McCrady Case Review

"The Bare Truth"


Bonnie M. Wells

Issue Number Four

The Dark Three Inch Long Hairs:

I could not believe what I heard - nor could I believe that Jackie McCrady's lawyers - Bill Kiger and Dennis Sipe, didn't object; demand a retrial; demand a dismissal; something ...... anything would have been better than the calm, accepting attitude that they displayed when the state testified that dark, three inch long hairs had been found on the body of Jenifer McCrady.

"Who did they belong to," my mind screamed.

But, we were never to know who they belonged to .... the only thing that we did know was they didn't belong to Jenifer and they didn't belong to her husband who was on trial for killing her!

Other than that, I guess it just didn't make any difference who had left the hair clutched between her fingers; or the one in the crook of her elbow; or the nearly dozen more that were found clinging to her or the sleeping bag. It just didn't matter -- to anyone except me.

Since it was determined that the hair didn't belong to either Jenifer or Jackie McCrady the state decided to ignore them instead of trying to determine if they matched anyone else who could possibly have been a 'suspect' in the case.

I suppose that would have been difficult to do though, considering there never was any 'suspect' other than Jackie McCrady, whose hair was brown, but not dark brown/black as these hairs were, and whose hair was kept cut short like a military cut. And it had not been 3 inches long when Jenifer was killed.

I glanced at Dave Garvey, sitting there at the prosecution's table, listening to everyone's testimony 'before' he took the stand .... Garvey knows who has dark hair like that, I thought. How many times had I gone to Garvey and told him about the weird things that Wild Bill was doing?

How many times had Dave Garvey seen me and Sindee out on the streets at night, watching, documenting Wild Bill's strange behavior and his sneaking in and out of his own home in the wee hours of the morning?

But, Garvey was no help .... all he seemed to be interested in was wiping sweat from his own brow and cleaning the fog from his eye glasses! Well, it was August -- but, I didn't see anyone else sweating like that. Granted, the glare from the sun coming through those windows at the top of the room was absolutely devastating to my eyesight and I was having difficulty seeing clearly, but I wasn't sweating and I certainly didn't need to clean my glasses like he was doing -- and neither did anyone else.

I studied the jury .... some looked as if they were thinking about what they were going to have for dinner that night .... but there was a couple of them that appeared to have a fleeting moment of doubt and wonder. Lord knew I had more than a fleeting moment!

I glanced at the news reporters in the room. One turned in his seat and looked directly at me. I arched an eyebrow before he jerked his head back around so I couldn't see the expression on his face. He knew .... but, he wasn't an 'investigative reporter' - like I was. He got paid to report what he heard and ask no questions about any of it. I could never have done his job.

I thought of Detective John Winstanley over at the sheriff's department. How many letters/reports had I sent to Winstanley documenting the 'new dye jobs' that Wild Bill did on his hair and beard? Dozens .... at least.

I'd been the person who got Wild Bill started using the brown/black hair dye that he continued to use. His hair and beard were salt and pepper colored when I'd met him in 1990, but by the time Jenifer McCrady was murdered in 1996, they were predominately gray. He had to do a new dye job about every two or three weeks in order to keep his beard and hair looking dark, and the overall length of it in the back was about three inches before he went in for a new haircut.

Sindee, Angie and my daughter Christina were all beauticians. At one time they had all worked together at Thornhills Beauty Shop. Back during the years that Wild Bill and I were friends, we usually went to the shop together to get our hair cut or styled. All three girls had cut his hair, but I was the one who did his dye jobs for him .... but, that had been years earlier, and by the time Jenifer McCrady was murdered, I assumed he was doing his own dye jobs .... or had his live-in girlfriend Bonnie Hickman helping him with them.

I thought back to the years that I'd cleaned house for Wild Bill {1991-1993} and I remembered how I'd bitched at him for leaving the sink and tub littered with his beard trimmings and fallen hair. The man shed like a dog ... or a wolf!

For many years after the McCrady trial was over I tried to get hair samples from Wild Bill .... even had some of his former girlfriends helping me .... but, it was too late. No one cared anyway, and I figured the hairs from the trial had long since been destroyed, so it would never make any difference.

Jackie McCrady was sitting in prison, probably for the rest of his life, and I'd finally accepted that.

And although I still accept it, as the years have gone by, and my own life draws closer to a close, I have no choice but write down the things that bothered me then, and clear my own conscience.

I honestly believe that I have done everything that is humanely possible to get attention drawn to Jackie McCrady's case, and this series is little more than a repeat of things I've already written. But, for some reason, I thought if I broke it down into individual issues, maybe someone would come along someday and see that there were many things in that trial that were just not right.

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