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Springfield Police Chief Mulls Search For

3 Missing Women Under Hospital Garage
December 01, 2010|by Sara Forhetz, KY3 News | sforhetz@ky3.com


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, and Streeter’s mother, Sherill Levitt, vanished without a trace after a high school graduation party sometime in the early hours of June 7, 1992. Now there’s some movement on the case from Springfield's new police chief. He's considering digging at a location where some think those three missing women’s bodies might be.

In the days and weeks following their disappearance, investigators looked high and low, poring over miles and miles of land looking for the women.

"I've got a couple different phone calls at the office about it and I know it is at the forefront of people's minds,” Williams said in an interview on Wednesday morning.

Williams, who moved here from Tulsa last summer, is one of countless people who want answers. He's willing to go to great depths to look for those answers.

"Technology advanced and, if there is a way to basically put those rumors to rest, then we would look at that in a very inexpensive way,” said Williams.

Williams is considering a dig under the Cox South Hospital parking garage. Law enforcement officers have never had any solid ground to believe any clues or bodies would turn up under the garage but it's long been rumored that perhaps under that garage is where the bodies are.

The whole Cox Hospital theory came about in 2007. An independent investigator in the city, Kathee Baird, says she found evidence that McCall, Streeter and Levitt are buried there. Her suspicions, she says, came from psychics and tipsters.

"I went back and researched projects that were going on, in and around that time, and kept coming back to the parking garage on Bradford Parkway,” Baird said in 2007.

Baird provided reporters with a video of a ground-penetrating radar scan at the parking garage. The man running the radar, Rick Norland, who is a consulting engineer who worked at Ground Zero and on the Panama Canal, says his machine picked up three distinct objects below the concrete.

"I read through some files and there was a meeting held years ago about that and the decision for all parties involved is it wasn't something worth pursuing at that point,” said Williams.

Still, the chief says, there is an element of putting that rumor to rest, especially for family members like McCall’s mother, Janis McCall, and other loved ones who still have no closure.

"For Janis, there are some things she'd like for us to resolve for peace-of-mind sake,” said Williams.

"That last tip, that last lead, that one missing piece that finally breaks the case -- and that's what we're going to look at in this case: make sure there's not something out there that we've missed and, if something is new, look at that and see if we can't solve it,” the chief said.

Williams says he will get all parties -- former and current officers who worked on the case, the prosecuting attorney’s office, anyone and everyone involved -- together in the next two weeks to move forward. He hopes to make some quick progress.

Investigators have followed or considered more than 5,000 leads since 1992. Some led to property digs. Investigators say reporters didn’t find out about most of them. In 1993, there was one in Webster County. Another one was in Webster County in 2002. One was in 2004 in Cassville. Each turned up nothing.




In April of 2006, I joined forces with Kenneth Young, Kathee Baird, Alex Trent and Tim Gray and we all threw everything we had to give into finding The Springfield Three, as we had come to call Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, Sherill Levitt.

The entire story is told piece by piece and bit by bit on several pages on my web site, as well as on other web sites and myspace and facebook pages, so I won't go into a lot of detail here, but will provide links to my pages at the end of this page.

Although I have worked psychic homicide for most of my adult life - beginning in the early 1970's with the local case of Jimma Ann Dotson - I didn't become involved in the Springfield Three case until after I was contacted by Kenny Young who had received a vision that he was convinced was about Stacy McCall.

Ken contacted me in 2004, and we began to work on his vision and see if we could gain useful information from it. It wasn't long until I was sure we could do that very thing. Months and months of long distance phone calls and work followed.

Little known to Kenny at the time was another man whom I'd met via my web site, and another search for a missing woman. Tim Gray claimed to have a machine that he had been working with for several years that he believed could be used to locate many things - one of which was dead bodies - even buried or submerged in water, he believed his machine could find them.

I was probably as skeptical as anyone when Tim told me about his machine - but, considering the things that I have seen in this old world - things that most people would choose to ignore or call coincidence - I decided to give Tim and his machine a chance, and so, I introduced him to Kenny and eventually he got to meet Kathee and speak with Alex, and the show was on the road!

I named Tim's machine Solomon because it was wise. It could see things that we could not see with the naked eye. It could find things that we human's could only search for.

I set the date for our expedition - April 17th, 2006 - based upon other 'revealing' dates that were familiar to me, and upon the psychic fact that history repeats itself and if given the proper amount of information and direction, almost anything can be solved - even the revealing of a killer and where he hid his victim{s}. I suppose it was Tim's turn to have doubts, but Ken and I had enough confidence in our work to direct him none the less.

We selected several sites in Springfield that we wanted Tim to scan with Solomon - and he did search them. However, number one on our list was the parking garage of Cox Hospital South.

Kathee met Tim that April day and showed him the area. Within minutes of his arrival at the hospital Tim had a 'hit' with Solomon. He marked the area well, and he reported his findings back to Kenny and I. 'Three women / jewlery / how they were placed in their makeshift graves / how deep they were buried. It was absolutely amazing the detail he furnished.

Ken and I thought this was it. We thought everyone would be thrilled, I mean after all, they had been asking for help in finding the missing women. Well, as has happened far too many times, nothing came of our work except criticism, ridicule and rejection. Our methods were not 'normal', and apparently neither were we!

On June 16th, 2006, Kathee brought in Rick Norland with his GPR machine to re-scan the area where Tim had said the women were. This time Kathee video taped the scan and interviewed Rick Norland, whose findings supported Tim Gray's findings. In fact, Tim's marks were 'inside of Rick's marks,' which indicates that Tim's machine {Solomon} is even more precise than a GPR.

As I said, this is all told on various pages of this web site, including a petition that I drew up for the govorner - which currently has 153 signatures on it.

I just wanted to recap the story, and to say that the dates listed in the above news article are not correct. Tim Gray went to Springfield, Missouri on April 17th, 2006, and Rick Norland was there on June 16th, 2006 - not 2007 as stated above. I have kept accurate records of all events, and have faithfully posted them, along with the dates on my web site, and I will be quite interested to see if the new chief of police really does contact anyone and everyone who has been involved in this case.

And, in closing I'd like to say this --- If anyone was to ask my opinion on a 'dig date' I'd gladly tell them December 8th is your best day to bring forth that which you seek. Just a lone psychic's opinion - for whatever it's worth.


Mrs. Bonnie M. Wells

625 State Route 555

Little Hocking, Ohio 45742


Bonnie M.Wells



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