Kentucky Woman


Bonnie M. Wells

June 14th, 1993

Wild Bill, my husband Mike and I all left our driveway at six o'clock in the morning and headed for our second Gold Wing Road Rider's Convention which was being held in Louisville, Kentucky.

I hoped it was better than the 1992 trip. If it wasn't, Wild Bill would never take another trip with us. I'd already made up my mind about that.

The 1992 Trip

We'd gone to Wisconsin in 1992. It had been our first long motor cycle trip, and I'd enjoyed most of it ..... until we hit a storm and then ran into road construction. Then I was not a happy camper ..... in fact, I'd never been a happy "camper." I didn't like to camp at all, but had finally agreed to camp in Wild Bill's large tent after he assured me that he had king sized air mattresses on which to sleep and it would be fun. Never again!

He'd sneaked out in the middle of the night and roamed the streets of Madison, Wisconsin until almost daylight ..... alone. No one knew where he was or what he'd been doing. Personally I couldn't help but marvel at how the man could navigate strange cities. If I'd taken off by myself in Madison, I'd probably still be wondering around lost!

Well, we'd managed to live through that trip but when the guys began talking about "next years" trip to Kentucky, I put my foot down.

There would be no "camping." We would either stay in a motel/hotel or they could just go without me.

Louisville, Kentucky - 1993

"There's exit 1703 - Newbury Road. That's our exit," I told Mike as I leaned forward on the Honda Aspencade.

Wild Bill followed on the Honda Gold Wing that we'd owned before. He had purchased it from us after he lost his first wine colored Gold Wing due to divorce and bankruptcy. I still marveled at how much the two bikes looked alike .... his old one and the one we sold him.

We pulled onto the parking lot of the Ramada Inn right at 3:00 PM and checked into room number 329.

The trip had been far more enjoyable than the previous year, and I was looking forward to visiting the convention center where all the Road Rider events were being held.

Lies & Women; Women & Lies

Wild Bill had been "in a mood" for some time prior to our scheduled trip. In fact, if the plans had not already been made I would have left his worthless hide at home! But he and Mike had already made all the arrangements and had already agreed on a 3 way split as far as costs were concerned. Actually, he was getting the better part of the deal since he only had to pay 1/3 of hotel cost while Mike paid 2/3 of it. But we didn't say anything.

We'd made arrangements for a single room with double beds so there was no sleeping arrangement problems.

But, it seemed to me that after all the plans had been made, and Wild Bill knew he was "safe," he'd began lying and doing a lot of things that I didn't think were very nice when a person was planning on spending several days with someone.

He left everything up to me ......even his own packing for the trip. And while I was running around trying to do a dozen things at once, he was out almost every night picking up strange women ..... {and believe me, some of the women he finds really are STRANGE!} and threatening to take each one of them on the trip with us! I figured sharing a room with him was bad enough. He was not going to drag some hooker into my hotel room and expect me to lay down and go to sleep! I'd sleep with one eye open the way it was!

The First Evening

Things went pretty smoothly that first evening. We were all tired from the trip, even though it had been a relatively short trip for us.

After checking into our room, one of the first things we did was go over to the Convention Center to see what was planned, and to get a look at some of the cycles that were there.

In Wisconsin the year before, there had been some 10,000 Honda's from all over the world. Some were customized with paint jobs that were breathtaking. Wild Bill had taken hundreds of pictures in Wisconsin, and he'd come well prepared for more pictures in Kentucky.

I'd laughed at him in 1992. He could be so childish. After we returned from the trip he'd rushed out and had all his film developed and then spent the next few weeks showing the pictures to everyone he came to. He'd probably do the same thing this time. He sure liked motor cycles.

Things went pretty smoothly that first evening. Wild Bill stayed close to Mike and me, and the three of us enjoyed the activities at the center ..... except for the Grateful Dead concert that was being held on the same grounds. I didn't like that very much, and over heard many people complaining about it. Wild Bill didn't seem to mind though. He liked the scantily clad girls with their doped up, strung out appearance. I wasn't impressed and neither was Mike. In fact, had we known we were going to be thrown in with this crowd, I doubt that we would have attended the rally at all.

