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Bonnie M. Wells

Sherrill Levitt; Suzanne Streeter & Stacy McCall

Although the internet contains many sources of information on the three missing Missouri women, I did not hear of the case until I was contacted by Kenny Young a couple of years ago.

Kenny had a vision about Stacy McCall a few years after the women's disappearance, and had spent considerable time trying to find someone who would take a serious look at the vision. I was to be that person.

Perhaps it was my own inability to get the world to listen when it came to spiritual information and things they could not explain or understand that originally attracted me to Kenny - or maybe it was the desperation in his voice when I spoke with him over the phone.

Whatever it was, over the course of a few months we became friends, and often called one another to discuss the case.

Following is one of the most informative reports concerning the three women that I have located on the net. After presenting the info from the Charlie Project, I will resume my story --- and what a story it is!!!

From The Charlie Project

Sherrill Levitt Suzanne Streeter Stacy McCall

Sherrill and her daughter, Suzanne Streeter, resided in the 1700 block of East Delmar Street in Springfield, Missouri in 1992. Suzanne graduated from Kickapoo High School during the evening of June 6, 1992. She spent the early part of the evening having dinner at home with her mother. Suzanne and her friend Stacy McCall planned to spend the night at a hotel in Branson, Missouri. They decided to stay at another friend's home in Battlefield, Missouri instead; Suzanne called Sherrill at approximately 10:30 p.m. to discuss their plans.

Sherrill telephoned a friend at approximately 11:15 p.m. that evening. She was painting a chest of drawers at the time and gave no indication that anything was amiss inside her residence. Suzanne and McCall returned to Sherrill's residence at approximately 2:15 a.m. on June 7 after deciding that their friend's home was too crowded. They planned to meet other friends at White Water amusement park in Branson later in the day. The girls drove their separate vehicles to Sherrill's house. Neither they nor Sherrill have been heard from again. Neighbors did not hear any suspicious activity near Sherrill's home during the overnight hours.

One of the girls' friends phoned and visited Sherrill's residence several times during the day in an attempt to locate the three women. McCall's family alerted authorities about the disappearances during the evening of June 7. All of the women's personal belongings were discovered inside the house; their vehicles were also parked at the home. Sherrill's bed appeared to have been slept in during the previous night. Her eyeglasses were beside her bed and a book had been turned over, indicating that Sherrill may have been interrupted while reading.

The family's Yorkshire Terrier, Cinnamon, was still inside the house and appeared to be anxious. All of Sherrill's personal belongings were untouched and the television was turned on. There was no sign of a struggle at the residence, but the porch light had been shattered. No additional physical evidence was discovered at the scene. Authorities now believe that the broken glass from the porch light may have provided clues about the disappearances. A friend of the girls swept the shards into the garbage, unaware that he was discarding possible evidence at the time.

Investigators noted that Sherrill and Suzanne's cigarettes and lighters were still inside the house. The three women's purses were placed together on the stairs. The blinds in Suzanne's room were pulled apart, as if someone had been looking outside. Authorities later admitted that the crime scene had possibly been tainted by the twenty or so loved ones who visited Sherrill's house after their disappearances were reported. No one realized the seriousness of the situation until nearly 24 hours had passed. Officers left a note on Sherrill's door, asking her to call the police department and cancel the missing persons' reports when she and the girls returned home.

An extensive search of the surrounding areas produced no clues as to the women's whereabouts.

Robert Craig Cox, a convicted robber serving time on unrelated charges in a Texas prison, was identified as a possible suspect in the case. Cox initially told investigators that he was not in the Springfield area on June 7, but later recanted his statement.

Cox also told a journalist that he knew the women had been murdered and buried near Levitt's home, but he claimed that their remains would never be discovered. Authorities are uncertain if Cox was involved in the case or if he is seeking attention by issuing false statements. Cox has never been charged in connection with the women's disappearances.

A witness reported observing a woman matching Suzanne's description driving an older model moss green Dodge van later during the day on June 7. The witness claimed that the woman appeared terrified as an unseen male voice told her "Don't do anything stupid." The witness did not contact investigators with her account until several days had passed. Additional witnesses reported seeing the Dodge van in different areas of Springfield after the women's disappearances.

