The McCrady Case In Review

"The Bare Truth"

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Bonnie M. Wells

This project is an undertaking that is as much a self-help as it is anything else. For nearly 14 years now, I have asked questions that seemingly have no answers. And I've had answers to things but cannot find anyone to ask the questions! Story of my life!

So, in final desperation I decided to break each issue down and address it separately. By doing it this way, I hope to show my readers how and why this case continues to haunt me -- and others. I am not in this alone. I have had several loyal friends who have stood by my side throughout the years, and even when I felt like giving up, and walking away, they were always there to encourage me to go on, dig deeper, ask more questions, study more, learn more ...... and so I have.

Jenifer McCrady was murdered in September of 1996. She was a Belpre, Ohio resident, and her murdered body was brought to Little Hocking and buried within a couple of miles of my home.

Although I did not know Jenifer personally, there were members of my family and acquaintances of mine that did know her. It wouldn't have mattered to me though, because I'd been interested in the other unsolved murders in our area for several years, and by 1996 had become convinced that we had a serial killer among us. Sad thing was, by 1996 I was also convinced that I knew who he was.

Even so, I wanted to know as much about Jenifer McCrady's murder as possible, because I realized that other people can be killers too, and not every victim, even in as small an area as we lived in, had to be killed by the same person.

I sat through the trial of Jenifer's husband, Jackie McCrady, who was ultimately convicted of the murder and has been in Ross County prison ever since. I will touch on certain things concerning the trial in this new series, however the main bulk of the trial, including some court room testimony can be found on other pages that I have already posted on my September page.

In this series, I want to break the issues down and look at each individually.

It may take me the better part of this year to complete this review of the McCrady case, but I intend to do it, regardless of how long it takes, because even after all these years, this case nags at me like no other that I've ever been interested in.


Bonnie M. Wells

Issues Number One & Two:

(1.) Death By Gunshot To The Head, But No Blood

(2.) Killed & Buried, At Night With A Plastic Bag Over The Head, -
Maggots Found In The Hair
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