McCrady Case Review

"The Bare Truth"


Bonnie M. Wells

Issue Number Five:

The Pink Carpet Fibers

I'll admit, when they began talking about the carpet fibers that had been found on the sleeping bag that Jenifer McCrady was found zipped inside, I was a little confused ....

First, the prosecution said they were red .... then they said they were pink .... but it seems the real problem was that the fibers were neither truly classed as pink or red, but were instead what is called mauve. Of course mauve carpet does contain fibers of pink and red, blended to give that deep pink/purplish hue that in recent years has become known as mauve.

They finally settled on pink, and off we went to prove to the jury that Jackie McCrady was a cold blooded killer .... and his chosen victim was his wife.

While the defense debated the issue, and the state finally had to admit that NOTHING inside the home, outside the home, inside any of the vehicles - NOWHERE - on the McCrady property had they found anything that matched these fibers .... I sat in forced silence.

But, I hadn't always been silent .... I'd already told Detective Winstanley all the colors inside of Wild Bill's home .... Garvey had access to all that information ..... why was he just sitting there at the prosecution table, acting as if he knew the state was right? What was wrong with that Belpre cop?

Wild Bill had moved into the house at 1924 Washington Boulevard, Belpre, Ohio on August 30th, 1991.

The house belonged to his brother and there were storage buildings on the back of the property that his brother wanted Wild Bill to manage for him, so he'd decided to fix the old house up and make it livable for Bill.

I was there every day as was most of my family. We all painted, tore out old carpet, scrapped paint, tore out old ceiling tiles and replaced them, replaced cabinets, and just worked our butts off in general until it was all redone, and Bill was moved in.

I still remembered the carpet that was laid in his bedroom .... it was mauve colored. He'd asked for this color because the louvered blinds that he already owned were a deep pink/mauve, and the drapes had mauve in them, so the carpet pulled the room together.

"Jackie McCrady didn't have mauve carpet, but Bill did", my mind screamed.

No one could hear me .... They shouldn't have had to hear my mind screaming .... I'd already told the whole damned bunch in plain English ....

But then, years after Jackie McCrady had been convicted, when I finally met his parents and felt comfortable enough with them to ask his father why his lawyers had not listened to me, I was shocked at his reply.

Jack said that he asked Bill Kiger why in the hell he had not paid attention to what I was telling him during the trial, and Bill Kiger's reply was ....

Consensus in Marietta was that I was a damned nut and a flake and he just didn't want to deal with me!!!!

Well, excuse the hell out of me Mr. Kiger, but I was trying to save the freedom of your client! And I was working my ass off and handing everything to everyone free of charge. Yeah, come to think of it, that does sound like a damned nut, now doesn't it? Maybe if I'd charged a few thousand dollars for my work, they would have listened. Maybe .... I doubt it.

I thought we were all interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth .... yeah, right.

Jackie McCrady's in prison for murder ..... but I continue to believe Jackie McCrady didn't kill anyone. And whoever did murder his wife is still out here with us .... and NONE of the people who are supposed to care about such things could care less. All they have ever wanted was for me to just go away and shut to hell up.

It's too late now to check the carpet fibers -- compare them to the carpet in Bill's bedroom -- the house where he lived was torn down several years after the trial. Everything is gone now, except my memory ... that has neither faded nor become confused. I still remember it all, as if it were yesterday ....

Possibly because I have been treated so unfairly in my lifetime -- possibly because I never could stand in silence and watch another person accused of things that I knew they had not done -- possibly because I had such respect for the judicial system of our nation, and honestly thought it was fair -- I don't know my actual reasoning, but whatever it was I just couldn't {and can't} depart this old world without telling it all to whoever will listen.

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