46,000 New Yorkers To Lose Unemployment Insurance

In these hard economic times, New York City's unemployment rate is currently just over 10 percent. Unemployment insurance is a stop-gap measure that gives those not working a buffer against poverty, yet such benefits are ending for tens of thousands of New Yorkers.

One out of ten people in New York is out of work, according to a recent survey. Terry Stovall is one of them.

"It's a daily struggle. Sometimes I have my good moments. Sometimes I have my bad moments," he told CBS 2.

Stovall, an unemployed tractor-trailer driver, said he recently received his last unemployment check.

"It used to be a time where a driver could get work one, two, three. It's not like that anymore," he said.

Compounding the problem is that long-term unemployment benefits, lasting 99 weeks, expire this week. That will affect 23,000 people in the city and 46,000 people in the state.

"It's unprecedented, absolutely," said John Moye of the New York Labor Department. "It's a reflection of the economic challenges we're facing in the country, particularly in our state."

The department has set up one-stop career centers to help the unemployed get back into the workforce.

"Help them with job applications and help them with resume writing. Retrain them. Get them back to work," said Moye.

It's also helping the unemployed with home heating assistance, food stamps, and health insurance for children.

Joseph Murray, who's spent 40 years with the labor department, handles hotel jobs.

"It's beginning to pick up," he told CBS 2.

The labor department said other employment areas looking up include tourism and green jobs for homes and apartments, like insulation and windows.

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