October 5th, 2007

& The 'Clark' Trio


Bonnie M. Wells

Activists Suspect Serial Killer In Prostitute's Death

Community activists say they don't need DNA test results to know who was killed October 5 at the Noble Motel in East Cleveland. Her name was Sandra Clark, Art McKoy said in a news release. Her street name was Little Bit.

Her friends will gather at 7:15 p.m. Friday at the hotel, 15740 Euclid Ave., to remember her and other women who have been killed in similar ways, he said, "thinking of all the perils this lady must face day and night being a prostitute on the mean city streets.

I know she must have had a better life and family somewhere."

McCoy said he is aware of five other prostitutes who worked in the neighborhoods along the East Cleveland-Cleveland border and were killed. He believes "there is a serial killer stalking and killing these street workers." He will talk about these women at the vigil.

Detectives agree that the method used to kill Little Bit was not the work of a first-time killer. She was asphyxiated with a plastic bag. The killer bound her arms at the wrists with wire, pulled a plastic bag over her head and tied a sock around the bag and her neck, Cuyahoga County Coroner Frank Miller said.

A veteran homicide detective in Akron who declined to be named said, "This is not the killer's first victim, and he has a very twisted mind to kill in that manner. He enjoyed seeing her in agony."

Because of decomposition, Miller has been unable to positively identify the woman, who was probably killed a day or so before her body was found Oct. 6. He is awaiting DNA test results to confirm her identity.

The FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes has a database of the methods of operation of thousands of crimes and will compare details of this killing to others.

East Cleveland -- Her street name was "Little Bit" and she lived in and out of string of seedy motels along Euclid Avenue between East Cleveland and Euclid.

Patrons of Peter Pan Donuts and Restaurant -- a popular all-night eatery on East Cleveland's main drag -- recalled her as the short, thin "white girl" who constantly walked up and down the avenue before fading into a motel for the night.

Her final check-in was last week when she settled into room 128 at the Noble Motel on Euclid Avenue, where her body was discovered lying in bed with her hands bound with wire in front of her and a plastic bag over her head.

The Strangeness Of It All

Mary Jo was my cousin. Her birthday was October 5th.

Mary Jo has a sister named Sandra who helped take care of Mary when she was dying of cancer a year ago. She passed away in July 2006:

Mary's mother is my mother's sister. Aunt D. once owned a little black dog named Little Bit

Little Bit broke her leg one time and had to be taken to the doctor. Dr. Barrett set the leg and put a cast upon it. The cast was too tight and it cut off the circulation and Little Bit lost her leg. My aunt and uncle never got over what had happened to Little Bit. I'm sure Aunt D. would cry to this day if she told the story. Uncle J. is gone now, but he too talked about Little Bit for many years after she was gone.

Dr. Barrett's daughter was murdered in September 1996. Her killer put a plastic bag over her head. Her husband Trooper Jackie D. McCrady was convicted of the murder. He sits in prison in Ross County {Ohio}. I have said from day one -- "Jackie McCrady is an innocent man." No one ever listens, and the dead bodies pile ever higher.

Maybelle Clark was a Parkersburg, West Virginia prostitute. She was murdered in 1994. Her hands were bound and she had tape over her mouth. {Her case remains unsolved here in Coincidence Valley..... but I know who killed her .... the same man who I've been telling cops and anyone who will listen about for more than a dozen years now. "He's a serial killer. He's warped and twisted, and living right here in Washington County, Ohio.}

My father passed away on January 28th {128} 1994: My mother was buried on January 28 {128} 1997.

My 'suspect' is fully aware of each and every detail that I have listed above. He knew Mary Jo, her parents, my parents and was with me when I visited my father in the hospital the night before his death.

The {42 Day Syndrome} applies in this case: See link below:

About the only thing I have left to say is this --

{If} authorities are actually starting to acknowledge [after denying it for a dozen years now] that there is a serial killer working here in Ohio; and {if} any of them are actually interested in catching him, they are welcome to contact me, and I'll see if I can help them out.

If they are not interested, that's okay too. I'll just keep tracking this piece of crap, and sooner or later some little rookie will stumble across him some dark night when he has a dead woman in his [black Toyota truck] and then what's everyone going to say?? I know exactly what I'll be saying -- and where.

Meanwhile, those that are interested are welcome to check out some of the other cases I have posted on this web site. When one actually counts them up, it is just mind-boggling how many there really are. And don't think it's over yet, because it isn't.

click here to see if this case is the one I predicted nearly a year ago!

The 'Clark' Trio

1. Deputy Ray Clark ( 2-7-81) {OH}

2. Maybelle Clark ( 8-6-94) {WV}

3. Sandra Clark (10-5-07) {OH}

Note: 13 year span between Ray Clark and Maebelle Clark; 13 year span between Maebelle Clark and Sandra Clark: Coincidental? Of course, anything else would require the admittance that someone is deliberately planning and orchastrating these murders. We certainly couldn't have that, now could we? That would make me correct about a serial killer that's been successfully operating in our midst for about 30 years now.... twenty of those years in which I have been trying to tell people that we have a serial killer, and that the bastard has to know me ..... and better yet, I have to know him like no other human being has ever known him. Can't have that, now can we? Well, it's quite a quandary folks, because I just don't intend to take a back seat to anyone on this.

Better go on over to my Clark Quandary page and see how the next step was taken.

Remember, I have no jurisdiction - and neither does a serial killer - especially my serial killer. Better get some federal help in here guys - or start sharing your stupid information [like I have shared mine with you and the world. It hasn't 'hampered' the investigation one bit, so go ahead and try it!}


Bonnie M. Wells


The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) is a unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation responsible for the analysis of serial violent and sexual crimes, organizationally situated within the Critical Incident Response Group's (CIRG) National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).

The pattern that links serial homicides is what is commonly referred to as "signature". VICAP operates under the knowledge that serial homicides are almost always sexually and control driven with a consistent evolving signature present in each murder.

In the summer of 2008, the ViCAP program made their database available to all law enforcement agencies through a secure internet link.

Bonnie M. Wells

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