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{Note to new readers: Mysde and Wild Bill are fictitious names, however the people themselves are very real. None of my stories are fiction.}

Misty, Ohio & Anderson,

All In One Felled Swoop!


Bonnie M. Wells


This page is either "coincidence" number one million and one, or it is strikes number 7 and 8 in the Duplication Series of Pure Coincidence:

Suggestion: Before reading this page:

Read No. 1 The Duplication of My Sister - Patty Fulton

Read No. 2 The Duplication of {Me} Bonnie May (Martin) Wells

Read No. 3 The Duplication of {My Daughter} Christina Gordon-Anderson

Read No. 4 Judy, Strike Three

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The following information came to me via one of the Yahoo groups that I am a member of. It was received May 21, 2005: I thought it should be posted on this page because it appears the drama continues - in fact may have been going on "before" the Stephanie Davis case:

The body of a woman found murdered on the bed of a Lexington creek {Fayette County, Kentucky}last month was positively identified Friday by family members who saw a story about the homicide Thursday night {May 19th, 2005} on a Cincinnati television station's report.

The Fayette County coroner says 18 year old, Misty Blu Gwinner's family drove to Lexington Friday to identify the face they saw on t-v. They got involved after WKRC in Cincinnati aired a crime stoppers story about two Jane Doe cases just days apart. The Lexington case and another case in Anderson Township, Ohio.

Gwinner's body was found April 5 on North *** Cleveland *** Road in a creek-bed. Police were unable to identify her until now despite making photos of identifying marks on the woman's body public in an effort to learn her identity.

WKRC-TV in Cincinnati ran their story Thursday about two unidentified bodies found within six days. Reportedly, Gwinner's family, who are from Northern Kentucky, saw the woman's picture and thought it might be their relative. The family traveled to Lexington Friday for the identification.

Police have no suspects in the murder, and have declined to reveal the exact cause of death.

************* end of article ****************

See DeJesus case & predictions made a year ago!


Well, here we are again folks. It's only been a few days since I made the prediction of another murder.

Click here to read "prediction"

I plainly stated that the strike would involve my daughter's name, but I didn't know if it would be her first name or her last name. Although I did say that "Anderson" was the only one we hadn't seen yet - meaning we'd already seen 'Christine[a]' and 'Gordon.'

As I write this page tonight we still know nothing about the cause of Stephanie Davis' death.

Even though we don't know {and may never know} how Stephanie Davis actually died, I stand by my own predictions that it was murder, and that she was strangled/choked to death. But as far as the two women on this page are concerned, we already know they are homicide victims. That's about all we know about one of them, since no one even saw fit to give the woman's description.

I'm going to make another bold statement here and now, and hopefully, someday we will see how accurate this one is. I'm predicting that both of these women were murdered by blunt force trauma to the head, and possible strangulation - especially the one found in the creek bed {like Stephanie Evans was found.}

It's been 4 years since Stephanie Evans was murdered in the month of April.

Although I've warned repeatedly about the {3} connection - {days, weeks, months, years, etc.} - I believe it was impossible for the killer{s} to strike on the 3rd year after Stephanie Evans because my friend Mysde {pronounced same as Misty} - had pulled up stakes in Washington County {Ohio} and moved off to Jackson County. I think it took our boy{s} awhile to find her. But make no mistake about it, she's been found!

News reports say that one dead woman was found on April 5th another was found six days later and of course Stephanie Davis was found on April 26th. {2005}

This gives us 3 dead women within 3 weeks, with Stephanie Davis being found precisely 3 weeks to the day of Misty Gwinner's discovery. This is the exact pattern we saw in the murders of Carol Gordon and E. Christine Ullman, back in 1998. It all seems rather peculiar to me, but then, so does the other information surrounding the women.

Although no one has said - and may never say - I'm going to be bold and say that in my opinion, humble as it is, Misty Blu Gwinner was actually killed on April 2nd.

