Marie Blough


Bonnie M. Wells


Belpre's First "Run-A-Way"


Belpre, Ohio 1986: Marie Blough went for a walk in September of 1986, and was never seen alive again.

Rumors ran rampant but the best one was that the missing woman had 'hopped a freight train' and rode the rails out of Belpre!

I had not met the man I call Wild Bill in my stories and on my web site in 1986, and wouldn't meet him for another four years. I didn't know what had happened to Marie Blough, but gut instinct {and possibly some of that psychic ability I seem to have} told me that the woman was dead, and she had been murdered and probably was not too far from her home.

No one seemed overly excited about the woman's disappearance. There were never any search parties formed. None of the news media seemed interested in following the case or 'investigating' anything about it. Of course I suppose that would involve some investigative reporters -- something seriously lacking in our area.

My mother talked about Marie, and I remember my uncle Joe and aunt Dorothy talking about her. All three had known the woman because she worked at Spencer's Funeral Home at 220 Main Street in Belpre, and that's where all of my mother's people's funerals were held. I suppose I had met the lady, but didn't actually remember her because I was never directly involved in any of the funeral arrangements for anyone, and just didn't know the names of the people who worked there.

Some eighteen months after Marie disappeared, her lifeless remains were located along the Ohio River, not much more than a thousand feet from the woman's home! I was right .... she was dead .... and I was right about something else too, although no one would admit it --- she had been murdered.

For ten solid years after Marie Blough was found, her death was considered accidental.

I insisted she was murdered. No one listened. I continued to insist.

At one point I interviewed Chief of Police Ira Walker, and point blank asked the man what he was going to do about Marie Blough's murder! Walker quickly informed me that Marie Blough had not been murdered .... she had simply gone for a walk, became disoriented, got lost and died of exposure!


Oh yeah ... we lose a lot of people in this area from exposure in mid September when the day temperatures are still in the high 70's and 80's and the night temperatures are never lower than 60, and more often than not remain in the 70's!! Oh yeah, they just drop like flies!

What an idiot.

Well, I informed Chief Walker that he was wrong. Marie Blough had been murdered, and that's all there is to it!

In 1996 Marie's case was re-opened and she was added to the murder victim list!

By this time, I'd met Wild Bill and I'd began to document some very strange things about him.

Wild Bill had a daughter born in 1982, who only lived a few hours before dying. His wife was in the hospital, so the funeral arrangements were all up to him.

I guess I wasn't exactly surprised to learn that the funeral for the child was held at Spencer's Funeral Home in Belpre, Ohio ....

By the mid 1990's Marie Blough wasn't the only 'unsolved murder' in our little back-woods area, and I'd already discovered a pattern to the cases. They came in three's! Oh the killer was skipping years and years and then backtracking to pick up the loose ends and tie them all together, but so very few noticed. But one did -- and he knew she noticed.

Marie Blough's case remains unsolved in 2008. No one is working the case. No one ever will.

Marie's case fits into the 42 days pattern as well as the 2.2 mile pattern. Both can be seen elsewhere on this web site.



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