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From Pennsylvania To Ohio

But Not "With Love"


Bonnie M. Wells

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The No One There Calls

June 25th, 1994 was Wild Bill's first day out of jail since late April. I anticipated that he would come out in a rage - I wasn't wrong.

By June 27th, the "no one there" calls had begun coming in to my house. I had not received any while Wild Bill was in jail. I was pretty sure I knew who was calling me. I was also pretty sure it wasn't going to do him any good this time. No apology could ever undo what he had done, and I didn't ever want to be seen in his company again.

And speaking of companies - the one he'd been employed with for nearly 18 years had fired him when he ended up in jail, so he was now unemployed and very angry. The two were a dangerous combination.

Psychic Concrete - Talk About Heavy!

Although I was documenting actual evidence almost as fast as I could write, there was also an enormous amount of psychic information coming to me from several directions. I did my best to keep the two separated, but it wasn't easy.

It didn't take Wild Bill very long to run to his brother and get a job with him. At first he worked on houses that his brother owned; fixed them up so they could be rented .... preferably to single women or unwed mothers! Already I'd met a woman who told me about renting one of his brother's houses and how Wild Bill had come to her door late one night and informed her that "if she was nice to him" he could see to it that she got to stay in the house! If she wasn't "nice" to him, then his brother would throw her out!

She informed Wild Bill that her rent was paid, there had been no problems of any kind and if he didn't get off the property she was calling the cops. He left. She moved! Duh....coincidence, right?

Wild Bill roamed our local streets almost every night.... in search of a woman, no doubt. And he found several, but most expected to be paid for their labor, and he didn't have much money. Another dangerous combination. I wondered how many women he saw or 'met' during his work at his brother's cabinet factory! Heck, if he delivered cabinets to individuals and/or places of business, his ability to 'meet women' was multiplied several times .... and we all knew how dangerous that was! Well, we common people knew, but it didn't appear anyone within law enforcement knew or cared. {PS: See my page on Shaylene Farrell}

"What's with the 714?" Sindee asked as we watched Wild Bill head home.

"I don't know, but it sure has been emphasized and pinpointed to a lot of people since he got out of jail. I don't know if it's a date, a time, an address, a license number. I don't know what it is, but there's something coming that involves the 714 and Wild Bill." I replied.

That had been his address in the little apartment that he'd rented a few years ago.

Stalking Again

On June 29th, my sister pulled into my drive way - hit the brakes - threw the car into reverse and peeled out!

"What the hell is she doing now?" I asked Mike.

"How would anyone know what either one of you is doing at any given moment?" Mike replied.

I got to the door just in time to see Wild Bill come sailing past my driveway on the motor cycle!

Patty had obviously outran him, and headed for my house. But, knowing his next move would be to overshoot the 555 turn-off and hit the county road 5 turn off at the foot of the hill and come in from the rear direction, she had whirled around in my driveway and headed back to the four lane before he could get to my place!

It worked. She ditched him long enough to hit a couple of back roads and work her way to our brother's house. He didn't know where Charlie lived so he couldn't follow her there!

Between June 25th and July 1st, it seemed Wild Bill was everywhere we looked! How could one man get around that fast and that much? I didn't know, but he managed. He made a dozen trips a day around McDonald's in Belpre. Sometimes in the truck, sometimes on the motor cycle. Sometimes he went through the drive through and got something to eat or drink ..... sometimes he didn't.

If he parked .... which he often did .... everyone noticed he parked on the entrance side of the establishment and always facing away from the building. We thought he was spying on some woman or girl that worked at McDonald's, and so Sindee and I made it our summer project to learn who the worker's were, where they lived, etc. so we could safeguard them! And we did see him talking to various women at McDonald's, but that was okay. I wasn't trying to prevent the man from having a social life. I was simply trying to figure out what the 714 meant and who he was watching ..... just in case she ever turned up missing, or dead!

Little did I know in 1994 that it wouldn't make any difference how many missing or dead women I saw him with before they were killed. I would learn that later.

Nor did I know in 1994 that a woman by the name of *Jenifer McCrady lived straight across an open field to the rear of McDonald's. And that her house was in clear view of the spot that Wild Bill always parked in. And, until the trial of Jenifer's husband, I wouldn't learn that one of her closest friends lived straight across the street from the apartment at 714 --- Street, that Wild Bill had rented.

