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Bonnie M. Wells

I'd been doing psychic dream work most of my life, mostly other people's dreams as I didn't have a lot of dreams myself, but "The Medicine Bag" was one of my own dreams.

In the beginning I thought the dream was silly and only mentioned it to my daughter and a couple of my friends. I didn't even write it up or pay anymore attention to it until the night of June 13th {which, coincidentally of course, is not only the birthday of another friend, but is also the anniversary of when Wild Bill and his latest conquest left Little Hocking! I'm still thrilled!} when a friend mentioned the Molly Bish case to me. Then the pieces began to fall into place, and I decided to add this page to my web site.

Before I get to the dream, I want to repeat a short poem that I wrote on The Duplication Of Bonnie Martin-Wells {me} page.


*There are other worlds to conquer,*

*other fish in the sea.......*

*and I'm just glad......*

*he's finally done with me!*


I will get back to this poem at the end of this page: Meanwhile here's a little background info before going to the dream.....

Warren High School

I went through grade school and into high school with a girl named Becky Mays. "Beck" we usually called her .... and I were almost inseparable during those school days. And when we began dating her boyfriend and my boyfriend were the best of friends, so we often double-dated and had a lot of fun together.

In fact, Becky and I both married those boyfriends ..... David Rose for her, and Gary Gordon for me. Both guys had dark hair and eyes; Gary was a couple of inches taller than David and more closely resembled mid eastern heritage than David, who for some reason always reminded me of Mexico and its people. Both marriages eventually ended in divorce, but Beck gave hers much more time, effort and patience than I did. How she tolerated David's constant drinking and women chasing for so many years, I will never know. I admired her courage and determination, but was concerned for her mental and physical health under the circumstances.

After Gary and I divorced, Becky and I didn't see much of each other, so I was surprised when I had a dream about Becky on the night of June 4th....which just happened to be my 27th wedding anniversary to my present husband Mike.

On to the dream ....

The Medicine Bag Dream

I went to visit Becky Mays-Rose, and we stood in her yard and talked about something, but I do not recall the topic.

Suddenly, I looked at Becky and said ....."Beck, I was sorry to hear about David's death."

"Oh, yes, me too," she replied.

"Did you attend the funeral?" I asked.

"No, I didn't know he died until after he was buried," she replied....and almost without pause, added ....

"I really didn't have any choice, Bonnie, I had to dig him up. He was buried up there in the hills by that big rock. I had to have some things for his medicine bag, so I had to dig him up." She explained.

And me ..... being the understanding person that I am !! said .... "Well of course. Did you get what you needed?"

"Yes, I took that necklace that he wore all the time, his ring, and a bone fragment."

******** End of Dream ***********

Before going any further, let me clarify something. As far as I know David Rose is very much alive and well. The last I heard of him he lived in Florida and was doing just fine. I also know Becky well enough to know that even if he did die and she didn't know it, she would never dig him up for any reason!!

Neither Becky nor David are Native American, and the Medicine Bag just did not compute!!

Research & Information

A medicine bag is a small pouch. Usually made of soft deer skin, suede or other leather, the bag is filled with mementos, stones, herbs or other items of significance or importance. According to legend, the items are intended to bring good blessings to its owner. Originally a Native American custom, in recent years the medicine bag has become popular in other cultures too. They are usually worn on the belt or around the neck, but are sometimes used as small handbags, or displayed in homes and vehicles because of their uniqueness and eye-catching style. According to Native legend, a medicine bag's energies are stronger when the bag is worn on the body, but wherever it's placed, the energies that come with it and its contents will surround it.

At no time have I heard of .... nor found any reference to .... a medicine bag being designed for a dead person! This was the first thing that attracted my attention in the dream. You would not take anything from a dead person, but especially a "bone fragment" of the dead person for a medicine bag!

The Dream Identifies The Case

I had to admit that I had not been following the Molly Bish case. I knew the girl disappeared; knew she had not been found, but that was pretty much it. I wasn't aware of her age; the state she disappeared from; what she looked like, or anything else.

I searched the net for some information and came across many articles. Each article could not be displayed here in its entirety, so I have decided to post the important portions, including partial quotes, here. Following each section, will be an explanation of the clue words.

PS: Key words or "clues" will appear in {this} color, and will be explained following the news articles.

Molly Anne Bish

Bits & Pieces From Various News Reports

Molly Anne Bish was abducted on "June 27", 2000 from Comins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts: Molly was a lifeguard at the pond and was16 years old at the time of her abduction:

** Beck's middle name is Ann / Using the name Becky instead of Rebbecca, her maiden initials were ... B. A. M. / Molly's were ... M. A. B.

