The Old Wooden Bridge


The Old Wooden Bridge


Bonnie M. Wells

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The Dream

Date of dream: June 21st, 1992:

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

My distant cousin Bob H. and I rode in an old style car, in which a Catholic sister was the driver.

There were three other passengers in the vehicle with us. All were young women, and all were unknown to either Bob or me, as was the driver.

I sat in the front seat by the passenger door while Bob sat in the back seat directly behind me.

The driver continually swung back and forth in an effort to see the road behind us as we raced backward at breakneck speed.

"Why don't you turn this damned thing around and drive it correctly?" I asked of the nun.

"You're going to wreck and kill all of us if you don't slow down and drive correctly," I shouted at her.

"We tried that and you weren't happy," she snapped back at me.

I turned in the seat so that I could see Bob. "Do you recall going forward?" I asked.

He smiled but gave no answer, and I immediately became angry with him.

"Oh you gutless wonder, why would I ask you to verify anything, when you won't even speak up in your own defense." I complained.

Suddenly the vehicle left the road, sailed over an embankment and finally came to a stop in a grassy field.

"Now look what you have done. I warned that you were going to have a wreck. Why didn't you listen to me?" I screamed at the nun.

The nun, along with the three other women faded from the dream at this point:

Bob and I stood in the grassy field. He placed a reassuring arm around my shoulders and I looked off to my left to see an old, wooden, covered bridge.

The bridge appeared to have been painted red at some time in the past but most of the paint was long since gone and the few patches that remained were very faded and dull looking.

I became concerned about crossing the bridge. From where we stood, it appeared the road extended out from each end of the bridge about thirty feet and then abruptly ended. I couldn't understand how anyone could drive across it.

Bob gently patted my shoulder and told me not to worry about crossing the bridge because we didn't have to cross it.

"Don't worry. Everything's going to be alright now because Ross Perot's helicopter has come for us. Everything's going to be just fine." he soothed.

"I didn't even know Ross Perot owned a chopper," I said as I followed Bob aboard.

Bob smiled and sat down beside me ..... on the floor!

It was as if we had climbed into the back of a transport plane instead of a helicopter .... but Bob said it was Ross' helicopter, so I assumed he knew what he was talking about.

I recall no "lift off" or "flight," and in the next instant Bob and I were in an elevator and going up ...... Bob wore a silver/gray suit and looked very business-like and professional.

"You take Judy and Diane home, and then come back to my place so I can explain," ... Bob said.

"Explain what?" I questioned.

"You know," he answered.

"Explain why you married what's her name?" I replied.

"Perhaps I didn't marry her," he smiled.

"Oh yes you did. I was there. I saw you marry her." I countered.

End of dream: woke up at 3:56 AM:

Note: Bob was single at the time I had this dream and wasn't even dating anyone, much less engaged or thinking of marrying anyone!

He did marry three years or so after the dream, but I didn't go to his wedding and have never met the woman he married. He did not own a silver/gray suit.

At the time of the dream, Bob's address was "703" _____ Street: His birthday is 9-23:

The Reality

I tried to locate the bridge in my Wooden Bridge dream and even had friends helping me. One friend was the man I call *Wild Bill in my stories. He never said a word about knowing where any covered bridges were located, even though he knew I went out with *Polly a couple of times, with *Tracey once, and went by myself a time or two in search of the bridge.

On the night of July 2nd, 1992 I accompanied Wild Bill on his motor cycle as he went to his brother Bob B.'s house. His brother owned his own business, as well as several rental properties; one of which Wild Bill rented from him.

It was about midnight when we prepared to start back home and there was a slight chill in the air that had not been there earlier. Wild Bill pulled his old JVS high school jacket from the luggage carrier and handed it to me. I slipped easily into the jacket and zipped it up. The man never failed to amaze me. Who else still had their high school jacket, still carried it around with them twenty years after they'd graduated from high school?

Shortly after leaving Bob B.'s house Wild Bill turned onto a side road. Unexpected, the move startled me. I leaned forward on the Honda motor cycle and asked where we were going.

"You've been looking for a covered bridge. I thought I'd show you one," he replied.

Again I was surprised. I'd been talking about my dream bridge for two weeks. Why had he never mentioned that he knew where one was located?

We pulled up to the Harrah Bridge, and a chill went down my spine. The entrance and exit had been sealed off with guard rails, and it would have been impossible to drive across the old bridge. The road extended out both ends about 30 feet, just like in my dream, and they "didn't go anywhere," .... which means they were no longer connected to the main road or used for traveling any longer. The bridge was a historical site now days, and was no longer used for traveling.

Wild Bill pulled the motor cycle up as close as he could and the headlight shone into the old bridge.

In the blackness of the bridge a lone set of yellow eyes stared unblinkingly back at us.

I recalled Judy's dream of several months earlier. A woman with yellow eyes had told Judy .... "Pay attention, or ye shall not live through this."

"Pay attention to what?" Judy had asked of the yellow eyed woman.

"Everything .... the names, the numbers, times and places ... pay attention or ye shall not live through this." the woman had replied.

