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Molly's Father Speaks

John J. Bish said police did talk with him about a tongue ring, but he could not confirm whether one had been found. He recalled that he took his daughter to Worcester to have her tongue pierced only after she made the honor roll and signed a contract that said, "she'd never get another piercing until she was 45 years old.

"Looking back, I'm glad we did that," Bish said. "She loved that tongue ring. Her friends were getting everything pierced, and I didn't want her to do that."

Since learning that their daughter was dead, the Bishes have been planning a memorial service for Molly.

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Now, before closing this page {again}, we will go back to the poem that I copied from The Duplication Of {me}, and I will show my readers how incredibly strange this little rhyme turned out to be ....

*There are other worlds to conquer,*

*other fish in the sea.......*

*and I'm just glad......*

*he's finally done with me!*

Poem, line number one: There are other worlds to conquer.

Isn't it exciting and mysterious that Massachusetts was where the pilgrims landed when they sailed to "the new world!" Could this line have been directing my attention to Massachusetts and those who hailed from the "other world" .... the old world?

And of course, I don't suppose anyone could possibly think of the state of Massachusetts without thinking of one of the "oldest families" there .... people who have "conquered" many a world in their time .... people with a monarch named Rose .... and a rose named Kennedy ....

No, I can't think of any given family that embodies the "old world ... the pilgrims ... and Massachusetts" any more than the Kennedy family.

And, for those who think that I might have written the poem after I learned of Molly's disappearance and therefore am trying to pull some underhanded stunt, I only have this to say. Book Ten-A of Pure Coincidence is already written. It was written two years before Molly Bish disappeared, and has been posted on this web site for a long time.

Poem, line number two: Other fish in the sea.

Isn't a "Molly/Mollie" a fish? Massachusetts is on the "sea" / ocean .... If you take the letter " f " from fish, and invert it, then fill in the area from the middle to the top {bottom after its inverted} it sure looks a lot like the letter "b" ..... Molly's last name is "Bish / bish/fish." Thus, we can see "fish in the sea" ..... "A Molly where the new world was conquered"... Massachusetts!"

Poem, line number three: And I'm just glad...

This area was so exciting for me! I honestly think it identifies Molly in a more definite way than the other two lines before it! How? Remember Molly's birthday? It is August 2nd.....right? Remember the flower of the month section I did? What's the flower for August? Gladiolus!! Do you see the i ; do you see "us" in just? Do you see the "glad" in Gladiolus? Gladiolus - Gladiolus What's left? Only the word "And" from the very beginning of the line, and the letters "O and L" from the word Gladiolus.

A N D O L / scramble the letters. Do you see the words Old and An? Isn't it strange that Molly's middle name is Anne, and her birthday is in August? She would have been 17 years "old" on August 2nd, 2000. Have I come up with the girl's entire name .... Molly An{ne} Bish and the month of her birth? Did I come up with something else that I wasn't the least bit aware of? Check out the date that I posted the updated Duplication Of {me} page! I posted it on August 3rd ...... which meant that on the night of August 2nd.... Molly's birthday I was at my computer writing a short poem that I didn't have a clue revealed anything about a missing girl in the state of Massachusetts!

Poem, line number four: He's finally done with me!

On my duplication page I showed how Wild Bill had duplicated or symbolically replaced almost everything in my life....including me personally. I told how the project had required a new job, three women, three vehicles, etc. etc. until he had duplicated me in his own life. The final piece of his duplication puzzle was the "blond" who lived in Little Hocking and drove the white car.

When Wild Bill moved in with "Neon Woman" he still owned the old bike and trailer. {As far as I know he still has both}

Regardless, by 2000 he had a new motor cycle .... a white, 3 wheeler / Honda Trike ..... and he was finally done with me.


This page is dedicated to the memory of Molly Anne Bish

Though I knew her not capture of her killer is my wish

For this - to God I pray

Send forth Molly's guardian angel to guide the way

Comfort her family and friends

And let them know even far away the battle never ends.

Places to contact with information regarding the disappearance of Molly. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit: 508-832-9124


Worcester County District Attorney's office: 508-755-8601

Warren Police Department: 413-436-9595 or 800-808-9677


Has Molly's Killer Been Found?

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