Mothman & The BMW

Mothman And The BMW


Bonnie M. Wells

The Shawnee Chief

Legend had it that Shawnee Chief Cornstalk had put a 200 year curse on Point Pleasant and surrounding areas. I didn't know much about Cornstalk......wasn't even sure how a man would come to be called "cornstalk," but I knew my bloodline went back on the Shawnee side to Running Bear. And after listening to strange and unusual stories while growing up, I had little doubt that a curse might well have been called down by an old Indian who had been betrayed. Old Indians .... male or female .... didn't like to be betrayed!

I'd known of more than one squaw to go on the war path because she had been betrayed by white men she trusted!

The Mothman

Now whether "The Moth Man" of Point Pleasant had anything to do with this old Indian curse or not, I didn't have a clue. All I knew was that I'd seen a movie advertised about the Mothman sightings and I'd mentioned it to a few friends and said I'd like to see it. Then I promptly forgot about it just like I did every movie that I said I wanted to see. I wasn't much for watching tv and seldom went to a movie theater. Seemed I was always outside with my animals or inside writing or working in the house.

A Dream

In early December of 2001 I had an unusual dream. It involved a search for one of my friends, a country setting, me riding a horse, a big city news reporter and my little dog Copper...."Cop" for short.

The dream hadn't made much sense to me and so I didn't bother writing it down or doing anything with it except telling a few friends about it.

A Cop Named John

Around the middle of December Sindee called and reported a dream that she'd had the night before.

She dreamed that a man's voice had instructed her to tell me that.....John Winstanley, a Washington County Cop had a message for me and was waiting for me in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

We laughed about the dream and wondered what Winstanley could possibly have to tell me and why he'd go all the way to Point Pleasant and wait for me there. It was cute, and soon forgotten just like most of our dreams now days. I didn't send much to the cops anymore. I figured they had their "psychic" and as far as I was concerned they could keep her.

2013 Note: 'Their' psychic died on February 12, 2013:

January 25th, 2002

The movie....Mothman Prophecies .... came to theaters on January 25th, 2002. I didn't go to see it.

My sister (Patty) was now driving semi-trucks. Ahhhhh, the girl was something. Pretty, smart and extremely talented with a real zest for life. Her kids were pretty well grown now except for Caleb and even he was a teenager now. LeLanea and Amber were both beautiful girls with careers in the modeling world.

It seemed while I stayed home and did the "psychic" work that always seemed to involve my entire family in some way, the rest of my family (what was left of it) went ahead and learned how to do a little bit of everything. My brother Charlee was a union rep, just as his father, grandfather, uncles, cousins and older brother Mike had been. But it was Patty who caused the most heads to shake. Always a rebel (like her older sister!) she was a licensed heavy equipment operator and had helped build the new bridge in St. Mary's, West Virginia a few years back. She was also a licensed Beautician like my daughter Christina, and now she was a licensed truck driver and kept those 18 wheels a-rolling!

Hey, Meet Me Out Front

"Hey, get Copper and meet me out front. I'm heading for Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and I thought you'd like to ride along," Patty chirped over her cell phone.

"Okay," I replied as I scribbled a note for Mike. Poor man never knew what he was coming home to. Living with me had to be like living in the Twilight Zone. He never knew if I was racing off to identify a dream (which I have no trouble in doing, I might add ..... not like some who roam around the same areas for years on end and never identify their little dreams!).... or if I'd be out tracking killers .... or home and "acting" normal! Either way, he knew life was never really "normal" around me!

"Went to Point Pleasant with Patty," I scribbled, as I heard the truck come to a stop in front of my house. I grabbed Copper's long leash.... just in case .... and off we went.

Actually, January 25th was a very nice day in our area. We rode with the windows down most of the way. Only Copper was cold, so I took my black leather jacket off and covered her up on the seat beside me. She always went with me, regardless of how cold (or hot) it was. About the only time she stayed behind was if it was hot outside and I had to be out of the car for more than ten minutes. Then I left her home. Otherwise, I left the car running and the air conditioner on for her. Pampered Pup! Everyone in the area knew her.

