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February 22nd, 2007

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Investigator Thinks Missing Women's Bodies Are In Concrete

by Cara Connelly, KY3 News


This city’s most infamous unsolved crime is the disappearance of three women in June 1992. Two teenagers and one mother vanished shortly after the students’ high school graduation.

There were no signs of a struggle and no clues as to what happened to Sherill Levitt, her daughter Suzie Streeter, and Suzie’s friend, Stacy McCall. Springfield police have researched and followed up on more than 5,000 leads in the case.

A woman from Springfield says she's done her own independent investigation and knows where the women are. Police have doubts about her research and have spent nearly a year trying to verify her claim.

For nearly 15 years, Janis McCall has been waiting for her daughter, Stacy, to come home.

"I do believe Stacy still has a chance of being found. They have not found any body. They didn't find any remains for three women and, if they haven't found them in 14 and a half years, chances are they're still around,” she said.

Still, faith that her daughter is alive can't overcome the dread she feels every time police find the body of an unidentified person.

“For many times, every time a body was found around this area, my heart just stopped," said McCall.

And it’s happened dozens of times.

Investigator Kathee Baird wishes she could give McCall the happy ending she hopes for. Last spring, Baird says she found evidence the women are buried under a parking garage near Cox South Hospital. Psychics and tipsters kept telling Baird to look for the women in concrete.

"I went back and researched projects that were going on in and around that time and kept coming back to the parking garage on Bradford Parkway,” said Baird.

Baird provided KY3 News with video of a ground penetrating radar scan of the parking garage. The man ran the radar, Rick Norland, is a consulting engineer who worked at Ground Zero in New York City and on the Panama Canal. Norland says his machine picked up three distinct objects below the concrete.

"It’s very similar to what we see when we're over old graves," said Norland.

Baird took the video to investigators.

"We were told, on this lead, there was technology in use that had shown bodies underground,” said Springfield Police Sgt. Mike Owen.

Baird also told Janis McCall.

"It hurts, it really hurts, to be told that Suzie, Stacy and Sherill are buried certain places. That's not something that's a positive for me. It's a very negative feeling and I'd much rather be positive,” said McCall.

Owen has been on the case since the day it happened. With all the leads the case has generated, Owen was skeptical about the tip but, in such a high profile case, police say they have no choice but to follow every lead.

"We could be embarrassed, we could miss something that could bring closure to the families, or we have to withstand public scrutiny,” said Owen.

Acting on past tips over the years, police dug in two different places in Webster County and a place in Barry County. Until they dig in the parking garage, Baird says she won't be satisfied.

"We do know they dug in Barry County, and there was nothing there, on a tip. Did it take a year to dig? I don't think so," she said.

Police say they've spent months on this lead. They've met with the Greene County prosecuting attorney’s office and CoxHealth officials. They even got an opinion from an expert on ground penetrating radar.

"It would be impossible to see what this man claims he has seen,” said Owen.

Police say they've followed the lead as far as they can and have no plans to dig at the parking garage but Baird isn't giving up.

"The only way I think I'm going to get anything done is to go public. I've played by their rules for a long time,” said Baird.

If police don't think a dig is necessary, McCall says she agrees. She's spent the last 15 years listening to theories and tips that don't pan out. More than 100 psychics have contacted her.

“They say they're either alive or dead. Well, yeah, they're going to be one of those things,” she said.

But the Janis and Stu McCall don't think their daughter is dead. Janis McCall has a faith that's unwavering and says, until there is definitive proof, she won't give up on Stacy.

"They can say that they're dead, they can say that they're gone, but we always have hope. One day, maybe, I'll know what happened to Stacy. But, in the meantime, I can hope she is still alive,” said McCall.

A timeline in the case of the three missing women

Extended interview with Sgt. Mike Owen

Extended video of the search with ground penetrating radar

Well - What's Left To Say?


Bonnie M. Wells

First of all, I don't know what 'psychics' Mrs. McCall was referring to when she said - "They say they're either alive or dead. Well, yeah, they're going to be one of those things."