News of the other woman is even more vague than that of Gwinner. After doing considerable map search work, I assume that she was also found in Kentucky. I have located an "Ohio" county in Kentucky, and of course cannot find any maps which give the "townships" within the counties.

A couple of towns that I located within Ohio County are Rockport and Rosine. I have no way of knowing if either are located within "Anderson" Township, or if either are the area that the murdered woman was found near.

However, there is one thing I do know. I know that my grandson's name is Joshua Thrasher {like the J. Thrasher that disappeared from Tennessee about a year ago} and I know that his grandmother, on his father's side is "Rosine." This too seems more than just a little strange to me.

Click here for J. Thrasher news

As I've already explained on several other pages of the "Symbolic/Duplication" stories, Carol Gordon was murdered on my friend "Mysde's" birthday, June 25th {1998}. It was also the anniversary of when Wild Bill got out of jail in 1994.

I find it very odd that Stephanie Davis "died" {was murdered} on April 26th, which is the anniversary of when Wild Bill went to jail in 1994.

Although I call my friend "Mysde" {pronounced the same as "Misty" } in my stories, Wild Bill is very much aware of her real name. However, it is the same name as the woman he lives with, so I do not expect a direct strike on that name. I have to admit though I was floored when I saw the name "Misty" on this woman!

And in conclusion - as it stands now - it would appear that the following people have all been "symbolically" murdered:

My sister - Patricia Fulton:

My daughter Christina Gordon-Anderson:

My friend Mysde Davis-Evans:

My grandson J. Thrasher:

This required the lives of nine strangers. I tried to save them, but no one would listen. I have more friends and family [and so does the other women in Wild Bill's life!] - in fact, I have a pretty good idea who's next, but there again, who will listen?

There have been murders on {or within 3 days of}

my mother's birthday:

My grandson's birthday:

My husband's birthday:

My friend Mysde's birthday:

My dead brother's birthday:

My wedding anniversary:

Wild Bill's birthday:

Wild Bill's "go directly to jail" anniversary {more than once}:

Wild Bill's "get out of jail" anniversary:

Anniversaries of fights that Wild Bill had with me or my daughter:

This required the lives of five more strangers. There again, I tried to prevent it, but no one listened.

As horrible as this is, I'm afraid that in the mind of the killer, it is an enormous accomplishment. Possibly the first of its kind anywhere on earth.

I guess that makes me lucky. I got to live long enough to see it pulled off, right under the noses of at least a thousand cops, and I actually got to live long enough to figure it out and to write about it. That's probably a first also.

And, as I've said many, many times - if I had not seen {with my own eyes} how Wild Bill "duplicated" me, some of my furniture, vehicles and other things, then I might never have believed this was a possibility. Eventually, I had no other choice. He made it so obvious that a blind person could have seen it.


The following maps show various areas that involve the cases mentioned within the pages of the Stephanie Davis, Misty Blu stories.

I've not done as much work on these maps as I have done on many others that are on my web site. But still, if anyone is interested they can see where cities and towns are located and how far they are from certain points.

There are a few links at the bottom of this page which are to stories that support this page and show how this 16 year old nightmare has progressed.

Some of the links may not work for awhile because I'm re-designing my web site again. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate and understand when I finally get it finished.

If there's a certain link that you want to see, just send me an email and I'll post it as soon as possible: / Bonnie

Map shows 2421 Monroe Street, Point Pleasant, West Virginia; where Stephanie Davis lived:

{please notice - JACKSON - on this map}

Map shows route from Richmond Dale, Ohio

{where Stephanie Evans lived}

to Point Pleasant, West Virginia,

{where Stephanie Davis lived.}

{please notice - JACKSON & 'WELLS'TON - on this map}

From: 202 Water St, Richmond Dale, OH

To: 2421 Monroe Ave, Point Pleasant, WV

Distance: 51.7 miles: Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 6 mins

Please notice the {517}: I have warned repeatedly about this number. The first occurrence of it was a camping trip with Wild Bill { at his family pond} on May 17th, 1991. It has remained consistent ever since, and symbolic of murder. I do not think it's re-occurrence in case after case is any accident or coincidence. I believe it is part of the established pattern and/or signature of a killer, and is deliberate on his part.

