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Dawn's Early Light

Prior to Wild Bill's 1994 trip to jail there didn't seem to be a real "pattern" to our unsolved murder cases. Although even then I had questions that no one seemed able {or willing} to answer: Terri Roach looked a lot like my daughter Christina, and worked in the same restaurant that Christina had worked in when she was Terri's age; while Terri's distant cousin Patsy Sparks looked remarkably like me. It seemed most people chose to see these unusual things as coincidence, rather than a well thought out plan. If they were coincidences, there were many more to come. And eventually, a few years down the line, not only would a "pattern" emerge, but if one looked very closely, it appeared there was an actual "theme," to the cases.

{See "Falco" story for connections to Terri Roach case:}

April 1992 To March 1995 -

Patty Fulton, Complete:

When Kimberly {Fulton} was murdered on the {anniversary} of my brother, Mike {Martin}'s wrongful death case {3-05}, her murder lent credence to the "duplication" theory that was just beginning to stir within my mind. Years later, I would be told by a knowledgeable person that "Forensic Psychologists used the term 'Transference'" instead of my term ... 'Duplication', but that "it was exactly the same thing."

I could see where the term 'transference' was applicable when the victim had the same hair color as the person the killer hated and resented .... or when they bore a striking resemblance to that person, such as Terri Roach to my daughter and Patsy Sparks to me {and my sister Patty}, but I thought the murder of Kimberly Fulton, who didn't look like any of us, moved this game to a whole new level. And yes, even in 1995, I was convinced it was very much a 'game,' at least for the killer.

FBI profiler's said you had to be able to 'get inside the killer's head ... think like him ... understand his reasoning, his goals and ambitions .... his needs and desires."

My sister's first name is Patricia, her maiden name was Martin and now her last name is {Fulton.} If she had been "symbolically murdered" by the deaths of {Patsy} Sparks and Kimberly {Fulton,} as I suspected, then the killer of both women had to be the same man, and it was just possible that we had a serial killer on our hands.{Patsy Sparks was murdered on an "anniversary" important only to me and my family also!}

If so, I was convinced that whoever he was, he knew me, my daughter and my sister. And he had to know dates within the family that were important to one or more of us. Otherwise, his efforts would be wasted and he'd never attract the attention of whoever it was that he had chosen as his "Queen." .... and make no mistake about it, he had chosen a queen. She would be a woman he could not buy, bribe, control, possess or punish ... especially 'punish.' But she would be a woman who would get deeper under his skin than any woman had ever gotten, until she would almost become a part of him. She would definitely be his obsession.

It had taken 3 years from the murder of Patsy Sparks {April 1992} until the murder of Kimberly Fulton {March 1995}. If I was right ... if the two women had the same killer ... I wondered if this was an intentional, premeditated part of the plan, or if it was simply circumstantial convenience ..... or, perhaps it was nothing more than a bizarre coincidence. Time would tell .... but, the real challenge came in waiting, watching, documenting the pieces of information, and then pulling them together in hopes that people could see and understand.

An FBI agent told me that I would make a great chronological analyst. I would do my best.

{BMW Note: Kimberly lived in the area where Wild Bill was working in March of 1995: He went to work for a company with 'Martin' in its name 3 months after her murder:}

The Dawn Must Fade

I met the girl I call 'Mysde' a few months before Wild Bill's and my friendship ended in 1994. She was a beautician who worked with my daughter. She was also distantly related to Terri Roach and Patsy Sparks and her middle name was {Dawn} just like Patsy's had been. She was concerned that someone was murdering members of her family. It made sense to me. We became friends very quickly and began discussing the few cases we had at the time we met. Within a few years there were so many cases that it took both of us to keep track of them! It also took both of us to try to keep track of Wild Bill .... which is something we were never actually able to do .... but we tried .... oh yes, we certainly tried!

Sometimes he teased us .... played cat and mouse with us when he was bored, or wanted to sharpen his instincts and abilities .... Sometimes we actually had fun, and sometimes he became so angry at the two of us that I was certain he would have wrung our necks if he could have gotten his hands on us.

