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"The Bare Truth"


Bonnie M. Wells

Issue Number Six:

The Shovels & The Grave

Throughout the trial of Jackie McCrady I thought the prosecution suffered one set back after another .... but none seemed to register on the faces of the jury. I couldn't understand that.

But, when they finally got to the issue of the shovel that Jackie McCrady supposedly buried his wife with, I figured most country people would know the difference.

The dirt on both shovels had been tested. The dirt on the pointed shovel did not 'match' the soil where Jenifer was buried, but the dirt found on the square/flat edged shovel was 'similar' in composition to that supposedly found in and around the grave.

They said it was cinders, and that word 'similar' just drove me up the wall. I would think something would have to be more than similar, but I guess not .... not in the McCrady case anyway.

The prosecution contended that 'cinders' had been found in and around the grave site. I knew this was not correct. Jenifer had been buried at the base of a big tree that formed a V. It was twenty foot or more from the edge of what the state called the oil well access road, and that area of virgin soil had never seen a cinder in its existence.

"Road" leading to burial spot. See any gravel or cinders anywhere? Burial was at base of this V shaped tree:

The area where Jenifer had been buried contained small trees, wild berry vines, tall grass/weeds, and some brush. It had never been plowed or planted, and I doubt that a human foot had touched it in my lifetime prior to whoever buried Jenifer McCrady there.

But, the state of Ohio insisted that Jackie McCrady had gone down there, in the middle of the night, among all the debris, and dug a grave with a square shovel ..... only problem was .... the grave plainly showed the marks from a pointed shovel!

Pointed shovel, used for digging Square edged shovel, used for scooping

They said the grave was about 3 feet deep and completely covered -- until Belpre police officers Dave Garvey and Chief Ira Walker went down and 'dug around' in it until they discovered it was a grave of 'some kind,' and decided they 'probably should' report it to the sheriff's department, since it was out of their jurisdiction.

They thought it might be the grave of a dead cow!!! As if we idiots here in Little Hocking would wrap our dead cows in blankets and stuff them inside a sleeping bag -- and where the hell would we get a sleeping bag big enough to zip a dead cow up in??? Huh, Garvey??? Idiot.

Actually, if you'd like to see what Little Hocking farmers do with their dead cattle, take a look at these pictures

-- then see if you can figure out how the chief of police and his lead investigator could think that -- while they are supposed to be looking for a missing member of their community, they find a grave and automatically assume it is a dead cow --- with absolutely no evidence that there were any cattle on the farm where the grave was found! Must not have concerned the jury though ....

According to court room testimony {which is also posted on this web site} Garvey and the chief agreed to notify the sheriff's department about their discovery of the grave. Since it was 'late in the afternoon,' of September 30th {1996} they didn't think much could be done, so they decided to wait until the sheriff's department came to Belpre the next morning to get Jenifer's blazer for processing, and tell them about the grave at that time. This shot red flags in all directions for me, but apparently it was okay with everyone else -- including the sheriff of Washington County at the time {Robert Schlicher.} Instead of raising hell about what Garvey and Walker had done - which to me sounded like obstruction of justice - the sheriff pushed his own detectives aside and made Dave Garvey a 'special deputy,' and the 'lead investigator of the case,' so he had 'jurisdiction' anywhere in the county! What a guy!

Never the less, NOTHING was said to the deputies that came down and got Jenifer's vehicle -- a vehicle that had been sitting in Belpre for 11 days at that point without anyone processing it to see if it had been used in a crime!! - and so, when the call finally came in to the sheriff's department about the grave in Little Hocking, and a deputy was finally dispatched to investigate it -- {and we were NEVER permitted to know who made the call and actually reported the grave to the sheriff's department!} - and when the deputy arrived, who should they find down at the grave site all by himself??? Mr. Garvey!

On September 30th, Garvey and the chief had taken shovels and gone to 'see if it was a grave,' and they had 'dug around enough to say for sure that it was a grave .... however, 24 hours later, {also in the afternoon} when the sheriff's department finally arrives, Garvey is down there at the grave site all alone WITHOUT a shovel!! The deputy had to run back to Belpre to get a shovel .... and I said, Oh my God, are they all insane? Apparently so, because no one had any problem with any of this.

Garvey testified {after he heard everyone else's testimony!} that he had re-dug the grave, as an experiment, to determine how long it took {McCrady} to dig the first grave, and that it had taken him about an hour to dig the grave and then fill it back in. That was another thing that didn't add up in the case .... but I'll get to that eventually, and we'll break it all down and take a closer look at it .... which is something that McCrady's attorney's should have done back in 1996 and 1997, before their client got railroaded.

Of course, McCrady's attorney's did accuse Dave Garvey of some pretty unethical {and I thought illegal} actions during that trial. They said someone had framed Jackie McCrady. I agreed then. I agree now ... 15 and 1/2 years later, I still agree.

I guess one of Jackie's attorney's must have had a change of heart though, because 11 years after Jackie McCrady was wrongfully convicted of murder, Mr. Garvey was finally charged by the state of Ohio for several things, and lo and behold, Dennis Sipe was his attorney!! My stomach rolled when Sipe told the jury in that case what a fine, upstanding police officer Garvey had always been. Well, Judge Lane rendered a directed verdict and turned him loose, so I guess the only thing good that came out of it all was the fact that he had already resigned from the Belpre Police force. Of course, knowing them, they will take him back someday. Oh well ....

Ohio Innocence Project: This case stinks to high heaven. If you people are really interested in justice, then for all that is right, please look at this case and try to re-enact it. I know, from my own research and work on this case that it absolutely could not have happened as the state claimed [and proved to the jury] that it happened.

They 'proved' that Jenifer was killed by a gun shot to the head, and that she was killed at her home in Belpre, Ohio. I believe I have ample evidence to support the claim that Jenifer was NOT killed by the bullet, and that in fact she was already dead, and had been dead for a day or so, by the time she was shot.

I also have circumstantial evidence which supports my theory that she wasn't even shot in Belpre, but was shot in Little Hocking, just before being placed into the makeshift grave. So, if you really want to see the truth come to light and see justice prevail, contact me and let's get busy. I'll donate everything I have, will work side by side with anyone, and not charge them a dime.

Come on, isn't there someone out there that cares about something other than money and/or getting re-elected? Come join me, and let's show that Jackie McCrady's constitutional rights have been violated for nearly 16 years now. We have the right to life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness in this country {at least for now} and I contend that Jackie McCrady has been wrongfully deprived of his LIBERTY.

And beyond all this .... if I'm right, Jenifer McCrady's killer still walks among us. I know who he is. Come walk with me, and I'll bring forth the people and the evidence to free Jackie McCrady and to take down the real killer.


Bonnie M. Wells

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