It wasn't me folks. I said - and I repeat -- "The women are dead. They are buried under approximately two feet of concrete at Cox Hospital South," simple as that. My 'story' has never changed and it isn't going to now, tomorrow or ever. There is a copy of [exactly] what I said to Mrs. McCall on one of the other pages of this story. I said the same thing to her that I said to officer Higdon and everyone else.

Concerning psychic leads: On the video [link shown above] Officer Owen makes the statement - "The tips are almost always the same. They give us certain information, but never really point to specifics, and this is one of those cases."

How much more specific can a person get? I named the probable killer; said the women were buried under approximately two feet of concrete and then gave the location where they were! I told how they were placed into the hole; said there was some jewelry remaining on one or more of them, and finally said Tim Gray had actually 'marked' the very spot where the remains are located!

Here's a copy of the second email that I sent to Detective Greg Higdon back in 2006. See if anyone can figure any way that I could be 'more specific.'

Dear Sir,

I originally wrote to you on - or about, April 24th, 2006 concerning the results of a scan that was conducted by Mr. Tim Gray of Ohio.

It has come to my attention that there are some questions concerning this event which I believe need clarification.

I am a psychic who specializes in dream and vision interpretation and identification.

Mr. Kenneth Young contacted me a couple of years ago because he'd had a vision which he believed was of Stacy McCall. Although Mr. Young had never met Ms. McCall, he believed the vision was of her and thought it was important. It seemed no one else shared his opinion though, and for several years he could find no one who would listen to him and take the vision seriously.

I took it seriously - that's my job, and I'm good at it, in case anyone's wondering. I began working with Mr. Young -- analyzing the vision and researching the case to determine as much actual information as I could obtain.

Mr. Robert Cox is incarcerated in Lovelady, Texas. He'd done a couple of interviews with reporters over the years, and as I read these interviews I realized he was giving away minute pieces of information. When considered with Mr. Young's vision, I believed we had a direction in which to concentrate our efforts. However, Mr. Young nor I were 'equipped' to perform the task at hand, as Mr. Cox had bragged that 'the women were dead; not far from their place of abduction; buried, and would never be found."

Mr. Tim Gray contacted me about a year ago. He said he had an instrument that could find anything. He said he'd used this instrument to locate several things for various people. I decided to give him a chance.

I selected a couple of cases that I am working [as a psychic] and was preparing to send Mr. Gray and his machine [which I dubbed Solomon] out on a test run.

Ms. Kathee Baird contacted Mr. Young. She too was interested in the three missing Missouri women. They began a correspondence via telephone and email. I did not know Ms. Baird at this time, but Mr. Young informed me of her and said she was 'in the area,' so if we needed any assistance she was willing to help.

Mr. Young did not know of Mr. Gray, as I had said nothing.

One evening - around the last part of March 2006 - when Mr. Gray thought he would soon be coming into the Huntington, West Virginia area to search for missing Samantha Burns, something seemed to tell me to call Mr. Young and tell him about Mr. Gray and "Solomon."

I did that. Mr. Young was very excited about the news and told me about Kathee Baird and how she was willing to help in any way that she could. He gave me her phone number and asked that I phone her. I did.

I then phoned Mr. Gray and informed him that there was a change in plans. He would not be going to West Virginia, but instead would go to Springfield, Missouri.

Ms. Baird was our contact in Springfield. Mr. Gray would meet her and she would present him the list of places that he was to scan with his machine.

Although neither Mr. Young nor I had ever been to Springfield and only had my impressions and computer maps to go by, we drew up the list.... based primarily upon Robert Cox's own words, and a few letters that he'd written to Mr. Young over the past year or so.

Cox would write to Mr. Young and he would send the letters on to me for my examination. Based upon these letters and his remarks to reporters, and Mr. Young's vision, Cox Hospital was the number one location on our list of possible places where the women might be located. There were others though.

Ms. Baird's job was to meet Mr. Gray and to make sure he knew how to get to the pre-selected locations.

