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Bonnie M. Wells


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*Fictional/call names have been substituted for real names:

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The Drama Continues

The woman Wild Bill started dating shortly after his release from jail in 1994 drove a little gray Chevette. I didn't know her real name, so promptly dubbed her *"Chevette Woman". He dated her throughout the summer of 1994, and she thought he was one terrific guy. A lot of people thought that. They should have been sitting where Mysde and I were sitting on most nights after Wild Bill took Chevette Woman home from a date!

Once in a while he'd spend the night at her place and *Mysde and I headed home to get a decent night's sleep ourselves. But more often he dropped her off at her apartment; went home long enough for her to call him and say goodnight, and he hit the streets in search of another woman - another victim.

*Mysde {Sindee Davis} and I had already watched him pick up a woman in a Parkersburg nightclub who fit the description of the murdered Mabelle Clark. The timing was about right; he'd left town that night and went somewhere .... only to return a few hours later by himself.

"What the hell did he do with that woman he picked up at S_____'_ bar?" Mysde asked as we watched him head for his house.

"Who knows? We'd better start watching the news papers for another dead woman," I replied.

That had been on August 6th, 1994 - just 42 days after he'd gotten out of jail for sexual solicitation, exposure and threatened rape of a Marietta woman - in broad daylight, and in front of her little 2 year old daughter. That had been the final straw for me. I wouldn't even get close enough for him to speak to me anymore. Still, his late night, extra curricular activities interested me a great deal. I figured they'd interest Chevette Woman someday. Probably when she showed up with some sexually transmitted disease from one of the hookers he insisted on dragging into his life.

I suppose, in all fairness, I should admit that the real reason Mysde and I were stuck to him like glue on the night of August 6th was because it was another "anniversary." Little nine year old Anna Marie Brown had been murdered on August 6th, 1975 in Washington County, Ohio.

Note to FBI & SK Trackers:

Anna Marie Brown's murder remains unsolved. See "Links" at bottom of this page:

**Note: See also .. "42 Days" link:

Actually August 6th was a "double anniversary" in Washington County because it was the date in 1992 that Ronda Manley received the warning phone call in which a man said ...."If I catch you out on the streets alone, I'm going to kill you."

Precisely 18 days later, on the night of August 24th, 1992 she was stabbed to death and dumped in Oak Grove Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio.

Note to FBI & SK Trackers:

{For details on Manley please see "Links" at end of this page}

The Toothless Wonder?

On August 15th a murdered woman was found along the road near Charleston, West Virginia. They said she had no front teeth. They also said her name was Mabelle Clark and she was a Parkersburg hooker. They also said she had been dead about a week. That got my attention!

My own work on the case indicated that Mabelle had also been a hooker in the Athens area before she came to Parkersburg. There was indication that she "worked" in about a 200 mile radius of this area and seemed to be pretty well known.

"My God Bonnie, is that your "Toothless Wonder" from 1992?" My cousin asked.

Who would know? All I knew was, before we left on our motor cycle trip for Kentucky he was out almost every night, picking up whatever woman he could find, and then threatening to take them to Kentucky with us.

One of those women had been from south of our area, and he'd indicated that he'd been bar hopping in Athens and Meigs counties when he ran across her. I never knew her real name .... he probably didn't either! But his story of her had inspired me to dub her The Toothless Wonder! Now I almost felt ashamed of myself .... especially if she was the woman we'd seen him pick up just before he left Parkersburg. He'd been gone just exactly the amount of time it would take to make a quick run to the Charleston area and back!

Still, I had to chuckle when I thought of his story .....

He'd been looking for a woman, and had come across this "real looker." He said she was wearing a bikini and "selling hot dogs on a street corner" when he met her. And he was going to marry this one; yes sir, this one was his.....all his! He said the only thing wrong with her was that she didn't have any front teeth .... but you couldn't tell until she smiled!

I'd ticked him off royally with this one! I smiled and said...."Well, by all means grab her and marry her quick because a week around you and she'll never smile again, and no one will ever know she has no front teeth!"