This map shows North Cleveland Road in Lexington, Kentucky:

The above article says that Misty Gwinner was found on North Cleveland Road in the Lexington, Kentucky area:

Please note the "Hickman" street that intersects North Cleveland.

Remember that "the other Bonnie" in my stories is Bonnie Hickman.

If I'm right about the killer of these women, then the locations of the bodies of those who are dumped, is no accident. They are as well "chosen" and as premeditated, as the victims themselves.

Again, if I'm right, these are not "random" kills. These are kills that fit into the warped plans of a long term stalker who is extremely dedicated and determined.

As my friend Kenny said -

"Either you have the most bizarre set of circumstances going on or you have a prototypical serial killer who is obsessed with you."


While reading back through web pages and updating or modifying as needed, I discovered that I had forgotten the above warning concerning Hickman and had neglected to come back to this page and do an update when the next piece of the puzzle was dropped into place. I will do that now.

Marshall University, junior journalism student, Leah Hickman has been missing since Dec. 14. (2007). The last known contact with her was a cell phone conversation with a friend late that afternoon. Although the phone is missing, police say Hickman's cell phone hasn't been used since.

Hickman's keys, purse, car and the luggage she'd packed to go to visit her parents in the Point Pleasant {West Virginia} area were found at her Huntington apartment at 403 8th Avenue..

March 2013 BMW Note: December 14th is my niece LeLanea's birthday, so now we have another realitives birthday that can be added to the above list. Another coincidence, no doubt.

Dec 24, 2007

HUNTINGTON -- Police have identified the body found last week in an apartment crawl space as that of Leah Hickman.

The body was found in the basement of Hickman's apartment building at 403 8th Ave. Friday at 5 p.m., a week after the 21-year-old Marshall student went missing.

Huntington Police made the announcement at a briefing at 2 p.m. Monday. Authorities said they would not release details on the cause of death at this time.

Link to Leah Hickman's page

From Stephanie Davis to Misty Blu Gwinner:

"Point Pleasant West Virginia to Lexington Kentucky:

From: 2421 Monroe Ave, Point Pleasant, WV

To: North Cleveland Road, Lexington, KY

Distance: 171.3 miles: Approximate Travel Time: 3 hours 50 mins

Ohio County, Kentucky

Not knowing where the other woman was actually found - except "in Anderson" township "Ohio" - and I assume they meant Ohio County, Kentucky. Although, I did locate an Anderson, Ohio, so I can only guess at where the woman was actually found.

Regardless, assuming it was Kentucky, and being unable to locate any information on "townships," I am going to take another bold step and guess that "Rosine" was the closest town to where the woman was found.

Please remember that my grandson's "other grandmother" is "Rosine."

Rosine, Kentucky

From: Lexington, KY

To: Rosine, KY

Distance: 154.8 miles Approximate Travel Time: 3 hours 25 mins

From: Rosine, KY

To: Richmond Dale, OH

Distance: 344.9 miles Approximate Travel Time: 6 hours 28 mins

A couple other towns and/or communities in Ohio County Kentucky that attracted my attention are - Rockport, Mount Pleasant.

From: Rockport, KY

To: Rosine, KY

Distance: 18.9 miles Approximate Travel Time: 42 mins

Watson Road in Richmond Dale, Ohio. Stephanie Evans was found along Watson Road beside the Sciota River. She had been buried under a pile of rocks.

From: Rockport, WV

To: Point Pleasant,

Distance: 47.9 miles Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 18 mins

From: Rockport, WV

To: Rockport, KY

Distance: 395.8 miles Approximate Travel Time: 8 hours 5 mins

Perhaps of some interest - and, as if I haven't mentioned it before - when Wild Bill and I were friends {1990 - 1994} he lived across the street from the old Rockland Hardware Store:

Where Do We Go From Here?

