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Obama's New World Order

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Chaos In A Major Christian Denomination Regarding Obama!

My name is Mel Sanger. I am an international political researcher.

I and my group of political research analysts were asked by members of a Major American Christian Church to investigate whether Barack Obama had any involvement with the implementation of the new world order.

The Christian organization had received numerous calls and emails from its congregational members asking whether Barack Obama was the Biblical Antichrist.

It would seem that there were a number of members who were being influenced by what they were seeing on the internet which was conflicting with the organization's overall general major public support for Obama.

The confusion was causing major issues inside the church and they wanted a political research team without any ties to the organization or political biases to address the matter and report back on the findings. So we gladly accepted the task of tackling this subject.

I Was Put Off By the Typical Sensationalist Views At Every Election!

Up until then I had personally dismissed criticism of Barack Obama as simple attempts to discredit one of the most incredible political journeys not only in US history, but World History. Obama’s rise was on par with the release of Nelson Mandela and the Freedom speech of Martin Luther King decades ago.

I had been re-energized by his speeches and his story. I had read his biography "Dreams of My Father" and had personally bought 10 of his biographies for a local community, for them to loan out to deprived young people who needed proof that they could succeed against the odds.

My negativity to criticism on Obama (especially those saying he was the Antichrist) had largely been because of the shoddy sensationalist things written about him, especially on YouTube.

For instance, on YouTube there were many video's linking Barack Obama's name to 666. Others had provided pictures of Obama not saluting the American Flag. Under full research analysis, most, if not all of these accusations were simply poor primary evidence and shoddy outstretched research with absolutely no credibility.

5000 Hours of Painstaking Analysis!

During 2008 and 2009 our research group examined over 4000 pieces of documentation regarding the coming New World Order and the key people involved, both those in the public spotlight and others who remain behind the scenes.

The purpose of the research was to identify substantial links to Barack Obama or any of the key people associated with him, and to understand his political ideology, views on faith and morals and religious associations.

We studied more than 5000 hours worth of footage on all his speeches, looking out for views, comments or words which may carry coded or cryptic messages missed by the general public but discerned by others.

A New Sickening Discovery!

After assessing over 3000 pieces of documentation our research team uncovered some damning and frightening evidence that completely changed our view of him Totally.

The information was so startling that at first we refused to believe it but additional analysis of confidential documents made our fears come true and it was an undeniable fact. There was a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach because I literally had to undo everything I had liked about this man in light of the chilling evidence.

In September 2009 we released a new version of our report entitled "The Antichrist Identity". The title is slightly misleading as we do not believe that he is the biblical Antichrist. However there is iron clad research and evidence that confirms that he is a major pawn in the new world order and one of the most dangerous US presidents ever to hold office.

He is also progressing the new world order system that is is gathering pace after the recent world economic upheaval and preparing the foundation for the antichrist to emerge.

The report also implicates not only Barack Obama but also Javier Solana of the European Union, Prince Charles of Wales, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands (daughter of Prince Bernhard, founder of the Bilderberg Group) and Prince Hassan of Jordan (Head of the Club of Rome)

The report implicates a secret network of people who all know each others world roles and who are acting independently publicly, but are coercing a plan behind the public scene to use their powers of influence to take the world to a new level of world regulation.

Why Are The Christian Experts Asleep?

You would have thought that the Christian community would have discerned this but unfortunately much of the Christian community is asleep on this matter. Bible Prophecy Ministries who week in, week out, publish so much information about the coming new world order are silent on this specific matter.

In fact nearly all of the bible prophecy ministries we have contacted and asked to air our report, all of them, 100% have refused to even respond.

Others are sitting on the fence. Clearly they can sense something weird has been triggered in the political dimension but whether its for fear of losing their airtime on TV, Radio, many simply skirt around the issue suggesting that "we need to pray for Obama" and going no further.

At a recent international bible prophecy conference, did you know that after 3 days of lectures and presentations there was absolutely nothing said about “Obama and the New World Order” or “The Masonic deception by which the New world Order will be executed"…..