A man told authorities that he saw the blond female sitting in the driver's seat of a similar vehicle in the parking lot of a local grocery store. The individual said that he wrote the van's license plate number on a newspaper, as the vehicle seemed suspicious. The man threw the paper away before contacting investigators. Law enforcement officials agreed to hypnotize the man, but he was only able to provide the plate's first three digits. Authorities have been unable to determine if a van was involved in the women's cases.

A server at George's Steakhouse, one of Sherrill's favorite Springfield restaurants, reported seeing the women in the establishment between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. on June 7. The employee claimed that Sherrill, Suzanne and McCall arrived and departed together. She said that Suzanne appeared to be intoxicated as the group left the restaurant and Sherrill was attempting to calm her down. Investigators have never confirmed the possible sighting and it is not clear if the women visited the eatery before their disappearances.

Other witnesses reported hearing a woman's screams and the squeal of tires in eastern Greene County, Missouri during the early hours of June 7. Officials searched the area, but no evidence related to the case was located. A composite sketch of an unidentified transient man was released in the days proceeding the disappearances. The individual was allegedly spotted near Sherrill and Suzanne's residence in early June 1992. Authorities do not know if the man was involved in the case. Sherrill's son and Suzanne's older brother, Bartt Streeter, and one of Suzanne's former boyfriends were ruled out as suspects in the case early in the investigation.

An anonymous caller phoned America's Most Wanted's hotline after the program profiled the women's case in late December 1992. The caller was disconnected before he could speak to Springfield investigators. Authorities believe that the person held vital information connected to the disappearances. Despite public pleas for assistance, the individual never contacted authorities again.

Investigators searched an area of land in Webster County, Missouri in August 1993. Authorities refused to announce what was located at the site and if anything pertained to the disappearances.

Investigators received a tip from two women in 2002 that led officials back to the same county for an additional search. The women said that two men were employed at the local concrete company that once owned the site near Marshfield, Missouri. The tipsters said that the individuals drove a van similar to the vehicle that may have been used in the missing women's cases. The informants claimed that the men departed Springfield shortly after Sherrill, Suzanne and McCall vanished. Investigators determined that two men did work at the company in 1992, but they were unable to identify the individuals or confirm that they drove a van. Cadaver dogs located two possible areas of interest at the site in late July 2002. Authorities cautioned that the dogs' indications did not prove human remains were buried in the area. Investigators also stated that it was unlikely the sites were related to the women's disappearances.

Several officials charged the former chief of police of impeding their investigation into the case in the late 1990s. Others dispute that contention and said that little evidence was available in the case from its onset. One of the original investigators theorized that the women's assailant(s) took Cinnamon out of Sherrill's yard during the overnight hours of June 7 in an effort to gain access to the residence. The officer speculated that the attacker(s) knocked on the door, pretending to have rescued the dog after he wandered away from the home. The investigator theorized that one of the women may have opened the door to retrieve Cinnamon and was overpowered by the assailant(s).

Sherrill's background was investigated as other leads proved futile. She and Suzanne moved to the Springfield area in 1980 from Seattle, Washington. Sherrill divorced her first husband, Brentt Streeter, shortly after Suzanne's birth. She told friends that Brentt believed they should divorce and continue living together. His plan would allow Sherrill to qualify for welfare assistance. Sherrill decided to end the relationship instead. She moved into an apartment complex in Seattle and stayed home with Suzanne and Bartt for six months after Suzanne's birth. Sherrill received free rent while performing repair work around the complex.

Sherrill and Suzanne moved into their home on East Delmar Street in April 1992, two months before their disappearances. Sherrill's 1989 divorce from her second husband, Don Levitt, impacted her finances and she elected to relocate to the smaller residence with her daughter. Don's creditors began asking Sherrill to pay his debts after their divorce. She hired an attorney to locate him without success.

Sherrill was employed at New Attitudes Hair Salon on West Sunshine Street in Springfield in 1992. She had 250 clients at the time of her disappearance and was considered a model employee. Her family members describe her as a private person who had a close relationship with Streeter in 1992. Their relatives had them both declared legally deceased in 1997, five years after their disappearances. A bench was dedicated to the women in Victims Memorial Garden in Springfield's Phelps Grove Park the same year. Their cases remain unsolved.

