Judy, Strike Three


Bonnie M. Wells




In September of 1990, my husband (Mike) and I attended the Washington County (Ohio) Fair, and introduced a couple of our friends to one another while there.

We'd known Brian Bock for a few years, and I'd known Judy S. for about four years by that time. Both were single and both enjoyed outdoor activities, so it was only natural that we introduce the two.

Brian and Judy liked one another, but that was as far as it ever went. There was never any romantic involvement on either person's part.

Mike saw Brian on a daily basis as they both worked at the old A.B. Chance Company in Parkersburg, West Virginia. I saw Judy quite often as we were both involved in Obedience Training and Conformation Showing of our German Shepherd Dogs in those days. We often headed out for a day drive in order to ship a pup at the Columbus Airport, or perhaps a trip to Indiana or New Jersey, or wherever we needed to go to breed one of my females to the stud dog of my choice.

Those were the good old days ... the days before everything got all mixed up and crazy. The days before I learned that I had a stalker .... a stalker that may very well have started with Judy, and then transferred his obsession to me when he tailed her to one of our appointments at some time.

Little did I know when I attended the fair that within a couple of weeks another man would walk into my life, and nothing would ever be the same.

September 27th, 1990


I officially met Wild Bill on September 27th, 1990.

He had a sweet and charming manner about him and everyone who met him liked him .... for awhile. And yet, there was something slightly unsettling about him.

Even after all these years Judy and I are hard pressed to actually say what it was about the man that bothered us in the beginning .... However, we have absolutely no problem with saying what bothered us about him in the end!

The Year Of Great Loss


I still think of 1994 as "the year of great loss."

It began with Wild Bill sitting in jail over the New Year holiday, and I don't think our friendship ever really recovered from that experience. Possibly because I could not get an answer from him that made any sense. He'd ran a stop sign in Little Hocking, tried to out-run a state trooper and nearly gotten himself shot! For what reason?

{See ... The Lion Roars And The Wildcat Takes His Mate}

The year progressed with the death of my father by the end of January; The complete loss of Wild Bill when he went to jail in April for a sex crime committed against a Marietta woman named Judy C.; The death of Granvilles' Heavy Metal, better known as Zep, a German Shepherd produced by me and co-owned with Judy S. in September, as well as the death of her father, also in September: The death of my mother-in-law in October; and the closing of the doors for the last time at the old A.B.Chance plant in December.

Note: *See documentation at end of this page:

The Guilty Plea


When Judy, Diane, Pat and I sat in a court room in April of 1994 and listened to Wild Bill plead guilty to charges of sexual solicitation and threatened rape, that ended what little we had left of a friendship. Even so, his loss was noticed and felt. It's never easy walking away from someone you've known and trusted for several years. But walk away, I did.

( ** 2013 Insert: Please see bottom of this page for court documents to prove what I said [in this color] above.)

And when I walked, the world walked with me. All of my family and friends had liked Wild Bill and all had treated him as kindly and respectfully as they treated their own families. Each had pitched in to help the man in one way or another, and each and every one of us felt totally betrayed by what he did.

The victim's name was "Judy." Granted, she was not my friend Judy, but that didn't matter to me. I began thinking back....and then I began talking to people and asking a lot of questions. It didn't take long to piece together a story that was anything but pretty.

I located two women who had seen pictures of me that Wild Bill had taken during a parade in 1987! Judy had been in the parade that day too, and yet, he didn't seem to have any pictures of her....or anything else from the parade....just me, dressed in a white fur coat and hat with a big black dog on a leash. I'd only worn that outfit one time with my dogs. That was the day of the Christmas parade in 1987. That was three years "before" I met the man!

I'm directly behind the float; on the right; wearing white fur hat, coat & boots:

C.D. is directly behind me, and Judy S. is directly behind her in the blue jacket:

After Wild Bill got out of jail, he took a part time job with his brother. I didn't figure it would last very long. But it lasted long enough to put him in the backyard of yet another local murder.....which remains unsolved.

And it lasted long enough for him to pick up a couple of women who were instrumental in carrying out a plan he'd been formulating in his head for months... if not years!