There was lots of talk and discussion about the rapture, the tribulation, the economic meltdown, the European Union, commitment to Israel etc but absolutely nothing about the dangers of the Obama New World Order, or why is it, that the political leadership of Israel are freemasons, or the purpose of the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem from an occultist perspective instead of being excited about the the fact that the orthodox Jews are preparing for the rebuilding of the temple.

Skirting with the broad issues but not dealing with the detail.....Unfortunately the devil is in the detail!

Why You Urgently Need to Get This Report!

Because some websites have already blocked us from advertising this report and we now know the days of this report are limited. Therefore you must take Action Today and Obtain This Report. We can no longer guarantee its availability.

Because The report contains confidential information that few people aside from you will have access to. Most People simply won't believe the report because they have been totally deceived by a strong delusion. You will be one of the few who has access to this report and its contents.

Because With the report you also receive a free additional 30 Page report with essays from 15 of America's Top Political Columnists on the dangers of the Obama Movement.

Because just like the movie the Matrix, the vast majority of people don't believe or don't want to believe. I remember the sickening feeling I had when I literally had to undo my whole perception of Obama. It not easy and wasn't nice and part of me wanted to disown the evidence we found. However I believe you want the 100% truth.......Get the Report Now to see the Truth but it may make you uneasy!

Because the findings conflict with some of the traditional major bible prophecy ministries end time views....Why... Because many of them hardly mention freemasonry and its occultic time bound plan that is being rolled out deceitfully to catch Christians off guard.....It is only surface level and does not deal with the root core of the coming new world order......Get the Report to see full details of the root core.......

Because the report implicates not only Obama but a secret network of people (some you will know) who all know each others roles who are acting independently publicly but are coercing a plan behind the scenes. The plan has been so deceptive that even ministries like John Hagee's "Friends for Israel" initiative has unsuspectingly been caught up in this controversy......Get the Report Now to see Why....

You need to understand which power bloc will drive the Antichrist world government. Will it be a re-energized United Nations, the European Union as a Revived Roman Empire, The United States as a Guardian of the New World Order, an Islamic Confederacy led by the Muslims long awaited Islamic Madhi or something else?

Why is it That

That in 2009 there have been over 1 million searches on the keywords "Obama Antichrist" and "Obama Messiah"?.......Does Barack Obama have an apocalyptic role given the global financial circumstances in which he has risen to power. Is he a man divinely appointed or an agent of the New World Order objective?

Obama, despite claiming to be a professing Christian, made a number of statements regarding the Christian faith and his view that there are different pathways to God other than through the biblical view?

There is a shocking connection between Obama's philosophy and aggressive, socialist, marxist ideals...........Is the United States undergoing a transition to make it finally susceptible for subversion to a new world order objective, which will initiate the formation of a world government structure and the absolute loss of personal freedom and the freedom amendments that have stood the test of time?

Unfortunately the Devil is in the Detail!

The Antichrist Identity is a 200 Page Report composed of the research we accumulated up until September 2009 where you will have full complete 100% access to cutting edge evidence that the new world order is moving forward now at lightening speed. No stone is unturned, we name names and provide clear documented evidence for you to observe covering the merovingian question, prince charles of wales, barack obama, javier solana, the coming maitreya, the dark apostate side of the zionist movement.....and much more.

You To Make Your Own Personal Decision on The Evidence.