[end of Charlie Project article]

Kenny's Vision

Kenny sent his vision and I did an interpretation. I believed the vision not only told of what happened to Stacy but also told who her killer was, and very possibly where she was! It was absolutely astonishing, and I had no difficulty seeing why Kenny was so excited, and why he tried to tell so many people about the vision. Unfortunately, few were willing to listen.

Along Came Alex

Kenny sent me to Alex's web site. He said it was one of the best on the three missing women that he'd located. He was right.

I signed the guest book and made a couple of comments of my own at Alex's web site, in hopes of attracting the attention of someone willing to talk - or willing to help with the case.

Alex and Kenny wrote to one another more than Alex and I wrote, but we all stayed in touch and continued to discuss the missing women. We all hoped someone would step forward eventually.

But as is so often the case, no confessions arrived ..... no witnesses came forth to say they had seen what happened to the women .... and it wasn't long until we stood in the same shoes the authorities had stood in for several years. This called for drastic measures -- and I was just the one to attract 'drastic' -- in all shapes and forms!!

Dreams, Visions & Impressions

Alex's guest book contained numerous dreams and visions concerning the missing women, but I'd had nothing myself except an early 'impression' as I listened to Kenny's details of the case. That 'impression' had involved a large tree root protruding from an area that I took to be a river bank or creek bed. And I'd felt a 'triangle' of some sort, but could not determine if the bodies were laid out in triangle formation, or just what it meant. Not until sometime later would I finally understand my 'impressions' of the case.

Others were convinced the women were still alive - I never did feel that, and Kenny remained convinced that they had been abducted and murdered. And we both were convinced that Stacy McCall had come to Kenny in a vision to tell him what happened to her --- and probably by whom, and just possibly, where she was! Kenny's vision impressed me more than all the other dreams and impressions put together - including my own.

Kenny's dedication - almost obsession - to the case was also admirable - especially since he had never known any of the three women and had never lived in Missouri. I accepted it as - 'just one of those things' and tried to help whenever I could.

Robert Cox

Kenny and I discussed all the possible suspects of the case -- and there were several that sounded like good possibilities. But, when I looked at his vision and considered it as important in 'identification' as well as possibly 'location,' there was only one man who stood out from the crowd - Robert Craig Cox.

Cox was already in a Texas prison for another crime and probably would never get out. Many people thought he'd committed the crime, and some reporters had interviewed him with little result as far as a confession was concerned.

I didn't figure Kenny would get a confession either but when he asked about writing to Cox, I said -- "Why not? He might let something slip eventually." And so Kenny began writing to the man in hopes of gaining a tid bit of information that might lead to the discovery of the women's remains.

Cox was slick .... but, was he slick enough?

He'd already made the statement that the women were dead, buried and would never be found. It sounded to me as if we were going to have to have a miracle from God if we ever hoped to crack this one. Thus began the prayers for a miracle - an answer - a discovery.

The frustration was tremendous. Kenny spent most of his waking hours trying to figure out a way to make Robert Cox talk. I was convinced he'd never talk because right now he was in prison for life ..... but, if he talked, if he confessed, he'd be tried for the murder of the three women and sentenced to death. Prison life, he didn't mind, as he'd been there before. But death - now that was a whole different ball game .... and he'd already came so close in Florida that it wasn't funny. He wasn't about to put himself in the electric chair - or at least that's the way I figured things.

Tim Gray

Tim Gray originally contacted me about a West Virginia case [Samantha Burns] that I'd been working. He said he had an instrument that could locate all kinds of things. I figured it must be similar to a metal detector - and wondered how it could be used to find lost people or dead people... but, I put Tim in touch with the right people so he could help with the case that he was interested in. I had to admit, his machine sounded 'too good to be true,' ..... either that or it was a God send.... hum.

The three missing women from Springfield, Missouri never entered my mind though. Guess I had too many cases on my mind.

