Amy Mihaljevic / Amanda Berry / Gina DeJesus

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Ohio Counties Map

Cleveland, Ohio

Lorain Avenue & 105th Street:

Area where Gina DeJesus was last seen:

Old Washington

From Old Washington to Akron, Ohio:

Starting in Old Washington, Ohio on Morgans Way - go 0.1 mi 2. Continue on Morgans Way/Whitegreen Rd - go 0.3 mi 3. Continue on Morgans Way.....

91 miles from Old Washington to Akron: 127 miles from Akron to Cleveland:

Streets in Old Washington, Ohio:

Bay Village

Bay Village is a city located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio:

The "Bay Village" area is marked with the red star:

When I was a kid, my cousins lived on Clifton Blvd. in Cleveland, and attended Lakewood High School. This is the same general vacinity that Amy Mihaljevic disappeared from:

The above map shows Ruggles Township with county road 1181 running through it. Amy was found on CR 1181:

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