Mr. Gray wanted no media attention, as he thought this might cause undue problems, and perhaps give false hopes -- especially if the scan results were negative.

The four of us agreed that this was the best policy. In the event that the scan results were positive in any location on our chart, then Ms. Baird, being the local contact was to notify local law enforcement, media, etc. who were deemed appropriate.

Mr. Gray examined all of the locations given to him, and got negative results in all except Cox Hospital. There he received a positive reading which indicated the remains of three people -- some of which are wearing jewelry. We all believed [and continue to believe] that Mr. Gray discovered the remains of Stacy McCall, Sherrill Levit and Suzanne Streeter on 4-17-06.

Originally, I understood that Ms. Baird had made arrangements for a police officer to meet Mr. Gray at the location before he left town. However, the officer never arrived and Mr. Gray returned to Ohio without speaking to him.

After I discovered this, I did a computer search to determine 'who' was in charge of the investigation. That's when I found your name, and that's when I wrote the first time, and told you about the discovery.

You answered my email and requested information on Mr. Gray. I supplied that information in another email dated 4/24/06 [actually, my email date was wacco at that time and the date probably appeared as 4/24/80].

It is my understanding that Ms. Baird brought in another man from Kansas to re-scan the area with a regular Ground Penetrating Radar machine, which, although not nearly as advanced as Mr. Gray's machine, could determine if there was something in the area that was unusual or abnormal. This test was conducted on June 16th, 2006, and once again, Ms. Baird was 'in charge' of notifying you and/or other law enforcement personnel. The agreement was that she would dial 911 if the gentleman [whose name neither Mr. Young, Mr. Gray nor I have ever been told] did in fact get a positive reading. Also, she was to notify the local news station.

According to Ms. Baird, the man from Kansas did confirm Mr. Gray's findings, in the precise spot that Mr. Gray said they were in, back in April.

Again, Ms. Baird failed to notify you or any other law enforcement, and changed her mind about contacting the local news media.

Now, I'm told that there is much confusion as to how Mr. Gray knew where to go.

Please allow me to clear up that confusion.

I sent him there. Mr. Young and I determined the search areas and sent Mr. Gray to conduct the search/scan. Cox Hospital was our first choice.

To the best of my knowledge, this case is the only one that Mr. Young and Ms. Baird are interested in or concerned with. However, this is not my only case officer Higdon. I am working cases all across this nation --- Ashley Howley; Brooke Willberger; Gina DeJesus; Samantha Burns; Alice Donovan -- to name just as few of the missing. I also work on cases in which the victim has been found, but the killer hasn't, so this case is nothing new or exceptional to me.

I will soon be directing Mr. Gray and his instrument into other areas of our nation because there are many, many instances in which the people need our help, and have asked for it. I will not disappoint them.

But until Mr. Gray came my way, I was pretty much alone because so few believe in psychics -- and to be honest, I don't blame them, considering the ones I've encountered. But I'm different Sir, I don't take credit for things I haven't done, and I won't stand in silence while a person who's given their all, in good faith, is shoved aside and another is substituted. No Sir, I won't stand in silence.

PS: By the way, to this very day, I have never met Mr. Young, Ms. Baird or Mr. Gray. I have spoken to each over the phone many times, and we have emailed one another, but we do not know one another personally. To the best of my knowledge, none of us have ever met Robert Cox. And yes, I do believe Robert Cox is [one] of your killers. He may have had an accomplice, or possibly two, as I have never felt he worked alone.


Bonnie M. Wells

Little Hocking, Ohio

********* end of letter *********

"Owen has been on the case since the day it happened. With all the leads the case has generated, Owen was skeptical about the tip but, in such a high profile case, police say they have no choice but to follow every lead."