June 1995 To June 1998 -

Bonnie Martin-Wells, Complete

Wild Bill went to work for the 'Martin' company in 'June' of 1995. On September 27th of 1995, {the anniversary of when we'd met} he moved a woman into his house by the name of 'Bonnie.' {See.. The Duplication Of Bonnie Martin-Wells for further details:}

The relationship with "the other Bonnie" was a rocky one to say the least. She was wild as hell, and nearly as unmanageable as I was .... but not quite. He managed to put her in the hospital at least once while she lived with him, and she pressed domestic violence charges against him at least once during that same time period. Both situations only served to verify my suspicions about the man. He was violent. He wanted to hurt women ..... especially one named Bonnie!!! I think I knew who the "Queen B" was!

By June of 1998 Bonnie H. had moved out of Wild Bill's house for the final time and was dating another man. Wild Bill continued to harass her on a regular basis with threats and intimidation.

She and I had become friends long before this though and I was by her side within minutes of any distress calls. There really was no sense in calling the local cops about him because they wouldn't do anything with him, but I would .... and he knew I would.

He picked up women everywhere he went, some younger than he, some older .... some pretty, some not so pretty .... but he was forever picking up women.

I knew he was working on something when he picked Bonnie up and moved her into his house on the anniversary of when he'd met me. After just seeing what I considered the symbolic murder of my sister {by God only knows who!!} I was convinced that Wild Bill was "symbolically replacing or duplicating me within his life! We didn't know who had murdered the two girls that made up my sister's name, but there was absolutely no doubt about 'who' was duplicating me .... including the vehicles that I drove!! It was the most bizarre thing I'd ever seen in my entire life!

"Well, he might work for Martin, and he might live with Bonnie, but my last name is Wells, and he doesn't have that," I told Mysde one evening as we discussed the man's behavior.

But, by June of 1998, I just shook my head in disbelief as the other Bonnie told me about Wild Bill's "latest spark," ... I was going to say 'flame,' but I don't think that's correct. His 'flame' was not fanned by love and compassion, but by resentment and hatred. I was pretty sure I knew who she was by this time. Actually, I'd had strong suspicions all along.

"What is he trying to do?" Mysde asked.

We spent every spare moment trying to determine what his thoughts were ... what his actions meant. There was never two more devoted people on the face of this earth!

"If we worked this hard without payment, and in the face of constant slander, rejection, ridicule and resentment ..... can you imagine what we'd do if it was 'our job' and we actually got paid!" I'd said to Mysde on more than one occasion.

What is he trying to do? ... I repeated the question as I tilted the seat back in my Thunderbird and took a long drag from the cigarette that was forever in my hand.

"He's 'duplicating' me," I finally replied. "He's symbolically replacing me, my vehicles, furniture, household decorations, my family members and friends, everything in my life. He's actively seeking people with the right names, vehicles, furniture, etc. and bringing them into his own life, so he can "possess" me and all that I have. It's about the most warped picture I've ever seen, and if I hadn't seen it, I would never have believed such a thing possible ... but, he has it all right there for the entire world to see ... if they would but look. There's only one problem. He can't pull it all together at one time, because it's taking half a dozen women, several vehicles, hundreds of dollars, and several years to actually accomplish it, but he's doing it .... by golly, he's doing it."

One of the last things he made sure the other Bonnie knew ... so she could tell me!! .... was that his latest girlfriend's last name was "Wells!" ... and I hate so bad to admit this, but I was impressed ... I really was impressed! The man was good ... at least at this game, he was the best I'd ever seen. Hell, he was the only one I'd ever seen .... but more importantly, and sadder by far, was the fact that Mysde and I were the only ones who were looking. No matter how hard I tried, I could not show other people what the man was doing.

"Well, he became employed with the "Martin" Company, lived with the other "Bonnie," and dated a Wells woman, ... so what comes next?" Mysde asked.

What - Or Who - Is Next?

