questioned me about the man.

"Maybe you went to school with him," she said at one point.

"No, he's several years younger than me. I never went to school with him." I replied.

"Maybe he reminds you of someone," she said at another time ...

"Well, he does walk a little bit like a guy I once knew - a guy that liked to wear western shirts, jeans and cowboy boots. That guy had dark hair and a mustache back then too, but no, it wasn't Wild Bill that I actually thought of when I watched the guy walk past me -- although it was like Wild Bill was there - somehow - somewhere... It was a very strange feeling, and one I'd not encountered in a long time. I'd "tuned in to a complete stranger," and didn't have a clue as to why or what I was supposed to be looking for, but I was LOOKING!!

"Why does he remind me of a cop?" I asked Christina as the man strode back toward the stage area again.

"I don't have any idea, because he certainly doesn't walk like a cop, doesn't dress like a cop ... I don't know why you would think of a cop." She replied.

Neither did I .... Wild Bill and a cop.... the heat must really be affecting me, I thought as I tried to chase the idea from my mind.....

I was talking to Christina about something when the next contestant was announced --

"Our next performer is Mr. R. P. singing --" the announcer said, and I actually stopped breathing, as I watched the dark haired guy with the mustache come through the crowd and up onto the stage.

I have no idea what the man sang. He must have been pretty good at whatever it was because he won the beautiful trophy and the $100.00 prize!

"Oh my God," was all I could mutter - over and over again.

Bryan, Christina and Josh were all gathered around me asking what was wrong - and to be honest, I wasn't sure that I wasn't having a heart attack or a heat stroke!!

Like I said, I have no idea what the man sang, so it could not have been his song that took my breath away ...

It was the realization of what had transpired today. Yes, I suppose I was to come and hear Mariah sing - but beyond that, there was something else that was so phenomenal, so mysterious and grand that it actually shook me to my very core.

"Do you know that man?" Christina was asking when I recovered my senses enough to answer her.

"No, I do not know R.P. - never met the man in my life - but - several years ago, back when Wild Bill and I were friends - back when I was thinking about and asking a few questions about the murder of Washington County Deputy Ray Clark, Wild Bill had sold his shotgun to a man he worked with by the name of R.P.!

I watched the guy walk off the stage, and all I could think was - he reminded me of Wild Bill and a cop - an hour ago, I was tuning in to Wild Bill and a cop, and now, here I stand in a state of absolute dismay!

Now whether R.P. is the same man Wild Bill once worked with, and to whom he sold his shotgun, or not, I guess I'll never know, because I didn't have courage enough to go ask the man!

I thought about it. I wanted to do it - but I couldn't. I could not figure out how I could ask such a question without revealing the fact that I had once been Wild Bill's friend - and even now, after all these years, after all this time, I realize that I still have not gotten over what he did - to me, to my family, my friends .... I just cannot forget something that cut so deep.

Nor can I forget that although I never knew Ray Clark - never met the man, or ever seen him as far as I know - I cannot ever forget that someone murdered one of our deputies. I just can't let it go - and walk away. I just can't do it - because God won't let me do it.

This battle is not one I chose folks. I'm not nearly that brave - not to mention smart!

And I have no say-so in how official business is conducted in this area, but if I did, I would go to R.P. and see if he still had the shotgun he bought from Wild Bill, and I would take that gun, and I would test it in every way imaginable, because someone pulled the trigger on the shotgun that murdered our deputy, and if I were a lawman, I would never, never rest until Ray Clark's killer was behind bars {again!}

PS: Please keep in mind -- the song Independence Day is about a {house fire that took a woman's life.}



From A Ray Of Hope comes the following:

Lookin' For A Cop Killer

Ray Clark was a Washington County {Ohio} Deputy Sheriff who was gunned down on February 7th, 1981 while standing in the kitchen of his own home.

I would like to know who killed our deputy ..... not for my own reasons, but because he was one of our cops. He put his life on the line for us, and I figure the least I can do is ask who murdered the man.

I'd like to live long enough to see his killer arrested and brought to justice.

It's looking rather doubtful .... and that's if I die of old age!



Missing Parkersburg Woman Update

Feb 9, 2008

Reporter: Leslie Cebula



Forty-eight-year old Judith Petty of Parkersburg has been missing since Wednesday.

