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Bonnie M. Wells

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Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you concerning a case that you once profiled on the 48 Hours program, concerning three women who went missing on June 7th, 1992 in Springfield, Missouri.

The women - Sherrill Levitt, her daughter Suzanne Streeter and her friend Stacy McCall.

I am a psychic profiler, and I was contacted by a gentleman [Mr. Kenneth Young] who said he'd had a vision involving Stacy McCall.

I began working with Kenny on the vision a couple of years ago. On April 17th of 2006 I sent Mr. Tim Gray to Springfield, Missouri. Mr. Gray has an instrument similar to a ground penetrating radar, but more sensitive.

Kenny and I had already selected some sites that we wanted Mr. Gray to scan, but our primary site was Cox Hospital South - Halston Cancer Center. According to information reviled within the vision, we believed this was the most likely site.

Within minutes of Mr. Gray's arrival on the premises, he had a 'hit' on his instrument. He marked the area where he believes the three women are located.

Enter one Kathee Baird.

Ms. Baird showed Mr. Gray around the area since she is familiar with the area and the people.

After Mr. Gray's 'discovery' I sent out emails to police and others in the Springfield area advising of the location and the probability that the three missing women were in that location.

It seemed there was one problem after another until June. At that time, Ms. Baird made arrangements for a Mr. Rick Norland to bring his GRP equipment and re-scan the area that Tim Gray did in April.

Although his instruments were not as sensitive as Mr. Gray's, it didn't take Mr. Norland long to confirm that 'there was something in the very area that Mr. Gray had marked off, that didn't belong there."

I thought this would be all that was needed. I was wrong.

It's not been ten months, and there's been no radio, tv, newspaper or any other form of 'announcement' concerning the discoveries.

Kathee Baird has told me that she has met with almost everyone in the entire area in an effort to get the remains dug up so that they could be tested to determine exactly who they are.

According to Ms. Baird, the June scan was video taped by Kara Conley of KY3 News. So far even that tape has never been shown to the people of Missouri.

It was supposed to be aired on February 9th - but got postponed until the 13th. Then it was postponed until the 21st. I do not believe it will be aired then either.

I don't know what's going on in Springfield, Missouri, but something is starting to smell rather fishy about this entire situation.

I thought since 48 Hours had cared enough to do the original broadcast about the case, perhaps you'd appreciate a 'heads up' on this situation.

Personally, I'd appreciate it if you could look into this case again, and try to find out why no one wants these women found! This seems pretty strange to me, after all - they asked the public for help in finding the women, and often brag that they have dug up half the state trying to find them -- so, what's the problem now?

Tim Gray says he is more than willing to go back to Springfield and speak with whomever he needs to speak with in an effort to bring this case to the people's attention.

I do have a web site - and have a lot more info posted on it, which has been objected to also, I might add.

A few months ago Ms. Baird told Mr. Young [who, in turn told me] that the prosecuting attorney wanted everyone to take down from their web sites, any information concerning the case! Needless to say, it will require a court order before I remove anything from my web site.

I approached this case with the same honesty and integrity that I work any case, and I'm beginning to feel that there is something awfully wrong in Springfield, Missouri.

Any attention you could give this would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I can provide Tim Gray and Kenny Young's phone numbers if you are interested.


Bonnie M. Wells

625 State Route 555

Little Hocking, Ohio 45742

phone: 740-XXX-XXXX

web site:

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