Well, for some strange reason, the case that Tim was interested in just came to a screeching halt. Possibly because the FBI agent involved said he 'needed more evidence' when I wrote and tried to tell people where the missing woman's remains were actually located. Other than finding the remains, I couldn't figure out what other evidence I could give the FBI or anyone else. It wasn't as if I knew the killers and had been by their sides as they dumped the woman .... although I sometimes got the feeling that that's exactly what some of these 'law enforcement people' thought.... as if they said to themselves -- "She knows too much -- too many details. She has to be involved." What idiots. Psychics are rarely 'involved' in murders. Haven't they noticed that after all these years? The blind leading the blind - and none of them going anywhere, while our nation grew ever deeper in dead and missing people. Oh well, their stupidity, not mine. I had dozens of other cases to work, and I assumed Tim was interested in more than just that one case.

My assumption was correct. It wasn't long until Mr. Gray began asking about an Ohio case that I'd been working for nearly two years.[Ashley Howley]

And so, without hesitation, I switched over to the Ohio case and we began trying to determine the direction of search that would be needed to find the missing woman.

Kathee Baird

Kenny met Kathee Baird, and mentioned her to me a couple of times and said she too was interested in the Missouri women, and had been trying to gather information and evidence for several years. She too believed that Robert Cox should head the 'suspect list.'

Well, he headed our list - and at this point, that's the only list I cared about.

Kenny worked with Kathee - who lived in Missouri, and knew more about the area and the lay-of-the-land than we did, so she was very helpful in answering questions about the area.

Meanwhile, Tim Gray and I worked toward the Ohio case, with the West Virginia case still on the back burner. Thank goodness my 'stove' had several burners!

I guess, up to this point I had not mentioned Kenny Young or Kathee Baird to Tim Gray. As far as he knew we were just working the Ohio and West Virginia cases. Poor guy. Anyone in this area could have told him that I'd jump cases on him! Never one to forget any case, I seemed to know when to lay one down and pick up another. Couldn't explain it .... but it had worked for many years so I saw no reason to change now.

March 2006

I'd wrestled with myself all day long -- should I mention Tim to Kenny? Should I tell him about the instrument that Tim said could find all kinds of things? Was it a false hope? I didn't know what to do, so I sat down at my kitchen table and thought about it, prayed about it, and finally picked up the phone and called Kenny.

He accepted the news with so much enthusiasm and excitement that I began to wish I hadn't said anything .... I mean, what if it didn't work out? What if Tim wasn't interested in traveling half way across the country to search for people who had been missing for 14 years? What if he said no? Oh, I should have made arrangements with Tim Gray first ... leave it to me to do everything ass backward!

Now I was afraid I was going to disappoint Kenny more than he'd ever been disappointed before. Dang it...

Well, all I could do now was send Tim an email and tell him we were switching cases AGAIN! If he didn't throttle me, I guess I might have a chance! Sooner or later, one of them was going to lower the boom on me!

And so, that's exactly what I did. I could hear the uncertainty in Tim's voice when we spoke on the phone. I knew we were still strangers to one another. He had no reason to take me at my word, without question, reason or rhyme.... and yet, that's exactly what he did. And so did Kenny and Kathee. Now the pressure was really on. What if our inspection points were wrong? What if .... what if.... there were dozens of 'what if's' that ran through my mind as I thought back on what I'd done.

What if this is the answer you have sought from God, and you ignore it? - that was the final straw!! We're goin' to Missouri, and that's the end of it!!!

April 10th, 2006.....

was a very important date to Kenny. It was the 10th anniversary of his vision, and he was certain something spectacular was about to happen.

I knew that Kenny was hoping that Tim could go to Missouri on April 10th and find the missing women, but it wasn't meant to be. So, Kenny visited the grave of his friend Michele on April 10th, and experienced yet another vision of Stacy McCall. He was ecstatic, and more determined than ever to find Stacy. [Note: February 22nd was Michele's birthday]

After hours of phone conversations and dozens of emails, we had selected some areas of Missouri in which we felt authorities should search for the missing women.

Many people believed they were no longer in the state of Missouri. Others believed they were still alive - somewhere. I'd never felt that they were alive, and I'd never felt that they had been taken very far away from the place where they were abducted.

Using Robert Cox's own words ... reading back through everything that anyone had written about him, Kenny, Kathee and I chose our search sites carefully.

There was some disagreement between the three of us as to which site should be number one on the inspect chart -- but that didn't matter. We did agree that all the sites in question should be examined.

And, although 4-10 was Kenny's pick date, it wasn't actually mine. In the month of April, there were two dates that were important to me and the work that I did. The most important one was 4-17 [and anyone whose followed my writing knows exactly what that date is!]