Family members allegedly reported to the Wood County Sheriff's Department Friday a possible tip to where she could be.

"I was told that they had information that somebody had took her home from a local club. Someone that was traveling and had actually seen her and picked her up and dropped her off at that residence," said Sgt. Dave Westfall, Wood County Sheriff's Dept.

Officials couldn't confirm the day she may have been dropped off at the Petty family farm but said possibly Wednesday or Friday night but continued to search anyway.

"I'm happy we went ahead and did the search anyway because we did find something," Sgt. Westfall said.

The Waverly Volunteer Fire Department, Wood County Fire Investigation Team, and the Wood County Sheriff's Department worked together with a helicopter and the West Virginia search and rescue canine units.

"(We) found what appeared to be the remains of a human being that had been caught in a fire," said Sgt. Westfall.

Wood County Coroner Mike St. Clair said "they are definitely human remains."

According to St. Clair, the remains were found around 11 a.m. Saturday sent to the Medical Examiner's Office that night to determine whose body it is.

It was in the cellar of a building on a farm off Route 31 near the Pioneer Meat Processing Plant. The house recently burned to the ground.

"The fire was probably started Wednesday night," said Waverly Vol. Fire Department Chief Terry Hefner.

It wasn't until Saturday that rescuers could get into the cellar of the building because of the intense heat after the fire.

"It looks like it may have caught on fire like the main structure had caught on fire and burnt down and the remains were found in that building," said Sgt. Westfall.

But it's unclear who's remains these may be and officials await testing results from the Medical Examiner's Office in Charleston.

Hefner said, "they could be hers but we don't know who's they are."

In the meantime, officials with friends, and family continued to search up until 6 p.m. Saturday for more remains that could lead to an answer.

Officials do not think anyone was living in the house at the time of the fire but the owner of the property is also Judith Petty's father.

The investigation continues into the possible death and the Petty farm house fire.

From previous reports, Parkersburg Police Sergeant J.D. Hart says Petty was last seen Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. near 36th Street and Emerson Avenue.

Judith Petty has brown eyes and brown hair. She weighs 250 pounds and is 5'4".

According to Parkersburg Police, Petty has serious medical problems.






Bonnie M. Wells



Well, the confusion has begun, so I won't waste too much more time with this one. ** There isn't much time to waste anyhow, before the next strike comes.

I have no idea why 'news people' change things after a day or so, but it seems to be the 'norm' every case. That's one reason I have chosen to copy and paste entire news articles on many of my pages. I know after 24 hours the story is going to change. I've been watching it for years.

If the body that was found is in fact Judith Petty {and I'm going to say that it is ...... whether anyone else will say it or not} then there is no way the woman could have been 'dropped off' at the farm on Friday. The place burned to the ground on THURSDAY!!!

Why the sudden omission of Thursday?

Irresponsible reporting serves no useful purpose, and will NEVER work with me. I am not the least bit confused about this case or any other case that is on my web site. I know my cases and I know my dates, times, places and names.




Missing Woman's Remains Identified

WTAP News // Feb 14, 2008

Reporter: Bruce Layman

Authorities have identified the remains found in the burned out debris of a farm in Wood County as those of a Parkersburg woman who's been missing for nearly two weeks.

Wood County Coroner Mike St. Clair says dental records confirm the remains are 48-year-old Judith Petty.

Search crews found the remains Saturday but the cause of the fire and how Petty ended up there are still under investigation.

Officials say the fire started sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday of last week and that's around the same time Petty went missing.





Bonnie M. Wells



February 20th, 2008:

There has been nothing more in the news about Judith Petty and the fire at her family's farm.

No one is asking 'who' she got into a vehicle with; what that vehicle looked like -- was it a car or a truck? Was it a dark [blue or black] Toyota truck, by any chance?

Was Judith Petty really 'dropped off' at the farm, or did someone take her there with the intended purpose of never letting her leave the farm?

Is Judith Petty another 'murder victim' from Coincidence Valley - where there are seldom any questions and never any answers?

Was Judith Petty unconscious when the fire was set? Or was she already dead when it was set?

And yes, I AM saying the fire was set. It was no accident .... anymore than it was an accident that she went there on Wednesday evening/night.

