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The Oregon Girls


Bonnie M. Wells

The Bible says that not even a sparrow shall fall from the sky without God taking notice.

I knew He noticed what was happening on our little planet, but I wasn't sure mankind had noticed, so I just kept trying to attract their attention ..... not only to our "birds" but to our people, especially our girls and women.

Long ago I'd noticed that if a man disappeared there was an all points bulletin and everyone went into action, but at the same time I'd seen the vast difference in attitude when it was a female.

Already I'd made a reputation for myself in the mid-Ohio valley for being a hard nosed bitch that none of the "authorities" could reason with. In the early days this upset me and I spent some time brooding about it. However, my ego isn't that important, and I decided to go right ahead and issue my reports and warnings because I knew that I was right and someday .....someone (probably a man) would climb on my little soap box and start asking the exact questions that I'd been asking. When that happened the world would sit up and take notice.

They say the "power of the pen is mightier than the sword," ....and I once quoted that to a local judge, just before I told him I had to go now because I had a lot of writing to do. And boy have I written since that day. I've written to those at the top.....including President Bush.....and those at the bottom, and everyone in between!

Fox News Channel seems to be the only news channel on tv that is brave enough to speak their minds on any of the missing and/or murdered girl's cases now days. All the other channels appear to be tiptoeing around the issues, and trying to "understand" all these killers. I have a very good understanding of killers .......and a real good understanding of what should be done with them.

Shoot them .....lest they multiply!

Ashley Pond was last seen on the morning of January 9th, 2002. She disappeared on her way to school. Her murdered remains were discovered in a barrel buried in the back yard of Ward Weaver's home.

It wasn't the first time Ashley's name had been connected to Ward Weaver. She was a neighbor, a friend of his daughter's and had reported him for sexually molesting her earlier in the summer. Nothing was done about Ashley's report though. Weaver was not arrested, and apparently never crossed the minds of the Oregon City cops when she disappeared.

And I thought .....same story......over and over .....all across this nation. One kid after another disappears and all anyone knows to say is ....."runaway." How many have to be murdered before "the system" gets tough on the killer's?

I can't think of Ashley without remembering a local situation in which a fifty year old man was accused of raping a 13 year old girl. The girl wanted to go to court. She wanted to stop him. But she wasn't allowed to because the prosecution said it came down to her word against his ..... and the words of all his other victims could not be told. It angered me then ..... It angers me now. Rapes, domestic violence, attempted murder, all being kept quiet by the system that is supposed to represent the victim, not the perpetrator.

News reports said that Miranda Gaddis was a friend of Ashley's. They said she looked and looked for her friend, and that she was very afraid after Ashley disappeared. I can only imagine the terror this kid must have felt at the hands of her killer .....

And I think of our own Terri Roach who was murdered in July of 1990, and how frightened her friend and cousin, Patsy Sparks must have been when it was her turn to die just two years later. Both cases remain unsolved, as do a dozen or more others. Everyone has an opinion, a suspect, a theory ..... none of them goes anywhere. The cases lie dormant and local news reporters could care less.

Then again, perhaps the "message" is that they and their kids are of are of higher caliber than the ones that these horrible things are happening to. Well, maybe they are .... I don't know anymore.

Weaver's former wife claims that she contacted the FBI several months ago concerning the concrete that he poured for a hot tub. It seems her suspicions were aroused because ...Weaver had dug and cemented the area for the hot tub in the middle of the winter and during the night!

For some reason, this didn't sound so bizarre to me. I'd watched a man take the snow-tread tires from his vehicle and replace them with almost tread-bare tires that probably should not have been run in the summer time, when there was several inches of snow on the ground in this area, while the cops were trying desperately to match tire tracks at a murder scene. Come to think of it, they never did find the right tread pattern. But, it turned out it wasn't needed anyhow. They got a conviction on the man they wanted to get it on and it didn't matter that none of the evidence matched him, including the DNA evidence. Nothing mattered here. No expert's word was ever enough. No doctor's word, no one's. When the prosecuting attorney picked his/her suspect, that was the end of it. I just kept wondering what the jury members were going to do when their turn came ..... and it would. They lived all around the area. Sooner or later the "system" would pick one of theirs as the chosen culprit.

Who would they cry to then? Who would listen?

According to Fox News ... "Weaver was arrested on Aug. 13 on charges of raping his 19-year-old son's girlfriend. His distraught son, Francis Weaver, told emergency dispatchers after the alleged rape that his father had killed Ashley and Miranda. "I'm very glad that Ward will never be able to hurt anyone ever again, nor destroy any more lives," Francis Weaver told KATU-TV in Portland late Sunday. "

And I think of Patsy Sparks, whose birthday was August 13th. But beyond that, I think about Ward Weaver's 19 year old son, and I wonder .... How long had he known that his father murdered Ashley and Miranda? If he had not attacked his girlfriend and raped her, how long would this young man have been willing to remain silent? Did the girlfriend also know?

What kind of people would stand in silence while those around them were devoured by a monster? What kind of people would turn a blind eye to every warning, every plea for help, every vile thing that the perpetrator had done in his life?

I decided it was probably the same kind of person that would provide a home for a man such as Ward Weaver even though they knew what he was and what he'd been doing to women for years. Probably the same kind of person that could work for the Human Services Department under the pretext of assisting single women with children and protecting them from this type of predator, but who when called by one of his victim's said....."Oh T--- you and the kids can stay in your car until you find someplace to live and you just have to accept the fact that "he's" never been a one woman man and never will be.

Go ahead "system leaches" ..... draw your fat paychecks from the blood, sweat and tears of our people. Go to your beds at night knowing that you and yours are safe because you appease the wolf at our doors. But know this .... above all else, know this ..... I sit here tonight with full knowledge of what you have done and know that even if your pet wolf knocks down my door tonight and devours me and all that I have in this world ....

The pen is still mightier than the sword,

and I've already used up hundreds of pens!

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