**Becky and I were teenagers when we attended Warren High School:


The investigation has led back to the day Molly Anne disappeared. / Whoever took the girl had only a five- or 10-minute window of opportunity. / Mrs. Bish dropped Molly Anne off at the pond around 9:45 a.m. By the time swimmers arrived minutes later, she was gone.

**There is a natural pond or cove that joins the property where Becky lives .... and has lived all her life. It opens into the Ohio River:


05/20/2003: A weathered blue bathing suit, possibly the first piece of physical evidence in the case of missing Warren lifeguard Molly Anne Bish, has been found in a remote wooded area here near the town lines of Warren and Palmer. / "I got the call at school," said Magdalen M. Bish, Molly's mother. "I felt like there were no legs underneath me." / Magdalen Bish was the last person to see Molly after dropping off the 16-year-old at the secluded pond the day she vanished. The blond, blue-eyed teen left behind her shoes and backpack and an open first-aid kit, leading investigators to believe someone may have feigned injury to get her attention before she disappeared. Police have based their continuing investigation on the premise she was abducted:

** Becky drives a "school" bus

** I have blond hair and blue eyes

** "first aid kit" = Medicine Bag

** buried up there in the hills, by that big rock:


05/21/2003: A State Police search of a heavily wooded area off West Warren Road for missing Warren lifeguard Molly Anne Bish will kick off today. /Ricky J. Boudreau found the swimsuit last year but did not make the possible connection to the Bish case until last week. /Boudreau said he was scouting an elusive 10-point buck, hoping to bring the trophy deer home last bow-hunting season, when he spotted the blue fabric on the ground near a cliff about 100 yards from the road opposite the Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club. /Later, he told his sister that he thought it "was lingerie" and forgot about it until an acquaintance and aspiring author, Timothy S. McGuigan, read him the opening chapter of his book last week.

** I admit, this is a stretch, but I couldn't resist ....look at the name Boudreau first name is Bonnie, and I had a dream. Take the 2 U's in the name Boudreau and put them side by side and turn them upside down .... they form an M...."Bo - dream / Bonnie's dream. Medicine bags are usually made of "deer" hide: Native American's usually hunted with a bow. And "cliff = up there in the hills." Also, of note worthiness is the name Nenameseck. My friend's name's Beck! Oh, and if you take the remaining Ne and attach it to the Bo we started out with, you have Bone. Okay, I'll straighten up now.


McGuigan, a former policeman, has been researching the disappearance of Holly Piirainen, a 10-year-old Grafton girl who was abducted almost 10 years ago while visiting her grandparents in Sturbridge. He has a theory about who killed Piirainen, and said there are similarities that might link her case with Molly's.

Both girls had blond hair, and had Piirainen lived, she would have been almost the same age as Molly Bish at the time of Bish's disappearance. Piirainen's body was found by a hunter in Brimfield 2 months after her abduction.

When McGuigan read aloud the opening chapter of his book about Piirainen, the line describing Molly's abduction triggered Boudreau's memory.

"I said, 'I found a bathing suit,'" said Boudreau, adding that he figured Bish would have worn a red or orange suit, as do many lifeguards. "The one I found, it was blue."

McGuigan wanted to go to the site that night, but Boudreau convinced him to wait until it was light. The next day, they set out over the rocky, steep terrain, and Boudreau easily located the garment.

The pair called the State Police, left the area, and flagged down a Ware patrolman. He went back to the site and staked out the bathing suit. State troopers went there the next day, and retrieved the suit.

The swimsuit was taken to the State Police crime laboratory in Sudbury for testing.

McGuigan said the bathing suit was in recognizable condition, and fit the description of the blue-and-white Nike suit Molly was wearing when she disappeared.

** Becky was a cheer-leader at Warren High School. Her cheer leading outfit was blue and white.


McGuigan and Boudreau said they saw no sign of the pink tank top or plaid flannel shorts Molly was wearing when her mother dropped her off at Comins Pond in Warren on the morning of June 27, 2000. / Molly's father, John J. Bish, said he has known McGuigan for some time because they worked on cases together at the Western Worcester County District Court in East Brookfield, where Bish is a probation officer. Bish said he is grateful that Boudreau mentioned the find to the former lawman.

Bish had pored over McGuigan's files on the Piirainen case a few weeks ago, and told McGuigan to go forward with his book, which also touches on the Bish case.

"This needs to be put out there; it needs to be published," Bish said. "Our family is grateful."

Bish said it is ironic that Holly and Molly are again being linked. When Holly disappeared, Molly penned a letter to her family.

"I am very sorry. I wish I could make it up to you," 10-year-old Molly wrote to the Piirainen family. "I hope they found her."