So, if 'Owen' has been on the case since the 'day it happened,' would someone please explain to me who Officer Greg Higdon is, and why he appears to be the 'investigating officer?" Check out my page with the emails to everyone. You'll see that Higdon is the one who responded! And, how can they say they 'followed the lead?' Tim Gray and Rick Norland 'followed the lead,' used scientific equipment and data and brought forth 'non-psychic' evidence. What did the cops do with it? Rejected it and tried to spin it into 'psychic nonsense.' Springfield university has a ground penetrating radar machine similar to Rick Norland's. Why haven't they made arrangements to use it?

Here's some short clips from the article titled - "Radar Sees Through Earth"

The University of Missouri-Rolla and the Department of Natural Resources have ground-penetrating radar units // And the equipment, which can detect anything from a highway reinforcing bar to [***buried bodies,] could have other applications // Mickus and other MSU researchers will use the unit, and so will the Watershed Committee. It will also be made available to the [**city,] Greene County and City Utilities. All those groups were sponsors, executive director Loring Bullard said.

********* end quote *********

I think it very odd that a police department would 'seek the wishes' of anyone within the general public - Mrs. McCall or otherwise - before conducting their jobs! And I think it very strange that neither the news media or the cops are interested in anyone's thoughts, feelings, desires, except Mrs. McCall. Why is she the ONLY person considered? There are two members of the Levitt/Streeter family missing and buried under that concrete - so why doesn't someone ask some of their family members, friends or co-workers what they want, what they hope for or believe?

From Alex's guest book comes this statement from Bartt Streeter [son of Sherrill Levitt and brother of Suzanne Streeter]: 2/24/07: "What Next? I have been keeping up with the events in Springfield. I find it hard to understand why the detectives would refuse to dig in any location. Disheartened is an understatement!!!!" Sure doesn't sound to me as if Mr. Streeter is 'content' that they have decided a dig isn't necessary!

They say they contacted 'their own experts' who debunked 'our' theory. So spit out your 'experts' name Sgt. Owen. I've had no trouble naming everyone involved in 'our theory.' And by the way, a theory is no longer a 'theory' once actual evidence has been brought forth to substantiate it.

The Springfield police, Sgt. Owen in particular, have discredited Tim Gray and Rick Norland, and in effect, without ever trying to determine anything, have chosen to call everyone involved liars.

In my opinion [and yes, by damned my opinion does count] the cops are NOT basing their 'opinions' on 'psychic' information or evidence.

Kathee had several locations that she 'thought' the women could be located in. She took Tim Gray to her locations first. He found NOTHING. Only when he hit the area that Kenny and I had decided on, did he get a positive reading. Rick Norland verified [substantiated] that finding with GPR equipment that is obviously used and accepted by everyone except Springfield, Missouri authorities!

That's why I sent Tim Gray to Missouri, folks. I'm not an idiot. I know cases can't be based strictly upon psychic information. Tim Gray is not a figment of my imagination! The man exists and so does the instrument that he uses .... an instrument that is more like sonar than radar. How do you think the U.S. Government sees through hundreds of feet of water; concrete walls and derbies? Stop and think about this.

And Rick Norland isn't 'psychic' evidence either.

Granted, I've never met Rick Norland, and yes, it was Kathee Baird's idea to bring him in - to verify what Tim Gray had already discovered!

This entire mess has left a bitter taste in my mouth folks, and if it were strictly up to me I'd simply tell the entire pack to go to hell. They can't discredit me. I've got a lifetime of proof of the things I've done and more witnesses than they could ever hope to intimidate into silence.

But there are others involved in this, and it's not fair to them.

Alex has been gathering information for years and posting it on his guest book so everyone could read it and try to help out if they so chose. I have friends in my own area [as does Kenny, Kathee and Tim] who have spent far more time listening to us discuss this case than the Springfield police could ever imagine. These people count too. Granted the four main people who spurred this effort on were Kenny Young, Tim Gray, Kathee Baird and me ..... but I thought it was an equal 'partnership' with all participants being informed and agreeing to what actions would be taken and when. I don't need a 'boss or a leader' folks, and there was no one designated as such in this situation. We each had our jobs to do, none of which was more important than the next persons.

