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The Great Psychic


I didn't know Mary Badaracco, never heard her name until I was contacted by her daughter Elizabeth in early May of 2002, via the computer.

To this day, I'm not certain how Beth learned of me, or why she contacted me for information on how to reach psychic Georgia Rudolph. But she did.

Rudolph of course, for those who don't already know, may be the greatest psychic who ever lived! She is the psychic who singlehandedly solved the McCrady case here in southeastern Ohio back in 1996.

She made quite a name for herself at that time, and it has become my pleasure to assist other people in their searches for loved ones, by supplying Ms. Rudolph's address and phone number whenever possible.

For I believe, talent such as hers should not be wasted. She can probably help solve crimes from one end of this nation to the other. At least, I hope she can.

According to the last item I read about Georgia Rudolph, she was going to be writing a column for a local news paper called A Woman's View. In that article her e-mail address was listed as ....georgia@awomansviews.com Her phone number was listed as 1-304-464-5760.

I'm listing the information here today so that others throughout the United States might be able to get in touch with this great psychic, and perhaps gain her assistance on their cases.

Update: June 2004: Rudolph's number has changed again folks! Here's the latest one that I found..... 304-428-1929 {that's a West Virginia number.}

2013 Update: Georgia Rudolph died on February 12th, 2013:


Help.....Without Money?


Beth didn't have much luck with Rudolph, as it seemed she required quite a bit of money before she would assist in locating Beth's missing mother.....although she claims to "know exactly where the missing woman is!"

I was surprised, considering the number of news paper articles that I have read in which Rudolph brags about "helping the police .....free of charge." In fact she claims to have turned down "hundreds of thousands of dollars in reward money" over the years of her psychic career.

By the time Rudolph made it pretty plain that she needed money before she could "see" anything, I'd already started working the disappearance of Mary Badaracco, and was just waiting for Beth to contact me again. I didn't have to wait long.

Today, I'm going to list enough of the only dream that I've had to be able to identify my dream and my work in a court of law ..... which is exactly where the person who tries to steal my work is going to end up the next time ..... and that's a promise!


Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of dream: September 23rd, 2001

Dream Title ...

Something Borrowed ... Something Blue

Something Old .... Something New

Note: Clue words appear in "this color"


I was riding our old Honda motorcycle.... an early eighties model that my husband sold to Wild Bill when we purchased a new Aspencade in 1992.

Several times, I passed Wild Bill's girlfriend Betty driving his truck.

Betty had long dark hair and was driving the truck while a big, burly looking guy sat on the passenger side. Although he had shaggy looking dark hair and a beard, I could see he was a larger man than Wild Bill.

Finally I drove past the service station on the corner of ___ and ___ streets, and noticed the truck parked close to the restroom doors. "Ah...hah," I thought.... "Betty went to the rest room, and now I can take the truck!"

I parked the Honda behind the building and slipped the cover over it. It would be fine until I got back.

The driver's door of the truck was unlocked, and the next thing I knew I was fingering through Wild Bill's keys in search of the one that fit the truck's ignition.

As I looked through the keys I recognized certain ones ...."There's the key to the tow boat, the garage, storage buildings, his house, the crane, buildings at work, etc."

There were many keys that I did not recognize but I knew they were his keys and he would need them when he went to work the next day.

After locating the ignition key, I slid behind the wheel and quietly shut the door.

The truck started as easily as it always had. I slipped the gear shift into reverse and quickly backed off the parking lot and headed for Parkersburg.

About half way across the bridge I glanced at the gas gage and saw that it registered empty.

"Dammit, just my luck, and wouldn't you know I didn't bring my purse, wallet or anything." I mumbled.

Once across the bridge, I pulled off the street and began searching the truck for money.

I looked under the floor mats, in the ash tray, up under the seat, down in the seat,..... and eventually found 48 cents. It wasn't much, but it would have to do.

But where should I go to get the gas?

I knew where I'd go .... I'd go up to that little, old service station on the corner of East __ and 13th Street. The elderly man who owned and operated the station wouldn't think it odd that a person only purchased 48 cents worth of gasoline.

Sure enough, the man didn't act the least surprised when I ordered 48 cents worth of gas.

I paid him, smiled and drove away.

Next thing I knew I was standing in Linda K.'s house looking out a second story window.

Behind me sat a dark, wooden dinette set.

Each chair had a curved back to it, and appeared to be antique.

For some reason, I felt it was the house my mother once lived in, located on Virginia Avenue, but could not figure out when Linda K.had moved into it.

I toyed with the wedding ring set on my left hand and locked the rings back together. Someday, I had to get the set repaired because the lock was broken and the rings would not stay together.

As Linda and I talked I tried to form a plan in my mind.

I knew Wild Bill and Betty were furious with me by this time and probably had every cop in the valley looking for me. And I knew I had to get those keys back to Wild Bill before work time tomorrow or he would throttle me! It was just a silly prank, but he'd not see it that way if he couldn't operate anything at work the next day!

I intended to take the truck back to within a block or so of where I'd found it and park it, leave the keys in the ignition and go on home. I knew they would find the truck and everything would be okay.

But when I asked Linda to follow me back to Belpre and then take me on home, she refused. She was upset with me because of what I'd done. I even asked her to just take me home and I'd toss the keys out in Wild Bill's drive way as we passed, but nope, she was having none of it.