The Second Evening

We returned from the rally around 8:30 PM. Mike was the first one in the shower. We'd allotted 15 minutes for each of us to get our shower and clear out of the bathroom so the next person could take their turn.

Wild Bill and I went out for some ice while Mike showered. He was finished by the time we returned from the ice machine in the lobby, and as Wild Bill prepared to pour us each a glass of Pepsi, I headed into the bathroom for my shower.

I was in the bathroom precisely 15 minutes, redressed and standing in our room wondering where Wild Bill had gone!

He'd poured the glass of soda for me before he left, and had apparently gulped his down because the empty glass with unmelted ice still sat on the small counter beside my full glass.

"Where's Wild Bill?" I asked Mike, who was stretched out on one of the beds watching tv.

"He said he was going down to the bar and have a beer," Mike replied.

I walked over to the window and looked down on the parking lot. There sat our Aspencade, complete with travel trailer and cover, just as we'd left it. But the only thing in the spot next to ours was the travel trailer. Wild Bill and the Gold Wing were nowhere to be seen.

I Couldn't Sleep

We turned the lights out about eleven o'clock and went to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I got back up and sat in the chair by the window and watched the traffic as it sailed past on the highway. There were dozens of Honda's on the road. People out sightseeing; enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Somehow I knew none of them belonged to Wild Bill, and I wondered where he was and what he was doing.

"It's two o'clock in the morning. Would you come to bed and stop worrying over that man. You are like an old mother hen - if everyone you know isn't in bed asleep, then you won't sleep either."

"Now, come on to bed, and stop worrying about him," Mike said as he patted the bed beside him.

I slid under the cover and he slipped his arm around me ....."Now go to sleep," he whispered.

And I almost did .....

"He just pulled in," Mike said. It was just past 2:30 in the morning .... and I really was almost asleep!

Old mother hen, huh? So what did that make him....papa rooster?

I smiled as I got up and looked out the window. All those motor cycles and Mike and I both still knew the sound of our old Honda, anywhere at any time.

The Cop

I peeked out the window and down onto the parking lot. Sure enough, Wild Bill was now sitting on his motor cycle in the parking spot next to ours.

"Mike, there's a cop down there talking to him," I whispered, as if we were only inches away from him instead of two stories above him!

"Wonder what he's done?" I whispered to Mike as we both peeked through the curtains.

The cop didn't stay too long .... maybe five minutes. He pulled out and we saw Wild Bill glance up toward our window before we both jumped back in bed and pretended to be asleep!

Good golly .... I reminded myself of how we behaved as children! Dad worked afternoon's on the railroad and it was usually around midnight before he got home. We lived out in the country so far that there wasn't anything to do or anywhere to go, but still, we thought we were really being rebellious if we stayed up until we saw the head lights of dad's car coming down the old gravel road!

Mom would snicker as we all scrambled for our bed rooms, and listen for dad's first words when he came through the door.

"All the kids in bed?" He'd ask. Mom would always say yes .... in bed and probably fast asleep by now!!

Just Wondering

I lay awake a long time after Wild Bill sneaked into the room and disappeared into the bathroom for his long overdue shower.

Where on earth had he been? What was he doing for more than five hours in a strange city?

The next day Wild Bill told us that he'd decided to go for a ride and had gotten lost and ended up back in Ohio! He said he had to find a cop and get directions from him in order to get back to the hotel.

"Shouldn't take off by yourself in a strange city," I said after hearing his flimsy excuse for being out most of the night. He never mentioned the cop who was talking to him on the parking lot and neither did I. Still, I wondered.

Last Trip

We returned from Louisville on June 19th, and I vowed there would be no more vacations with Wild Bill.

I was beginning to understand why his entire family took vacations without him. They made the plans, and sometimes everyone else in the family went, but not him. They didn't even tell him when they were taking vacation time, much less where they were going. And he was never invited to accompany them. I thought I knew why.

His second ex-wife had told me about going places with him and having him abandon her for hours at a time; leaving her alone in unfamiliar surroundings.

