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October Story Selection Page

Change: Chicago Style / Obama

Obama & The 57 States

Obama & Harvard Law School

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words / 2007

Obama & The U.S. Flag

A Muslim Male - Obama

Hal Lindsey - What's Obama Hiding?

Obama Against Making English Our Official Language

Obama - Born In The U.S.A.?

Obama - Socialist 'New Party' Member?

Obama & Lt. Columbo

Obama-In The Name Of Equality

Obama-Random Thoughts / by Thomas Sowell

Obama-Joe Biden / by: Bruce D. Riddle

Questions For Obama

Obama - The Messiah Speaks

Obama's New Postage Stamp

Obama's New World Order

Obamacare by Michael Connelly

Racist American Empire

Obama - A Scandal Of Epic Proportions

Obama Tied To Ayers At Age Eleven

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