I dubbed her The Toothless Wonder then and there ..... which only made him angrier! I was good at that.

And he'd only spent about a week chasing after her, and then he took off in some other direction, after some other woman. He never stopped scouting for women, no matter where he was or what he was doing. He'd even try to make a date with a woman sitting at a red light! Honest. He did a few other things at red lights too!

Like the time he came riding up alongside a car at a red light in Marietta. He'd been on his motor cycle that day, and the two teenage girls in the car had not been paying any attention to who was beside of them ..... until one looked over and saw that he had his erect penis out and was waving it at them!!! {Yes, I have both these girls names, in case anyone EVER wants witnesses. I doubt that day will ever come, but....just in case I'm still documenting, still writing, still trying.}

Of course that reminded me of a story his second ex-wife had told me right after he went to jail. I'd given the woman back some pictures that he had of her and her daughter, and she told me about a time when he had taken his son on a camping trip to Kings Island. The little boy {about 5 at the time} had returned and told the woman ...."You know what happened to my daddy R.? We was riding along and his peebug came out." !!! I wondered what he'd done at King's Island while the little fellow was sleeping!

As far as I could determine, he'd never been a decent person and he certainly wasn't a good example as a father. In fact, if I had been the mother of his son, he probably would never have seen the child unsupervised.

The mother of his first ex-wife {the child's mother} told me about Wild Bill taking the little boy to Camden Park one time. They were supposed to spend the night there and return the next day. But Wild Bill couldn't control himself that long. Instead, the two spent the day at the amusement park and then headed home. Of course the child was tired and sleepy, so he went to sleep during the ride. That's just what old Wild Bill liked ..... sleeping {or unconscious!} people.

He parked his vehicle behind a Parkersburg nightclub and left the child sleeping while he went looking for a woman! The child woke up .... frightened .... all alone ..... in the middle of the night ..... and this little boy got out of that vehicle and went looking for his daddy! He went into the bar and asked if his daddy was there. The bar tender was far more of a man than Wild Bill has ever been. He took the child by the hand and they went "barhopping" together until they found his daddy! Anything could have happened to that child that night and no one would have ever known where he was or what happened to him.

Maybelle Clark's murder remains unsolved, and is being "handled" by Charleston, West Virginia police, since her body was found in their jurisdiction:

Chevette Woman Moves In

After Maybelle Clark was found murdered Wild Bill began sticking a lot closer to Chevette Woman. He spent more nights at her place and she started staying at his place occasionally.

And by October she was engaged to him and moving in!

I'd been told by a former co-worker of his that "he'd found himself a real good woman this time." I said he'd destroy her in six months time.

She stuck with him a little longer than that though. Actually she lived with him for eleven months.

But, in the beginning, Chevette Woman had been his savior. He still didn't have a decent job, and continued to work for his brother. It would be during this work for his brother that Kimberly Fulton was murdered ..... almost within sight of where he worked! The fact that his own mother had worked in 2 different locations with Kimberly, and the fact that he'd always gone to see his mother at work more than he'd gone to see her at home concerned me. I was reasonably certain he knew Kimberly Fulton:

The Fulton murder(s) remain unsolved:

See "My Sister's Duplication" Link for the story.

Cases are being "handled" by Washington County {Ohio} Sheriff's dept. since they occurred in their jurisdiction.

New Job - New Woman - Same Old Game

Chevette Woman was still thinking she and Wild Bill were going to get married at the time he finally landed a job with the Martin-M_______ A________ Company. I knew better. He'd run her off as soon as he could pay his household expenses by himself. He was long overdue for a "new woman."

Sure enough...he landed the job in late June of 1995 and by the end of September Chevette Woman was history! In fact, she was history on the 21st of September and on the 27th, the anniversary of when he met me back in 1990, he moved another woman into his house. Boy was I stunned when I discovered her name was "Bonnie!"

