The Disappearance Of

Leah Nicole Hickman

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Bonnie M. Wells

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Marshall University, junior journalism student, Leah Hickman has been missing since Dec. 14. The last known contact with her was a cell phone conversation with a friend late that afternoon. Although the phone is missing, police say Hickman's cell phone hasn't been used since.

Hickman's keys, purse, car and the luggage she'd packed to go to visit her parents in the Point Pleasant {West Virginia} area were found at her Huntington apartment at 403 8th Avenue..

If you have information that could help detectives, call the Huntington Police Department detective's bureau at (304) 696-4420.

Leah's best friend at Christ Academy was Caitlin Starkey, 19, who says her friend was active in school plays and the handbell choir at the small K-12 Christian school.

"Basically anything we had to be involved with, she was involved in," Caitlin said. "Everybody loved her."

After high school, Caitlin and Leah went together to Marshall. With an interest in English and the desire to help others, Leah wanted to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

Caitline, who is from Apple Grove, Mason County, is a psychology major at Marshall. She also works as a bartender at Club Echo in Huntington. Leah would often come in after work at the Dress Barn to keep her friend company.

"Sometimes she would sit there for three hours with a water, just to hang out with me," Caitlin said. "She was good at keeping us all together, finding any way she could to keep in touch. She's my closest friend."

Dec 24, 2007


HUNTINGTON -- Police have identified the body found last week in an apartment crawl space as that of Leah Hickman.

The body was found in the basement of Hickman's apartment building at 403 8th Ave. Friday at 5 p.m., a week after the 21-year-old Marshall student went missing.

Huntington Police made the announcement at a briefing at 2 p.m. Monday. Authorities said they would not release details on the cause of death at this time.

What Did I Say?

On the 42 Days & Holding page, I said - "December 14th is my niece LeLanea's birthday:

42 Days & Holding

When Brandi {Wells} disappeared on {8-03} 2006, I told my readers that 8-03 was the birthday of a German Shepherd Dog that I'd produced and that my friend Judy had co-owned with me. His name was Zep, and everyone who knew me or Judy knew Zep. He went everywhere Judy went his entire life, and everyone knew when his birthday was -- especially that one certain man whom we all came to believe was a serial killer.

And when Brandi Wells disappeared on Zep's birthday, I couldn't help but think it was a big, bold message. I'd been reading the messages for several years now, but no one else seemed interested. I wondered if they ever would be.

If one looks closely at the Leah Hickman case, they can plainly see the {803} as it is laying right there...... scrambled, but there ..... 8th avenue, apt. 403

Is it a 'coincidence' that this girl disappeared on my niece's birthday -- which is just 42 days from my suspects sister's birthday -- and the anniversary of yet another young woman's disappearance? {see the Teresa Butler case}

Does the Club 'Echo' have anything to do with this case?

I've been calling the doubling and tripling of names, dates, times and places - 'duplications' -- but wouldn't echo work just as well? I mean Bonnie, Bonnie is not just a duplication, is it? Couldn't it be an echo? At least until you said the last names - Bonnie {Wells} and Bonnie {Hickman} .... coincidence? Neah, not that time. That was absolutely deliberate and brilliant, and completely orchestrated and managed by dear old Wild Bill himself. Of course, that's the only one within the string of seeming duplications that can be proven .... today.

{see the symbolic duplication of me}

Well, others could be proven, but that would require law enforcements attention, and that's obviously not going to happen. So, I'll just go ahead and say what's on my mind ......

The cause of death has not been released in the Leah Hickman case, but I'm going to take a guess at it -- based solely upon what I know to be facts stemming from Wild Bill's relationship with Bonnie Hickman.

I'm going to guess that Leah Hickman was either smothered to death or choked to death ... since Wild Bill tried to do both to Bonnie Hickman -- and probably would have succeeded had her three boy's not been home to stop him.