Molly's letter resurfaced a few years ago after Maureen Lemieux, Holly's grandmother, called the Bishes to offer support.

"It's ironic," Bish added, "that Molly wrote a letter to her family. There's no doubt it's crossed our minds (that the cases could be connected)."

5/28/2003: By Kim Ring


The blue and white bathing suit has been sent to Bode Technology Group in Springfield, Va., a private laboratory capable of doing the sophisticated testing needed when working from degraded DNA samples./

** In the dream we saw mention of a "ring," and I've already said in school Becky's cheer leading outfit was blue & while:

News that the swimsuit was sent out of state for testing didn't sit well with local legislators who are hoping there will be enough money in the state's Fiscal Year '04 budget to add to the state police crime laboratory's staff and speed the DNA testing process here. / "Money is always an issue," Brewer said. "But to remove monsters from our midst, the cost is justifiable." /


05/27/2003 By Kim Ring..Staff writer

"From where the bathing suit was found, a quarter mile out, 360 degrees," said John J. Kelly of New Jersey-based System to Apprehend Lethal Killers Inc. "If it's her bathing suit, they'll find something." / Kelly said he's familiar with the Bish case and believes that if a serial killer took Molly and the case follows the most common patterns, the search should focus on areas near water. / Some killers take advantage of water to get rid of evidence. Others, who may have some religious affiliation, may see it as cleansing, he said. / Kelly said searchers should look in swamps or bodies of water near where the bathing suit was found:

06/01/2003 The Republican / WARREN

The discovery of a hair tie attached to a clump of light colored hair, found by a local fisherman on her final cast of the day, prompted an expanded search for Molly Anne Bish yesterday / Mary Jane Adam reeled the band in Wednesday as she fished for trout. / Adam, who has lived in West Warren for about 25 years, said she turned the evidence over to state police at around noon Friday after she saw a detective standing outside the Warren Police Department. Adam was returning home from getting an inspection sticker for her 1995 Suzuki motorcycle when she saw the detective and decided to tell him about her find.

"He was interested. He asked me to go home and get it," she said. Adam, 45, had left the bag on the front seat of her 1998 Jeep Cherokee and said she might have thrown it away had she not seen the detective.

** {Our local} "Warren school" team is called the Warren Warriors: Native American's had "warriors": Cherokee is a Native American tribe: Again, we are reminded of a medicine bag, only this time, it's a little plastic bag inside a vehicle, and I'm betting the items belong to Molly Bish, just as the items belonged to "the dead person" in the dream.


By Kim Ring - Staff writer


Searchers yesterday discovered a human arm bone belonging to a person approximately the age of missing Warren lifeguard Molly Anne Bish, just 500 feet from the location of a weathered bathing suit resembling the one she wore when she disappeared nearly three years ago. / Conte said the arm bone was found just after 1 p.m. "along the same line as the bathing suit." The swimsuit was about 50 feet from the road and about two miles from Comins Pond, where Molly was working when she disappeared / well-weathered bone discovered yesterday ...../ "I'm sure it was buried at one time," he said.

** In the dream, Becky and I stood in her yard, about 50 feet from the road, and talked: She lives about two miles from me: Notice the date of the dream, and the date a "bone" was first mentioned in connection to Molly's case: Also of great interest is the fact that there is speculation that the bone {perhaps the entire body} was buried at some point and had been dug up: This is exactly what was stated in the dream: Also, the time period ..... neither Becky nor I seemed to know exactly when the death/funeral had occurred, but it had obviously been awhile: Molly has been missing almost exactly 3 years:



Probers Go Through Bish Finds

By Kim Ring Staff writer

Warren, Massachusetts

Investigators in the Molly Anne Bish case are evaluating evidence and deciding which items they'll send to the state police crime laboratory for further testing, District Attorney John J. Conte said yesterday.

Conte said officers searching the woods off West Warren Road in Palmer where Bish's remains were recovered recently have gathered up so many potential pieces of evidence that it's necessary to choose only the most significant finds for further study and to hold on to other material that might be needed as the case progresses.

Some of the materials gathered, Conte said, may not belong to Bish. Those items might prove useful in the investigation as detectives try to find the lifeguard's killer, he said.

"We do have other materials that have not gone to the lab," Conte said. "Materials other than those related to Molly."

Investigators targeted the area known as Whiskey Hill after a hunter reported last month that he'd seen a blue bathing suit there six months earlier:

Conte would not confirm reports that a tongue ring was found during the search, but he did say that not a day has passed without some potential evidence being recovered.

John J. Bish said police did talk with him about a tongue ring, but he could not confirm whether one had been found. He recalled that he took his daughter to Worcester to have her tongue pierced only after she made the honor roll and signed a contract that said, "she'd never get another piercing until she was 45 years old.