My husband and I had planned a trip to North Carolina. I wanted to go back to Cherokee. As far as I was concerned, we could sell our home, sell everything and move to Cherokee. I'd fallen in love with the area the first time I was there. Cherokee was located in the Smokey Mountains, and was about as close to the "wilderness of my youth," as I'd been in many years.

I longed for those bygone days of skipping rocks across the creek, laying sideways across the back of the old work horse and nearly falling asleep as he contentedly grazed; running barefoot through the hay fields that dad specifically told us not to go through because of snakes!; hand feeding the wild deer, making pets of wild chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels and any other furry varmint we could get our hands on; a time when enemy was an unknown word; a friend was cherished and honored; and a neighbor was so seldom seen that it was always a pleasure. I had known those days. But after I met Wild Bill, the faith and trust had been shattered and seemed so far away and so long ago. The mountains of North Carolina had that "down home feel" to them, and I would have gladly chucked it all and walked away ..... but, I couldn't. If I was right, there was far more at stake here than my own peace of mind. If I was wrong? Well, if I was what? It was simply my own imagination, and maybe I'd just go to Cherokee and take an extended vacation, for some {obviously} much needed rest and relaxation!

Bonnie H. had reported seeing Wild Bill coming from the direction of my house on several occasions, and she was real curious as to where he was spending his time. I promised her that as soon as we returned from our trip, the two of us would find out where Wild Bill was going and what he was doing.

And I did. We returned on July 4th and I was at Bonnie's house on the 5th. That's when I learned that Wild Bill had himself a "new woman." He was a good little hunter ..... he could go out in the jungle any day {or night} of the week {and it was almost always a "week-day/night instead of a week-end!!"}... and find himself a "new woman."

I have to admit though ... I was a little surprised and a lot impressed when I discovered Wild Bill's new woman was a blond who lived in Little Hocking and drove a white car!" Yes sir, I was impressed, because I have blond hair, live in Little Hocking, and drove a white car when I first met Wild Bill.

And I was stunned to learn her first name is "Mysde!"

"What's next?" my friend Mysde had asked, nearly a year earlier. The other Bonnie and her son's had already told me about Wild Bill buying a living room suit exactly like the one I'd had in my living room when we'd met. They had told me how he'd insisted on decorating his kitchen in ducks .... at the same time I'd decorated my own kitchen in ducks! What made it so remarkable was the fact that the man had not been in my home and we'd not as much as spoken for more than 2 years by this time. The only explanation I could come up with was he was watching me; peeking in my windows, perhaps at night ... I didn't know when, but he'd obviously 'seen' how my home was decorated.

{To see the complete story concerning my own 'duplication,' please see link at bottom of this page}

Vacation Time

Wild Bill always took his vacation at the same time my husband did. Years ago he'd had good reason for this because we used to go on long motor cycle trips. Those days were long gone. He went nowhere with us now days, but he continued with the same schedule.

Back in the days when we all took motor cycle trips together, both guys had gotten two weeks vacation time each year. Things had changed. Both men had changed jobs. My husband took a new job when the old A.B. Chance Company closed down in 1994, and Wild Bill had to find a new job when he got fired in 1994 because he went to jail for 60 days and they refused to hold his job for him. 1994 was a pretty rough year all around.

Bonnie H. informed me that Wild Bill now received three weeks vacation time. Mike's continued to be two weeks .... one at Christmas time and the other during the first week of July.

Mike was stationary with his job, whereas Wild Bill was all over the map with his. I'd been told he worked as far south as the Mississippi River and all up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers. Well, he enjoyed traveling. He should be happy with a job that provided him an honest reason for being in strange towns. I figured there would be a lot of unsolved rapes and murder cases in those areas,... but that was probably all coincidental .... at least that's how it would be seen by law enforcement.... same as here. Oh well, I was just watching the news and documenting strange events. No big deal.

