The Dream


The Nightmare



Bonnie M. Wells



Dream Title:

Darlene & Tammy:

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of dream: July 31, 2005:

Time awoke from dream: 5:55 am.


My friend Darlene and her daughter Tammy came to visit me, brought a basket of laundry and a dark haired, good looking attorney named Rick.

At first Rick was nice, but before long began teasing Darlene, picking on her, tugging at her sleeve, poking her gently in the ribs, tugging at her hair as she tried to talk to Tammy and me. As she tried to ignore him, his playful manner became increasingly rough.

Suddenly Rick's attention swung from Darlene to me as he blurted out that "he had seen me down at Pomeroy, Ohio one time, and that he had followed me on his motor cycle to see where I went. He said I went into a drug store and bought something for my hair, and then quickly added - "not coloring, but some kind of conditioner or strengthener." He seemed proud of the fact that he saw me, but I didn't see him.

His behavior became stranger and stranger as the minutes ticked by. Darlene was frightened and although Tammy continued working on the laundry, I could tell she was terrified. I slipped out of the room and went upstairs where there was 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom had wooden, folding doors on it, and I stepped into the room and hooked the eye-hook on the door. It wasn't very strong and I wondered if it would stop Rick.

I could hear Darlene coming up the steps, and knew she was scuffling with Rick as she screamed for me to "open the door, let me in!" Tammy remained in the background, crying and pleading with Rick.

Just before reaching the door, Darlene escaped Rick's grasp and fled back down the steps to the downstairs laundry room which had an outside door. The next thing I knew, he hit the folding doors right in the center and busted the small latch and I was standing face to face with him.

I began to talk to Rick and try to divert his attention.

I reminded him that it was getting dark, Tammy was probably finished with his laundry by now, and he needed to go get it and go home.

He went back down the steps and I picked up a stone from an outdoor type display at the top of the steps. Just as I drew back, intending to hurl the rock at him, Rick pulled out a pistol and shot at me. I ducked and the shot missed me, so I threw the rock as hard as I could at him, but missed him too.

Rick was acting really crazy.... pointing the gun in all directions, as if he intended to shoot the first thing that moved.

Tammy continued to fold Rick's clothing. I saw one long sleeved denim shirt and a pair of jeans before Darlene began screaming for help again and distracted my attention.

Suddenly my little dog Copper was there, and she was barking at Rick. This seemed to anger him and he said he was going upstairs to get a shotgun and he was going to kill her!

I kept saying - "Mike will be home soon," but it seemed like I knew he wouldn't.

Tammy finished the laundry and began carrying it outside.

Just as Rick came back into the room, my grandson, Joshua came in the door and Copper darted out. I screamed at Josh, Darlene and Tammy to get out of the house and run for the neighbors. Josh turned immediately and went after Copper.

Just as Rick entered the room, I ran out the door and after Copper and Josh. I saw Copper but didn't see Josh.

Rick was carrying the shotgun pointed in front of him and ready to fire. I knew he'd kill any of us he saw.

Suddenly I found Copper, scooped her up and quickly moved beyond the circle of light that was cast by a dusk to dawn light. I knew the light would prevent Rick from seeing into the darkness beyond it.

"Shhhhhh" I whispered to Copper.

I stayed low to the ground and real quiet as I watched Rick scan the darkness, and eventually look directly at us, but I was hoping he couldn't see us.

I awoke at 5:55 am, while wondering where Joshua, Darlene and Tammy were.




Tragic Accident

A Reminder Of Sport's

Dangerous Nature


Gazette Staff Writer

Monday's [November 28th, 2005 ] tragic accident in Vinton County [Ohio] in which a 15-year-old boy shot and killed his 12-year-old brother is a grim reminder of the dangers that can exist when children hunt.

Noah Gillogly was hunting with his brother, Nick, 15, around 5:30 p.m. Monday near the family's home in Vinton County when the accident happened. Noah, who was shot in the neck, was pronounced dead at O'Bleness Memorial Hospital in nearby Athens, said Scott Jenkinson, Athens County coroner.

Such accidents don't have to happen, according to those familiar with hunting and firearms.

Gun safety starts at home, said Ray Blair, owner of the R and R Gun Shop on Turner Road and the father of three teenage deer hunters - one of which started to hunt at the age of 10.

"I started teaching my children early in gun safety with the primary thing being making sure they are sure of their targets," he said. "Right now, my daughter, Ashleah, actually lets animals go if she feels the slightest bit unsure of her target. She knows there can be no mistakes. Once that bullet leaves the barrel, there's no taking it back. That's why I tell them all to make sure when you shoot, it's right."