April 17th, 2006

Tim took the instrument that I'd named 'Solomon' because it was 'wise,' and headed out to Missouri. Kenny, Kathee and I waited - and prayed - and waited some more.

By nightfall on April 17th, 2006, we had our answer!!!

Cox Hospital South --- if I figured things right, Robert Cox was about to get the surprise of his life! Three women that he said would never be found, had been located!!!

Unless something was terribly wrong with my interpretations - Robert Cox had messed up. He'd made the mistake of incorporating his own name into the equation. Guess he never figure someone like me would come along and figure that out.

Guess he figured wrong. I'd been working this exact type of thing for several years now, and I'd played with the best of the best. No one could hold a candle to Wild Bill -- who misjudged me on April 17th, 1994 -- and ended up with the shock of his life too!

Neah, this was my game -- not the killer's game, and I wasn't about to back down - not after finding three other people to work with me and to listen.

The Triangle

I was among several people who had sensed a 'triangle' within the case of the three missing women -- one more obscure than the fact that there were three of them.

Until Tim Gray located them, I'd thought perhaps they were laid out in triangle formation. That proved to be incorrect though. "Solomon" had indicated the women were buried under about two feet of concrete and were lying side by side.

It took a day or so, but by the time T.G. had returned home, I knew the answer....

It wasn't the missing women who formed the triangle -- it was the ones who would find them!!

Tim, Kenny, Kathee and me ..... it involved four people and three states - Ohio, Michigan and Missouri. I got out a map and drew a line from Michigan to Ohio; from Ohio to Missouri; and from Missouri back to Michigan - it formed a triangle, and I had my answer.

We Waited

We waited a few days. Kathee notified local authorities and a few family members of some of the missing women. There was no response .... that made me nervous. I'd seen my work jerked out from under me before. [Wasn't going to happen again.] [Note: Sure glad I didn't place any bets on this one!]

Authorities had begged for help in locating the women - as had family members. The way I saw things, we'd done exactly what they had asked. Four strangers had joined together to do something that hundreds of people before them could not do. It should have been 'big news,' but it wasn't.

Emails Go Out

One man had written to me months earlier and asked if he could be of assistance. He said he lived in the Springfield area and could do any 'leg work' that I wanted done. Of course it wasn't leg work that was needed, but technology. Never the less, I sent the man the following email on 4-20-06:

Dear Sir,

Stacy McCall's birthday is coming up - but that's not all that's 'coming up,' within the next few days.

A three state triangle of strangers shall bring forth the answer, and it shall be delivered by one of your own.

A fourteen year old question is answered because strangers put forth the effort, the money and the time; believed enough to allow the dead to speak to them, and, in the face of ridicule, rejection, rudeness and sometimes just plain cruelty, asked God to lead their steps back to that which has been right in front of everyone all along.


Bonnie M. Wells

Ohio Psychic

Response: None

The following email went out to family members, the police officer investigating the case, as well as a copy to Tim, Kenny and Kathee I didn't want anyone to feel left out, and I didn't want anyone 'uninformed' -- I had a strange feeling that something was coming, and I had to get in ahead of it. What 'it' was, I didn't have a clue, but I'd been pretty good at staying one step ahead of the world for quite some time now, and I figured it was time to step - quickly!

This letter is intended for the following persons:


Mr. & Mrs. McCall;

Mr. Bart Streeter;

CPL Greg Higdon;

Copies to: Mr. Kenneth Young; Tim Gray & Kathee Baird

Ladies & Gentlemen,

My interest in the case of the three women who disappeared from Springfiled, Missouri on June 7th, 1992 began a couple of years ago when Mr. Kenneth Young contacted me in reference to the case. More recently [April 2006] I was contacted by Ms. Kathee Baird, also in reference to the case. It is my understanding that both of these people have corresponded with the man whom many believe is responsible for the disappearance of Stacy McCall, Sherrill Levit and Suzanne Streeter.

I have viewed several online articles in which Robert Cox claims to know where the women are located, and bragged that they would never be found.

Today, I think I can safely say that Mr. Cox is mistaken. In all honesty, I believe that they have in fact been located!