Trouble, Multiplied By Four, Equals One Quadripartite


June 3rd, 1998: Emily "Christine" Ullman was brutally murdered. Her body was discovered on my wedding anniversary June 4th:

Even though this murder occurred in New Orleans, Ullman was a Parkersburg, West Virginia resident. Parkersburg, although in 'another state,' is only across the bridge from our area in Ohio:

Eventually I was able to make a direct connection between Wild Bill and Ullman. For complete story, please see..."The Duplication-Symbolic Murder Of My Daughter":

June 25th, 1998: Carol "Gordon" was murdered in her home in Front Royal, Virginia. June 25th is my friend Mysde's birthday."

As far as I am concerned ... Carol Gordon's murder on Mysde's birthday finished the duplication of my daughter, - Christina Gordon- Anderson, and began the duplication of my friend ... the one and only person who had been as dedicated to the Wild Bill puzzle as I was.[ 2007 note: I was wrong. Anderson was yet to come!]

I thought it quite odd that Wild Bill was dating a woman named "Mysde" right at the time that these murders occurred.

Some people thought Mysde's last name had changed to Evans within the past year or so. For awhile I wondered if there was any way that Wild Bill {or whoever was killing these women} could have known that Mysde's boyfriend/common-law husband's name was Evans; that he hailed from Jackson, Ohio, and that he was actually a member of law enforcement. It didn't take me long to decide the answer to all the questions was "yes." Their name was plainly written on their mail box, and anyone watching would have known that they made many trips back and forth to Jackson, Ohio. And they most certainly would have seen him in his uniform.

That "Three" Thing

As it had taken three years to 'duplicate, or symbolically murder my sister... Patty Fulton ...1992 to 1995, it had taken another three years .... from 1995 to 1998 .... to symbolically duplicate or replace me .... Bonnie Martin-Wells. But, it had only taken exactly {three} weeks to "duplicate or symbolically murder" my daughter .... Christina Gordon-Anderson, and to add Mysde to the "hit list!"

We still didn't know who had murdered Patsy Sparks, or Kimberly Fulton, but we certainly knew who had replaced me and everything I owned within his life! There was absolutely no doubt about that! I could only wonder how the murders of women/girls with my family members and friends names, and how anniversary dates, birth dates, etc. continued to occur, 'coincidentally, of course' within the same time frame, as Wild Bill obviously operated in! Seemed a little strange to me.

June 29th, & 30th 1998.

Wild Bill wasn't home most of the day and night. I didn't really have time to go looking for him because I had to get things ready for our trip:

Following are bits & pieces of news articles found on the internet concerning a Pennsylvania murder case:

14 year-old Kimberlie Krimm was 4'8 and weighed a mere 80 pounds. Despite her size she was an all star softball player / She dreamed of being a carpenter when she grew up, it was just one of the things that interested her.

Kimberlie disappeared on June 30, 1998.

#1-Kimberlie Krimm / #2- Kimberlie with her nephew, Joseph Krimm.

Kimberlie's decomposed body was found July 6 on an overgrown hillside in Versailles cemetery, about a block from her Evans Avenue home in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

The first map above shows the route from Route 50 in Parkersburg, West Virginia to McKeesport, Pennsylvania. It indicates it is about 166 miles and requires approximately 3 and 1/2 hours to drive it. The other maps show the route to Evans Avenue: I couldn't help but notice how close it is to the Monongahela River, and I wondered how many times the 'river crew' that Wild Bill works for has worked right there; how many nights he's stayed in a motel right there in the same town that Kimberly Krimm lived and died in.

Back to the news clippings:

"I want him to see what a beautiful child he destroyed" says Kimberlie's mother of her killer. "I want to lay a guilt trip on this guy, I want him to eat, sleep and breath Kimberlie Krimm."

{BMW Note: Psychopaths lack 'positive' human emotions such as ... love, compassion, guilt, shame or remorse. They can only experience the negative ones such as hatred, lust, greed, jealousy, resentment, anger, etc. Trying to "lay a guilt trip" on a psychopath is simply a waste of time.}

There are still no suspects in the case. If you have any information on this case, please contact the McKeesport, Pennsylvania Police Department at 412-473-1300, ask for Det. Yingling.