The dream had scared Judy and me. We were trying to "pay attention" but we didn't know exactly who, where, when, what or why! And that's a lot of unanswered "W's"!!

I felt another chill go down my spine as I sat on the Honda motor cycle behind Wild Bill and thought of my dream. The travel trailer that he pulled behind the bike had 627 as it's license number. 6-27 was Ross Perot's birthday!

It was "7-03." We'd just left a man named Bob's house ... after conducting "business" {paying Wild Bill's rent} ... were going "up" the road, heading back to "my place," when Wild Bill decided to show me the bridge. There I sat "on the back" of .... not a "chopper" but a large Honda "touring" bike with Ross Perot's birthday on the license plate, and was wearing a "silver/gray" helmet.

It was all a bit much, even for me! "Let's go. We'll come back tomorrow in the daylight and look around some more," I urged.

Another Unexpected Stop

To say the experience at the Harrah Bridge spooked me, would be putting things mildly - and I'm not an easy person to spook.

As Wild Bill drove the cycle toward my house, I leaned back against the back rest and thought about the dream and how so many things were revealed at the bridge.

We had only gone a short distance when he suddenly steered the bike off the road again. This time he pulled along side an old stock loading building that was clothed in utter blackness and actually more spooky that the old bridge had been!

He immediately got off the bike and walked toward the travel trailer in the rear. I could not turn around and see what he was doing, as the arm rests prevented me from moving.

"What are you doing? What's wrong? Why did we stop?" I asked from my "perch!"

He mumbled something about something not working - or checking to see if it was working - or something. I couldn't make out what he was saying, and I felt fear creeping into my bones!

I could hear him ratting around in the trailer - that damned thing was large enough to put a body in and haul it anywhere !! Now I was scared, but something told me to not let him know.

"Come on ' Bill, let's get out of here...." I demanded.

I pushed the helmet as far back on my head as I could push it, just as he came walking up along the left side of the motor cycle. He had the strangest look in his eyes that I have ever seen in my life. To this day, I can't accurately describe that look, but to this day it brings cold chills to me as I recall it.

"If you don't get on this bike and get to hell out of here, I'm going to take it by myself, and you can stay here." I said as he stopped beside me.

He reached out his left hand - slid his fingers along my jawline, and whispered - [[ "You are so pretty." ]] ** [[2007 note: Please see the Amanda Tusing case of 2000 for some shocking details.]]

I jerked my head away from his fingers and repeated my warning .... "I will leave without you, now get on the bike!"

Perhaps it was the sternness in my voice - perhaps he didn't see my fear - perhaps the plan wasn't well enough laid - I don't know the reason, and never will, but the strange look disappeared from his eyes; he turned back to the trailer, shut the lid, got on the cycle and off we went!

I never forgot that night though. Come to think of it, there are many nights, and days that I spent around Wild Bill that I will never forget. And neither will anyone else - because I won't let them!

Back To The Bridge

Wild Bill, Diane and I all visited the Harrah Bridge the next day [7-03] in the daylight. It wasn't nearly as spooky as the night before!

I decided it was "not" the bridge of my dream because the surrounding area was not the same. It would take me some time to realize, it was not the bridge or the surrounding area that were important.

The dream warned of "names, places, times, numbers and people," .... just like the yellow eyed woman said.

I believe the four unknown women in the vehicle with Bob and me were ..... two in the past {those sitting in the back seat with Bob}, were Terri Roach {murdered in July of 1990} and Patsy Sparks {murdered in April of 1992, just 2 months before my bridge dream. Patsy had not been found at the time I had the dream.}

And I believe the ones in the front seat with me were ....Ronda Manley and Kimberly Fulton. I think Ronda sat next to me ... between me and Kimberly, - the Catholic Sister who drove the car.

My reasoning is fairly simple. Ronda Manley was our next murder victim here in Washington County. She was murdered "on my husband's birthday," August 25th, 1992 .... just a little more than a month from the night Wild Bill and I sat at the old bridge.

Kimberly Fulton was murdered on 3-05 -95, so her murder lay a few years ahead of us as we sat at the bridge that dark night. And yet, even after all these years, I continue to believe the dream showed me several things.

I think the placement of the people in the vehicle was also symbolic and important. But this was something that I couldn't see or understand until after Kimberly's murder.

I've already said I think Ronda sat next to me and that I thought Kimberly was the driver.

Moving to the back seat, "My distant cousin" sat behind me.

I believe Terri Roach was the passenger directly beside Bob. Bob's address was "703" and the Washington County Sheriff's Department entered Terri's case on July 3rd, 1990 [7-03]. She was found on July 11th, and had been murdered.

I believe the person sitting next to Terri was "her distant cousin" Patsy Sparks. Patsy was murdered almost 2 years after Terri was murdered.... and was "next to Terri," or the next murder case after Terri's murder.

This arrangement puts Patsy Sparks directly behind the driver of the vehicle. But, since the vehicle was running backward, we have to look at those in the back seat first. When we do we see ..... Patsy, and then we see Fulton, who just happened to be a Catholic, and who just happened to have "my sister's" last name.....Fulton!