{See ... The Duplication Of My Sister / Patty Martin-Fulton}

After A.B. Chance closed Brian Bock got a job near where Mike's new job was. Even so, they seldom seen one another. He remained single and lived in Vienna, West Virginia.

Perhaps A Name - Is A Name - Is A Name


Perhaps one Judy is as good as the next! Perhaps they are all interchangeable!

By 1995 I'd already seen Wild Bill apply this principle to me, so why wouldn't it work with Judy?

{See: The Duplication Of Bonnie Martin-Wells}

April 2nd, 1997


1997 had begun with my friend Judy A.'s parents dying in a fire....a fire that I continued to consider suspicious in nature.

{See ... Judy, Strike Two}

Mike was already in bed when I sat down to watch the eleven o'clock news.

I woke him up to tell him that I'd just seen Brian Bock's house on the news. It had caught fire earlier in the evening. He said he'd try to see Brian and find out what happened. Meanwhile, my mind was racing... was it an accident? I didn't feel it was an accident....but.

Judy - Judy - Judy


It was early May when Brian came to our home to ask my help in determining "who" had set his vehicle on fire and nearly killed his son! He said the car exploded, thus igniting the house with his son inside!

We discussed the "arson" for several minutes that day. I asked general questions that I'm certain the cops had already covered. Then, with something nagging at me.......something I could not put my finger on.....I asked Brian if he was dating anyone. His answer floored me! He had been dating a woman who was a secretary for the "Martin" company that Wild Bill worked for.....and her name was Judy!

My mind raced back to 1990 and the introduction of Brian and my friend Judy S. ....her birthday was 6-13, now here was Brain living at 1306 and dating a Judy who worked at the same company as Wild Bill. It was a bit much...even for me!

But apparently this case was another of those irritating "coincidences" that seem to follow me around, because no one was ever arrested. There were no actual "suspects" in the case, and it remains unsolved.

March 1st, 2004


As far as I know the "Bock" case remains unsolved: I have given the case no further attention since my last conversation with Brian Bock in 2000. At that time, Bock informed me that .... "I might as well give up trying to get even with my ex-husband because the police were never going to "help" me!"

He informed me that Officer Larry Lee of the Vienna Police Department had told him that I was a damned nut who was insanely jealous of my ex-husband "Wild Bill," and all his new girlfriend's. Bock informed me that "I might as well "give this vendetta up, because the cops were aware of what I was doing and would never help me!"

According to Bock, Officer Lee told him that every time anything happens in this area, I show up with a hand full of pictures of my ex-husband and accuse him of the crime!

I have said this before on this web site, but it is worthy of repeating .....

I was never married to Wild Bill, never jealous of his girlfriends, and spoke to officer Lee precisely one time, concerning a situation in which the suspects description fit Wild Bill to perfection.

In fact, I had a witness with me the night I spoke to officer Lee, and I'm sure that person would be more than glad to verify the fact that it was officer Lee who damned near knocked his chair over when I handed him the picture of Wild Bill.

He raced out of the room so fast that I wondered what was wrong with him, and when he came back he handed me a copy of the picture he'd taken of the picture I'd supplied him.

Yes, I still have it. And yes, I know exactly who Officer Larry Lee turned to for answers. I know where he called the next day, and to whom he spoke. And I know exactly who it was that created the lie about me and Wild Bill. The only thing I don't know is why. Why would he do that?

I'd offered him my help first. He was the one who was arrogant and rude, not me. I'd never been mean to him. Even after he said he was doing just fine.....although I noticed he wasn't solving any of "his" murder cases .... still, I was never mean to him. As far as I know Officer Lee's case was never solved either! One would think "they" would learn eventually .... it is not me that's supplying the false information! It's not me that's diverting attention from crimes over to me .... a common housewife.

Why Brian Bock didn't have sense {or guts} enough to ask Officer Lee exactly when it was that I was supposedly married to this pervert, I don't have a clue. But as far as I'm concerned, accepting such slanderous gossip from a stranger, without even attempting to prove or disprove it, or even having the decency to notify your friend of what was said, speaks pretty loudly of ones own character.

