Life Under The Bush


Bonnie M. Wells

By this time most American's are pretty well fed up with the political ads that appear every direction we turn. It seems the election of political candidates has turned into a three ring circus that appears to be designed to not only entertain but to confuse as much as possible.

I've heard it said that the presidential election of 2004 is one of the most important elections of all time. Maybe it is. To me, it appears the real gusto behind the politics is to humiliate, discredit, shame, disgrace and do as much collateral damage as possible ..... at least that seems to be the Democrat's style.

The Republican style fairs only slightly better, but it does sound more logical and rational in some instances ..... at least to me.

The one thing that has bothered me more than anything else during the debates and campaigns is John Kerry's constant insistence that George Bush is to blame for everything that has happened on the face of the entire earth over the past four years!!! I mean this man is a regular instrument of destruction and devastation, to hear Kerry tell it!! I can't say I've been impressed. In fact, until the following story came along and actually provided "crucial evidence" that George Bush was indeed responsible for the loss of this person's job, home, entire life, I just could not believe Kerry was telling the truth.

However, being the honest person that I am, I try to accept the truth when I eventually dig it out of the woodwork. And then, after careful consideration, I either readjust my thinking, or become completely convinced that I've been right all along.

The following story is true. It's very sad because it affects a senior citizen, who, in their prime had the world at their finger tips. It's always sad to see such a person reduced to nothing, and as bad as I hate to admit it, in this case, probably one of the most important cases of all time, the entire situation can be laid firmly at George Bush's feet because it really was he who caused the horrible destruction and devastation of this man's life.

Following is an actual letter from the individual, followed by his real name. Read it carefully, and then consider that the elections are only a few days away. Cast your ballot as if your life depended upon it, because it very well may!

The Letter

I am a senior citizen who has lived quite comfortably under several different presidential administrations.

During the Clinton Administration I had an extremely good, well paying job, and was respected by my fellow coworkers throughout the world.

I took my family on numerous vacations and had several vacation homes myself, each fully staffed with servants.

Since President Bush took office, I have watched my entire life change for the worse.

I lost my job; lost my home as well as all my vacation property, which threw all my servants into unemployment.

I lost my health insurance, right at the very time that I needed it most, as I am a senior citizen.

I lost my two sons in that terrible Iraqi War.

As a matter of fact, that war cost me my entire family and most of my friends. I lost virtually everything and became homeless.

And when I was finally completely down and out, and living like an animal, instead of helping me regain some of my dignity, the authorities arrested me and threw me in jail, thus adding insult to injury.

Therefore, I decided to write this letter to the American people and pledge my support for John Kerry. I will do anything that Senator Kerry wants to insure that a Democrat is back in the White House come next year.

Bush absolutely must leave that White House!


Saddam Hussein

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This page posted - October 27th, 2004

This story originally sent to me by one of my "computer friends - Steve," and modified by me:

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