My wedding anniversary is June 4th. That's when Emily Ullman was murdered back in 1998. It appears our killer has reverted back to his 1998 schedule, and is "finishing up" what he began at that time.

If this is correct, then I'd venture to guess {unless someone stops him} ***he's headed straight for Jackson, Ohio.

***There may be other "names" involved in the case also, since we saw 3 names played out in the last strike - Misty/Mysde; Ohio; Anderson - with the possibility of "Rock" and/or Rosine. Not knowing where the second woman was found in Kentucky has made it impossible for me to say for certain on either of these, so I am not "counting" them at this time.

There is one more "situation" that was began in 1998 that has not been finished. There is a reporter who has the correct name of the individual, and there are several friends of mine who have it.

So for here and now, I'll just say - "Another strike is coming."

There are a few "important" dates within the next 3 months. First of all is my wedding anniversary, June 4th. And then there's "Mysde's" birthday - June 25th. July holds a few - 7-03; 7-11; 7-12; 7-15; **7-29:

And of course August comes in with - **8-03; 8-17; 8-25:

If the killer continues with the "Misty/Mysde" theme, then Jackson, Ohio better get their butts in gear. If he switches tracks {he won't "switch hobbies," folks, just tracks! He's a natural born killer and he's not ever going to stop, so don't think that's what I'm saying about him "switching."

And I have good indication that "he'd rather fight than switch," so - I am saying here and now - The next strike will also be against someone who is within my group of family or friends. It will probably be another "symbolic" strike, since that seems to be the path he's on, and been on for several years now. However, the day comes when we will switch from fantasy to reality.

Look Out Jackson Town!

From: 202 Water Street Jackson, OH

To: 202 Water Street, Richmond Dale, OH

Distance: 15.7 miles Approximate Travel Time: 25 mins

Recently, Mysde and her mother had an odd experience in a Jackson store. When Mysde recounted the story to me, I sensed a message - as did she - but could not put my finger on it for some time. We continued to discuss the event for awhile, then drifted on to another subject, only to return to the original subject several times.

Finally, at about five o'clock in the morning - when we were both about half asleep - it hit me like a bolt out of the blue - "Anagram," I nearly shouted into the phone! Woke ol' Mysde right up!

"Oh hell," Mysde moaned. "No sleep tonight {3,4 or 5 am is what we call "night" and bed time!}

Well, when the girl was right, she was right. We dug out the dictionary, and started looking up words - anagram first, of course.



Noun: A word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase, such as satin to stain.

A game in which players form words from a group of randomly picked letters.

Sounded like some of the Scrabble games I'd been known to play!

I remembered one or two in which I was just playing right along with my grandson or Mysde, and happened to stop long enough to take a good look at the entire board, and there, for all the world to see was a message concerning one of our murder cases!!

It was always a "hair raising experience," and I hadn't played Scrabble much in recent years. Now, it appeared that we were back onto the same track that we'd left several years ago.

So, I'm going to give this "anagram idea" a whirl here and see how good I am at scrambling things. I should be pretty good at it since I've had so many years experience "unscrambling" coded messages from a killer!

Prediction on next strike:

Victim - female: Name - 1st. choice - Nekana: 2nd choice - Esu: 3rd. choice - Berrak:

Location: A Lots Ave.

The Way I Figure It -

The killer is not using actual "anagrams" to perform his dastardly deeds, but has in fact devised his own form of a word game much like an anagram. I think I'll call it - An-ame-a-gram.

"Murder By Anameagram." Sounds like a good title for a book. Wonder when I'll have time to write it?

The early warnings for 2005 began coming in, in January and February. They were brief and fleeting, with 3 separate people reporting things. I was one of them.

My warnings consisted of 3 separate things: "Pepsi-Blue" letters AMM - MMA, that came from small dots into the letters and then faded back into the dots: Next was a vision of a knife in a leather case with carvings on it: And finally a silver casket:

One dream consisted of - My dog Kolt being hit and killed by a car and knocked into my neighbors yard. The nephew of another neighbor crossed the road, gathered the dog up and brought him over and laid him in my driveway.