That's when it finally dawned on me .... He was going to duplicate me! And he did. My maiden name had been Bonnie Martin. He went to work for the "Martin" portion of me .... found another woman named "Bonnie" for that portion ... and eventually threw her out so he could drag in a woman whose last name was Wells! I am Bonnie Martin-Wells. It was the first time I'd ever actually seen anyone do something like this, and I hate to admit it, but I was impressed! Even more so when I realized he'd also duplicated my "silver Corvette!" The man was good .... what else could I say?

Chevette Woman had driven a silver/gray Chevette, and the first thing Wild Bill did for Bonnie #2 was buy her a silver/gray Ford Escort. Between the two he had a silver/gray Cor-vette. It didn't matter that it had required a new job, 3 women and 2 vehicles ... he'd done what he set out to do.

Now, all I could think about was ..... was the duplication of my sister....Patty Fulton..... as much of a coincidence as I'd originally thought? Or, had "Patsy" Sparks and Kimberly "Fulton" been murdered because they fit into someone's warped and sadistic version of owning, possessing and controlling 2 women that he otherwise could not accomplish? It was coincidence .... wasn't it? But .... my own duplication certainly wasn't. He had that one well planned and the village idiot or a blind person could see it if they would stop long enough to actually look at what he'd done:

The Sparks & Fulton cases remain unsolved.

On The Road Again...

The other Bonnie didn't fare a whole lot better than Chevette Woman. Within days the couple were right at each other's throats. He should have known .... women named Bonnie are not easy to control.

I suppose his problems began when he tried to continue his midnight escapades like he'd done the entire time Chevette Woman lived with him.

Mysde and I saw him sneaking out night after night. We tried to call Chevette Woman and warn her, but he had turned the ringer off on the phone and had the answering machine on. We didn't dare leave a message. He would get it when he sneaked back in just before Chevette Woman got up to get ready for work, and he'd know we were trying to warn her. How the man continued to work and to function on the amount of sleep he got remains a mystery to me. It damned near killed Mysde and me both trying to keep an eye on him.

He was all over the map with this new job of his. The company told a certain source, who reported it to me, that he worked all up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and even the Mississippi Rivers. Sometimes he was gone for 2 or 3 days at a time. Other times he'd drive for 2 or 3 hours to get to work.

I racked up over a hundred thousand miles on my T-Bird while Mysde put over two hundred thousand on her father's vehicles. Still, there wasn't many roads within a 200 mile radius that we didn't know! We got pretty good at the alleys and escape routes too. Well, wouldn't you if you had something like this that had just made you in his rear view mirror?! That little T-Bird gave him fits though. I could change the brightness of the tail lights by turning a certain switch. If I wanted to, I could turn the tail lights completely off! That made for some really neat get-a-ways....just as long as I didn't touch the brakes!

A Trolling We Will Go ....

Wild Bill's travels continued throughout the summer, fall and winter of 1995, as did his fights with the other Bonnie. She moved in .... and out ..... back in ... and back out so many times that Mysde and I were having difficulty knowing if she was there or not.

Wild Bill was not a happy camper ... but then, he never had been. He created all the strife himself and there wasn't anything the other person could say or do that would change his mind once it was made up.... or once the "urge" had overtaken him!

If he intended to go trolling, then he was going trolling one way or another ..... even if he had to take the woman along with him! Which he often did, but of course she wasn't aware of what he was doing. She thought they were simply going for a motor cycle or car ride, or going to see someone he worked with, etc. Funny, he never stopped to talk to the person he said he was looking for ..... I remembered a few of those trips myself .... out past Kimberly Fulton's parent's home. But, that was before Kimberly was murdered .... before I knew where her parents lived. Still, I'd reported to Detective Winstanley several times when people had seen him coming from the road that Kimberly's parents lived on. I knew it was unusual. Knew he had no business on that road. It never mattered to anyone. Guess it still doesn't.

As the winter holidays of 1995 approached I knew this man was in another rage. He always went bonkers around the holidays ..... and anniversary dates .... and birthdays.

