The Kimberly Kay Fulton Murder

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Bonnie M. Wells

Note: Portions of the following story comes from my pages titled "The Wild Man" while other portions come from "The Symbolic Murder Of My Sister." Links will be provided at end of page to both stories, as well as the answer to a question that I have been asking recently - "Why 13? What is the 13?"

I did not know Kimberly Fulton. Had never met her or even heard of her until she was dead. I became interested in her case almost immediately though because of a dream that had been reported to me, as well as a dream I'd had myself. Those dreams will be told here, and then I will show how they predicted the death of a woman that I never knew, but one that my suspect surely must have known, at least well enough to have figured out a way that she would allow him into her home on that fateful night of 1995.

Following are those clips from the pages mentioned above. Links to thos pages will follow:

From The "Symbolic Murder" Of My Sister comes the following:

The Old Wooden Bridge Dream

I was a front seat passenger in a vehicle driven backward by a Catholic sister....a Nun. I sat beside the door while a dark haired girl sat in the middle. In the back seat, and directly behind me sat my distant cousin *Ken.

Beside of Ken sat two other unknown girls who stared straight ahead and never spoke.

"Why don't you turn this damned thing around and drive it correctly before you wreck and kill all of us?" I yelled at the driver.

"We tried that, and you weren't happy." the nun quipped.

Within seconds the car sailed from the road and came to rest in a grassy field along side of an old covered bridge. "Now look what you've done! Why didn't you listen to me?" I screamed at the Nun.

The women disappeared from the dream, and Ken and I stood in the field looking at the bridge. I couldn't understand how traffic could cross the bridge because the road only extended a few feet from each end and went nowhere! Ken patted my shoulder and assured me that everything was going to be alright because Ross Perot's helicopter was coming to pick us up! "Perot has a chopper? I didn't know that," I replied as Bob led me toward an air craft that already sat in the field. We climbed into the back of the aircraft and I thought that it seemed far larger than a helicopter / 'chopper'.....more like a transport plane!

The 6-25 Warning

The first time I ever saw the Harrah Bridge was shortly after the dream. I'd roamed around the area with a few friends, searching for a bridge that looked like the one in my dream, but had not found it. Not until Wild Bill took me there one night as we returned from his brother's house.

I sat behind Wild Bill on the Honda Goldwing motor cycle that Mike and I had sold him a few months earlier. It was a motor cycle, but it was not a "chopper." It was a large "touring" bike with full dress.....had a lot more room "in the back" for the passenger than any chopper ever made!

Wild Bill owned a tote-along travel trailer for the motor cycle. The bike had a license plate and so did the cart, but the numbers were not the same. The license number on the cart was Ross Perot's birthday 6-27!!! ..... and that cart was attached to the motor cycle the night that Wild Bill took me to see the bridge! The time was.....just after midnight on 7-03, 1992 ....{The second anniversary of Terri Roach's reported disappearance. She was found murdered on 7-11-90. Her case remains unsolved.}

A trip back to the Harrah Bridge in the daylight hours of 7-03-92 revealed that the bridge had long ago been closed to traffic. Guard rails stopped anyone who might have ventured across and the graveled ends of the old road that once carried the traffic across the bridge no longer connected to, they went nowhere, just as I'd noticed in my dream.

Although I had an uneasy feeling the night I sat on the back of the motor cycle with Wild Bill, it would be some time before I realized the importance of the events of that evening and The Old Wooden Bridge Dream.

The 305

Kimberly Fulton and her two year old son Daniel died on the night of 3-05, 1995. Early news reports said they died in the fire that destroyed their mobile home, and for awhile I thought that was correct.

Then dreams began coming in that indicated there had been foul play before the fire was set. Had the dreams all been my own, I may have discounted them. But they weren't all mine and so I wrote to Detective Winstanley and told him I felt they had been murdered before the fire was set." Had Kimberly's parents, especially her mother, Vera Paxton not also insisted that there was something wrong, I doubt my word alone would have gotten anything accomplished.

The bodies were exhumed and an autopsy was performed. Both Kimberly and Daniel were dead before the fire was set! Both had been murdered. Theory was that Kimberly had been choked to death {see The Wild Man Dream} and Daniel had been smothered to death ... possibly {with a pillow from his own bed.}

I dug my Old Wooden Bridge dream out of storage and began deciphering it. It was absolutely full of clues!

The Dream & The Reality

Kimberly Fulton was a Catholic.

As Patsy Sparks had my "sister's" first name, Kimberly Fulton had her last name!

Paternity tests had just revealed that Daniel's father was a man named Harrah.

Kimberly lived within a short distance of the Harrah Bridge, and she died on the anniversary {March 5th} of the wrongful death case that was held in Parkersburg, West Virginia for my dead brother.

"We tried that" case on March 5th, 1990 and "I was not happy," at that time.