Washington County Cruiser On 613

Patty and I talked about the Mothman Prophecies movie as we traveled that day, and I told her about Sindee's dream and how strange I thought it was to now be going to Point Pleasant. I'd had no plans on going there. I thought it was unusual so I decided to keep an eye out for whatever "the message" might be.

The only thing I saw that day that I considered a little unusual was a Washington County Sheriff's cruiser coming out of a road with the number 613 on it. 6-13 was my friend Judy's birthday. Still, this was not "strange enough" to satisfy me, so I promptly dismissed it.

January 28th,2002

My mother had been dead and buried for five years today. Sometimes it didn't seem that long .... other times it seemed like an eternity.

I was working on the computer into the late night hours of January 28th and early morning hours of the 29th. Sindee came on line around midnight or so, and we chatted back and forth on ICQ as we worked on other things.

It must have been around four in the morning when I first noticed the slight tingling on the left side of my body. I mentioned it to Sindee, but kept on working. Finally I decided to go upstairs and get something to drink. As soon as I stood up I knew something wasn't right .... but hell, I ain't never been "right" about anything, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

I let Copper out for a few minutes and made a trip into the bathroom to look into the mirror. Yep, something strange going on allright. The left eye didn't blink when the right one did. The left side of my face looked a little strange .....well, stranger than usual....and my lips were numb.

I came back to the computer and informed Sindee that I believed I'd had a stroke .....and I wasn't talking a "stroke of luck" here, either! Poor Sindee. She must feel like Mike feels. None of them could ever do anything with me. She tried to get me to go to the hospital, but I decided not to. I'd just wait until my doctor opened for the day and just go out to see him. I never gave "driving" a single thought. Not until I called the doctor's office and was told to get my butt there immediately and NOT to drive myself!

Well, to make a long, boring story short .... I had indeed suffered a stroke and the doctor sent my hide to the hospital where Sindee wanted me to go in the first place! Word spread like wild fire and within hours almost every person I knew was crammed into the hospital room. I seemed to be the only one still laughing though! They were a very serious group of people, but it didn't take me too long to cheer them up a little! I was hopeless. Death was never a fear to me, because the Bible says we are never "dead" to God, and the way I figure it, he's the only one who really matters anyway! I wasn't afraid of dying .... I was afraid I'd never figure out the message that Winstanley had for me in Point Pleasant!

"Crazy damned woman," Patty sputtered when I made that comment.

I spent a few days in the hospital and then went for a cat scan and MRI to determine the extent of the stroke damage and to see exactly where it had occurred.

Nothing .....absolutely nothing showed up on any of the tests. My doctor was shocked. The nurses couldn't believe it and my family and friends all looked at one another a little strangely. I still wasn't talking correctly, the eye still didn't blink, the face was still paralyzed and I wasn't walking right, but now the medical world had confirmed what I'd been saying all along ..... "I'm okay. There is nothing wrong with me!"

And so I have been. Oh, I'm a little slower ....I think, than before .... but not mentally. Mentally I'm just as quick as ever (some always did say I was slow!) and I still want to know what the message from that cop is!

The Mothman Prophecies

July 4th, 2002

My grandson Joshua wanted to get some movies to watch since the family had decided none of us were attending any functions for the holiday.

One of the movies selected was The Mothman Prophecies. Within seconds of the beginning of the movie I realized there was something mighty strange going on.

The first thing I noticed was that John was a reporter from a big city who worked for The Washington Post. So naturally I thought of my dream, as well as John Winstanley, a Washington County Cop.

John's wife's name was "Mary," which made me think of Winstanley again because he and I have the same wedding anniversary !! which I didn't even know until just recently!

Next came the name Gordon .... well, the first guy I married was named Gordon .... Gary Gordon.