Charlie Stone, an investigator with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, said it appears Monday's accident occurred when the teenager mistook his brother for game. Both boys were wearing hunters' orange and carrying 12-gauge shotguns, Stone said. They were about 200 feet apart when the shot was fired.

Hunting is a favorite pastime for families for many reasons.

"It is something my grandfather started with my father and my father started with me," said Blair, who regularly deer hunts with his children, Thomas, 15, Ashleah, 16, and Raymond, 19. "We enjoy being in the woods together. There is no television, no cell phones and no cable. We see wildlife up close and personal and we love it - especially the laughs we get when a squirrel or chipmunk runs up and scares us because we think it's a deer."

The Blairs are not alone.

Hunting is increasing in popularity around the state with the sales of youth licenses steadily growing during the past three years from 34,459 in 2002 to 39,491 in 2003 to 41,562 in 2004.

The Division of Wildlife also estimates 15,000 young hunters took to the fields and forests last weekend during the third annual Youth Deer-Gun Season. Hunters 17 and younger successfully took 31 percent more deer than in 2004, killing 8,722 deer in the special two-day season.

(Roberson can be reached at 772-9376 or via e-mail at


Darlene & Tammy


Noah Gillogly was my friend Darlene's grandson: His mother is her daughter Tammy:

The house in my dream was not 'my' house, although in the dream I thought it was.

The house was actually a new house that Tammy and her husband had purchased and moved into just weeks before Noah was shot and killed:

In the dream, the person with the gun was Rick - in reality his name was Nick:

Rick can be a nickname for Richard: Nick of course is a nickname for Nicholas:

In the dream, the shooter was Rick - a lawyer from Meigs County, Ohio: Darlene and Tammy live several miles from me - down toward Meigs County:

I kept saying that 'Mike' would be home soon, but it was as if I knew he wouldn't:

Noah was killed on November 28th, 2005:

We buried my brother - Richard Michael Martin - on November 28th, 1986: [Darlene knew Mike and came to the funeral home to see him - as did most of her brothers. We all went to school together as children.]

Noah had two dogs with him: His brother saw the dogs and thought they were young deer:

Tammy was in the laundry room when she heard Nick shoot: He yelled that he had gotten the mother deer, and asked if she wanted him to shoot the young one's too:

Tammy came out of the house and immediately became frantic because she knew Noah and the dogs were across the road, in the very field that Nick had just shot into:

Noah was wearing the same type of clothing that was in my dream:

The DNR agent who investigated the shooting is Charley Stone [remember, I threw the stone at Rick / Charley Stone is not a 'lawyer' as in the dream, but is a 'lawman' none the less]

In the dream, it was too dark outside for Rick to get a clear shot at any of us: In reality, at 5:30 pm on November 28th, it is obviously too dark for anyone to get a clear shot at a deer even from a mere 200 feet away - since Nick mistook his brother and his own dogs for deer:

Apparently, as in the dream - Nick saw Noah - but Noah didn't see him -- otherwise I'm sure the boy would have given his brother some indication that he was not a deer!

The dusk to dawn light in the dream signifies the permitted 'hunting' times:

The time I awoke from the dream is symbolic in two ways: State Route 555 is where I live, and the shooting incident occurred at or about 5:30 pm:

My grandson and Darlene's grandson both have biblical names: Joshua comes from Jesus while Noah was the name of one of God's most faithful servants .... Noah, who believed and obeyed God when the rest of the world laughed and made fun of him. Noah - the old man who took all God's creatures into the ark so they would be safe from harm.

Looking back, I can see that the dream was a warning - sent several months in advance - and involving the very people that were in the dream. But as in the days of the original Noah, so it was this time too.


From The Church Of Latter Day Saints:

Noah is one of God's most notable prophets, Patriarchs, and ministering messengers. He became a second father—with adam—of all mankind following the Flood and later returned to earth as the angel Gabriel to announce the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ (HC 3:386; TPJS, p. 157). LDS revelation has amplified what is known about Noah in the Bible.

A promised child of noble ancestry, including Adam and other "preachers of righteousness" (Moses 6:22-23), Noah was ordained to the priesthood at age ten by Methuselah (D&C 107:52), an unusually young age when compared with the ages at which other antediluvian Patriarchs were ordained

Noah stands "next in authority to Adam in the Priesthood" (HC 3:386), and "in third position from the Lord" (Petersen, p. 2), and conferred the power of the priesthood on his righteous posterity (D&C 84:14-15).

Eighteen centuries after announcing Christ's birth, Noah—again as Gabriel—visited the Prophet Joseph Smith to restore priesthood keys (D&C 128:21). Noah is to return to earth after Christ's second coming to attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb:


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