Why was it absolutely vital that Obama did not under any circumstance sign the Copenhagen Treaty in December 2009 (Part 3: Page 63)

In September 2009, Over 50,000 Muslims descended on Capitol Hill for a day of prayer, something unprecedented in the history of America. What is actually happening in the United States under the new leadership. (Part 2: Page 37)

You will fully understand why Talk Radio Stations all over America are now facing the threat of Censorship by Obama under new soon to be implemented, Obama New World Order directives. (Part 2: Page 60)

What is the single most dangerous aspect of the Obamacare policy that you need to be aware of (Part 2: Page 46)

What was the Importance and Significance of Obama's attendance at Trinity United Church of Christ. (Part 2: Page 9)

Birds of a Socialist Marxist Feather do Flock Together and because of the absolute lack of belief by many on this issue, we will provide you the names and political agenda's of some of Obama's major advisors. Once you see this list and proof of their covert connection to Obama there will be no hiding place! (Part 2: Page 13)

Which companies trialing Mark of the Beast Technology had to abandon their project because of the deadly side effects which manifested (Part 1: Page 60)

Does Obama's moral and religious views cause fundamental conflict with the Christian Faith which he professes? (Part 2: Page 41)

What were the 3 fundamental reasons why the Global Banking collapse happened in 2008 and what developments took place at the G20 summit that the media totally ignored (Part 3: Page 32)

Why does America exhibit what is known as the "Chameleon Complex" (Part 1: 34)

Why is the Destruction of Islam and the removal of the Dome of the Rock from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a significant requirement for those looking to bring about the Masonic New World Order? (Part 3: Page 19)

And Much More...............................

Your Choice!

There is no beating around the bush or hard sell with this 200+ page report. If you have got this far, its because something deep inside you hasn't been fully comfortable with what you have seen lately in 2009. The incredible melt down of the global financial system, the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and emergence of a President of Europe, the rise of Barack Obama onto the world scene, the increase in publicity of 2012, increased presence of the European Union in the Arab - Israeli negotiations, Pope Benedicts XVI recent call to return to theological discussion with the protestant movement and the media focus on the rapid emergence of Islam on a global basis.

A Testimonial from Larry Barton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A fantastic book with some great insights into the secrets of freemasonry which I have started to study. I also appreciate the additional reports you are making available to me as a member of your update list as I am now starting to see more clearly the direct link between Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the Coming New World Order Socialist World Government which is being formed through recent policy changes as a result of the economic collapse.

A Testimonial from Rachel Thompson, Vancouver, Canada

Excellent, well documented report. The expose of Barack Obama and Prince Charles is probably one of the best insights I have read in years. I wish you well in trying to get the publication into hard print. My only constructive criticism is that there is so much information in the report that for nearly a week my husband got no attention. May your ministry continue to be blessed as it is only through spiritual discernment that one could have identified such key issues. Really Good Information. Thanks.

A Testimonial from Phil Crozier, Irving, Texas

Considering I am usually cautious about ordering anything online there was something about your report presentation which seemed to hit a nerve with me. I had actually voted for Barack Obama and had seen the outline of your report and its assertions as downright crazy. In downloading your report and re-reading it several times over, it actually dawned on me that you guys had actually hit something. After studying biblical prophecy for 15 years and teaching in various churches I am amazed at how I did not see this coming. I believe as Americans many of us have been so worn out by the Republican administration that we wanted change whoever would bring it without doing the proper background checking. Have to applaud you and apologies for the harsh emails I sent you at the beginning.

A Testimonial from Ray Martinez, Miramir, Florida

I seriously recommend this document for all people who want real hard core facts. There is so much conspiracy junk on the internet that sometimes it can create a negative attitude even towards reports which are quite factual and genuine. My best section was the way you approached the debate on whether the coming antichrist world government system will be driven by the United States of Europe, United states of America, a Re-energized United Nations or an Islamic Alliance.

A Testimonial from Richard Bailey, Cupertino, California

This special report confirms the concerns I have had with popular bible prophecy teachings. Masonic lodges know bible prophecy and will rollout their agenda in a sinister deceitful way that will catch many of us off guard. The Antichrist Identity Report is one of the more detailed expose's of the coming new world order, and does it in a way that is refreshing and informative

You want a first opportunity to explore unique, well documented, fundamental facts rather than face the speculative amble and indecision by bible prophecy teachers on a massively controversial issue.

Yours Sincerely

Mel Sanger

Author, The Antichrist Identity Report


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