June Story Selections


Bonnie M. Wells


Jodi Huisentruit

Kimberly Krimm

Molly Bish (page 1)

Molly Bish {page 2}

NEW!! Molly Bish {page 3}

The Artist

Forty Two Days

Emily Christine Ullman & Carol Gordon

The Teddy Bear Killer

The Balding Man

The Old Wooden Bridge

Jill Bohl

Ann Gotlib

Kentucky Woman

From Pennsylvania To Ohio - But Not 'With Love'

Stacy McCall; Sherrill Levitt; Suzanne Streeter

The Dove Series

A Sheriff's Volunteer Posse

Two Point Two [2.2] Miles

Tiffany Marie Souers

Amanda Tusing

The Smokey Trail

Serial Killer Glenn Rogers

Judge Judy & An Old Memory

Kids & Pets

A Sheriff's Volunteer Posse

Senators Vote Against English As Official U.S. Language

'You Scare Me' - An Open Letter To President Obama by Lou Pritchett

Obama & Ayers Connection

PC Books For June:

Dreams & Visions

The Sting That Kills
Dreams & Visions