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{WTAP} The Parkersburg Police Department is searching for a missing young woman and they're asking for your help locating her.

26-year-old Kimberly Sue Jones was last seen on February 2nd around 11 p.m. at her apartment in Pinewood Village.

Kimberly is about 5 feet tall, 110 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair.

She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and a blue jacket.

If anyone has any information regarding Kimberly's whereabouts, please contact the Parkersburg Police Department at 424-8444 or 424-8440.

NOTE: Kimberly's twin sister Jennifer has told me that Kimberly did NOT disappear on February 2nd. as reported in the above article, but in fact disappeared the night of February 3rd. - which, coincidentally of course, is 203, and one of the code/strike dates that I have predicted.

Also, if one will go back to the {February 5th, 2005} murders of John Nestor and Tracy Thompson, they will see that I ended that page with ....

"CODE: Debbie / Kimberly", and now, three years later, here we are, searching for Kimberly.

Unsolved February cases that I have been working and tracking include: Deputy Ray Clark {Feb. 7, 1981} // Judith Petty {February 7th, 2007} // John Nestor & Tracy Thompson {February 5th}

UPDATE: February 2nd, 2010

It's been one year since a Wood County woman went missing, while family, friends, and police continue to search for her.

26-year old Kimberly Jones went missing from her Pinewood Village apartment off Gihon Road in February of last year.

Detectives say her ex-boyfriend dropped her off at her apartment that night and no one has heard from her since.

Officials say her mother reported Jones missing the next day.

Wednesday, {February 3rd} Kim's loved ones are holding a vigil.

They ask that you join them near the pond at City Park, in Parkersburg, at 6:00.


The following cases remain unsolved as does Kimberly Jones' case.

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Megan Maxwell / April 26, 2009 // Tennessee


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