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Repeat From Mahalia Xiong, Page II

In drawings [2] and [4] Brian refers to 'school.' In number 2 it's {lock down school now}, and in number 4 it's {school yearbook}.

So, if I'm correct, and 'lock down school; November,' is really what the dream says -- what school are we looking at? I believe the answer is within the date of Brian's dream - the 7-17. That number comes from my friend Judy, and is her {address} in {Marietta, Ohio.} I think Brian may be warning of something that is coming to Marietta in the month of November.

If I'm correct, I'd venture to guess that the school in question has a security guard, or police officer who may not be where he was supposed to be, or may not notice something that is important, and therefore turns a 'safe zone' into an area that is 'not safe.'


News Article From Marietta, Ohio, February 4th, 2008:

Guns Found on Campus


Reporter: Elizabeth Green //

A Marietta College student is undergoing a mental evaluation at Marietta Memorial Hospital, after campus police found several firearms in his vehicle.

Marietta Police confirm the campus police notified them several months ago, about a student who had access to firearms.

Officials say Monday, they found his car on campus with a semi-automatic assault rifle, shotgun and pistol, along with 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Authorities say it was not illegal for him to have the guns, but it is a violation of campus policy.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Lon Vickers, notified students and faculty today through e-mail, stating the student is only allowed on campus when attending class and could face further disciplinary action.

No charges have been filed.

My Comments

Mahalia Xiong was a college student: So is the person mentioned in the above article:

Although not repeated on this page, I wrote to Brian and asked about the letters MM and A: Now we see this person has been taken to a local hospital whose initials are MMH,which is real close to MMA:

It appears that I might have been right on target as far as the location of the school being in Marietta, Ohio is concerned:

It also appears that I was correct about it being a school in which there was a security guard and/or police because the above article states that campus police notified the Marietta police that a student had 'access to firearms.'

And last, but certainly not least within this story is the time line: According to the above article, the campus police {who were obviously where they were supposed to be, and doing their job beautifully} notified the Marietta Police Department several months ago about this student. This is February, and although we do not know what month the authorities were notified about this potentially dangerous situation, we know for a fact that November would have been 'several months ago.'

I have no way of knowing what color the student's car was, but I think it is amazing that Brian did mention a vehicle, and the above article confirms that the student had the weapons and ammunition in his vehicle and on campus property.

Also of some interest is the number 224 as given by Brian. If one does not count November, but starts counting with December, there are {2} full months between November and February -- and the incident occurred on 2-04. Thus we can plainly see the 2 2 4. Which leads me to believe that the other portions of Brian's predictions and/or revelations may involve the moths of {December and January.} How ironic that this would be the exact case in portions which I believe deals with -- It will happen again / and / he will do it again.

Before leaving this page I also want to mention something else that was posted on the WTAP news. It was titled I Saw The Sign and although it had absolutely nothing to do with this, I just thought it was cute that a 'sign' would be mentioned along with the above article. To me, it's sort of the Lords way of saying -- "This is it. This is 'conformation' of the information given. I will provide a link back to the WTAP site. Of course the information won't be there very long so I will just copy and paste it after this story so everyone can see I didn't make it up or anything.

For those who wish to follow this drama and see how it all fits together, they are welcome to check out the following pages.

1. He Will Do It Again

2. It Will Happen Again

I Saw The Sign

A business at the intersection of Emerson and WV Avenue in Parkersburg is catching the attention of folks here in the area.

Owner Brad Woodburn adds comments to his sign display outside Rubin's Deli.

Sign 1 (last week):


Sign 2 (Monday 2/4) :


Woodburn says he has received negative feedback on some of the signs, but isn't worried about losing customers because its his sign and he does what he wants with it.

A lot of his inspiration comes from his son who is a marine, kids and politics.


Campus Update: 2/5/08:

Tension is thick on the Marietta College campus and some students are in fear of there safety.

This after a routine inspection by Campus Police Monday, officials say they found Buddy Walker's car, on campus, with an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle, shotgun and pistol, along with 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

He didn't break any laws, but he did violate campus policy so Walker was suspended for three days. Some students, like Senior, Tommy Daniel, think it's not enough.

"They guaranteed our safety for three days is what they were really saying and that really sent the message home that after 3 days, what happens? What happens on Thursday when we go to the next step of whatever that is. It's really unsure right now, I guess what everyone is feeling," says Daniel.

The students say they have also received mixed messages about the situation, Daniel says he fears Walker has something else in mind.

"The images of Virginia Tech and all these tragedies, at Case Western and Columbine, it's all too fresh in everybody's mind. There's too many things that match up. With everything that's said after wards, after a tragedy people say he was marginalized ostracized, he was all alone, and that's how they described this individual in the meeting," says Daniel.

School officials thought an all campus meeting would help ease students minds, but Daniel expected more.

"To be honest with you, the meeting it was a lot of talking in circles, and I guess the biggest thing is you have to be proud of the student body, they stood up against the administration and said this isn't fair, there are too many warning signs here," says Daniel.

As school officials try to put student fears to rest, they hope that this is not a warning sign and that the Marietta College campus will remain a safe place.

Another Thought Or Two From Me:

In my opinion, the students are correct. This was a 'warning sign,' and the best thing anyone and everyone can do is stay alert. Stop pretending that everything is a-ok, because it isn't.

Whether someone read my web pages that dealt with this situation, and then took precautionary action, I will never know. But if they did, let me be the first to say 'Thank You,' whoever you are.

We have a duty and a responsibility to keep our people as safe as we can, and ignoring this type of behavior is not the way to do it.

Had I not been convinced that Brian's dreams not only dealt with a serial killer, but also dealt with a potential killer on a Marietta school grounds, I would never have stuck my own neck out so that people could make fun of me again -- although, come to think of it, I don't think those people are laughing too much nowadays. Seems to me they have too many other things to worry about. And besides that, they can't prove me wrong, and they can no longer tell people that I'm 'saying these things after the facts,' like certain Marietta hypocrites used to do. My web site has effectively shut them down, because everything is posted well in advance.

One other thought -- If I have been this correct about the school incident [and an idiot can see that I was 100% correct] then I ask you .... don't you think it's possible that I'm also correct about Mahalia Xiong, and the others?

I'm right, and I know I'm right. Mahalia Xiong was murdered ...... and it was done in such a manner to make it look like she was driving the vehicle, but she wasn't.

There are too many cases located along rivers. Our killer is a river man. He's a traveling man, and he's killed several since Mahalia ..... some of which have gotten a little media attention, and some of which have not.

Doesn't matter. I'm still here and I'm still tracking him, and telling the world up front - who he is, where his victims are, and quite often who and where the next victim is going to be.

It's been 18 solid years now, and I'm not backing down yet. I WILL see him go down, and that's a promise he can take home to mama!


Not The First Investigation For MC Student

WTAP News / Feb 7, 2008

Reporter: Allison Rhea /

Marietta College student Buddy Walker is suspended indefinitely while he waits for a hearing but this isn't the first time he's been investigated by area law enforcement.

Back in the fall an anonymous informant had sent a picture of Walker, that can be seen in our video footage, at a house party on Seventh Street in Marietta, to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

The informant said they believed the picture was suspicious.

The Sheriff's Department then contacted Marietta College Campus Police to warn them about Walker.

"The fact that weapons were involved, we wanted to air on the side of caution and thats why the photo was circulated," says Major John Winstanley of the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Major Winstanley says they also decided to circulate the photo within local agencies in case Walker was pulled over, to keep the officers safe.

Welcome home Winstanley. I sure missed ya buddy. Thanks,


Bonnie M. Wells

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