My reasoning:

On 9-23-05 I was contacted by a Mr. Tim Gray in reference to the cases of Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns. Mr. Tim Gray informed me that he and his associates had developed an instrument which he believed could be of assistance to law enforcement, search and rescue personnel, etc. He claimed the instrument - a modified version of GPR [Ground Penetrating Radar] could detect such things as bones, hair, teeth, jewelry,etc. and therefore could be of assistance to those searching for missing loved ones.

Mr. Tim Gray asked me to select some of the cases that I was interested in, and among my selection was the case involving the three women named above.

Originally this case was to be third on the list. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was moved to number one position.

Based upon comments made by Robert Cox, Mr. Young and I worked out a "probable location chart." Cox Hospital South was one of the locations on that chart. This information was supplied to Mr. Tim Gray, and on or about 4-17-06, he and his associate[s] used the MGPR to check some of the locations indicated.

The MGPR indicated the presence of three sets of bones; teeth and jewelry in a location further described as follows:

In the basement parking garage of the Hulston Cancer Center, below 2 foot of concrete. The scan indicated the women are placed shoulder to shoulder.

This was done at no charge to the city, state or any family member, as all expenses were covered by Mr. Gray, Mr. Young, Ms. Baird and/or myself.

It did not involve any type of digging, drilling or damage to any property in question, and was done in hopes of assisting the family members, friends and members of law enforcement who have worked so hard and waited so long for the answer.

I honestly believe that a dedicated group of four common citizens have brought forth that answer. It is now up to those of the Springfield area to take this project to it's next level of operation. Meanwhile, there are other people waiting, and we must move onward.

On behalf of all those involved in this project - "Our deepest condolences on your loss. May God be with you.

PS: Email addresses and/or phone numbers for those involved are available upon request:


Bonnie M. Wells

Little Hocking, Ohio


4-24-06: Ms. Wells,

I appreciate your interest in this case. If possible, I need to get in touch with the company that came to Springfield and conducted the scan you described in your e-mail. The company didn't contact the Springfield Police Department and/or any other law enforcement agency that I know of prior to conducting their scan. The Springfield Police Department has followed-up on thousands of leads and would like to confirm the information you have provided. My supervisor and I would like the chance to learn more about the equipment you mentioned and would like to see the scan first-hand as soon as possible. Without verification of the information you have provided, we would be unable to secure a search warrant for the location you described and/or follow-up any further on this lead. Please let me know if and when we can verify your information.


Corporal Greg Higdon

Criminal Investigations Section

Springfield Police Department


From Bartt Streeter [Sherrill Levitt's son, and Suzanne's brother]

4-24-06: Thank You!!!

Sincerely: Bartt L Streeter


From Mr. and/or Mrs. McCall [Stacy's parents]

ZERO: Not one word from either person as of August, 2006 [ as of February 2007!]:

4-24-06: My Reply To Corporal Greg Higdon, Criminal Investigations Section, Springfield Police Department:

Dear Sir,

I have taken the liberty of forwarding your request to Mr. Tim Gray, the gentleman with the imaging equipment that I mentioned in my original email to you and others.

Mr. Tim Gray is based in Ohio, and I do not know his schedule, but am aware that he used a few days of his vacation time to go to Springfield and do the scan in the areas that had been previously selected.

I am not a scientist, and therefore do not have the detailed knowledge of how the tests were conducted or how the machine/instrument works, but it is my understanding that an officer of the Springfield Police Department was contacted prior to Mr. Gray's leaving the area. I'm told that Officer Steve [not certain of spelling of last name] Ixxxx was supposed to meet with Mr. Gray at 8:00 am on April 19th to view the test results and discuss the matter.

Ms. Kathee Baird was in charge of making these arrangements since she was the local contact. Ms. Baird showed up for the meeting but the officer didn't. It is also my understanding that this same officer did contact Mr. Gray by phone after Mr. Gray returned to Ohio. For context of that conversation you will have to contact Mr. Gray.

I have been given permission to supply Mr. Gray's phone number to you so that you might reach him and discuss details of his possible return to the Springfield area. His number is ..... 517-XXX-XXXX

If I might make a suggestion Corporal Higdon:

Unless you are more familiar with scientific terms and have a greater understanding of Ground Penetrating Radar and such things than I do [which is highly possible!] I would imagine that test results at one site will mean very little to those who must make the decision as to whether to go ahead with investigating at the location in question. However, Mr. Gray has informed me that his instrument can locate a variety of items that are buried under ground.

