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There are nearly as many different types of dreamers as there are dreams. Someday, when I have time, I will be adding a page to this web site that defines and categorizes dreams. But for today, we'll just have to get by with a brief description of some dreams that I believe involve Osama bin Laden and the threat to America and our way of life.

Christina, my daughter is a "dreamer," as am I and most of the females before us, on my mother's side of the family.

My mother was {in my terms} what I call a "Personal Prophetic Dreamer." This means that the vast majority of her dreams involved people she either knew or was related to. Whereas, my own dreams tend to fit into a couple of classifications, and will be discussed later.

Christina is a "Prophetic Personal" as well as a "Prophetic Non-Personal" dreamer. She is the first person I ever worked with who appears to have the ability to have "National Disaster" dreams. These can range from severe weather such as tornado's and floods to military situations.

Today, I will be addressing two of her dreams, before moving into one of my own.


Christina's husband was in the U.S. Army and the two of them moved to Kansas. It was the first time Christina had been that far away from home, and it would be the beginning of her "military" dreams. Prior to the move her dreams had primarily concerned severe storms {especially tornado's!}

Shortly after the couple settled in Kansas, Christina called home with a horrifying dream, and asked for an interpretation. My entire family are "dreamers," but only a few have been interpretors, and at this time I am the only one left.

Her dream took place on a military base. The alert sirens were screaming and people were running in all directions. She raced from the safety of her home in search of her husband.

Just as she saw him and many other soldiers climbing into tanks and armored equipment, she glanced toward the sky and saw a huge bear, claws and fangs bared, coming from the sky toward the U.S. soldiers.

The dream woke her up immediately and she was extremely upset and crying when she phoned me in the middle of the night to tell me about the dream.

I did not feel that the dream was intended for the present time, and told her to write it down and put it away because it was for the future, and it would involve a terrible war, and the bear was Russia!

Back at that time Russia was called the Soviet Union and I remember having a discussion with my friend Bob about the dream. When I mentioned Russia he was very quick to correct me and say that there was no "Russia."

"There will be again," I replied.

And so there is .... and I wonder if Bob ever remembers .... probably not. So few ever remember....

The First Dream Of Osama bin Laden

Christina's son Joshua was born in 1988, and by 1990 she and her husband had divorced. She and Joshua stayed with me for a short time until she entered beauty school and got her license.

When Joshua was two years old Christina had another dream that she did not understand .....

She saw a dark complected man, kneeling beside Joshua with one arm around the child. The background was sand dunes, and the man wore a white turban around his head. His full beard was as black as his eyes and rested upon his robed chest.

The man held a gun of some sort in his right hand, and appeared to be showing Joshua something off in the distance. Joshua did not appear frightened of the man, and the bearded man did not appear to be harming the child. And yet, Christina awoke with a feeling of dread.

Several years earlier I'd had a dream of a similar landscape and armed men, all clad in turbans. They had come across desert sands like a wind storm, and I had woke up just as they reached the border of wherever I was! I'd told a few friends about the dream and told them I thought it was a desert war that would be fought because of something that happened here in our country. Like I said, that was many years before Christina's dream.

In 1990 few American's had ever heard of Osama bin Laden. Even after we learned of him, it was because he had fought in Afghanistan against the "Russians." I thought of the dreams, but didn't pay any more attention to them until September 11th, 2001. Then I remembered them and have been watching ever since. The time has come to stop watching. The future has arrived!!

Joshua has turned 16 years old. He will be "military age" in 2006.

Osama bin Laden must be brought to his knees while Joshua is yet a "child," which means it must be done before he is 21. However, there will be tremendous battles in the sand dunes of the mid-east before this happens, and bin Laden will fight to the death because he sees the entire area as "his kingdom."

News Bits:

According to U.S. records, Osama bin Laden can be linked to four major terrorist actions before September 11, 2001

Feb. 26, 1993: World Trade Center tower parking garage bombed: Six people died: According to investigators the man who organized the attack had spent time at bin Laden's guest house in Pakistan.

June 25, 1996: Bombing of a U.S. military housing complex in Saudi Arabia: 19 died and 372 were injured: U.S. officials suspected bin Laden but Saudi police refused to cooperate, thus ending investigations:

Aug. 7, 1998: U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed: 224 killed, more than 5,000 injured: Suspect arrested confessed that he had been recruited by bin Laden:

Oct. 12, 2000: USS Cole attacked: 17 died, 39 injured: A Kuwaiti newspaper later reported that it had obtained a video, taped in a bin Laden training camp, which boasted of the attack:

Where Was Osama In 1985?

