Lookin' For A Killer Series:

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Bonnie M. Wells

The Lookin' For A Killer Series is dedicated to the victims of homicide. This series is a little different than most of my other pages in as much as most of the cases are cold cases now, most are not "local" to me, and all remain unsolved. Sometimes, the victim is simply known as Jane Doe because her identity has never been learned.

Most of the cases within this series do not appear in my book series Pure Coincidence, although a few do. In most cases I have stated whether they are in PC or not.

I'm asking those who visit the Lookin' For A Killer pages to read the story, take a look at any pictures on the page and see if you recognize the victim or victims, and if you have any information that might help solve the case.

If you do not wish to communicate with authorities for whatever reason, then you are welcome to contact me via e-mail and I will pass the information on to those in need of it. An e-mail link is provided at the bottom of this page. In most cases, there is also an e-mail link on the story page.

I'm certain there are people somewhere who are wondering about their daughter .... sister .... friend. Won't you help law enforcement ..... won't you help your neighbor ..... your friend ..... yourself... and solve these cases? Think about it. What if it was someone in your family? Wouldn't you want help from anyone .... everyone?

Let's stop the wolves of our nation "before" they knock upon our own door. You can help. In some of these cases there are several thousand dollars in reward money that can be collected by the person or person's who give the tips that solve the cases. That would be money well earned, and money anyone could be proud to accept.


Bonnie M. Wells


Starlight Inner-Prizes

Deputy Sheriff - Ray Clark - Ohio, 1981

Jill Bohl - Ohio, 1983

Janet Miller - West Virginia, 1986 & Marie Blough- Ohio, 1986

Terri Roach - Ohio, 1990

Elizabeth Falco - Pennsylvania, 1990

Patsy Dawn Sparks - Ohio, 1992

Charlotte Russell - Ohio, 1993

Maybelle Clark - West Virginia, 1994

Sarah Rae Boehm - Pennsylvania, 1994

Barbara Ann Barns - Ohio, 1995

Kimberly Fulton - Ohio, 1995

Chasity Dawn Cottrell - West Virginia, 1996

JonBenet Ramsey - Colorado, 1996

Stacey Colbert, Ohio 1998

Emily Christine Ullman - West Virginia/Louisiana, 1998

Carol Gordon - Virginia, 1998

Kimberly Krimm - Pennsylvania, 1998

Christine Mirzayan, Wash. DC, 1998

Joyce Chiang, Wash. DC, 1999

Molly Bish - Massachusetts, 2000

Chandra Levy, Wash. DC, 2001

Stephanie Evans - Ohio, 2001

Shannon Anderson, Ohio, 2001

Jennifer Servo, Texas {2002}

Jennifer Short, Virginia {2002}

Tonya Darden [and others] - Columbus, Ohio 2002-2003

Rebecca Parks, Wash. D.C. 2003

Massachusetts Graves {2003}

What Did They Say? {2003}

Lois Schmidt and her son Jonathan Vetrano, 2004

Louisiana Serial Killer

Cases Connected?

I-75 Serial Killer

Tammy Zywicki; Jane Doe; etl.

Doe 133 Ohio & Margret Dodd West Virginia

Misty Blu Gwinner, Kentucky 2005

Dalila Chacon-Lazaro, Ohio 2005

Stephanie Davis, West Virginia, 2005

Jan Stackhouse & Anthony Colucci, 2005

Deidre Harm, 2006

Kelly Nolan, 2007

Krystal Coy {Misty}, 2007

Leah Hickman, 2007

Ruth Deloris Robinson

Patrick Arnold

Murder In Jackson

Jerry Denney, Wilson Bond, Carl Bondurant

Missing/Murdered In Wilmington, North Carolina

Michael Austin Whaley, Pamela Bradshaw, Geoffrey Graham,

Allison Jackson-Foy, Angela Nobles Rothen,

'The Smiley Face Killer' - Missing/Murdered College Students

Smiley Face Victims Investigation Fund Corp.

c/o Bill Szostak

P. O. Box 1777

Latham, New York 12110

Note: Donations may also be made at any Bank of America by mentioning the 'Smiley Face Victims Investigation Fund."

{Please send any amount that you can spare, and let's try to help these guys out, and get a very dangerous serial killer off our streets. Thank you, Bonnie M. Wells}


The above photo comes from Vance Holmes' website. Vance is also concerned about the unusually high number of young, college students that have fallen victim to the 'Smiley Face Killer.' For some excellent coverage on these cases, please visit his web site.

Vance Holmes // Drowning In Coincidence

Wisconsin / Unknown Doe / Nov. 2008

Judith Petty

Bonnie M. Wells

Starlight Inner-Prizes

August 25, 2007 * Dec. 2008 // BMW