This was on **February 5th, 2005: It was the anniversary of when Kolt actually died, although he certainly was not hit by a car, as I have never had a dog killed in such a manner. But Kolt died many, many years ago, and I couldn't understand why I would be dreaming about him dying at this time. [**Note: February 5th is also the birthday of another solid black German Shepherd [Kahn], owned by my friend Judy, and who was Kolt's cousin:]

I now understand the dream and it does not have anything to do with Kolt, except to remind me of certain names, dates and places. It does however, fit into the drama that is unfolding around us.

Another dreamer reported a dream in which a girl appeared to the dreamer and would not answer when the dreamer asked her name. "What is your name?" the dreamer repeated. The girl still did not answer.

"Is your name Mary, or Sally, or Sue?" the dreamer asked. Still no answer. I can identify all three. One is a friend, one is a cousin, one is a niece. All are in danger in one way or another.

The third dream came in just days before we received the report about Misty Blu Gwinner.

The dreamer was looking at another murdered woman. She was young, {twentyish,} with {shoulder length, strawberry-blond hair.} I told the dreamer - "Here we are. This is the one we've been waiting for. {Her name is Misty} Yamaguchi, and she's the one we've been waiting for."

The dreamer thought the dead woman was bi-racial, but did not appear Oriental as the name Yamaguchi indicated.

There has been no description of Misty Blu Gwinner, so I cannot say if it is actually her or not in the dream. ** see update below!

I'm going to end this page at this time so I can get it posted before my wedding anniversary arrives.

If, or when, my predictions pan-out, I will return to this page and do an update.

Additional suggested reading:

Kentucky Woman

News Article / Gwinner:

Creek Body ID'd

By Brenna R. Kelly, Enquirer staff writer and The Associated Press

LEXINGTON - {Misty} Blu Gwinner's body lay in the Fayette County morgue, listed as Jane Doe on her 19th birthday.

On Friday, three days later, Gwinner's family identified her body, found along a Lexington creek six weeks ago.

Family and friends recognized the woman from a photograph and description broadcast in Cincinnati, according to the coroner's office.

Police had been unable to learn the woman's identity even though a picture of her body and its identifiable tattoos had been posted on a state web site since April 12

Police said Gwinner's death is being investigated as a homicide, but did not release details of the killing. In addition to information from family members, the coroner's office used fingerprints to identify the body.

Gwinner was found April 5 lying along a creek on the side of North Cleveland Road in Lexington, police said. Two days later, they asked for help identifying the woman, ** { whom they described as bi-racial,} with {shoulder-length reddish-blond hair.}

Police described a "Jaden" tattoo on the back of her neck and a tattoo of a cross with "C" and "V" on her leg. Pictures were posted at

Gwinner, who would have turned {19} on May 17, had been arrested several times in Cincinnati last year, according to court records.

Just a week before she was found dead, she was sentenced to one year of probation after pleading no contest to drug paraphernalia charges in Hamilton County Court.

Family friend Kelly Kuper said she knew Gwinner led a troubled life.

Kuper said she would often take care of the girl, who was friends with her son when they attended Holmes High School in Covington.

Kuper said she last saw Gwinner about a year ago.

Kuper added that she wasn't surprised to learn Gwinner had been killed, but "it was really sad to see that when it came across the TV screen."

Gwinner, who listed her address as Court Street, Cincinnati, also pleaded no contest to soliciting rides, prostitution and more drug charges last year.

Police ask that anyone knowing Gwinner's whereabouts before April 5 call (859) 258-3700.

More Comments From Me

Remember the vision I had in which the "letters" were presented? Granted they were MMA to me, but isn't it strange that this woman had the letters C and V tattooed on her? Since MMA had nothing to do with the victim, I wonder if it could indicate the killer? Hummmmmm ....

I also remember another case in which the letter "V" was displayed on a victim. Of course in that case the letter was carved into the palm of her hand after death. Couldn't be a connection between these cases, could there? Neah, Jackie McCrady is sitting in Ross County prison. He couldn't be an innocent man, could he?