Along the cemetery path in McKeesport where the body of Kimberly Krimm was found Monday, friends of the 14-year-old girl pause to pay their respects.

Kimberly had been missing since June 30, when she left home to meet a friend in McKeesport. Her remains were **{discovered by surveyors} for Duquesne Light Co. who had been working in Versailles Cemetery on Monday afternoon. / BMW Note: The body of 13 year old Barbara Barnes from Stubenville, Ohio was also discovered by surveyors in Pennsylvania in February of 1996: See story link "Barbara Barnes."

McKeesport police and Allegheny County homicide detectives said they were treating the case as a homicide. No arrests have been made.

In addition to her sister, Monica, Kimberly is survived by her parents, George and Jeanie Krimm, and a sister, Angela Krimm, all of McKeesport; and her grandmother, Rose Bouchard of Homestead.

McKeesport, Officials Ask Why 9 of 35 County Homicides There:

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

By Jim McKinnon, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

More than a quarter of the homicides committed this year in Allegheny County, not including Pittsburgh, have occurred in McKeesport.

Excluding the city, the county has seen 35 homicides so far in 1998. Of those, nine happened in McKeesport.

Those nine do not include the death of 14-year-old Kimberly Krimm, whose body was found covered by thick brush July 6 on a cemetery hillside in McKeesport. Her death has not been ruled a homicide. Her body was badly decomposed and a cause of death has not been determined, a spokesman for the Allegheny County coroner's office said.

"We don't know why this is happening in McKeesport," Allegheny County Police Inspector Daniel Colaizzi said of the number of homicides that have occurred there this year.

The number is unusually high for McKeesport, according to McKeesport police. The town usually averages three homicides a year.....

A Shadow On Success

Sunday, December 13, 1998

By Torsten Ove, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

A near record-high number of killings may be impairing McKeesport's economic revival

Earlier this month, television satellite giant EchoStar Communications set up shop on nearby Lysle Boulevard in the old U.S. Steel National Tube Works, giving 450 people jobs with the promise of at least 1,500 more. It was the best news to hit McKeesport in years:

As 1998 draws to a close, nine people have been killed in a city that normally has two or three killings a year. Last year, there was one.

The 1998 total doesn't include Krimm's unsolved case, because the Allegheny County coroner's office hasn't determined how she died. But county police are investigating it as a homicide.

That makes 10, or more than a quarter of the 38 homicides in Allegheny County this year outside the city of Pittsburgh.

Explanations are hard to come by.

"It's a violent society," said police Chief Thomas Carter, sitting behind his desk and dragging on a cigarette. "What else can I say? We don't have a crystal ball. If we had the answers, we wouldn't be working in McKeesport, we'd be working at the CIA."

As for the other killings, some happened in public housing, others in private homes, others on the street in the middle of the night.

No patterns. No trends:

In Pittsburgh this year, there have been 34 killings, the fewest since 1988. Entire sections of the city have had fewer murders than McKeesport. On the North Side, for example, police have recorded six homicides this year in a population of about 54,000.

In cities and boroughs of similar size to McKeesport, homicide rates are nowhere near as high. Johnstown, with a population 28,000, has had none this year. New Castle, Lawrence County, population 28,000, has had one. And in Wilkinsburg, a borough of 21,000 where the notorious gang violence of the early 1990s has almost disappeared, one person has been murdered.

So why the sudden increase in McKeesport?

"It's random violence," Carter said. "What can we do?":

In many ways, McKeesport remains a shadow of its once-bustling self. At one time, it was second only to Pittsburgh in importance as a center of commerce in Allegheny County. With its own two-river "point" and an abundance of heavy industry -- National Tube once employed 8,000 people -- its population reached a peak of 55,000 in the late 1950s.

The population has dropped steadily since then, to about 38,000 in 1970, 31,000 in 1980, and now 26,000. The median income is about $23,000, and 20 percent of residents live in subsidized housing.