I can't speak for Tim Gray or Rick Norland, but if they are half as ticked over this scam as I am, I'd strongly suggest they get together and discuss the situation and see if they can't team up and come up with a solution.

Here's a portion of Rick Norland's add for his construction company: "Construction Solutions LLC provides Consulting Engineering and design build, catering to the concrete construction industry and **** specifically to: **concrete sawing and drilling, nuclear decommissioning, municipal water treatment, flood and hydroelectric dam industry, and highway and bridge.

On the video [which I have put links to] one can hear Norland telling Kathee Baird that whatever is under the concrete is absorbing the minerals and compounds from the earth beneath it. If this continues a few more years, everyone's going to have a safe bet, and no one will be able to find these dead people.

Why would anyone want this?

Mrs. McCall is quoted: "I do believe Stacy still has a chance of being found. They have not found any body. They didn't find any remains for three women and, if they haven't found them in 14 and a half years, chances are they're still around,” she said.

My question is this: Who are the 'they's' Mrs. McCall is speaking of? Is she calling us liars too? "They have not found any body." "They didn't find any remains for the three women." Sounds to me as if the 'they's' in these two statements are referring to Tim Gray and Rick Norland's scans. Then there's that part - "if they haven't found them in 14 and a half years, chances are they're still around." This sounds as if she's talking about the cops -- you know, the people 'in charge' of finding her daughter and the others. The people who have spent 14 years expecting a 'confession' to arrive from the killer - but not having sense enough to recognize it when it did arrive!!!

Robert Cox said --- "They are dead. They are buried. They are real near where they disappeared from. They will never be found." Then the genius sent Kenny a short note that said virtually nothing - but he wrapped it up in a page torn from a magazine, and that was his biggest mistake. That page contained a picture of 'three people playing tennis,' on a tennis court. There wasn't anything 'psychic' about his message or about my decoding his message .... any cop out there should be required to work such messages from psychopaths.

At that point I knew Kenny Young had struck a nerve with Robert Cox. We had pinpointed the location of the three women that Robert Cox was so certain no one would ever find. He couldn't come right out and say it, so he [understanding the 'show me' state] sent us a picture ..... The 'ball was now in our court.'

Well, Mr. Cox made a mistake and so has Janis McCall. I haven't spent 14 years looking for her daughter. It didn't take us that long to find her!

Some have recently said that the discovery of Ben Owenby and Shawn Hornbeck [alive] has given new hope to the family members of missing people... and well it should. One can always hope, but there's something else here that needs to be said. The famlies of those two boys not only didn't give up hope, they never stopped searching. Every day that their kids were missing they were out searching for them.

And I can tell you one thing, here and now ... If my daughter was abducted in the middle of the night; yes, I'd hope to find her alive; but if that didn't happen within a reasonable amount of time; and someone came to me and said they had good reason to believe they had found her; I would have to be locked up to stop me from leading the charge! I'd core the damned concrete myself if I had to. No one, and I mean no one would stop me from finding my kid - dead or alive - I'd find her. And then, if she was dead, I'd go after the bastard that murdered her - with or without the cops, I'd go after him.

I told the truth to Mrs. McCall; Bartt Streeter, Detective Higdon, and everyone else involved in this mess. From day one, I've told the truth, and it is recounted, step by step on my web pages that deal with this case.... web pages, I might add that certain people told me to not write, not post ... and even told me to take down at one point. See how well I listen?

They say Missouri is known as the 'Show Me' state. I think that needs to be changed to 'The You Can't Show Or Tell Me Anything' state.

Alex has a petition up at his site. I ask everyone to go sign it. Three Missing Women page

I'm going over to this location and see if I can figure out how to start another 'on-line' petition. If I can, then it will be there for everyone to sign also. Regardless, check this site out when you get time: Fire Society.com

Okay folks, here it is. Go over, read it and if you agree sign my petition to the governor of Missouri. Maybe he can do something with these people!

Email To 48 Hours



See following link for amazing news coverage of this case!

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