Ken sitting directly behind me showed that this case would involve a time period in which "Ken" was "behind" me or in my past. He left the area approximately three years before Kimberly was murdered.

Ken's presence in the dream also gave another clue. He was my "distant cousin on my mother's side." Terri Roach and Patsy Sparks were distant cousins on their mother's side! I believe the two girls sitting in the back seat with Ken were Terri and Patsy. Both of their murders were "behind" us....or had already happened by the time I had the dream. Also, Ken's address was 703 ____ Street, and 7-03 was the estimated date of Terri's murder!

Daniel Fulton's birthday was October 14th was Detective Winstanley's!

The Next Victim

Kimberly was not the next murder case after I had the dream. The next murder victim was a dark haired girl named Ronda Manley.

The way I figured it, Ronda was the girl who sat in the front seat "beside me" or "next" to me, and she was the "next" murder victim and was killed on "my husband's birthday." Thus we see the "beside me....or next to me aspect revealed."

Just on the other side of "Ronda" was the "Catholic" "sister" who was driving. I paid close attention to this portion of the dream and noted that Kimberly was indeed the "next" murder victim after Ronda Manley; was "Catholic," had the same last name as my "sister"; and had been "driving" the night she was murdered.

She had driven to her parent's home to visit and then had driven "back" to her own home.

Of the four victims .... Terri, Patsy, Ronda and Kimberly .... Kimberly was the only one who owned a vehicle.

And there was yet another aspect of the dream that I would not be able to see for another three years. By 1998, I realized that Ronda Manley's murder sat "in between" the symbolic murder of "my sister" and the symbolic duplication of me!

My sister is Patricia [Patty] Martin-Fulton. The murders of Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton, was {in my opinion} the symbolic murder of my sister.

Everybody had a theory as to who murdered Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton ... including me. But, I was the only one who seemed to be able to add any backbone to my theory. Everyone else appeared to be selecting whoever they wanted it to be! I wasn't interested in that. I didn't care who disliked who .... who disliked me, or who I disliked {and there were many by this time!} ... I wanted to know who was murdering our people, regardless of who he was ..... or who "they" were, since everyone seemed to think we had several men who had killed one woman each. I didn't think that. I thought we had a serial killer on our hands. Only problem was, I wasn't sure anyone in this area even knew what the term meant, or cared to learn what it meant.

By the time Kimberly Fulton was murdered, Wild Bill and I had parted ways and were no longer on speaking terms with one another. That didn't stop his weird behavior, and it didn't stop me from documenting his weird behavior!

Patsy Sparks was not found until after Kimberly Fulton had been murdered. By that time, I was convinced that someone was creating dramas that revolved around me, my family and maybe even my friends. After all, my sister's name is Patty Fulton.

In The Neighborhood ... Again

Just six weeks after I ended my friendship with Wild Bill in 1994, he landed himself in the Washington County jail for 60 days!

When that happened he lost his job with the company where he'd worked for eighteen years.

He was released from jail on {June 25th} 1994, and almost immediately his brother gave him a job in his home-owned business. This enabled Wild Bill to drive right past Kimberly Fulton's home on a daily basis!

I was certain Wild Bill had known Kimberly all along. Her former husband had leased a corn field that was located within fifty foot of where he operated a crane before he'd gotten himself fired. I could only wonder how many times she had stopped there to speak to her husband.....or how many times she had brought his lunch to him as he worked in the field.

Kimberly's ex-husband grew up in the same town as Wild Bill. Kimberly attended the same Catholic church that Wild Bill's family attended. And Kimberly worked with Wild Bill's mother in not one, but two separate locations! He absolutely had to know Kimberly Fulton.

I didn't know any of Kimberly's family {the Paxton's} and wouldn't realize it until sometime later, but back when Wild Bill and I were friends, we'd driven past Kimberly's parent's home on several occasions. Each time it had been under the pretext that he wanted to see one of the guys he worked with. But each time, we failed to stop for one reason or another. Now, I couldn't help but wonder if he was keeping an eye on Kimberly's mother or was watching to see when Kimberly visited.

Within 3 months of Kimberly Fulton's murder Wild Bill was employed by a river company that had the name "Martin" in their name! Later, I learned that Kimberly's father also worked for this company occasionally. I was not surprised.

From "The Wild Man" comes the following:

Date of dream - January 5th, 1992

Dreamer - Gemini 13 / JKS

Dream title & interpretation by

Bonnie M. Wells

Dreamer watches in horror as a wild eyed man with shaggy, gray hair chases me through a house trailer.

His arms are outstretched and his fingers clutch at the air only inches behind me as I run through the trailer, screaming in terror.

The dreamer is terrified as she hears the snarls and growls of a wild animal coming from the man's mouth.

His teeth are clenched and his only desire is to kill me.

The dreamer awakes to her own screams as she realizes the mad man is our friend Wild Bill.

End of dream

This dream was reported to me in the afternoon hours of 1-05-92.