Yet in recent years, McKeesport has started something of a comeback, marked by high-profile developments like the new 210-slip marina on the Youghiogheny River, rails-to-trails projects and now EchoStar.

So naturally, the last thing anyone wants is to further bruise the city's image with talk of murder.

It's a fear shared by the mayor, Joseph Bendel.

"When you write a story about murders in McKeesport, the perception is that when you walk into McKeesport, you are going to get murdered, and that's certainly not true," he said. "We're not pleased with this. Hopefully, next year we won't even get close to this number. But we have no control over that."

Most cities don't.

Homicide is a complicated crime fueled by many factors, and police say it doesn't often follow predictable patterns,.......

"It spikes, it drops, it spikes again," said Sgt. Paul Marraway of the Pittsburgh police homicide squad, which has enjoyed a relatively quiet year. "There's no way to predict homicides."

For the most part, residents and merchants seem pleased with police protection in town, and no one is pointing fingers at Carter's 76-officer department. Patrolmen regularly walk beats and work closely with neighborhood groups.

"Every time you turn around, there's a cop," said Molinari, who has little fear leaving her downtown office late at night. "A policeman is always available."

The homicide statistics for 1998 don't look good, but in the end most people seem to share the attitude of Joan Holleran, a lifelong McKeesport resident who works in U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle's office in the McKeesport Business Growth Center building on Fifth Avenue.

Taped to the windows is one of the green fliers welcoming EchoStar -- and four pictures of Kimberlie Krimm.

"It's just the luck of the draw, or the bad luck of the draw," said Holleran, 51, shaking her head.

"It's not like we have a serial killer running around."

More Bits & Pieces Of News Articles

McKeesport police and Allegheny County homicide detectives had not determined how Kimberly died, but investigators have ruled her death a homicide, McKeesport police Chief Thomas Carter said.

Duquesne Light Co. workers found Kimberly's partially clothed body Monday and called police at 2:20 p.m. They had been surveying in Versailles Cemetery when they found her remains in tall grass on a hillside behind a mausoleum.

"I know it's her. If it wasn't her, she'd call me. She'd come home," her mother said.

She remembered what Kimberly had been wearing the last time she saw her -- bell-bottom blue jeans, tan halter top and black, clunky-heeled shoes. When investigators finally called her to describe the outfit on the body they'd found, they also noted her sister Angela's jacket.

Despite scores of interviews, Allegheny County Police Detective Lee Yingling said there are no leads in the case.

The family believes Kimberlie Krimm was murdered, but Yingling said because the girl's body was so severely decomposed, the coroner was unable to determine a cause of death or whether the girl had been molested.

Jean Krimm said her daughter left their Evans Street home in McKeesport about 9 p.m. June 30, 1998 to buy hair color at Giant Eagle.

Six days later, a Duquesne Light Co. utility worker found the girl's body in 3 feet of grass at the cemetery. She lived two blocks away.

There were some signs of violence at the scene, police said. The girl's blue jeans were below her waist, and her shoes were found about 30 yards from the body, near a side entrance to the cemetery. {BMW Note: This reminds me of the 1992, murder of Ronda Manley, who was killed on my husband's birthday and left lying in Oak Grove Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio. Ronda's case is 'supposedly' solved. Her story appears elsewhere on this web site, and I don't believe for one second that her killer is behind bars.}

What Else Can I Say?

In some ways, I'm a lot like Police Chief Carter ....."What else can I say?" I suppose I've said this very thing a dozen times or more on this web site alone, not to mention the number of times I said it to cops or in my book series ..... and yet, I differ from the chief in the fact that, anyone who knows me knows very well, I certainly will have more to say! I never give up and I work more cases at any given time than any FBI agent in this nation. My "duplication" cases are not confined to any city, county or state....although the vast portion of the cases appear to be "eastern" cases with few {if any} extending much further west than Ohio. At least not since 1995.

In all honesty, I have to disagree with the chief and homicide detective Marraway on certain points.