If I might suggest a 'test run.' Select 4 or 5 items ...... example: an old gold watch/bracelet: Some hair clippings from a local beauty shop: A few bones from a chicken or other such animal [or] the carcass of a road killed animal:

Bury these items and mark the site so that you can return to the area with Mr. Gray and allow him to conduct a scan to determine what is buried at each location. Do not bury the items close together as this may confuse the machine [or at least I suspect it would confuse it.]

This is just an idea, and of course may not be acceptable to you, but it was simply the only way I could think of that might verify results before going back to the area where Mr. Gray discovered the remains of the three missing women.


Mrs. Bonnie M. Wells

In The Beginning

Ken Young and I began working this case back in 2004, and have been pretty steadily 'at it' ever since.

Some of my work - most of it - was psychic, and based primarily upon Kenny's vision of Stacy. Without that vision, there would never have been the work and without that vision, we could never have gotten to the point that we're at today.

I hereby give Kenny Young the vast portion of credit for moving this case forward, and into the position it is in today. Had he not had the stubborn determination to march ahead - sometimes in the face of total rejection, ridicule and criticism, I would never have introduced him to Mr. Gray and there would never have been any reason for Ms. Baird to have contacted him.

But he was determined. He believed then, and continues to believe that God sent the vision of Stacy so she could be found. I believe he's right .... otherwise I would never have given him the time of day.

Another Sign

Although 'our' news doesn't seem to be of any interest to anyone - reason, unknown - and there has been no attempt to excavate the area where Mr. Gray's instrument indicates that the three women are, I continue to believe we are on the right track and have done everything that God intended for us to do.

One reason I say this is because among the very first correspondences between Kenny and I are a couple of statements which I believe are worthy of being repeated:

"I Feel he took the women in a south easterly direction from their home: All three are close together, with 2 side by side and the last {Stacy} a few feet away {to the west}."

According to Mr. Gray's instrument, the women are placed 'side by side.' Of course, we won't know which one is further 'west' until they are recovered. I'm betting it's Stacy.

Another comment that I made in those early days is one that is absolutely amazing today.


I believe Robert Craig Cox may very well be your man.

"Army Ranger" is something that I have been playing around with for quite some time now. I've known it had something to do with a dead girl, but couldn't figure out who or exactly where. I now think it may be your case.

{See the Dove Series on my web site - The Doves - for more details:

West: Texas is "west" of Missouri:

Using the "triangle theory" ..... Stacy points toward her killer:

I believe the "triangle" is not so much a "place" as it is how the bodies are laid out or placed ..... two more or less side by side and the third away from those two and toward the west, giving a "triangle formation."

I'm getting a negative feeling on this Thomas guy. I can't tell if it's because of another Thomas {Corscadden} who was supposedly connected to the Jodi Huisentruit case or not. I tried to tell them he wasn't connected, but oh no, we can't listen to me, we have to do it their way, which got nobody nowhere in a hurry because he wasn't connected. Oh well. So, that may be what I'm feeling about this Thomas .... I don't know right now.

I think it is amazing that, even in the very early days, I mentioned the Iowa disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit -- another case that I'd been working with a man named Jim Feldhaus.

Today - 5-09 - on what should have been my dad's birthday [ he passed away in 1994] there was a spectacular announcement from Iowa. It seems a man hired someone to bring in a 'ground penetrating radar' machine and examine an area where he thought someone had been buried ten years ago!!!

Apparently the man had been trying to get the sheriff's department to examine the area for ten solid years - without any luck -- while everyone was supposedly looking for Jodi Huisentruit, and the cops were telling reporters they 'had no new leads' !!! Anyway, he finally paid someone himself and had the area examined. He believes there's a person buried there and he thinks it may be Jodi. Regardless of whether it is or not, the timing is precise!

Meanwhile, we await some action in Missouri ..... which may come someday. If and when it does, I'd almost guarantee that the three missing women have been found ..... at Cox Hospital South. I'd also venture to guess that their killer is sitting in prison in Lovelady, Texas. Let's all pray he worked alone!

Radar Sees Through Earth

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