Brian Bock came to my home and asked me for help .... I NEVER went to him and have NEVER asked him for anything in my life.

The police have issued pleas for "public assistance" time and time again, and on occasion, I have stepped forward with information that I thought might be useful. If they choose not to use it, that is neither my fault nor my problem.

I have said this before ..... I'm going to say it again. I know who told Officer Lee that I was Wild Bill's ex-wife, so he need not think that I am not aware of his little game. He did not hurt me in any way, shape or form, nor will he ever.

My job title is not one that requires anything ..... especially to serve and protect. My name and reputation are but mere gossip points in the lives of bored and boring people, and make no difference what so ever to anyone of character and integrity. Can he say the same? I don't think so.

Like I said .... the case remains unsolved. I haven't spoken with Brian Bock anymore and don't intend to.

Officer Larry Lee no longer works for the city of Vienna as a police officer. I understand he is now in the Columbus, Ohio area, and whether he is still a cop or not, is of no interest to me.

I am finished with the entire situation, and now have a much better understanding of why some people refuse to "get involved" and help people with their problems.

When your reward is lies and slander, why bother?

And I won't bother anymore, but will keep accurate records for some day in the future because I've noticed something else that I feel is very peculiar.

Whenever there is a case in which I provide "psychic" information, the cops in this area tend to disregard it because they don't believe in psychics. That's their prerogative. As long as it doesn't bother the people involved, then it doesn't concern me. However, there was no "psychic" information provided in the Bock case .... {Oh, I know, I said I "felt" the fire was no accident, but I didn't tell the cops this. I didn't tell the cops anything until later....after I spoke with Bock and learned what "they" had told him! Yeah, I spoke with them then...}

But when there is no psychic information with which they can call me a crazy person and discredit me, and my work simply involves adding two plus two, and it is work that any rookie on the force should be required to do, then all of a sudden the story changes. Then I become a jealous hearted bitch that has been jilted by some fine upstanding gentleman.

I'm well aware that there have been several people involved in this lie ..... one of which is actually a relative of mine. She goes around telling people that I am insane, but I want to say something here and now. It was never me that was locked up in a mental ward in another state {and yes, I know which state it was, so I suggest someone back off and I mean right now, because I have had it with the filthy lies.}

This same woman went to the other Bonnie ... after she'd lived with Wild Bill for awhile {see, it was a woman named Bonnie who lived with Wild Bill ... but it was NOT me!} and she proceeded to tell the other Bonnie what a bitch I was, what a low lifed piece of worthless crap I was, and how fine a man Wild Bill was and how I was trying to break them up by lying on him... It was about that point that the other Bonnie stopped her cold in her tracks. She pulled the top of her blouse open enough to show her throat, and told my dear meddling relative .... "You are wrong. Bonnie Wells knows that man like a book. Bonnie tried to warn me of what he would do to me. Look at the black marks on my throat where he tried to choke me to death. Peddle your lies somewhere else, because Bonnie Wells told no lies on that man."

And I thank you Bonnie H. In the beginning I wasn't sure if we were going to have to tangle or just what. But when it was all said and done, when the smoke cleared, there we stood side by side. And though he is now gone from both our lives, we remain friends, and we know the truth. Perhaps some day someone will come along that will listen to us, and they won't pay any attention to the liars that have done so many things to protect a man who is guilty as hell of so many crimes against women and children.

Judy C.; Judy A.; and another Judy C. and 2 years to the month, and the Judy Trio is complete.

Time to move on to the next trio, the next victims that will ultimately represent the real chosen targets that he dare not reach for.... but the same targets that have remained consistent since, at least 1987.

The Murder Of Judith Petty

July 13th, 2006 NOTE:

They buried my treacherous, lying, conniving relative yesterday. I didn't go to her funeral.

I had not spoken to her since she went to Bonnie H. and told the pack of lies, and since she stood in silence and watched an innocent man imprisoned for a crime that she knew damned well he didn't commit. He remains in prison thanks to her stinking lack of character and integrity.

