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Issue Number Nine:

She Saw Jackie McCrady

Mary Dye's court room testimony can be found on this web site on the September page, titled The Dream Seeker, and by reading those pages one can quickly see that I have already done the research that should have been done by Jackie McCrady's attorneys 'before' the man ever came to trial.

Before moving into issue number nine, there is one thing that I want to address.

During Dye's testimony, Attorney Kiger asked her how many times she had gone over her testimony with the prosecution prior to appearing in court. She told him that she had not gone over it at all. Kiger acted surprised and said something to the effect -- 'so they had no idea what you were going to say today?' to which Dye said yes, that was correct.

It caught my attention on that page, and I did comment on it, however, something else has occurred to me. Why didn't McCrady's attorney's 'know' what Mary Dye's testimony was going to be? There is that little 'legal' thing called discovery, you know. They should have known what the woman was going to say long before they ever got into the court room.

And now .... on to issue number nine ....

Mary Dye supposedly saw Jackie McCrady on the oil well access road where his wife's body was found a few days later.

Pictures on this web site will demonstrate her testimony, but for now, I'll just say she gave a positive identification of Jackie McCrady from a one time sighting a year earlier.

How many of us have actually met someone fir the first time, and then ran across them a year later and recognized that person immediately? Very few, I'd guess.

In the closing arguments, the prosecution claimed that Jackie McCrady had been concerned about Jenifer's make-shift grave because of all the rain we'd had that day and the night before, so he'd rushed down to the grave site to make sure she 'hadn't washed out' of the grave! I thought this was such a stupid statement when it was made. But, apparently the jury swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

From The Dream Seeker, Page 2, comes the following information:

Jackie McCrady signaled "on duty" at 7:52 a.m. He was working the 8 to 4 shift that day:

He and his partner both worked the Noble/Harrison County area until around noon at which time they came into Washington County, and headed down Ohio 7 toward Belpre:

12:20 p.m. McCrady's partner stopped near the Ohio 7 & 550 intersection to check a disabled vehicle: McCrady was a little further "south" on Ohio 7 {which means he was running a little ahead of his partner}:

By approximately *2:00 p.m. both troopers were in the Belpre area: McCrady's partner left the Porterfield, Ohio area and headed toward Barlow on State Route 339 while McCrady continued on down route 618 to Ohio 7 and into the Little Hocking area:

At *2:06 p.m. McCrady radioed his partner with an "all clear to the Athens County line." {This means he was precisely one mile south of Township Road 298, and at the "Torch" area .... at 2:06 p.m.}

At *2:17 p.m. McCrady's partner radioed him that he was responding to an accident {car wreck} in Barlow, Ohio at the 339/550 intersection ...

It is 8.5 miles from Porterfield to Barlow -- {13 to 15 minutes driving time}:

According to the testimony from McCrady's partner, {Jeff Holbert} McCrady joined him in Barlow, Ohio after he completed the accident report at *2:40 p.m. and by 3:00 p.m. both cruisers were sitting at a small roadside park in the Barlow area.

Assuming McCrady left immediately to go to Barlow, and assuming he made it in 13 minutes, which can be done under ideal conditions, he would have arrived in Barlow at 2:30 pm.

2:30 is just about the earliest possible time that Mary Dye could have arrived in Little Hocking -- BUT, according to her own testimony, this would have been an impossibility. She claimed she left Williamstown at 2:00 pm, drove to Belpre, drove around Belpre for 'awhile' and then headed to Little Hocking.

I said in 1997, and I repeat it today, she could not have seen Jackie McCrady in Little Hocking -- on the oil access road or anywhere else {IF} her own time frame was correct.

Assuming her time account was correct, the best she could have done was pass the cruiser in Porterfield as McCrady headed out to Barlow to meet his partner.

Then again, perhaps the prosecution knew what they were talking about when they said they thought Mary Dye had 'tailed' McCrady as he left Belpre. Why was she tailing cruisers? WHO 'suspected' Jackie McCrady from day one? Oh yeah, I remember now, that was Dave Garvey .... the guy that had met Mary Dye a couple of years earlier, and may have talked with her a year or so earlier but he couldn't remember! Of course no one knew that Dave Garvey 'suspected' Jackie McCrady from day one until a few years after the trial, when he got on national tv and told it! He sure didn't say it in that court room .... no sir, he sure didn't say it there.

But - beyond all this speculation there remains something else that has nagged at me since the 1997 trial. It was a statement that the prosecuting attorney made concerning Mary Dye's contacting Dave Garvey on Monday, September 30th: Here it is:

Prosecutor's Question: Is that when you finally told him everything that had happened on Friday and Saturday in connection with what you have just testified about?

Mary Dye's Answer: Yes, sir.

I asked the question on The Dream Seeker page, and I'm going to ask it here: What happened on {Friday} that she wanted to 'report to Dave Garvey'?

She didn't claim to have 'seen' the cruiser until Saturday, so what was it that she saw on Friday?

Let's see if I can remember what I did on Friday afternoon, September 27th, 1996.

Well, I'd been working that McCrady case, and I had already told Winstanley {and Garvey} that I could feel the killer's presence, and that he was 'coming into Little Hocking this time.' I'd asked for some back-up, but of course didn't get as much as an answer, much less an increased police presence in the area, so I knew I was on my own ..... as usual.