But as the years slowly passed, he had so many days to "celebrate" that it just kept him in a rage. The longest I'd ever seen him tame down was for about 3 weeks. Then all hell broke loose and off he went into the wild blue yonder! The strange thing was, it was usually during these tantrums that we lost another woman or girl. I couldn't figure out who was watching Wild Bill closely enough to know when to kill these people .... but someone obviously was. I started looking at Mysde with a little suspicion!! That's okay, she was looking at me a little strangely too! If we hadn't been right there together 99 percent of the time, we might have suspected one another. But all jokes aside, we knew we weren't doing anything like that and hadn't even been "in the neighborhood," when these things happened. But he was ..... oh yes, he was always in the neighborhood .... or the back yard. Still, that was all coincidence .... right?

It must have been because local authorities could have cared less about any of it. Most of my information sent to locals was not even read, much less considered worthy of any action. So be it.

A 13 Year Old School Girl

Barbara Barnes was a thirteen year old school girl who lived in Stubenville, Ohio / See new page - Barbara Barnes story

News reports said she was on her way to school on the morning of December 7th, 1995. She never arrive at school.

She was not the first "school girl" to go missing in 1995, but she was the first 13 year old.

The first one that caught my attention had been 14 year old Kimberly Agent of Oak Hill, West Virginia. I was told that she was the niece of a state trooper. I didn't know his name. Didn't need to. All I could think of was the trip Wild Bill and I made to that area on August 28th, 1993.

We had followed Tara to Jill's house as she took my dog Aztec down to Jill's kennel. It had been the anniversary of Ronda Manley's funeral and Wild Bill had thrown the worst fit I'd ever seen .... all because the woman riding with Tara was the wife of a Washington County deputy....and Wild Bill decided he wanted to "date" her! Granted, she wasn't aware that he was interested in her, but that was irrelevant. It didn't even matter what she wanted, and as far as I was concerned, he informed me that "If I knew what was good for me, I'd keep my damned cop-lovin mouth shut about him and B----."

My thoughts were sort of jumbled up as I thought of Ronda Manley being dumped in "Oak" Grove Cemetery; and "Kimberly" Fulton being murdered in March 1995, and an "August" trip. Were the words clues.....or was I just imagining things?

As far as I know the Kimberly Agent case remains unsolved in Oak Hill, West Virginia.

December 7th? That date sure rang bells for me. That was the date in 1991 that Wild Bill had gotten into an altercation with my daughter and her boyfriend. I remembered how he said it was a "hell of a birthday present," .... his birthday was December 8th. I also still remembered the words that he said my daughter's boyfriend told him to tell me ...."Tell Bonnie, if I ever catch her out alone, I'm going to kill her. I'll cut her guts out."

I'd gone to the Belpre police and reported the threat, but had been told by Sgt. Bradley Harper to pay no attention to it because a lot of people said things like that and it didn't mean anything at all. Oooookay...

However, as the years went by, the boyfriend and I settled our largest complaints about each other, and he eventually became my son-in-law. I have questioned him repeatedly. He denies ever saying anything like that to Wild Bill. He denies ever threatening me. For some reason, I believe him.

And even now....after all these years .... I'm still wondering who called Ronda Manley on the anniversary of Anna Marie Brown's murder and said almost word for word what Wild Bill had uttered to me just eight months earlier. And I'm still wondering if it was indeed a coincidence that she was stabbed to death on my husband's birthday in 1992. {The case is supposedly solved. Personally, I don't believe one word of it. Too many things just don't add up.}

Now, we had a missing kid who had disappeared on the anniversary of that fight. I couldn't help but notice her name contained the name Ann, just like Anna Marie Brown. It almost looked like someone was doing these things on anniversary dates that he knew I would see and recognize but that no one else would ever put together. Either that or it was all coincidence.....again.

Barbara's murdered body was found on February 26th, 1996 in "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Although I never had much information on the case, but an FBI "Agent" did tell me she was found near the "river," and I wasn't surprised. I recalled what my source had told me about Wild Bill working all up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and the Mississippi rivers. Still, that didn't connect him....just because he was working in the area she disappeared from.....at the time she disappeared ..... that didn't mean a whole lot, even to me. But it did raise one lone red flag .... and when I looked at other pieces of this deadly jigsaw puzzle, a few more red flags shot up. But...