May 17th was Gwinner's birthday!! Wow, now that's a coincidence for you folks! Unless, the killer knew that was her birthday. Is he that good? Wonder why one of the first questions Wild Bill asks a person is - "When is your birthday?"

Gwinner was described as bi-racial, just like in Mysde's dream. Why am I not surprised?

"Here we are. This is the one we've been waiting for. Her name is Misty Yamaguchi, and she's the one we've been waiting for."

What does it all mean?

Considering I was on target with several things in this case, I'm now wondering what the name "Yamaguchi" is symbolic of since it is obviously not Misty Gwinner's last name. And, as with the letters in my vision, does the name represent an actual name, or perhaps a couple of names?

Obviously, Mysde's dream didn't come equipped with correct spelling {if there is a correct spelling} for Yamaguchi. What if it should be spelled Yamaha - like the Yamaha motor cycle? Could the first part of the name be an indication of a "foreign made" motor cycle?

I just wonder if anyone ever saw Misty Gwinner get on a white Honda trike with an older man who had a full beard?

There has been a couple of reports of people seeing this same man on a regular motor cycle - another Honda, but black and silver in color.

And then there's the remaining portion of the name - guchi. What if it's Gucci? Isn't it pronounced the same?

There again, I'm reminded of the other case where the letter "V" was emphasized, and I'm reminded that the victim's husband reported that her blue and gray Gucci hand bag was missing.

It's not the same one that was presented in the court room - as evidence that he murdered his wife, and then took the evidence home with him - no, that was a maroon colored Gucci purse.

I still wonder where the blue and gray one is. It was never found. Neither was the luggage that was reported missing. But, that's all water under the bridge now. Everyone is satisfied that the right man was arrested and convicted - well, almost everyone. I guess there's still a handful of us out here that continue to have our doubts.

And in closing, I think it all has another meaning - it means that perhaps the Lord has granted yet another "window of opportunity" for members of law enforcement. I've watched so many opportunities come and go, and for years I tried to warn them and tell them when the windows of opportunity would come. I was ignored, ridiculed, slandered and treated like a piece of lying, insane trash.

Meanwhile, the bodies have piled ever higher and there have been no answers in 99 percent of the cases that I have profiled on this web site. That should tell someone something, but will it?

Why the FBI has not been called into this mess is beyond me. I have gone to them myself, but it has done no good. They have to be invited in by the authorities within the area where the crime occurred. As long as our people stand in muted disregard for the lives of these women, then there is little more that I can do.

But here's a final reminder - Although many of our murdered girls and women fit into the drug addicted, hooker classification, a few do not. And although many of the victims were mentally impaired to some degree, some were not.

If we fail to step forward and defend the rights of these people, then who will step forward when it's our turn?

And make no mistake about it - unless this man is stopped {and soon} our turn will surely come.

For those people - especially the women - who think that the victims are partially to blame for their deaths since they are drug addicts and whores. There are some who actually believe we {as a society} are better off without these women/girls, and I suppose I can understand their reasoning. But I do not agree with their reasoning, and I'll tell you why I disagree.

In the warped, egotistical mind of this killer all women and girls are whores. They were put on this earth to be used, abused and tossed aside like the rubbish he believes they are.

In all his life, he met only one that was different. He told her that so many times. She always asked how she was different, but he never said.

She would never forget him -

and worse yet, he would never forget her or anything about her.

7-15-05 Then Comes Bonnie!

Were my predictions 100% on target - again? Did I come up with the right numbers and names, one year in advance - again? You decide for yourself....

From above comments - made in October of 2005: Quote -

"he's headed straight for Jackson"

"There may be other "names" involved in the case also"

"Another strike is coming"

"important" dates = **7-29 **8-03"

"another "symbolic" strike"

Jackson / 7-29 / other names involved /

8-03 / Wells /

The Symbolic Cases

42 Days & Holding

Starlight Inner-Prizes.Com

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