From Pure Coincidence Books No. 1 & 23

Written & Presented By

Bonnie M. Wells



Thoughts of Grandma, - sugar and spice

A little old man with big blocks of ice.

On the Ohio - a ferry boat,

Loaded with cars and trucks - all afloat.

A little houseboat, and my uncle Bill,

Whom my Grandma always called - "Your uncle Will."

A sweet little friend named Sherry,

Who was always more like a sister to me.

Wading along the river's edge - water knee high,

River pearls, sandbox castles, and mud pie.

A big red truck from Stork's Bakery -

Supplies for Grandma - a chocolate cake for me.

Howdy-Doody "ice-cream" trucks that were sure to stop,

For all the children on every block.

A swing set made for four with a canopy,

A little boy on the next corner named Steven Lee,

Stacks and stacks of paper "cut-out dolls,"

Jumping jacks and little rubber balls.

My first year of school in Belpre -

My second year of school "in the country."

A new house with no "inside walls"

Chickens, cattle, horses - and a barn with stalls.

Cows to milk and chickens to feed,

Water to carry and gardens to weed.

Hay to cut and haul - to feed in the winter,

And a solid oak "outhouse" - with many a splinter!

Saw mills, chain saws and a work horse named Pet,

To haul in the wood, without any sweat.

A huge wood stove in the kitchen,

And a silver pan where the dishes were done.

Piles of split firewood in the crystal snow -

No school today - sleigh riding we will go.

Heaps of Mom's golden biscuits,

Floating soap in a steaming, galvanized tub - a bath for us.

An old churn, you pumped up and down,

And an occasional trip to Grandma's house "in town."

Aunt Edna's nightclub and a country band,

Two cousins, an aunt and uncle from Cleveland.

Home-made ice cream - hand-cranked- in the yard

Apple butter stirs - butchering time - home made lard.

A beautiful little dog named Gabby - and her puppies.

A natural salt lick and deer watch spot among the tall trees,

Strawberries, raspberries ... blackberries too,

And Dad with his little box of Copenhagen, to chew.

Uncle Lloyd, so big and tall,

A trip to West Virginia to see Grandma & Grandpa.

Uncles - Dewy, Floyd, and Clarence too,

Their wives and children numbered quite a few.

Two sweet neighbors - Pauline and Burl,

No kids of their own - so I was "their girl."

But the things I remember now - most of all,

Are the things I had then - but never saw.

A mother and father who loved us each,

Though they seldom proclaimed it in their speech.

Three fine brothers - Mike, Bob and Charley,

And most precious of all - a sister named Patty.


This poem can be found in two of the Pure Coincidence books - books number one and number twenty-three.

Bonnie M. Wells


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