"Looking back, I'm glad we did that," Bish said. "She loved that tongue ring. Her friends were getting everything pierced, and I didn't want her to do that."

Since learning that their daughter was dead, the Bishes have been planning a memorial service for Molly.

This concludes the "news clippings" portion of this page: I will now go back to the dream and the dictionary:

Special Notes & Research:


Flowers For Each Month:


January: Carnation

February: Iris

March: Daffodil

April: Daisy

May: Lily-of-the-Valley

June: Rose

July: Sunflower

August: Gladiolus

September: Aster

October: Snapdragon

November: Chrysanthemum

December: Orchid


"The rose is the flower for June."

Molly disappeared in "the month of the rose!"


Dictionary / Dream


Massachusetts 1. "at the big hill" .... with reference to the Blue Hills near Boston: / 2. a member of a tribe of Algonquian Indians who lived around Massachusetts Bay.

Dream: "Up there in the hills" .... "by that big rock."


Plymouth "Rock" A boulder {big rock} at Plymouth, Massachusetts where the pilgrims who sailed on the "Mayflower" are said to have landed:

Dream: I believe the dream pinpoints "Plymouth." This may be a Plymouth vehicle which is involved in Molly's disappearance; or perhaps her killer lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, originally came from there, or, perhaps he is a man in a {white - Lily of The Valley} Plymouth, who only visited the area!

The Massachusetts state flower is the Mayflower.


Mayflower: The Pilgrims named their ship after the Mayflower because the pink and white flowers of this plant were known to represent hope. An old English saying is that when the Mayflower blooms, it's time to "put away one's winter clothes and let thoughts rove happily ahead." Appropriately, the Mayflower was adopted as the official State Flower on May Day, May 1, 1918. Unfortunately, though, the flower is becoming rare and is considered endangered.


Mayflower is also "emphasized" within the dream, but is not as noticeable as some other things: Becky's maiden name was "Mays" ..... her married name is/was .... "Rose." If you look at the two together you can plainly see ....May and flower. Also of some interest is the fact that my middle name is May, and my last name is Wells. When I think of Becky and me .... our names together .... I am, once again reminded of the Pilgrims, Plymouth Bay, water and flowers and the month of May: It is possible that whoever killed Molly had been watching her for a month or so before he made his move in June: I believe he remains in the state of Massachusetts:The first evidence of Molly's remains were discovered in the month of May.


Reference To "The Necklace"

The news clippings and all other research has failed to produce any reference to one item that was in the dream. That item is a necklace. Every other scrap of information within the dream has now "panned-out" within the reality of Molly's case.....even the word ring because it is the name of the reporter who wrote most of the articles I copied and put on this page. There is also the very strong possibility that as other things have a dual meaning so does the ring. Special Note: As of 6-18 we may have the "dual meaning" of the word "ring." Her killer may very well be a *married man. If so, I'm guessing he has three children. I have one and Becky has two children. Together, we have three. There is yet another possibility .... Molly's killer has *murdered "three or more" people. That would make him a *serial killer.

David's middle name is Lee. I know another David.... a young man whose father is nearly as twisted as they come ..... this boy's middle name is Todd: (7/19/2012 Note: 4-17 is a number directly connected to the 'fall' of the man I mentioned here. On page 3 of Molly's story I will show how it also connects to, and reveals another 'suspected serial killer.' )

In recent weeks we have seen the arrest of Derrick "Todd Lee" for a series of murders in Louisiana. He is a serial killer. In my humble opinion, Massachusetts has a serial killer on their hands and *I believe he is responsible for the murders of both Molly and Holly. His other victim's names may also rhyme with these, as it has been my experience that these killers operate on certain code words and numbers. Investigators should also look at last names in their search, because these will work as well as first names:

I believe that when this killer is found, a "trophy case" {may be a small bag of some type} will be found and inside it will be the personal belongings of the victims ...... perhaps even a necklace belonging to Molly Bish, although I do not know if such has been reported as missing. It might have disappeared "before" Molly did. (2012 note: see page 3 )

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 By Holly Angelo: A new sketch by renowned artist Jeanne M. Boylan has led detectives investigating the June 27 disappearance of lifeguard Molly Anne Bish back to two original suspects. The sketch was released by Worcester County District Attorney John J. Conte at a press conference at the Holiday Inn here yesterday.

One Final News Clipping

The family has said they are planning a memorial service for Molly on Aug. 2, 2003, the day that should have been her 20th birthday.

** Becky's birthday is also in the month of August:

Now, we will go back to the poem that I copied from The Duplication Of {me}, and I will show my readers how incredibly strange this little rhyme turned out to be ....

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Bonnie M. Wells

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