His first ex-wife had told me similar stories. Both had told me of receiving phone calls from him when he was several states away and riding his motor cycle. He'd just went for a ride and ended up in another state, so he'd be home sometime!


Back in 1993, I didn't know a lot of the horrible truth about Wild Bill. I was still learning, and believe me it would be one learning experience that I would never forget. Then again, I'd never forget him. I'd never be allowed to forget him.

After returning from the trip, Wild Bill's "mood swings" intensified to the point that I could hardly speak to him about anything without him flying into a rage. His temper wasn't appropriate for the situations, and I became ever more suspicious of him and his behavior. I began to talk to as many people as I could locate that had known him for awhile. The longer, the better.

The stories I gathered painted a dark and sinister picture of a man who pretended to be so nice, and pretended to care so much about other people......especially women and children.

Neither one of his ex-wive's trusted him. Both had accused him of doing things to young girls that were inappropriate. He'd cheated on both, just as he had cheated on every girlfriend he'd ever had. He was a womanizer ... well, he was a femaleizer! It didn't have to be a woman. From what I was hearing, a ten or twelve year old kid would do just fine.

His first wife's mother had begged me to "never trust him with a female from 9 to 90." At the time, I'd though she was joking. She wasn't. She told me about her second daughter, who was about 12 years old when her first daughter married Wild Bill. The girl loved to go visit her "big sister," and "uncle Bill" .....for awhile. A very short while. The woman said the girl began refusing to go visit her sister and didn't want to spend the night there anymore. Upon questioning, the girl told her mother that Wild Bill sneaked around and tried to watch her undress for bed or for a shower. She said he tried to peek through cracks in doors or peep holes that he had, and that she had awakened on a couple of occasions to discover him in her room with his hands up under the blankets!

Wife number two's story wasn't any more pleasant. He had molested her 13 year old daughter, and had exposed himself to the girl on several occasions. According to her, he had even exposed himself to a teenage friend of her daughter's, in broad daylight, on the Montgomery Ward parking lot, and had tried to get the kid in the car with him! Eventually, unable to live in the same house with Wild Bill and her mother, the woman's daughter had gone to live with her grandmother.

And then there was the discovery of what he did when his first wife was pregnant in 1980 ..... all the women he'd picked up and had sex with....many of which were hookers. And even after the child arrived his actions were not those of a new father and a loving husband. His beautiful wife {And I do mean beautiful. Long dark hair, beautiful built girl that could have been a model} and new born child sat at home while he went to Marietta and exposed himself to 2 girls who were obviously under age because there are no names in the files. To this day, I'd love to talk to them.

It was almost as if the pregnancy and birth of the child had set off some type of panic or rage within the man. I'd read of cases like that, but this was the first time I'd ever encountered anyone who might fit into the pattern of a psychopathic sex offender. We all knew he was a sex offender. I was guessing that he was a psychopath. He fit the picture as far as I could determine.

Backtracking Into Madness

In 1993 and 1994 I spent most of my time backtracking into the late 1970's and early 1980's searching for information on Wild Bill. I was at a serious disadvantage because I had not known him until 1990, and he obviously had pulled the wool over my eyes {and all my family and friends!} for quite some time.

I still wanted to know which Washington County deputy served the warrant on Wild Bill in December of 1980 for his Marietta offense. His ex-wife had told me the cops came to the house after him, but I didn't know which cop it was. And all I could think about was our deputy Ray Clark and how he'd been gunned down in his own home just 42 days after Wild Bill's offense. He had told me he pulled 3 days in jail. His wife said he'd spent 30 days in jail. I didn't know which one to believe.

I ran across a man who knew Wild Bill pretty well. He said Wild Bill used to go hunting with him and a gang of guys that all hunted together. He said they finally stopped inviting Wild Bill though because all they got done was look for him! He said the party would designate hunting areas for each guy, and set a time for them all to meet back at the starting point.....usually lunch time. He said Wild Bill always failed to come back when he was supposed to, and so, when it was time to go back out everyone forfeited the rest of the day so they could search his designated area and make sure he had not been in an accident of some type. The guy said they never did find him where he was supposed to be, and on different occasions he would be sitting at the camp when they returned.