It's somewhat unnerving to realize that Leah Hickman looks a lot like a younger version of Bonnie Hickman .... same dark, curly hair, same face shape, eyes, etc. They look remarkably similar. And I can guarantee -- if I noticed it, Wild Bill would have noticed it too -- [if] he'd ever seen her, that is.

He works all up and down the Ohio River. He's a bar hopper, and sits quietly and watches the girls. He's a well known stalker, sex offender [that should have been a registered sex offender by now, but isn't! He's been locked up in Washington County, Ohio twice for sex offenses, and was indicted for raping his girlfriend's 12 year old daughter back in 1998.}

The last word I had on him was a couple of weeks ago, in which I was told that he and his girlfriend had split up again, and she is now seeing a local preacher. No one seems to know where Wild Bill is living -- or with whom he is living. I figure he's on the prowl, big time.

Someone tried to break into my home -- {{via the back basement door, leading into the laundry area }} -- in the early morning hours of November 27, 2007, and he damned near made it. The cop said it looked as if he'd used a pry bar. I said if he comes back I'm going to kill him ...... and I will. Meanwhile, I told my friends to get ready because he's on a roll and I figured he'd strike before Christmas.

And by the way, I've just done a computer search on Brandi Wells [December 25th, 2007] and have discovered her birthday is November 28! Another coincidence, no doubt.

I'm told he rides a blue Harley Davidson motor cycle [on good days] and drives a black [or real dark blue] Toyota pickup truck. I haven't seen either, so I can't provide anyone a license number .... but if he's been watching Leah, someone probably saw him at some point.





Defendant Information

Name: William R Bxxxxxxxx

Street: 360 Cxxx Road

City: Marietta

State: OH

Zip: 45750

Date of Birth: 12/08/1953

Drivers License Number: xx2456xx

Drivers License State: OH

Vehicle Information: Year-2006 / Make-Chevy / Model-truck / Color-white / License Plate # xxxx / License Plate State-WY /

Ticket No: x51x7xx

Date of Violation 04/26/2007

Agency Name: OSP / Insured Yes

Section # 4511.35 / Description: CROSSING DIVIDED HWY / BMV Points 2 /

Payment History

Fine $50.00

Cost $80.00



Defendant Information

Name: William R Bxxxxxxx

Street: 360 Cxxx Road

City: Marietta

State: OH

Zip: 45750

Date of Birth 12/08/1953

Drivers License Number: xx2456xx

Drivers License State: OH

Vehicle Information: Year-2007 // Make-Toyota / Model-4 Dr // Color-Blue // License Plate # xxxxxx // License Plate State-OH

Ticket No: xxxx // Date of Violation 10/26/2007 /

Agency Name: Marietta Local Police Dept. // Insured: Yes:

Section # 333.03 // Description: Speed // BMV Points - 2:

Payment History

Fine $35.00

Cost $80.00


end of insert / March 2008

All information that I x'd out can be found at MariettaCourt.com


I would almost guarantee [if it was him] that Leah's murder was NOT a random strike. He's done his homework well, and he knew her schedule -- where she lived -- everything about her. The 'laundromat' is no stranger in this picture either. I had to go to a laundromat one night because of him stalking another girl ... {see the 'Tonya Trio' on this web site for details.}

My niece is LeLanea Fulton -- as I said December 14th is her birthday. This is not the first time we have seen a cross between Hickman and Fulton ..... see the Symbolic Murder of My Sister for some serious details: {Kimberly Fulton & Scott Hickman}

Actually, the name 'Hickman' has been surfacing from time to time within the murder cases that I've been watching and tracking. I guess the first time I noticed it was in the Stephanie Evans case in Richmond Dale Ohio on {4-02} 2001. Stephanie's mother's name was Brenda 'Hickman.' Of course they tell me they have that case solved too -- but, if anyone wants to check it out, they can still read my information and details on my web site. I'll provide links to all these stories at the bottom of this page.