The final red flag shot forth like an over inflated hot air balloon .....

Chevette Woman and I had become friends.....as did the other Bonnie and I ...... and his ex-wives and former girlfriends ..... they all looked me up as soon as they got away from him and asked me what in the hell was wrong with that man and why he was so obsessed with me. I couldn't tell them why he was so obsessed with me, and I was actually afraid to tell them what I thought his problem was. It scared the hell out of me, and I was fearless!

Shortly after Barbara Barns was found murdered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wild Bill told Chevette Woman that he had operated the same crane that the man in Pittsburgh was killed on just a week or so earlier!

First the man puts himself in the very town the kid disappeared from; then he puts himself in the same state and area that she was found in ......

Just Another Coincidence

I wrote to the Pittsburgh detective who was handling the Barns case. His name is Bruich. I also wrote to the sheriff in Stubenville. His name is Abdalla. Neither seemed very interested in my information: So be it.

The Barns case remains unsolved in 2005 / 2006 / 2007.

One Would Think

With as many women and children disappearing in this country as we have on a yearly basis, one would think that the family members, law enforcement, everyone would want the information put out to the public just as soon as possible. This has not been the case in any of the cases that I have looked into.

Instead, it's almost as if no one wants to admit that we have a serious problem in this nation. We have a nation full of defense attorney's who {I think} honestly believe they are protecting our rights as a free society, when in fact, they are doing society the greatest harm that they could ever do it. And they are handicapping our police to the point that they cannot do the work for which they were trained. The judges are no better than the defense attorney's. Chance after chance is given them to lock some of these sexual psychopaths up somewhere and throw away the key, but they don't do it. In case after case, they turn them loose time and time again; only to be so shocked and surprised when they eventually discover that the serial killer standing before them has been killing people for more than 20 years.

In almost every serial killer case, the man has been a killer for most of his adult life. In fact, in most cases, he got started in his late teens and never slowed down. By the time he's in his forties, he's had enough experience and practice that he is very difficult for law enforcement to catch.

Our cops are not without responsibility in this situation though { at least not in my opinion.} They have failed to educate themselves {on their own, through personal interest and dedication} to the way the serial killer operates... how he thinks ... how he reacts to stresses in his own life, etc.

Tracking a serial killer cannot be a "job." The time and effort required could never be paid for in a lifetime. It must be a passion, a love, almost an obsession, and money can never enter the picture.

I Saw The Pattern ... But

Many times I'd remarked to friends and family {those whom I haven't driven away due to my "obsession!"} that I thought it very strange that if a woman was taken from West Virginia, she would, in all likelihood be found in Ohio. Or, if she was taken from one county and dumped within the same state it probably would be a county or two away from where she disappeared.

Only the Washington County women were dumped within Washington County ...usually. Of course Patsy Sparks wasn't. She was a Washington County resident, but she disappeared from a night club in Parkersburg and was found murdered in Sheriff Landon Smith's territory of Noble County, Ohio.

But, I didn't see the Pennsylvania to Ohio or the Ohio to Pennsylvania until I ran across the case of 14 year old Sarah Rae Boehm who disappeared from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania on July 13th, 1994. The girl's remains were found near an interstate in the Akron, Ohio area some four months later. However, those remains would not be identified as the missing girl from Pennsylvania until the year 2001.

That's what had been throwing me with these cases ...... the amount of time that passed between disappearance and discovery, as well as the fact that the "news" was not reaching out of the victim's home town or county. Sometimes it was a dozen years or more before I heard about the cases. How could anyone keep records that dated back that far? How could the cases be solved without some type of records?

Sarah Boehm

Thinking Back

The other Bonnie had finally had her fill of Wild Bill. When he tried to smother her to death with a pillow from their bed, and did in fact render her unconscious......and probably would have killed her if her three son's had not been there to jump him and pull him off her!! ... she had finally realized what she was trying to live with and had made plans to get her own apartment.