The fact that after the wreck the four women "disappeared" while " Bob and I remained alive and well, shows us that Bob and I would remain alive, but that there would be four women "near us....or connected to us....and yet completely unknown by either of us," that would "disappear .... go away .... be murdered."

1. Terri Roach - 703 ... date/address connection:

2. Patsy Sparks - name connection:

3. Ronda Manley - honda and birthday connection:

4. Kimberly Fulton - name and date connection:

Positioning in the vehicle also indicates age: For example ... Bob sitting "directly behind me" shows that he is younger than I am. This is correct:

Ronda and Terri held the center positions, and both were 18 years old when they were murdered:

Patsy sat behind the driver Kimberly. Patsy was 19 and Kimberly was a few years older.

It's also of some interest that my relative Bob, is younger than me, while Wild Bill's relative Bob is younger than him:

Judy and Diane are mentioned in the dream. I've already shown the "connection" to Judy .... the yellow eyes from the bridge and her "Yellow Eyed Woman dream."

However, the connection to Diane is even more amazing. She accompanied Wild Bill and me on the return trip to the Harrah Bridge, but beyond that, her wedding anniversary is 9-23:

And probably the most astonishing thing about the dream is the personal information about Bob marrying "what's her name."

At the time of Kimberly Fulton's murder, Wild Bill was living with and engaged to marry a woman that he'd picked up with right after he got out of jail in 1994.

My friends and I had a terrible time trying to find out what this woman's name was. We were forever asking everyone ....."What's her name?" And we didn't get an answer to the question until shortly before he broke off the engagement {maybe I didn't marry her!} and ran her from the property. Prior to that time, I had dubbed her "Chevette Woman," because she drove a silver/gray Chevette!

Wild Bill tossed *Chevette Woman and her 3 children out on their ears in mid September 1995, and I was there; I saw him do it. I sat in an alley and watched as she loaded her possessions {the ones he "allowed" her to have!} into her car and drove away. She called me for the very first time on 9-23, to apologize for the way she had acted toward me and to ask if I knew what was wrong with that man {Wild Bill.} Yes, I knew. I'd known for some time.

The Thorn In His Side

November 24th, 2003: My brother Mike Martin died 17 years ago today: His death was needless and a result of negligence. My parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against those involved in Mike's death ..... not for us, but on behalf of the three children that Mike left behind. That case came to court on 3-05 1990. I guess you could say "We tried that, and I was not happy." It was one of the saddest times I've ever known.

Kimberly Fulton was murdered, in her home, just a short distance from the Harrah Bridge, on 3-05 1995.

She was murdered at a time when Wild Bill was working at his brothers "business" which is also located only a short distance from where Kimberly lived.

Kimberly had four children. The youngest, Daniel, was murdered the same night his mother was. His father was not Kimberly's ex-husband Fulton, but was a man named Harrah.

Within 3 months of Kimberly's murder, Wild Bill was employed by a company with "Martin" in it's name..... which, coincidentally of course, just happened to be the same company that Kimberly's father worked for occasionally!

My sister's name is Patty Martin-Fulton. I believe she is the "driving force" behind a serial killer. In fact, I think I can prove she is the backbone of his insanity ..... but I'm the thorn in his side!

It took me many years to figure things out. I'm not proud of that fact, but at least I'm honest about it. If I could have had some one within the field of law enforcement that had been willing to listen and to actually set down with me and go over the dreams {like the new 1-800-MISSING, Lifetime TV show does!! Wonder where they got that idea?!} I think we could have made some wonderful progress on our cases. And perhaps we could have even solved the early ones, and possibly prevented the later ones. But that was never to be .... not here.

Prophetic & Revelationary

I do not think the objective of the Old Wooden Bridge dream was to "identify" a bridge. I think it was to identify murder cases.

The dream was one of those extremely rare "Compound Dreams," because it contained both "Prophetic" information about 2 future murders, and "Revelationary" information about 2 murders of the past.

The murders of Terri Roach, Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton remain unsolved in Washington County, Ohio.

A man by the name of Aubrey Davis has "confessed" to the murder of Ronda Manley. Everyone seems to be content with his confession .... well, all except "the thorn" .... she doesn't believe one damned word of it! Guess that doesn't surprise anyone who knows her though! I hear she's extremely stubborn ... but I notice she's still alive!

Bonnie M. Wells

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Page posted: 11-24-03

This story is dedicated to my brother Richard Michael Martin:

"Miss ya bro. Would give the world just to see your ornery smile one more time. Love, Bonnie

PS: I could use a little help down here. I'm getting awfully tired of trying to move these mountains with a tea spoon. A shovel would be nice, if ya got an extra one lying around up there somewhere!"


"Ask, And Ye Shall Receive!"

2/09/04: Mike's birthday: "Thanks buddy, I never saw so much "earth being moved" in my life! And those backhoes and graders sure beat my little teaspoon! Wow ... I am impressed!

Note: Comment made after I drove past the house where Wild Bill used to live and saw the entire place being dozed down!!

Statement on the sign owned by the church that bought the property where he once lived said --

"God Has A Big Eraser"

-- and I was most impressed!



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