And then there was the case of Tracy Jean Hayes in October of 2006. In that case the sheriff's name is Danny Hickman. I thought that was quite interesting. That case can also be read on this web site.

Bonnie Hickman's middle name is 'Loraine' - we saw that portion of her play out in the disappearance of Gina DeJesus in 2004, from 'Loraine' Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. [see link below] Also notice the 4-02 of some of these cases. Wouldn't apartment/house number 402 be straight across from 403?

I'm sure some of this sounds confusing to those who have not followed my cases -- heck it's confusing to most who have tried to follow them, but I can see the pattern, and if people will be patient and just read the cases, then I'm sure they can see it too.

In my opinion, we have a serial killer who is using his own system to determine who gets to live and who gets to die. It's nothing personal -- as one psychopath recently told a friend of mine - it's just a matter of whether a person [woman] has the right name; lives at the right address; bears a strong resemblance to one of the women in Wild Bill's past; or is in the right place on an anniversary or birth date: Actually, it's pretty simple. The randoms are almost always hookers, and on anniversary or birthdays, while the **'chosen' are more detailed, and usually incorporate names and numbers as well as appearances. In most cases, if the body is to be found quickly, **there will NOT be any signs of sexual activity -- and I am guessing this is the case with Leah Hickman.

Either I have a fantastic imagination [which is possible, I suppose] or we have a serial killer in our midst that is going to die of old age before anyone else can understand how his warped mind is working. By the way, I didn't imagine that someone tried to break into my home. The door is still available for anyone to see. I'll probably take some pictures of it someday and post them. Meanwhile, here's a message for old Billy Boy -- from the song Billy & Bonnie comes the warning --- "The sheriff said, Billy Boy, you're bound to die, 'cause this young lady's goina testify." -- and some day, she will Billy Boy, she will .... whether in this world or the next, this woman is going to testify against you.

I wish the cops of Huntington, West Virginia a lot of luck. If they had been willing to listen in 1994 when Maybelle Clark was murdered and dumped in their area, perhaps some of this could have been prevented. Heck, if they had been willing to listen in 1996, in the Chasity Cottrell case, it might have stopped him. Oh well, I tried ...... and am trying again.

My condolences to the family and friends of Leah Hickman. She was a beautiful girl, and this horrible tragedy should never have happened.

PS: For investigators and anyone interested: He once told me he had B negative blood type. I don't know that this will be of help, but maybe it will.

ATTENTION: 2008 Note To FBI:

I have recently discovered that I am still in possession of something that should still have his DNA on it! FBI is welcome to it.

He should be registered in the national data base for sex offenders, but I don't think he is. They refuse to list the piece of scum as a sex offender in his own home area [Washington County Ohio] where he's already been locked up half a dozen times for crimes against women and girls.

The cops up here have a video tape he made of two little black girls on a playground somewhere. He's telling the children to "spread your legs way apart" and then he took pictures up between their legs. I thought this would end his damned career back in 2005, but obviously I was wrong AGAIN.


Once again I have done the required research that should prove to anyone that I'm not crazy or imagining things when I say that Wild Bill has all the characteristics of a serial killer. The following link will take you to a special page that I have done up. It is quotes from some of the top experts in the FBI - people who spent their lives profiling serial killers and sex offenders. Read what they say about these men, and then ask yourself if I am crazy because I can see [and identify] the pattern within this case as well as others on this web site. How many must die before someone takes, [not me, but] this killer seriously? How many more must die?

Quotes From: Dark Dreams

Sexual Violence, Homicide And The Criminal Mind

Written by Roy Hazelwood w/Stephen G. Michaud:

The important things I said have been highlighted in 'red' in the above article. If you'd like to see just how accurate I was AGAIN, you can click on the following link [or the red sections above] and go to page number two, where you will find that I have also highlighted in red, the portions of my predictions that have now been confirmed by police:

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