He continued to stalk her .... even drove by her property with other men and pointed out where she lived. He'd been doing things like that to me for years. Nobody cared. They all thought it was funny. Most thought he was amusing. I didn't. I thought he was an extremely dangerous individual that someone should get off our streets before it was too late.

As soon as my duplication was complete....and he knew that I was aware of it ..... he tossed the Wells woman out on her fanny and started on my friend Mysde who had helped me run surveillance on him for years. He definitely had a grudge against the two of us.

I couldn't figure out how he got all these women to go along with his plans, but he apparently didn't have much trouble because before I knew it he was shacked up with a woman who lived less than a mile from my home and her first name was Mysde ..... well, it was the same name as the woman I call Mysde in my stories. And once again .... I was impressed!

However, the thing that impresses me the most right now .... now that I've learned of Sarah Boehm's murder .... learned that she was found in the Akron area ..... is the fact that after Wild Bill picked up with Mysde #2 {whom I dubbed "Neon Woman," since she drove a Plymouth Neon!} he went back to the other Bonnie and informed her that the reason he and his new woman were out of town a lot was because they were going to Akron, Ohio to visit her mother. He said they went bar hopping in Akron and spent their time there so I couldn't follow them around!

I stopped following him when he moved in almost next door to me! Where was I going to follow him? Besides, if I wanted to see him all I had to do was look out my window at night. He was usually out there prowling my property!

But, being the good little investigator ....and I am, ya know! ..... I got to know Mysde #2 well enough to question her about a few things...

Where she and Wild Bill went bar hopping at ....to which she replied that they did not bar hop because neither one of them drank alcohol!!! Ha! Boy did she have a treat coming! I was the one who didn't drink....not him.

Next I asked where she was from....if her parents lived in the area .... and was shocked when she told me that her mother was dead and had been for about ten years!

"Well," I said, "You and Wild Bill might want to consider hitting some of the night spots up around Akron. I hear they have a swingin' good time up that way."

"No, we have no reason to go to Akron. We're not interested in the night life. We entertain each other at night." She quipped.....

And I smiled. I didn't know exactly where she'd been on a couple of occasions, but I knew she wasn't home, and I knew something else ..... he'd brought a woman with long brown hair right into her home ..... into her bed.....and spent the night with her. He was obviously still "entertaining" several women at night, just like he'd always done. But that was their problem. I could care less. All I wondered about was....

What was he trying to show me in the Akron area as far back as 1998? He was trying to tell me that I'd missed something ..... something he'd done and gotten by with, and he wanted me to know. He always wanted me to know .... because somehow {with a little help from a cop or two!} he knew that no one was ever going to pay any attention to me or what I said about him.

Already the world was taking his word against mine. When they said Bonnie, he replied that "she was his ex-wife, or ex-girlfriend who was jealous of his new woman." No one ever bothered to pin him down and make him say "which" Bonnie he was talking about. I knew ..... and he knew ..... but those who counted didn't know, and appeared, at least to me, to be very eager to believe he was talking about me, and then to pass the info on to each other as the truth.

So be it. I'm just documenting coincidences anyhow..... hopefully. If not, then we got a real serious problem that we're going to have to deal with and explain some day. I'm banking on coincidence myself ..... how about you?

Don't you figure it's just coincidental that he brought to my attention Stubenville, Pittsburgh and Akron, and now I learn that we have a dead kid from Stubenville found in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania and another from Pennsylvania found in the Akron area of Ohio? Has to be another coincidence, doesn't it? After all, there's only one other alternative, and we certainly wouldn't want to consider that .... not here in Coincidence Valley.

Any Belpre cops out there that can remember back to 1994 and me talking about a woman driving a white car that I dubbed "Miss Pennsylvania?" Anyone remember her? I do and Mysde does. That was the beginning. I knew exactly who she was waiting and watching for, and you can bet your badge that I've got it documented.

Bonnie M. Wells

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