At the time Christina had her first "military" dream, Osama bin Laden was just becoming "news" in Afghanistan and the mid-eastern countries.

None of us had ever heard of him, or seen a picture of him, and had no reason to be thinking of him. And yet, as soon as he showed up on tv as the terrorist that instigated the 2001 World Trade Center disaster, Christina recognized him! "That's the man who was kneeling beside Joshua," she exclaimed.

My husband looked at her as if she'd lost her mind! But I knew what she meant. Mike doesn't remember dreams ..... but I do. Besides that, Osama bin Laden reminds me of another "terrorist" that I happened to know one time!! The two look remarkably similar to one another. Perhaps it's the beard. The eyes are a different color, and yet, there is a certain look about the eyes that sends the same blood chilling message.

The Latest Dream

October 26th, 2004: I was at a bake/craft/yard sale type event with Christina at a fire department.

*Wild Bill was sitting in a loft area several feet above the rest of the people that were there. The area where he sat, reading a book, was triangle shaped and took in an entire corner of the huge building. He wore jeans, a jean jacket, medium blue, button down shirt, and western style boots and belt.

There was a cafeteria style serving area to my right as I entered the building, and I could see people buying hot dogs, barbeque's and other foods at the counter, before taking a seat at one of the several tables that were set up for eating. Several other long tables lined the back of the building and held craft items. Other tables were situated down the center area and were heaped with baked goods of all kinds. Still other tables appeared to hold used clothing items. Christina stood at one of these tables looking through a pile of sweat shirts and blouses.

Before reaching the serving area there was an area in which a person could wash their hands. It was the same type of system that the WalMart stores now have, where the water comes on automatically when you place your hands under the faucet. The water was a fine mist instead of a hard stream as with the older style faucets.

Donny was there and was holding his new calculator under the water.

"What's wrong with you? You will ruin that calculator, and then what will you do? Who will buy you another one?" I scolded.

He acted stupid and mumbled something about it being an old one .....

"Old? I just bought that for you on November 2nd. Don't you remember?" I said.

As I bought a Coke at the counter I glanced up at Wild Bill. He was peeking at me over top of the book!

About that time I noticed Dave and Jeff come walking through. Dave spoke to Wild Bill and I wished I was close enough to hear the entire conversation, but with the other people in the building, I was only able to catch bits and pieces of it ....

I heard Dave ask if Wild Bill was still with that *Mysde woman .... and Wild Bill said something about "waiting for someone, but having Mysde while he waited" .... his voice trailed off in the sounds around me. I moved a little closer and heard Dave say....

"Well, I'd just go back to my wife and forget about her because she isn't worth it."

Wild Bill replied ..... "No, R----'s remarried, so I can't go back to her and I don't really want Mysde, but you know, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

Dave: "Know what you mean buddy," ..... and I thought, ..... "wish to hell I knew what he meant!"

I sat down in an old brown chair with matching foot stool to drink my Coke while Christina looked at some clothes. She selected a purple sweat shirt and some other things and took them outside where the lighting was better, to look at them more closely.

Betty V. came up behind me, bent down and put her arms around my shoulders and began talking about Donna's house and wanted to know if I'd seen how she'd fixed it up. I told Betty that I didn't really know Donna and that I had not seen the house.

I got up from the chair and told Betty that I was going to go up and talk to Wild Bill for a couple of minutes before I left for home. She said okay, and she went outside to find Christina.

I walked over to the "ladder" that extended up to the loft area where Wild Bill still sat in a chair holding a book and peeking over the top of it at me.

I began to climb the steep ladder. It had rungs but also some type of "flip down steps" that I'd never seen before.

As I worked my way up the ladder I could see how the triangle shaped room was furnished. There was a small table with a couple of chairs, a small stove and refrigerator, a single bed and a closet. Across the room, in the area where Wild Bill had been reading, were two larger, soft chairs, similar to the one I'd sat in earlier, only not as old looking.

Wild Bill now stood at the top of the ladder and encouraged me to continue climbing. "Come on, I'll help you," he said as he reached down and took hold of my right arm.

I awoke just as I was taking the last step.

Note: After I woke up I recognized the chair from somewhere and knew that I'd sat in it on several occasions, but could not recall where or when. After thinking about it for several hours, I realized the chair belonged to my friend J.K.S., and I was right ..... I had sat it in many times, but not for several years: Also, after waking I had some confusion over whether I'd told Donny that I purchased the calculator on November 2nd or November 7th. Perhaps both are important dates that should be watched closely:

Dream Identification

I did not recognize the "fire department" in my dream, but my friend Sindee did! She quickly identified it as the Lxxxxxxx township {Ohio} fire department in which her friends and family held a baby shower for her.