Someone is systematically murdering our people. I have been writing about this for several years now, but always the results are the same.

Whoever it is continues to get by with his sick game, while everyone wants to look the other way?

Well, I'm not looking the other way. I was warned as far back as 2005 that there was coming a 'connection between Ray Clark and Petty. I have shown that connection on this page and on other pages.

In my honest opinion, Judith Petty was another 'chosen victim' of a maniac that has been doing as he pleases to the women [and girls] for many, many years.




Judith Petty Update

WTAP News // Feb 24, 2008

Reporter: Leslie Cebula

According to the Wood County Sheriff's Department, based on their investigation so far it is unclear how Judith Petty died earlier in February and the cause of her family farm's fire off Route 31.

Sergeant Dave Westfall said they don't know if the Parkersburg woman died in the fire but her remains were found among the debris from the fire.

He said they are still investigating and are changing their search methods in order to look at all possibilities of how she might have died.

"There are no known witnesses yet," he said.

He is awaiting a report from the West Virginia Fire Marshal's Department and they were not available for comment.

"We owe it to the family and to Judith Petty. We owe it to them to exhaust every possibility," said Westfall.




Bonnie M. Wells



If they truly want to "exhaust every possibility," then I suggest someone better take a good long look at my suspect.

Where was he the evening/night of February 6th and into the early morning hours of February 7th?

Again I ask --- what kind of vehicle was Judith Petty seen getting into? What color was it?

If this was such an 'innocent' thing, and the driver 'dropped Judith Petty off at the farm' -- as WTAP stated -- then who is that person and why have they not come forward and said they dropped her off?

Wood County, West Virginia and Washington County, Ohio have 'joined forces' before on drug cases, and other crimes. Right now is the perfect time to join up again. Work together on this, and I think you can take his butt down this time.

I say Judith Petty was a victim of a maniac who has murdered several women [and a few men] before ...... some in this area and some in other areas.

I have been tracking this man for several years now, and have been saying that sooner or later he will 'overplay' his hand. This may very well be the best opportunity that law enforcement in this area is going to have ..... for a long while, to actually stop this killer.

Please, for all that's sane, please stop this man. He will never stop on his own.

Here's some strange 'facts' that came to me last night while re-thinking Judith Petty's case and Ray Clark's case.

Please look at this and ask yourself if it can actually be coincidence. If that's what everyone chooses, then I guess **I'll drop the issue and just sit back and wait for the next coincidence to occur ...... and wonder who we'll get to bury then.



There are 13 and 1/2 years between the murder of Deputy Ray Clark to the August 1994 murder of hooker Maebelle Clark:

There are 13 and 1/2 years between the murder of Maebelle Clark and the {murder} of Judith Petty on the anniversary of Ray Clark's murder.

In view of all the other bizarre things I have uncovered while looking into the unsolved cases [and some so called solved ones] in this area --- the 42 day connections / the 2.2 mile connections / the anniversary connections / the name connections / the birthday connections / etc, etc. I just feel someone is really getting by with murder here. And he's getting by with it time and time again.


Bonnie M. Wells






Next strike dates: 226 / 303 / 305 / 314 / 319 / 326 / 402:

Location: ** Local or near / 2 state radius

Chosen: Preferred Age & Description: Dark haired / *20-50 /

Victim Selection:

1. {If} Random: Hooker

2. {If} Chosen: ** Name & ** Date will apply:

Theme: *Anniversary / ** Birthday




** Strike 2-26-08, As Predicted

** Coo Coo Ca Choo Mrs. Robinson

After more than 10 weeks of silence, finally a response to my information! See for yourself what Leslie Cebula had to say to me.

Leslie Cebula's Email



May 2009 Petty Updates

Case Re-opened

She Was Murdered 'Before' The Fire!

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Bonnie M. Wells


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This page last updated: February 2013 // February 2015.The Petty case remains unsolved and no one has EVER contacted me or looked at my information concerning my suspect. He remains my suspect in this case and several others.

NOTE: It is now February 2015 and the Petty case as well as the Maebelle Clark case remain unsolved. They recently arrested a man for the murder of Ray Clark. His trial is scheduled to start in May. I hope to be able to attend that trial as I did the McCrady trial and the Garvey trial.