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Issue Number One:

Death By Gunshot To The Head, But No Blood

Since the 1997 trial of Jackie McCrady I have read dozens of books and spent many hours on the computer researching gun wounds to the head.

I've also spoken with more than two dozen individual police officers and private detectives during those same years, and each time, my questions have been the same ..... have you ever seen a case in which the victim was killed with a .357 Magnum, by a shot to the head, behind the ear, and there was no blood .... no blow back ... no spatter... nothing .... not a trace of blood anywhere in the area where the victim was supposedly killed?

And every time, without fail, the answer has been the same .... "No, that's impossible."

Well folks, it was NOT impossible in the McCrady case. That's EXACTLY what the state convinced the jury of in 1997, and I was sitting right there to hear it all ...... unbelievable as it was, I heard it all.

I was not allowed to ask any questions back then, or to express any opinions. No one was interested. Perhaps they still aren't, but I'm going to present my theory anyway, because some day, someone is going to care, and someone is going to listen.

I figure Jackie McCrady cares even now, but, confined in Ross County Correctional Institute as he is, I guess it doesn't matter what he thinks or wants either ..... maybe.

If the Ohio Innocence Project ever gets involved, they will know where to come for information, now won't they ....

Court room testimony verified that Jenifer McCrady's killer had placed a white trash bag over her head. Of course the state jumped to the first conclusion they could jump to, and convinced the jury that her killer had to know her real well, and wanted to 'protect her face,' by this action. They said it showed that he cared a lot about her. I said hogwash, Jenifer's killer had an agenda, and besides that she didn't die by gunshot!!

The trash bag didn't have a bullet hole in it, so the killer didn't 'shoot through it,' in order to kill Jenifer.

Now, he could have placed the bag over her head and then lifted up a portion, stuck the gun underneath it and pulled the trigger. That would explain no blood in the house, or the bed she was supposed to be in when her husband murdered her ..... however, it sure doesn't explain why there was no blood, tissue or anything else inside the trash bag, now does it?

Of course in the trial no one approached this problem, not even McCrady's worthless, money-grubbing attorneys.

I, on the other hand was not getting paid for anything, and all I wanted was the truth. If Jackie McCrady murdered his wife, then I said hang his worthless hide ..... but if he didn't, then who did it benefit to lock him up and allow the real killer to remain free?

The state admitted that there was a smudged glove print on the trash bag -- and that it did not match Jackie McCrady's gloves .... and they admitted {and showed the jury pictures} that there was dark prints that appeared to be finger prints around Jenifer's throat .....

And they admitted that there was no blood found anywhere -- inside the house, outside the house, in any of the vehicles, nowhere .... not even one drop of blood. Of course they said Jackie McCrady knew how to 'clean up a crime scene,' since he was a cop ..... then, years later Bobby Cutts in northern Ohio tried to do that very thing, and he failed miserably .... but, back to McCrady....

I contend that Jenifer McCrady was smothered to death with the plastic bag. That's why the smudged print was on the bag and that's why the finger prints were around her throat.

Her killer placed the bag over her head and pulled it down tight. He then placed his hands around her throat and held the bag in place until she stopped breathing .... end of that one. It wasn't his first, and thanks to the inept people in Marietta, Ohio it certainly was not his last victim either!

After Jenifer was dead, {I contend} her killer took her down to the spot that he'd already picked out and had already prepared for her, and it was there, in the darkness of night that he removed the trash bag and put a bullet in her head, and since the heart was not pumping, there was no blood .... simple as that folks ..... simple as that.

He then replaced the bag, rolled her up in the blanket he'd purchased a year earlier in a yard sale, stuffed her down into one of his own, old sleeping bags, and buried her.

But before he buried her, he left one last message. He knew there was only one that would ever think about it long enough to figure it out. He was right .....

He carved the letter V at the base of her right thumb, and then he buried her at the base of a tree that forms the letter V, or a Y if you want to see it that way.

There are photos on this web site of the burial area, so I won't go into it here .... but I will say, I got the message .... I finally got it buddy, and I know that Jackie McCrady did NOT murder his wife. He didn't know me and he would have had no reason to leave a message that only I could decypher.........

Issue Number Two:

Killed & Buried, At Night With A Plastic Bag Over The Head, -
Maggots Found In The Hair

The prosecution admitted that maggots were found in Jenifer McCrady's hair, but they didn't save them for analysis .... instead, they just washed them out of her hair!!!

Those maggots could have told a powerful story -- of course, it probably would not have confirmed what the state wanted to 'prove,' so the best thing to do is just throw that 'evidence' away. It wasn't the only information they withheld from the jury .... but, it seemed no one cared what they did or didn't do. It was simply 'hang Jackie McCrady time,' and there was no stopping any of them.

But here, today, this is my 'courtroom' so we're going to look at the facts. And I'm going to show how the state absolutely had to be wrong .... gee, doesn't that mean they failed to prove their case?? I seen a cop turned loose because the judge said the state failed to prove its case against him .... I disagreed with that judge too!

The state insisted that Jackie McCrady had come home from work, around 11:30 that fateful evening in September 1996, and his wife was already in bed, reading a book. For some reason that we never did get exactly clear, Jackie McCrady went into a rage and killed her .... well, it was a few hours after he got home from work before this rage hit him, I guess. They claimed he killed her between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m. by shooting her in the head with his retired service revolver - a .357 Magnum.

They 'proved' to the jury that McCrady placed a trash bag over his wife's head {after he'd shot her} and wrapped her in the quilted bedspread from their own bed, before going to a storage area and digging around to find an old sleeping bag to stuff her down into. Granted, they never could trace that sleeping bag back to McCrady, but hey, that didn't matter .... it had to be his .... didn't it? Someone better read 'The Real Dummy,' on this web site!

McCrady then carried his wife out of the house, all wrapped up like a mummy, and drove to Little Hocking where he dug a grave and buried her.

All of this took place well after dark .... and well before daylight the next day, so my question in 1996, 1997 and now was/is when did the blow flies get to her??

We've all seen them .... those big greenish flies that lurk around trash cans or any kind of meat that's left out at a picnic or barbecue. They are only too quick to land on anything dead, and it seems they lay their eggs with lightening speed, and the next thing you know there's maggots everywhere. Nasty little varmints .... but precious to the forensic scientist. They can tell the time of death and how long the body was exposed, and all kinds of important things to the serious student of pathology.

But, these flies are not active at night .... and unless the McCrady's had some inside their home, it would have been impossible for the flies to have gotten to Jenifer and laid eggs. So, how did the blow flies get to her??

Let's consider my theory for a moment and see if it makes sense ....

I say Jenifer McCrady was not killed in the middle of the night .... and there was some evidence and testimony from Dr. Joshua Perper that she was alive for awhile after she disappeared. So, what if she was held hostage in the upper section of an old garage .... alive, but gagged and tied up for awhile .... say about 24 hours. Then, let's say she was killed -- by being choked to death, not shot.

She disappeared on September 19th, and if she wasn't killed until September 20th, and wasn't put into the grave until September 21, then there was ample time for the blow flies to do their work. And, in all honesty, I believe this is why the trash bag was put back over her head. It had nothing to do with 'caring' about her, because the man that killed her didn't care anymore about her than he's ever cared about anyone else. He put the bag over her head to protect himself from the maggots that had already begun to hatch by the time he buried her!

This concludes my opinions and theories on issues one and two -- but never fear, I have plenty of other 'issues' with the McCrady case and will be addressing them throughout the year, as time permits.

The Testimony That Wasn't Allowed ....

That Could Have Revealed The Real Killer!

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