Little Boy's Life


Bonnie M. Wells


A little bundle of baby blue...

Soft, sweet joy ... through and through.

Fluffy blankets ... and teddy bears,

Smiles and gurgles ... ocasional tears.

Then suddenly, his first birthday is here,

Now the world is bright and clear.

Brand new shoes ... his first wabbly step,

You'll get it baby ... don't fret.

You watch him struggle as two rolls by,

And watch him grow ... with a sigh.

To him daddy's the captain ... the world his team,

And the world's the happiest place he's ever seen.

By the time he's four daddy's the king,

With pop corn, base ball ... and a cigar band ring.

Arm wrestles with dad ... and a ride on his shoulder,

He just can't wait to get bigger and older.

Daddy's the biggest man in the world ... smartest too,

Why, there isn't anything he can't do.

Along comes five ... he's getting tall,

With kindergarten books and a new baseball.

Now by six, he's really alive,

He can read and write ... and count to a hundred and five!

You just wait ... some day they'll see,

As smart as he is ... he can be anything he wants to be.

Maybe a wild horse trainer ... or doctor ... or president,

Or maybe he'll just be an Indian ... and live in a tent.

By seven he's daddy's helper ... mamma's little man,

Learning to say thank you, ... yes sir and no ma'am.

Eight comes along with a new world of Boy Scouts,

Long hikes ... weiner roasts ... overnight camp-outs.

Now the Scout Master ... he's not so bad...

'Course, he can't compare ... to dear old dad.

With eleven and twelve comes t-shirts and blue jeans,

Another year and he'll be in his teens!

Dad doesn't seem quite as tall as he used to be,

But he's still a lot of fun ... and good company.

Thirteen and fourteen roll by quick,

Just to grasp everything before it's gone ... that's the trick.

By fifteen he's bored with studies and schools,

And just wants a new set of mechanic tools.

A little, old Chevy is the car of his dream...

And he can drive ... now that he's sixteen!

He doesn't know what happened to dear old dad,

And that wonderful friendship they once had.

He doesn't seem nearly as tall ....or as smart anymore,

In fact, at times he's a real bore!

Be home by eleven ... no smoking ... no drinking,

Pop's went over the edge ... he's been thinking!

Now he's eighteen ... graduation is near,

And for the very first time ... he feels some fear.

Will he go to college ... get a job ... or march off to war?

Well, he won't stay home with mom and dad ... that's for sure!

After all ... he's fully grown,

It was time, he struck out on his own.

He'd show them ... just wait and see,

He could be anything he wanted to be.

Even a sergeant in the Air Force ...

That was it ... of course!

Now he's nineteen ... and well on his way.

He might come back to visit mom and dad ... some day.

Well, he's twenty ... traveled and flown,

Married now and expecting a child of his own.

Mom and dad don't seem so "silly" anymore ...

To speak to them on the phone is a joy ... not a bore.

One day soon, he would go back to his hometown,

And there ... he and his family ... would settle down.

Finally, he's home ... and twenty-two,

With a beautiful wife and a son so new...

Placing the bundle of blue in dad's arms with a sigh,

He noticed the tear in the corner of his eye.

Yet a happier man ... he'd never seen,

Yes, dad was the captain ... and the world his team!

Bonnie M. Wells

October 1977


Bonnie M. Wells



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