Finally I asked if I could use her phone to call Mysde to come and get me.

I knew she would take me home or follow me back with the truck, which ever I decided. But Linda said I could not use the phone unless I paid for the long distance call right then and there.

How she knew it would cost $2.50, I don't have a clue, but I had no money with me and although I promised to bring the money the next day, she refused to allow me to use her phone.

By this time the rings on my finger had become a blur through the tears that streamed down my face.

I had to get those keys back to Wild Bill even if I had to walk every inch of the way ......

End of dream


Open Investigation

Department of Public Safety Division of State Police Western District / Major Crime Squad

$50,000 Reward

Case # A84277483


Connecticut - 1984


Mary Poo



Height: 5 ft. 7 in. / Weight: 145 /

Age (at time of disappearance) 38

Sex: F / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brown

Complexion: Dark / Race: White

DOB: 3/11/1946



Mary Badaracco has been missing since August 20th, 1984 and is believed to be a homicide victim.

She was last seen at her residence on Wakeman Road, Sherman, Connecticut.

There is a $50,000 reward offered for** information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for her disappearance and/or homicide.

If you have any information concerning Mary Badaracco, please telephone the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Squad, Troop A in Southbury at 1-800-376-1554:


Concerning 'Reward' Money


** Notice the 'reward' is offered for 'information' which 'leads to the arrest and conviction' of the person/persons 'responsible' for Mary's disappearance.

In my opinion, the 'reward system' within our nation needs some clarification and modification. First of all, no matter how much 'information' is supplied on any given suspect it cannot 'lead to an arrest and conviction' if "the system" refuses to respond to that information.

This web site is a prime example of what I'm talking about. There are hundreds of informative tips that have been supplied to the police concerning one certain man in my home area .... and they were NOT supplied for any reward, either. But, as of the year 2006, the cases remain unsolved and the man remains 'at large' to do as he pleases.

Obviously, this same principle has applied in Mary Badaracco's case also, since it's been more than twenty years since the woman disappeared. So, in all probability, I'd venture to guess that Mary's killer knows he is safe from prosecution, because before a person can be 'prosecuted' for a crime, the police must arrest him/her, and the prosecuting attorney must be willing to do his job. So far these things don't seem to be working in our country, except in selective cases.

My solution to this problem is as follows:

In 'cold cases' have 2 separate rewards. Split the original amount if you want to - in the Badaracco case for example - offer 25,000 dollars for the discovery [not 'recovery' - because there again, we must depend upon the system to work - and therein lies the problem]- of her remains. Then offer the additional 25,000 reward for information leading to the person/persons who reduced her to 'remains.'

Law enforcement is always 'asking for help' in solving these cases, and yet, I've noticed time and time again, when [if] the case is ever solved, no one ever gets the reward or any credit for helping the police. The only thing the public is ever told is that the case was solved due to 'persistent police work.'

Well, I have news for everyone. Any case that isn't solved within six months of its occurrence, isn't solved due to persistent police work. It's probably solved in spite of it, by some hard headed person who can't be intimidated off the case.

I have studied this problem for several years, and I think an answer has finally been forthcoming.

People need to approach their legislators as well as special interest groups and get the 'reward' system revised. Appropriate some money for 'discovery' instead of 'information' because that game is completely worn out and obviously not working! [Saves the states a lot of money though, doesn't it?]



Pg.II // Dream Interpretation & Identification


Dec. 2007 Update

Open Case: Mary Badaracco

It's been 23 years since Mary Badaracco's two daughters saw their mother alive. Police don't know where she went and haven't found her body. Despite that, they've labeled her disappearance a homicide, NBC 30 News reported.

NBC 30's Amanda Raus spoke with Badaracco's daughters, who said they were still searching for answers in this cold case killing . In August 1984, Badaracco mysteriously disappeared, and her husband, Dominic, said she took $100,000 and left him, leaving her car and a wedding ring behind. Badaracco's daughters, Sherrie Passaro and Beth Profeta, didn't find out about her disappearance until a week later.

"I got a call from my stepsister, Donna -- Dominic's daughter," Profeta said. "She took me out to lunch and told me that my mother was gone."

"I was at the house when he told me," Passaro said. "Her car was still in the driveway with a smashed front window through the driver's side window. My first thought was, 'How did she take off if she didn't have her car.'"

Passaro said little by little, things began to add up. Passaro said she noticed there were no longer family pictures hanging at her mother's Sherman house. Even though she said her stepfather, Dominic, told her and Profeta not to report their mother missing, they went to the police.

Dominic Badaracco went for a divorce soon after his wife's disappearance, NBC 30 reported. Since she wasn't there, Dominic got their house in Sherman, and one in Danbury. NBC 30 went to Badaracco's Sherman home, but he didn't come to the door.

Both women said they think someone made their mother disappear. They said there was a core group of people who were protecting the person who harmed Mary Badaracco. State police said they think the same thing.

"Someone that may have a little bit of information, some conversation they may have had with her before she disappeared, something someone heard from another person," said Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police.

Police said they have made progress. In September, police searched a back yard on Farrell Road in Newtown, searching for the car Mary left behind. Though they won't give specifics on the case, but they said they are beginning to answer some lingering questions.

Anyone with information in Badaracco's disappearance was asked to contact the Western District Major Crime Unit at 1-800-376-1554. Police said tips could be anonymous.




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