At first I thought little of the dream because I did not live in a house trailer and in 1992, I was just beginning to question some of Wild Bill's strange and unusual behavior.

However, as time passed, I would realize that the "Wild Man" dream was destined to be one of the "greats" as far as dream work is concerned, but even I would not realize just how important the dream was until 1995.

A Three Year Warning

Keep in mind, the "Wild Man" dream was a 1992 dream. I believe it came in three years ahead of the crime that it warned of.

Due to the lack of an arrest within the case, I gave the dream a 99.9% accuracy rating. Only the identity of the killer remains a mystery .... at least for some.

January 5th is the 5th day of the year with *361 remaining.

June 13th .. *613 .. is the birthday of the dreamer of The Wild Man.

The numbers appearing on the calendar on January 5th are ...005 / 361

Using a number system that I have worked out for myself ...first, remove the 6, one 0 and the 1.

601 represents 'domestic violence' ... that leaves one 0, one 5 and one 3.

503 does not compute, but 53 is the year Wild Bill was born. Reversing, we get 305, and that number stands for or represents "wrongful death or murder," as 3-05 was the date of my brother's **wrongful death case in 1990.

My brother was Richard Michael *Martin.

The dreamer's middle name is *Kay.

Using the dream, calender, words and names that we have, we will now compare the "dream clues" to the "facts."

Dream Clues & Case Facts

The Clues: "Violence in a woman's house trailer / the name Kay / the date 3-05 / me, my brother, a "family" member / wrongful death or murder / man with gray, shaggy hair / Wild Bill:

The Facts: Kimberly *Kay *Fulton was *murdered ..."choked to death" .. *in her house trailer on the night of *3-05, 1995. She had the same last name as *my sister/Fulton and was murdered on a date that connected to *my brother/Martin at a time when Wild Bill, *a man with shaggy, gray hair, and who dubbed himself a *wild man was working in Kimberly's neighborhood, but who would later (in the month of the dreamers birthday) go to work for a company with *Martin in its name. And coincidentally of course, this would be the same company for which Kimberly's father worked! By September of 1995 Wild Bill was living with a woman who had the same name as *me ...*Bonnie

My Sister

*Patsy Sparks disappeared the night of April 22nd, 1992.

There was a total of 35 months between the murders of *Patsy Sparks and Kimberly *Fulton.

As far as I am concerned, my sister - *Patty Fulton was 'symbolically murdered' in 35 months time, when she was "35" years old!

Immediately following this bizarre sequence of events, Wild Bill began his "symbolic duplication/replacement" of me. This project not only included my entire name, beginning with my maiden name, and extending right on through my first and last names, but also included the very vehicles that I drove! It was absolutely amazing.

I continue to wonder .... Was Sparks and Fulton murdered by the same man? Was there really a "theme, reason and pattern" to the killings or was it simply another coincidence?

Who, or even "how many" men it took to "symbolically duplicated my sister through the murders of Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton is any body's guess.

However, there was no guessing needed when it came to who "duplicated" me!

Few noticed ..... even fewer cared ....

The Roach, Sparks & Fulton cases all remain unsolved in Washington County, Ohio as of 2009:

The identity of the man who surely must have chased Kimberly Fulton through her house trailer, with one determined desire ..... to kill her, remains unknown:

WTAP News // Mar 5, 2008

Reporter: Allison Rhea //

Wednesday marks the 13th anniversary of a Washington County murder involving a deadly trailer fire.

It's been 13 years since Kimberly Fulton and her 17 month old son, Daniel, died in this house fire.

"I knew it wasn't an accident, I knew, her dad knew, her brother knew, her younger sister knew, we all knew that it wasn't an accident," says Vera Paxton., Kimberly's mom.

Former Lieutenant Jeff Seevers of the Washington County Sheriff's Department knew too.

"There was no indication that there was any, which indicated that neither one of them were breathing during the time of the fire, and usually if the fire had killed them, because of smoke inhalation, there should have been a high amount of carbon monoxide in their system," says Lieutenant Seevers.

So authorities started looking for a suspect and a motive, but to this day they don't have anything solid on either.

Authorities did make an arrest, Scott Hickman, but there wasn't enough evidence for an indictment, so he was released.

Lieutenant Seevers says every once in a while he does take another at the files, seeing if he missed anything. They wait for new evidence or someone to come forward with information, but even after all these years both Lieutenant Seevers and Mrs. Paxton still hang on to any hope that Kimberly and Daniel's murderers will be brought to justice.

"These things, you just don't know, and we're hoping that someday that case will be closed, and I think it can be," says Lieutenant Seevers.

"Her murderer is still out there, and it's not easy," says Paxton.

If you have any new information on the case., contact the Washington County Sheriff's Department

Note: Jeff Seevers retired from the Washington County Sheriff's Department in 2008: The article can be seen at the following link:

Seevers Retirement

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