Bonnie M. Wells




Bonnie M. Wells

November Stories

Mama's Browneyed Boy

The Thanksgiving Day Visitors

The Winner {pg 1}

The Winner {pg 2}

What Would Jesus Drive?

The Uncanny Encounter

Noah - The Dream, The Nightmare

Talking Dog For Sale

Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross Dies In Prison

No Dogs Allowed In School

The Man In The Brown Coverall's


My Neighbor's House

Reality - "Washington County" Style!

The Dream - The Reality - "Bonnie Style!"

The Final Reality - Not Bonnie Style

Witness Tampering


Ann Coulter

Ted Nugent

Dead Man Elected

The Rick Walker Dream

The Rick Walker Action Report


The Man In The Gray Suit

TMITGS - Interpretation

The Harkback Drama Continues

Life Under The Bush!

Stranger Than Fiction

Jessica Lynch

We The People

Don't Close The Blinds

The Deck Of Cards

Osama binLaden

Make Us Happy


Company C

Silver Wings

The Killer Squad

Obama-One Simple Question

Ode To America

Andy Rooney - American


Dreams Of Dru

The Dreams Begin

The Dreams Continue

Dru Sjodin / Map Page

Affidavit Of Probable Cause

Dru Is Found


1. Help Me Fulton

2. Help Me II

3. The Abduction Of Alice Donovan

4. Where Are Alice & Samantha

5. Donovan & Burns News

6. Donovan & Burns News

7. Alice Donovan Maps

8. Burns Photo Page

9. Response, Donovan

10. Response, Donovan

11. Response Page, Samantha Burns

12.She's Leavin'

13. Dream Is Confirmed

14. WBTW-TV News

15. An Open Letter About Alice Donovan 11/23/06

16. Casualties Of Crime

17. Alice Donovan Found?

18. The Donovan & Burns Drama Continues

19. Alice Donovan Identified

Atlanta Bombings

The Disappearance Of Kristina Porco

The Green River Killer

Janet Miller [pg 1]

Janet Miller [pg 2]

Diane "Miller" / November 17, 2006

Serial Killer In New Jersey?

Dumped In Cleveland, Ohio [3/30/06]

Dumped In Zanesville, Ohio [11/6/07]

Christine Marie Sheddy [11-13-07]

NEW: Nov. 2009: Possible Serial Killer Arrested In Cleveland, Ohio

Bible Verse

Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons (Deuteronomy 4:9)