I noticed that in the story, John's wife Mary suffered and died from a brain tumor. This made me think about the "stroke I'd just had in January," ..... granted it was not a tumor but it was a "head" type thing. Still, Mike said I was "grasping at straws on this one" so we can sort of discount that if we want to.

The Mothman appeared to Gordon and told him his name was Indred Could or Cold, I'm not sure which. Just made me think ...."In dread of cold ... or in dead of cold weather."

Then along came a cop named Connie which is awfully close to Bonnie. Her last name was "Parker" which only reminded me of "Bonnie" again because of Clyde Barrows and Bonnie Parker! She and John became pretty close friends during his trips to Point Pleasant.

Gordon had some kind of a spell in which he thought he had a brain tumor or something wrong with his head. Doctors examined him and ran tests but found nothing wrong, but he was sure there was something wrong. A short time later he was found dead by a big tree. Man just sat down and died. Damdest thing I ever saw.

The reporter (John) went back to his big city job, and the cop called him with a message. She said it was Christmas Eve and she asked him to join her and her family in Point Pleasant.

Connie had a dream in which she had been "under water and unconscious. A voice called to her and said ....."Wake up number 37." She told John about the dream and said she didn't understand it.

John had a strange experience of his own while at a hotel. He received a "wake-up call" at 6:13 am. He had not requested a wake-up call.

John decided to return to Point Pleasant and spend Christmas with Connie and her family. He was on his way when he attempted to cross the Silver Bridge. Connie too was on the bridge. John suddenly realized that some of the warnings the Mothman had been giving pertained to that bridge collapsing. He frantically tried to get the people off the bridge. So did Connie. The bridge cables snapped and John stood helplessly by as Connie's vehicle plunged into the icy waters below.

He dove into the water and swam down to her vehicle. She was unconscious. He retrieved her from the vehicle and took her back to safety. She was told that she would have been victim number 37 if John had not saved her. She and John both looked at one another and said...."Wake up number 37!"

The movie portrayed the bridge as collapsing at or around 6:13pm.

Mid December Dream

I found the movie amazing, and thought about it for days after watching it. Still, there was a couple of things that bothered me. Why did Sindee have her dream in mid-December instead of at Christmas time?

Why did I go to Point Pleasant with Patty ..... whose birthday is December 12th?

Mike said I was being rediculous......again. I was always ridiculous. Didn't matter to me. I went in search of the answers.

A Man Named John

The reporters real name was John Klein. He worked for the Washington Post.

The Silver Bridge was one of three bridges in the entire world which was built with the suspension system that it had. The only other one in the United States was in St. Mary's, West Virginia !! And I had my "Patty" answer.

Although the movie portrayed the bridge collapsing on Christmas Eve, this was not correct. According to records, the Silver Bridge collapsed on December 15th 1967 ..... and now I understood the date of Sindee's dream.

And I thought about the Lone Ranger and how he rode a horse named Silver, and how I've driven silver/gray vehicles for years and years now. And I've decided I was supposed to watch the Mothman movie. Not because I have ever seen the creature ..... not because I may ever seen him, but simply to show me that "messages" come in many ways. But we must be alert and willing to see what we are looking at. If we shrug everything off, then we may end up like many of the unfortunate people who were on the Silver Bridge that fateful day.

Many have advised me that they believe the Mothman was/is an evil omen. Others have said they believe him to be an angel. I have no opinion either way for I do not believe it is up to me to debate the issue. All I think at this point and time is ..... If his warnings had been heeded, perhaps no one would have died. And if "the cop" and "the reporter" had figured things out in time, perhaps much could have been prevented.

Who Will Come To The Others Aide?

And back here in the "real" world ..... A woman named "Parker" is an acquaintance of "the reporter," and the "cop" is a man named "John."

Guess it just goes to show how incredibly strange life can sometimes be. Then again ..... perhaps "the bridge" is the message after all. Sooner or later the "bridge" must fall. Only question is ..... will it stay "reversed?" Will "the reporter" rescue the cop ..... or will the "cop" come to the aide of "the reporter?"

Time will tell ..... and then, so will I.

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