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Another 'Misty' Strike?


Bonnie M. Wells

Woman's Death Still A Mystery One Year Later

Reported by: Lance Barry


One year later, and still no justice for the family of a Northern Kentucky woman found dead along the banks of the Ohio River. And while there might not be justice yet, her family tells 9 News there is something else---hope.

Krystal Coy was found dead in late January 2007 in Ludlow, Kentucky. Her semi-naked body had been placed in a culvert in an attempt to hide it.

"That is what we are looking for, just some information," said Mike Coy, Krystal's father.

Coy's body didn't show any trauma, but investigators still ruled her death a homicide based on the suspicious circumstances. It's believed her body was dumped there and did not wash ashore.

But those are unknown details Mike Coy, a Florence resident, can't bear to think about. "The more you don't cloud yourself with what might have happened, the better off you are," he said.

But there is hope. We're told in the past year, details have come in about the 23 year-old's death. Coy says they have come in to both the family and to the Kenton County Police Department, but as of yet no arrest had been made.

"It is going to take somebody to come forward, someone....knows what happened," said Coy.

Coy openly admits his daughter was not without faults. But even with prostitution charges on her rap sheet and a crack addiction, it didn't change his father's love for his daughter. "When you get out there in that stuff, you have no control," said Coy.

Krystal's body was identified by the name "Misty" tattooed on her body. Misty is the name of her now 7 year-old daughter.

"It hits you at different times, you go to a wedding, and seeing her brother dance with his daughter, that is something I won't be able to do," Coy said.

Since her mother's death, Misty Coy has been living with her great grandmother in Georgia, we're told she is adjusting well.

If you have any information on the death of Krystal Coy, you can call Kenton County Police at (859) 392-1940, you can remain anonymous.

My Suspect

Found along the Ohio River? How many times have I mentioned this phenomena on my web site? How many times have I seen the same common denominators -- prostitute, drug addict .... and a name that I've warned repeatedly about as being 'one of the chosen victim's names?'

I did an entire section of this web site called 'The Symbolic Cases,' just so I could show people the 'connections.'

Until today, January 28th, 2008, I knew nothing of Krystal Coy's case. But this I can tell you, it was murder, and we will, in all probability, never know who did it.

I'm going to venture to say that Krystal Coy knew her killer ..... not well, but I believe he was a 'client' of hers before the night she was murdered.

If she was found in late January, then I'm also going to venture a guess that she was murdered on one of the following dates: January 21; January 24th or January 28th: All three of these dates have been given repeatedly on this web site as 'strike dates.'

The name 'Misty' has been identified over and over. Once again, I will provide links at the end of this page for those who wish to look at the other cases.

Based on what I know about my 'suspect,' let me see how close I can come to 'facts within the case.' Of course, only law enforcement or those closest to the case will know if I am right or not.

If Krystal Coy is a victim of 'my guy,' then I believe the following will be correct:

Her head was turned facing the Ohio River.

She was nude from the waist down:

Her shoes are missing:

She was either choked to death; smothered to death, or her head was held under water until she drowned.

Items missing from the body and/or the scene: clothing items / jewelry -- necklace, watch, bracelet, etc. / cell phone.


Reporters or law enforcement that is interested in discussing my suspect any further is welcome to contact me via email.

PS: By the way, I gave fair warning of a woman placed into a 'storm drain.'

Bonnie M. Wells

Misty/Mysde Evans

Misty Blu Gwinner

The Symbolic Cases

The Crystal Girls

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