Our Hands Are Tied

Presentation & Action Report


Bonnie M. Wells



Dream Date: 5/25/06

Dreamer: Mysde

Dream Time: 12:08 pm

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Dream began in the reception area of a long, but somewhat narrow beauty shop with dim lights and light colored walls.

Someone handed the dreamer a large amount of money ... she could see several hundred dollar bills as well as fifties and twenties, but didn't count it to see how much was actually there.

Dreamer folded the money in half and placed it underneath a brown wooden shelf. She scooped up a sweater/jacket that had fallen onto the floor before scurrying outside to get into a vehicle with me and my grandson Joshua.

Something was said about a 'standard shift car and something happening to it,' as we traveled along the highway behind a small, red, two door car.

Dreamer listens to the conversation but thinks to herself .... "We need to get back there and get that money before 'he does' .... Dream changes and the trio once again find themselves at the beauty shop. The dreamer goes to retrieve the money from the place where she had hidden it and discovers that 'he' has already found it, and some of the money is missing as well as 'the proof' .... whatever that was.

Again the dreamer is in the car with me and Josh and we are driving along a street which appears to be Virginia Street in Marietta.

Someone said something about it being Clark's Road, to which the dreamer replied ..... "No, this isn't Clark's Road" ....

A road cutting off to the left and slightly uphill lead to a gravel area. Dreamer could see the area and began to feel apprehensive.

A big, old, rumbling car [muscle car] pulled into the graveled area just as the dreamer realized that 'he' was coming down the road. She didn't know if 'he' was coming for the old car or for us, but now a panic began to set in.... "We have got to get out of here before he comes," she said to me.

Dreamer sees a vehicle coming toward us, and toward the area where the old car sat, motor still running ..... "We have got to get out of here fast. That's him and he's coming for some of us. We have to go," .....

Dreamer looks down at her hands and realizes they are tied. She looks at me and mine are tied too. / End of dream: Awoke at 12:08 pm; May 25th, 2006:


Action Report

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Joshua drives a Mazda RX7 [As did Sheree Petry]:

The car is a standard: Something happened to it on May 24th, and the clutch went out: [May 24th is the anniversary of the night in 1996 that Wild Bill told Mysde... "It would be a good night for a walk."]

Joshua's mother [my daughter] and his step-father own a 1965 Chevy Impala:

Joshua's graduation from Warren High School was scheduled for May 26th [2006] at 7:00 pm in Marietta, Ohio. Josh had to be there by 6:00 pm.

Mysde phoned me and reported the dream on the afternoon of May 25th, as Josh and I were discussing how he was going to get to Marietta an hour earlier than the rest of us.

He said he could take the Impala and go ahead and Mike and I could bring Bryan, Christina and Mariah with us. Sounded good until Mysde called. That's when I said "NO." No way was that kid getting out of my sight, and absolutely no way was he driving that big, old, rumbling Impala and going ahead of me!"

So, after a phone call to inform his mother that she would have to close her beauty shop a little earlier than planned and we would all be heading toward Marietta at the same time - even if we did have to hang around for an hour after Josh went inside - it was all settled.

Once that decision was made, Josh and I went downstairs to the storage room, where a shelf had let loose from the wall [due to the fact that I'd overloaded it with winter sweaters and jackets! We spent the better part of an hour picking up things that had been tossed across the room, some of which were breakable items that I'd had sitting on top of the shelving unit. We picked up all the clothing, folded it and packed it into storage crates; cleaned up all the broken items and carried them out to the trash, and removed the shelf so I wouldn't be tempted to try to repair it and use it again!

With that out of the way Josh decided to go home for the night. His friend Aaron came to my house and picked him up. When I saw the little, two door, red car [a new Ford Escort] leave my driveway and head toward Joshua's home, I had the feeling that I was seeing the early stages of a dream pan out. I was not mistaken.

Later that night - around 11pm - I picked up a piece of mail that Mike had laid on the table for me, and began to look at it. It was some type of scratch off poker game .... something about winning 10,000.00 if you had the winning hand. I absentmindedly scratched off the numbers on the front to reveal four kings and a seven. That sounded like a winning hand to me!

I thought of Mysde's dream: Christina's shop was longer than wide; the walls were white; I'd just learned of a large amount of money; Joshua's 'standard' car had something happen to it and he couldn't drive it right now; His friend came and got him in a red car that looked like the one Mysde described in her dream; The shelf had broken from the wall and we'd picked up sweaters and jackets from the floor: That was quite a bit to see unfold right before my eyes. I was looking forward to the trip into Marietta and the area where I believed that Mysde's dream was based:

May 26th, 2006: We left our house at 4:30 pm, and followed the Impala into Belpre where Bryan, Christina, Mike, Josh, Mariah and I all had dinner before going on into Marietta for Joshua's graduation. Mariah rode with her parents, while Josh rode with Mike and me.

As we approached the area of Shelly & Sands [a gravel pit with large, graveled driveway leading into it] I began to watch everything around me closely.

The four lane highway was divided in that area. The north bound lanes merged left, into a single lane as it crossed the small bridge over Virginia Street, while the right lane cut off and exited onto Virginia Street.

As we approached the divided area a small red, two door car came around us and stayed in the left lane, so we were 'following it,' as we crossed the bridge. The license number on the car was 927. [9-27 is when I met Wild Bill, back in 1990.]

We crossed the overpass-bridge, and I glanced toward the 550 exit that the south bound vehicles could take, and I thought of Mysde's dream again .... "Clark's Road." Virginia Street turned into State Route 550. Wild Bill lived out 550 now days --- and so had our murdered deputy Ray Clark. He'd lived on Dodds Run Road, just off 550.

I turned back from looking at 550 just in time to see an orange/red, 1965 Chevy truck taking the exit onto 550. [Wild Bill owns an orange/red, 1965 Chevy truck, that he shows at some of the car shows.

Was it Wild Bill? I don't honestly know. I was in such a state of shock from seeing so many things pan out all at once that I didn't even think to look at the driver!

And to be honest, it doesn't matter anyway. After nearly sixteen years of gathering information, documenting everything from beginning to end, and trying to find the truth ... I can honestly say ... "We have the answers. We've had them all along. But, they obviously are not what people want to hear, so our hands are tied."

I won't worry about the world anymore. I'll just listen to the warnings that are sent. Be thankful that they are sent, and safeguard those around me to the best of my ability ..... and that's all I can do ... at least today. Maybe tomorrow will be different.



Bonnie M. Wells


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