Each person named within my dream was actually at Sindee's baby shower ..... only it was different people ...... same names, different people!

Donny in the dream left for the U.S. Navy in September of this year. I never bought Donny {or anyone else} a calculator. And I believe the dream was a warning of something on a "National scale," and not a personal one.

J.K.S. is Catholic, as is Wild Bill. Wild Bill bears a strong resemblance to Osama bin Laden ..... not only in looks, but in action!!! Bin Laden is an international terrorist, while Wild Bill never made it to the "big time," but terrorizes those around him ..... especially the women and girls!

Bin Laden has issued a new warning for the United States, and I'm fearful that his intentions are extreme even for him.

The fact that I said I'd bought the calculator for Donny on November 2nd, and then asked if he didn't "remember," is symbolic of something we'd better remember on "election day." When I had the dream {and even now} November 2nd had not arrived yet so it would be impossible for Donny to "remember" something I did on that day.

The fire department may be symbolic of all our firefighters ..... or it may be symbolic of our voting areas since the people of that area do vote at the Lxxxxxxx fire department. {I'm deliberately not supplying names here because I don't want anyone to be able to identify the location of this voting area.}

I think it is odd that John Kerry has {2} of my friend J.K.S.' s initials.

The old chair may represent "old issues," that can only be resolved by "climbing the ladder to success." However, just as I took my last step up, I awoke.

I pray I'm wrong but this may be an indication that just as we {as a nation} are taking the last step {voting}, bin Laden will reach out and support John Kerry in some unforeseen fashion. If this is correct, the FBI, CIA, everyone needs to be aware that President Bush is in danger.

Of course I do not know John Kerry {or George Bush} personally, but I am reasonably certain that Mr. Kerry would never condone an attack against our president and our nation just so he could get in office!

I've spent the last 3 days researching Osama bin Laden. My research has scared the hell out of me, and I'm normally fearless! This man is one of the most dangerous people we've ever had to deal with, and I'm afraid that most American's just don't understand exactly how dangerous or how determined the man actually is. The more I learn of him, the more I fear for my people and my nation.

I am posting this page tonight ..... on the eve of election day. I sincerely hope the FBI and CIA are monitoring this web site, because they need to take every precaution they can take to protect President Bush, Senator Kerry and the rest of America's citizens. But we have an obligation too. Keep our eyes open. Don't be paranoid, but don't pretend that everything is alright, because it isn't. Osama bin Laden has vowed to destroy our nation. He and his people cannot do it if we remain vigilant.

We need to take whatever precautions we each deem necessary to protect ourselves and our families, and we need to be aware of those around us.

Please stay safe America ..... go vote for the man of your choice, and ask God to direct his steps so that we may soon see an end to this terrible threat that hangs over our heads.

Best Always,



The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Usama Bin Laden. An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association

2009: Another Election

Obama vs. Osama

Kyrgyzstan Says Decision To Close US Base Is Final

The Associated Press // Feb. 6, 2009

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan -

Kyrgyzstan will not reverse its decision to close a U.S. air base on its territory that is key to American and NATO operations in Afghanistan, a top Kyrgyz security official said Friday.

The statement by Kyrgyzstan's National Security Council chief Adakhan Madumarov appeared to dash any U.S. hopes of securing a last-minute reprieve for the Manas air base, which is located just outside the capital of Bishkek.

"The fate of the air base has been sealed; there is no doubt the bill to revoke the basing agreement will be ratified," Madumarov told a news conference.

Parliament is due to consider a government-sponsored bill to close the base next week.

Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev stunned Washington when he announced the closure of the base earlier this week after securing more than $2 billion in financial aid and credit from Russia.

Losing Manas now would pose a serious challenge to President Barack Obama's plan to send up to 30,000 more U.S. forces to fight surging Taliban and al-Qaida violence in Afghanistan.

That threat comes as increasing attacks on transportation depots and truck convoys in Pakistan have raised doubts about its ability to protect vital supply routes. About 75 percent of U.S. supplies to Afghanistan currently travel through Pakistan.

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November 3rd, 2004: President Bush has been re-elected for another four year term: The elections all seemed to have gone very well with no sign of terrorist activities and I am very thankful for this. Hopefully the 7th will come and go as quickly and quietly:

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