I went for a drive .... turned right onto Ohio 7 and drove down to the Athens county line .... lost the feeling that Jenifer McCrady was close by, so I turned around there at Torch and headed back up the highway.

I began picking up the vibe again almost immediately, and so I made a left onto Township 297 and pulled into the first driveway on my right.

I got out of my car and walked slowly up to the house and knocked on the door.

No one was home. I meandered back toward my car, and felt the vibe from behind me.

Had the property owners been home I was going to ask if I could cut some of their corn stalks that still stood in their garden. I figured the time cutting would give me time enough to get my bearings and try to figure out precisely where Jenifer McCrady was. But, it didn't work out, so I got into my car and slowly drove on up 297 until it turned into 298 and came back out to the four lane .... right there beside that old oil well access road.

Was someone following [ME] on Friday? Possibly. Maybe Jackie McCrady wasn't the only one that was being 'shadowed,' .... heck, maybe he wasn't being shadowed at all.

All I know for certain is this .... On my daughter's birthday, October 1st, at approximately 1 p.m. I was standing at Little Hocking School and talking to Steve Watson about using some of his horses and getting together a horse back search party -- and I was looking toward Township Road 298 when Steve asked where I thought we should start!

A short time later, my husband and I were on State Route 618, in our Corvette heading into Belpre when we passed a Belpre cruiser headed into Little Hocking. There were two men in the cruiser, and I wanted to turn around and go back to see what they were doing out here in sheriff department territory -- not to mention 'my territory'! Mike would not turn around .... and I'm still ticked at him over that!

They say Chief Walker and Officer Garvey went to the oil well access road and discovered Jenifer's grave around 2:00 p.m. on October 1st, 1996 .... and I knew what that cruiser was doing in Little Hocking!

Steve Watson later told my daughter that I scared the hell out of him because when Jenifer was found he remembered me saying that I thought the horseback search party should start down there on 298. Ironic as it seems today, Steve rode his horses on the very piece of property that Jenifer was found on!

But for now, back to Mary Dye's sighting and the prosecuting attorney's accusations against Jackie McCrady:

Mary Dye claimed it had been raining very hard that Saturday {September 28th, 1996} -- and I know for a fact that it had been. The prosecution made mention of that fact several times also.

The prosecution claimed that Jackie had gotten concerned that Jenifer's body had washed out of the grave he'd dug for her, and that she would be seen by someone, so he went there to check and make sure she was still buried.

Okay, I can see someone doing this .... except I cannot figure out how that man did so much without ever getting .... wet, muddy, sweaty, or anything else!!

At 2:06 p.m. McCrady radioed his partner with an "all clear to the Athens County line." and at 2:17 p.m. McCrady's partner radioed him that he was responding to an accident {car wreck} in Barlow, Ohio at the 339/550 intersection.

McCrady must have been in his cruiser when this call came in because he answered Holbert and told him he was heading out his direction.

The prosecution mentioned Coolville a couple of times, but no one ever found out if McCrady had actually patrolled as far south as Coolville or not. I've alway thought that he did because of the eleven minutes between his 2:06 call that it was clear to the Athens line and Holbert's 2:17 call to him.

We never learned exactly where he was located when Holbert radioed him at 2:17, but if he was actually in the Coolville area, that would explain why there is 23 minutes between the 2:17 call and Jackie being in Barlow at 2:40. Of course, he could have been in Barlow before that time too. All we ever learned was that he was in Barlow when Holbert finished his accident report at 2:40 p.m.

Anyway you look at it Mary Dye's testimony is flawed. If she left her home in Williamstown at 2:00 p.m. {as she stated} and drove to Belpre, she could not have gotten there much before 2:30 p.m. If she had come straight through Belpre and driven directly to 298 in Little Hocking it would have been 2:40 p.m. when she got there, and State Patrol records as well as Holbert's testimony put Jackie McCrady in Barlow at 2:40 p.m.

Dye's testimony and the states time line just do not compute!!

BUT -- giving as much benefit of doubt as possible - let's assume that McCrady spent from 2:17 until 2:27 in the Little Hocking area -- checking out his wife's grave, as they claimed --

The furthest that McCrady could have possibly taken his cruiser was the top of the hill on that access road. {see photos}

Access Road leading from 298 top of the hill on the Access Road:

From that point to where Jenifer was buried is at least 1,000 feet {if not more.}

He would have had to 'run' back to the grave site, because there are only 10 minutes to spare here!!

Jenifer was buried at the base of this tree that forms the letter V:

and I can tell you right now, he not only would have gotten soaked to the skin, but he would have been muddy at least to the knees and his uniform would have shown signs of being out in the weeds and rain. Wonder why his partner didn't notice how wet he was when he met him in Barlow?

Maybe he went home and changed clothes --- nope, he couldn't have done that because there isn't enough time .... he met up with his partner at 2:40 p.m. and by 3:00 p.m. they were both parked at the road side rest area at Barlow. Not enough time there to have dried his clothes in the cruiser either.

Well, I guess it's just another one of those unexplainable things about the McCrady case .... and all the so called witnesses..... and the time line .... and my memory and determination to get to the damned truth, regardless of who it hangs.

Issue Number Ten:

I haven't decided what issue number 10 is going to be yet. I'll let everyone know when I decide.


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