Although most of us don't get the two year warning that she had, there is one thing I can say ..... I will leave nothing unsaid. I will create a record that will live down through history - far longer than I could ever hope to live. And when the day comes for me to meet my creator, face to face, he may send me to hell for many of the things I've done in this old world, but there's one thing that he won't send me there for, and that's for standing in silence or protecting guilty people. No sir, he won't be able to accuse me of that.

Following is a news clipping that the 'jealous hearted liar' lived long enough to see. If she had told the truth back in 1996, perhaps several things could have been prevented and the following article would never have been in our news paper. How sad.

March 2000: "William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998."

Special Note: Bauerbach is pronounced - Bower and Bock: I have heard the name pronounced - Bar and Bock [Barbock] - as well as Bar and Bah [Barbah].

Special Note: May 2009:

In recent months other liars have been removed from their jobs and positions ..... in fact, it appears to me that the Lord has removed every one of those individuals that lied on me during the Bock case. So be it. I figured their day would come.

Meanwhile, I'm still here --- still working my cases --- still connecting the dots in hopes someone will come along and be able to follow them to a maniac that will never stop until he's 'removed.'

Those interested might want to see the 2009 'Judy' case. I guess I could call it Judy Strike Number 4, but since it overlaps other cases, I chose to name it something else. Never the less, it continues that line of 'dots' I've been 'connecting' for nearly 21 years now.


Bonnie M. Wells

Symbolic Retaliation

Target Of Obsessional Neurosis:

Judy S.

Symbolic Representatives

Judy C---an / Judy A. / Judy C---ad / Judy Petty /

Bonnie M. Wells


The Symbolic Cases


Marietta Municipal Court Clerk's Computerized Public records:

State of Ohio Vs William R Bauerbach

Docket for Case Number : 1994CRB00442

Date Description Case # : 1994CRB00442

Case filed on : 04/25/1994

Date of violation : 04/14/1994

Filing agency : Marietta Local Police Dept. Officer badge : s3

Violator name : William R Bauerbach

Violator address : 1924 Washington Blvd. Belpre OH-45714

Applicable violations : (1) 2907.09(O) Public indecency

Degree : n/a

Original plea : G

Final plea : G

Sentence : Sentenced Date : 04/25/1994

Fine & costs : 306.00

Total amount to pay : 306.00

Receipt no : 94006508

Date : 04/25/1994 Amount : 306.00

Applicable violations : (2) 2907.24(O) Soliciting:

Degree : n/a

Original plea : G

Final plea : G

Sentence : Sentenced Date : 04/25/1994

Fine & costs : 250.00

Total amount to pay : 250.00

Receipt no : 94006509 Date : 04/25/1994 Amount : 250.00

Activities: Arraigned On: 04/25/94 at: 09:00 AM


Ohio Revised Code: 2907.24 Soliciting - after positive HIV test - driver's license suspension.

(A) No person shall solicit another to engage with such other person in sexual activity for hire.

(B) No person, with knowledge that the person has tested positive as a carrier of a virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, shall engage in conduct in violation of division (A) of this section.

(C)(1) Whoever violates division (A) of this section is guilty of soliciting, a misdemeanor of the third degree.

(2) Whoever violates division (B) of this section is guilty of engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test.

If the offender commits the violation prior to July 1, 1996, engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test is a felony of the second degree.

If the offender commits the violation on or after July 1, 1996, engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test is a felony of the third degree.

(D) If a person is convicted of or pleads guilty to a violation of any provision of this section, an attempt to commit a violation of any provision of this section, or a violation of or an attempt to commit a violation of a municipal ordinance that is substantially equivalent to any provision of this section and if the person, in committing or attempting to commit the violation, was in, was on, or used a motor vehicle, the court, in addition to or independent of all other penalties imposed for the violation, shall impose upon the offender a class six suspension of the personís driverís license, commercial driverís license, temporary instruction permit, probationary license, or nonresident operating privilege from the range specified in division (A)(6) of section 4510.02 of the Revised Code.

2013 Notes: Bill spent 60 days in the Washington County jail, and was turned loose on humanity again.

To the best of my knowledge, he was not charged with a felony Ė although, unless my understanding of Ohio Revised Code 2907.24 Soliciting is faulty, he certainly should have been.