"Yeah, but he always got a deer, didn't he?" I remarked.

The man looked at me for a long moment, shook his head and said...."Yes, as a matter of fact he did. Sometimes he'd carry the deer for 2 or 3 miles on his back, but he always got a deer."

That's because he's a natural born hunter .... a stalker....a predator.... as much at home in the woods as on a city street or dark alley.

A New Baby

For some reason his first wife chose to stay with him even after he went to jail in 1981. And by 1982 she was expecting another child.

The new baby was not destined to be as lucky as the first one though. The child....a little girl....was born without a brain and lived only a few hours.

I would never forget the pictures of this deformed child that Wild Bill had shown me. He had taken pictures of the child as it lay in its coffin, and others at the grave site.

The child died on July 22nd, 1982, and although I wouldn't know it for several years, that's when the 2.2 connections to dead bodies (especially females) began to show up in this area. But, as I said, I didn't know that for a long time. I stumbled across it while doing mileage checks in a 1996 murder case, and by the time I was finished with that case, I'd decided to run the same mileage checks on some of our old, unsolved cases.

Deputy Clark had been murdered prior to the birth of Wild Bill's second child. I could find no 2.2 connections in his case, until Terri Roach was murdered. She was dumped 2.2 miles from Clark's home.

Little Nine year old Anna Marie Brown had been murdered and her dead body dumped within a thousand feet of her own yard in 1975. I have found no 2.2 mile connections in that case, but that's not to say one does not exist.

The Clark, Brown & Roach cases remain unsolved.

The First 2.2

The very first 2.2 mile connection between Wild Bill and a dead female occurred when his daughter was buried. The cemetery she was buried in is precisely 2.2 miles from the house he lived in at the time.

Then came Jill Bohl (1983) and Marie Blough (1986). She had worked at the funeral home where his daughter's funeral was held. Everyone said she was a very nice lady, very helpful during funerals. That may have been her downfall. The funeral home was located at 220 ____ Street. I saw the "22" but decided it wasn't 2.2. But when I went in search of the 2.2, I also found it within Marie's case. Marie Blough was murdered in 1986. Some said it was too long for a serial killer to "remember" and then go back. I disagreed. The Blough case remains unsolved as of the last update of this page.

Then came Janet Miller (1986), Terri Roach (1990), her cousin Patsy Sparks (1992), Ronda Manley (1992) ... and then it let up for awhile, at least in this area. It returned with a vengeance in 1996.

The Kentucky Woman

Within a few months of our Kentucky trip and Wild Bill's "night out on the town," the news papers were ablaze with reports of a woman's body parts being found strung all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. They said she had been dismembered and the pieces were in plastic bags.

All I could think of was how Wild Bill liked to carry his clothes in plastic bags {like from the grocery store, Wal*Mart, etc} and how he saved so many of those damned bags. He had them tucked into every nook and corner of his house. And even when offered luggage that he could be proud to be seen with, he preferred these plastic bags. And I kept remembering how he'd said he "went for a ride and ended up back in Ohio."

As far as I know the Kentucky case remains unsolved, although I can't say for certain because no one would ever talk to me about it. And even though I wrote to Kentucky cops and gave them my information, no one ever called, ever checked it out.

Cover Me

Although Wild Bill and I are no longer friends, no longer see each other very often since he moved about 30 miles away from me .... I continue to think about the old cases. And I continue to write and continue to monitor several missing person web sites as well as several unsolved crime web sites because I know the answers are out there somewhere.

But, if I'm right, there will probably never be an accomplice that can step forward. But there are victims that could step forward .... victims from shopping malls all over the eastern section of this country .... victims from bars and night clubs ..... girls that were but teenager's when he raped and molested them ..... girls that are now grown women and must share in the responsibility of what he does to others because of their own silence.

I too was his victim. Perhaps not in as dramatic a way as most, and yet, he used me for a semblance of normalcy. I afforded him cover and gave him opportunity to stalk others due to my own stupidity. For this I am very sorry. I promise it will never happen again with anyone....ever!

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