Marraway says "There's no way to predict homicides." Again, anyone who knows me can tell you that as soon as "the dark phase" was over I began talking about "Neon lights" and how much "brighter" things were going to get. I also predicted that my killer would switch from dark haired women to blonde's.....but only out of this area. In area murders would stop for awhile .... at least those that I felt were connected to me and my family members. I have been 100% percent accurate. 1996 was our last triple play locally.

No patterns, no trends? Sorry, I have to disagree with this too. However, I can understand why no one has noticed ..... it's that "jurisdiction" thing. I have no jurisdiction .... and neither does a serial killer. I'd think law enforcement would realize this by now. Of course no pattern can be determined if you look no further than the nearest county line. I've uncovered several patterns and trends. The "patterns" are me and my family and friends.....via "names, numbers and hair color." We are the "models" by which the victims are chosen.

The "trends" are groupings of three, or "Trio's" as I named them many years ago. These trio's almost always contain victims who fit into the "pattern" of duplication that the killer is working at the moment. The real challenge comes in trying to determine the next trio! Although I've gotten pretty good at determining "when" the next trio is due! And here's a word to the wise. There are five girls listed in the victim's of this page. We have one more ...somewhere! Either she is already dead and I don't know it yet, or, she has yet to be chosen.

"What else can I say? We don't have a crystal ball. If we had the answers, we wouldn't be working in McKeesport, we'd be working at the CIA." I do have a crystal ball .... but I haven't been using it. Haven't needed to. I don't work for the CIA ... yet! I expect their call any day now! But, I've been "predicting murders" for a long, long time. And it seems to me that my methods are about the best in the nation .... well, at least the "eastern" portion of the nation! Guess he hasn't heard the saying...."Go west young man!"

"It's not like we have a serial killer running around."

In my honest opinion, I believe the above statement is only partially correct ... I'm not convinced that the state of Pennsylvania does have a "serial killer running around," but I sure wouldn't place any bets on Ohio!!

On June 30th, 1998 someone murdered Kimberlie Krimm who lived on "Evans" Street in Pennsylvania: In my opinion, Kimberlie bore a strong resemblance to my daughter Christina when she was a teenager. They appear to have the same chestnut colored hair and eyes. Since this murder also occurred in June of 1998, it appears to me that my daughter was "symbolically murdered," via two women with her name.....Christine and Gordon, and another who looked a lot like her.

And of course I cannot possibly look at the pictures below, think of the date of July 10th, and not think of another little teenage girl by the name of Terri Lee Roach: She looked so much like Christina that a picture of her fooled my husband! He thought it was a picture of Christina. Terri failed to pick up her pay check at the end of June {1990} and she was found murdered on July 11th. The exact date of her death has never been determined, but the coroner estimated she'd been dead at least 6 days before she was found. Her case is profiled elsewhere on this web site so I won't go into great detail here, but I will say that I was told by a police officer who worked Terri's case that she put up one hell of a fight against her killer, and may have put some real hurt to the guy: And then, I was told by a co-worker of Wild Bill's that he showed up at work with deep scratches all over him at the time of Terri's murder! Circumstantial? Sure. Coincidental? Must be. Terri's case remains unsolved and authorities in Washington County have refused to question Wild Bill about the case. So be it. On to the next set of "coincidences," since that's all I'm doing now days ..... just keeping track of Wild Bill's Coincidences!

Kimberlie Krimm: Christina Jane Gordon

That "Three" Thing ... Again!!!

From June 30th, 1998 until April 2nd, 2001, the duplication of Mysde appears to have been on hold. Perhaps it is not an easy task to locate people who "fit" into the profile ..... or ..... perhaps it's all my imagination, and there really isn't a pattern to any of this.