He did use a vehicle in his crime, although he was not in it when he solicited Judy C. Perhaps this is why the court did not suspend his driverís license. As far as Iím concerned this was the least of important things that should have been done back in 1994.

March 2000: "William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998."

Note: He was turned loose again. There was enough evidence for a grand jury to indict him, but not enough for Prosecuting Attorney Michael Spahr to prosecute him.

Michael Spahr is no longer our prosecuting attorney:

Special Notes:

Diane Hook died January 20, 2011:

Vienna Fire Chief Danny Goodwin died in 2012:

Psychic Georgia Rudolph died on February 12, 2013:

Patricia Mays-Hallock died on February 12, 2013:

June 2013 has been a good month thus far. My grandson Joshua graduated from the police academy in June of 2012 and has been seeking employment with a branch of law enforcement in this area. He's been working as a security guard at Grand Central Mall for several months now, and as of June 11th he will be employed as a police officer with Beverly Police Department.

I haven't said anything at all to him, but I think it is only appropriate that he work in the same town as my nightmare with Bill Bauerbach began. Is it coincidence? Probably, or at least that's how most people will see it. I, on the other hand think it is divine guidance.

On June first, Joshua married Ashley Arnold. They had a beautiful ceremony at Civitan Park in Belpre - more coincidence, I suppose since that's where Bill first crept from the shadows to introduce himself to me.

Ashley has an aunt that is married to Detective John Winstanley's brother. I think it is odd that Winstanley was the only detective that I felt guided to work with on the murder cases, although I have worked with several of the other officers on other things. (No, I'm not saying I'm part of the sheriff's department, or anything special to anyone of them. I'm just saying that I have helped out a time or two.)

John Winstanley is retired from the sheriff's department now. I haven't seen him since he retired, but I sincerely wish him well in whatever he chooses to do in this old world. I still believe he is the one that should have solved the cases, but I also know that it was impossible.

My husband (Mike) and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary on June 4th. They have been good years. Hopefully we will have many more.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer last November. Five tumors were removed on November 19th: Two more were removed on March 15th: I am scheduled to return for check-up later this month. Hopefully all will be okay. Well, it will be okay regardless of how things go with me, because I have never been important in any of this, and it was not me who has always brought the information and placed the people where they are supposed to be.

Bill Bauerbach is no longer employed with the Martin company. He is back in this area, and has been for the past few years. In fact he's back with the same company that fired him in 1994. We have come full circle Winstanley ..... do you remember what I told you? Does it matter any more? No.

I have neither seen nor spoken to Bill since the 1990's, nor do I have any desire to see or speak with him. I continue to believe he is involved in illegal, immoral activities, and I will not associate with people of his character. And, as some in Jackson, Ohio could confirm, this applies to EVERYONE, not just Bill.

Brian Bock called me on June 6th, 2013. I had not spoken to him since the above story/case happened.

Brian said he was reading a book - The Last Time We Saw Her - written by Robert Scott (about the Brooke Wilberger case) and about fell out of his chair when he turned to page 121 and discovered my name. He said he told his wife that he knew me and that I had tried to help him with the car fire case. He's right, but I found it sad that it took a stranger from California to give me any credit, and then to have those who have known me for years to 'proudly' say, "I know Bonnie Wells."

Again I ask is the number 121 coincidence? January 21 is my birthday - 1-21 - or is it by devine guidance? I choose divine guidance, of course.

I wrote to Mr. Scott on June 6th and said:

Dear Sir,

I have just learned this evening about your book - The Last Time We Saw Her - and the fact that you mentioned my name in your book and gave me credit for the psychic work I did on Brooke's case.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.


Bonnie M. Wells

Mr. Scott replied:

Thanks, Bonnie. I appreciate your e-mail.


I have now ordered Mr. Scott's book, as has my friend Judy .... who says she wants me to autograph her copy!!

Perhaps, when I have time (I'm also writing another book - (Memoirs Of A Dreamer) - besides the 25 I've already written in the Pure Coincidence Series, and the collection of animal stories titled Bonny Tails - but, when I have time I will try to come back to this page (as well as my Brooke Wilberger pages) and quote Mr. Scott.

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