On April 2nd, 2001 someone murdered Stephanie "Evans" in Ross County, Ohio .... next door to "Jackson" County! Her killer took her under a {railroad} trestle, down {by the river} and piled rocks on her dead, partially clothed body.{For more details see, "The Duplication Of Mysde Evans"}

It appeared to me as if the murder of Kimberly Krimm, in a very subtle manner, introduced "Evans" in much the same way the murder of Carol Gordon had hinted at "Mysde," while the murder of Emily Christine Ullman for my wedding anniversary boldly proclaimed the direction of intent. The Evans murder was also on an "anniversary" date, but not a wedding. For more details, please see, "The Judy Strikes" on this web site:

Patty Martin-Fulton

Bonnie Martin-Wells

Christina Gordon

Mysde (Sindee Davis) Evans

Of the four people listed above there is only one who has not been "symbolically murdered," and that's me ... Bonnie Wells. And of that same group, I am the only one who can prove "who" symbolically duplicated me. I guess there's no crime in that, although it seems a little strange to me. But even stranger still is the unusual fact that as these "duplications" were carried out, each seems to provide a hint of the next step or phase of the deadly game. And this applies to Wild Bill's duplication of me, as much as it applies to whoever the killer, or killers of the other victims are, in as much as almost immediately after Wild Bill showed everyone "Bonnie Martin-Wells" he headed straight for "Mysde (Sindee)."

Of course, there is no way that anyone who didn't know me ... and know me very well ... would ever, in an entire lifetime, see those "hints" or ever be able to make the connections between cases that were strung hundreds of miles, several states, and nine full years apart. Who, on the face of this entire earth would ever have the tenacity to devote the amount of time and attention that would be required to expose such an elaborate plan of action? Especially in light of the fact all attempts would be met, time and time again, with resistance so strong that the average person would turn and walk away.

And in closing this page, I'd like to pass along a "word to the wise," so to speak. This is March of 2004. As of June, another "three year segment" will have passed. If in fact these people all had the same killer, as I believe is very possible, is he finished? Or is there more to come? I guess only time will tell. I do have some concerns about the name Anderson. That's my daughter's married name. While Wild Bill "acted out both my maiden and married names," the killer seems to choose one or the other. As in my sister and Mysde's cases he chose "married names." In my daughter's case, it was her maiden name. I'm wondering if he will come back and strike on Christina's married name.

The cases listed on this page are not "all" that has happened during the years mentioned. There are dozens of other crimes .... some arson's, some murders, some less important, that are profiled on this web site. There are even more within the books of the Pure Coincidence series. Many .... most of them have the same thread of "Bonnie Martin" binding material running through them as do the cases shown here. But, as in these cases, no one noticed except me and a few close friends. At this time, Mysde and I are about all that remain of the 'old crew.'

Some turned traitor .... some turned chicken .... some turned green .... some turned back.

That is their choice and their right. I would be the last person on earth to deprive anyone of the right to choose that which they wish to care about. That's between them and their maker.

ATTENTION: April 2005 UPDATE: This drama may not be over. We may have just witnessed the next phase! See following link for details!

Strike On Davis!

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith

in their mission can alter the course of history."

Mahatma Gandhi

Attention: News of March 2006, concerning Kimberly Krimm case:


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Special Notes: News articles appearing on this page do NOT appear in Pure Coincidence Book #19, although some things may be quoted from these articles:

The woman that I refer to on this page as 'my friend Mysde,' is actually Cynthia Davis. Back when I wrote this page, Sindee (as we call her) was living with a man by the name of Evans. They were not married, but my suspect may not have known that because the name Evans was what was on the mailbox.

Sindee and her boyfriend split in 2008. The name on the mailbox nowdays is Davis.

Cynthia (Sindee) Davis and I are no longer affiliated, and no longer work any of the cases together.

The woman that Wild Bill moved in with was also named Cynthia. It was not Cynthia Davis.

The Bonnie H. that Wild Bill lived with during the 'symbolic duplication' of me was Bonnie Hickman: (The disappearance of B. Wells) (The murder of 'Hickman')

By 2010 there were other cases that 'appeared to continue the symbolic' cases. Those can be found on my Symbolic Cases page:

I am no longer accepting new cases. I put in 20 years and accomplished nothing at all. I gave it my all, and am not convinced even at this point that I am wrong. I'm just convinced that I am wasting my time and effort because no amount of evidence or information against this man is ever going to be enough. So be it.

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