I wouldn't get the picture until Jenifer McCrady was murdered in 1996. Then it all made sense. He had not been watching anyone in the rear view mirror, as Sindee and I had thought. He'd been looking right straight at the McCrady household. Probably watching to see what time Mrs. McCrady's trooper husband came and went from the house; or what time she came and went. Well, it would never matter what he was doing in 1994 ..... not here.....not ever:

* Note to any or all: Investigative Reporters; Private Detectives; Retired Police Officers looking for a case; Ohio Innocence Project; Appeals Attorney's; Civil Rights Attorneys; and anyone who is interested in 'JUSTICE' - please see my September page, where all the links to the McCrady case are posted. Read actual court room testimony. See how I have re-enacted some of that testimony and proved it is impossible. See how I have broken down the time lines on other things and shown how that is impossible too. See how I have shown that none of the evidence matched; Read word for word what has been told on national tv programs such as Beyond Chance, and other programs, and see how many, many lies and distortions of the truth were told by the very people involved in prosecuting Jackie McCrady. The McCrady case is the biggest piece of injustice that I have ever seen. Check out my work and then HELP me expose this miscarriage of justice!

September Page

A Camping We Will Go

July 1st, 1994: Wild Bill and his son left town on the motor cycle right at 6:00 PM. He was pulling the travel trailer that had Ross Perot's birthday on the license plate - 627 - and I figured they were going camping for a few days.

"Wonder when he'll be back?" Sindee asked.

"In time to watch the fireworks with me," I replied.

We always watched the fourth of July fireworks together .... didn't matter if we were speaking or not. I'd go to watch them, and about the time they'd get started here he would come. He'd park near me, no matter what. I'd grown accustomed to it, and in years to come would actually look for him and expect him to be there. He only disappointed me a couple of times.....but that would be years down the road from 1994, and another story for another time.

Honey I'm Home!

July 3rd, 1994; 3:00 PM: "D" reported that she saw Wild Bill and his son circle McDonald's a couple of times. He's home .... just like I said he'd be. Wonder where he's been?

Mike and I went to the City Park area to watch the fireworks. We never went into the park because it's always too crowded for us. Instead we'd usually back off a couple of blocks and watch from there. This year was no different. We were about two blocks away and waiting for the show to begin when I heard the rumble of our old Honda. I still knew the sound, and I could still sense Wild Bill's presence a mile away.

He pulled up to the corner - straight across from the corner we were on - just as the first display burst open. "Perfect timing," I mumbled to myself. We exchanged glances, and I turned away from him and watched the rest of the fireworks. It was nice. And, it was nice knowing where he was ..... at least for a little while!

Here & There

Wild Bill didn't stay home much that summer of 1994. He picked up several different women, but usually only kept them over night. Then, we'd see him with a new woman. He was always talking about getting himself a "new woman." I guess he finally found the new woman patch and was just picking to his heart's content!

July 10th: Wild Bill and his son were seen at Howell's Grove Park with a dark haired woman. It wasn't the same woman he'd been seen with a day or so before. I thought it was the dark haired gal I'd dubbed "The Cupcake - or - Little Debbie," but short of asking the man, there was no way of saying for certain who she was. And I had no intentions of asking him anything.

Terri Roach had been found murdered on July 11th, 1990. Her case remained unsolved. I'd been watching Wild Bill go bonker's every year in July. It usually started about the time that Terri Roach disappeared in 1990 and didn't end until mid to late August. No one ever thought much about it except me and some of my friends. We thought it was kind of strange, but then, Wild Bill was kind of strange himself.

Still, I couldn't help but wonder if the month of July was what set him off .... seeing as his daughter was born and ultimately died in July. I figured it was one of those "stressors" I'd heard the FBI guys talk about. But, I wasn't FBI, wasn't a cop of any kind, so perhaps I was wrong. Most people said I was wrong. I just kept documenting and writing in my diary. I wasn't convinced that I was wrong, regardless of how many said so!


A 16 year old girl "M.D." was reported missing from Parkersburg on the evening news. The report said she had disappeared a week or so ago. It was so nice to live in an area where you got the news as soon as it happened! What a way to live. Now, I had to go back and check records and see if I could determine where Wild Bill had been the day or night that the girl disappeared.

It was hopeless. There was no way of knowing where he'd been. My records indicated he was in and out so often that no one could have kept track of him. Sometimes he was gone all night; sometimes he was gone all day and all night. I figured he was working for his brother during the day, but God only knew where he was in the evenings and at night.

And this is how it was back in 1994 .... and 1995 ..... and right on down the line.

No one ever heard whether M.D. was ever found or not. I even had a news reporter trying to find out and she couldn't find out either. Eventually, I gave up on the subject. It wouldn't make any difference anyway.

Fast Forward To 2003

There are several years between 1994 and the present....June 4th, 2003.... and I don't see much of Wild Bill anymore. He moved away in June of 2001. Not "away" but far enough that I don't see much of him. It suited me just fine. I was tired of watching him get by with everything anyway.

I had enough sources though that sooner or later I learned of some of the things he continued to do. He was still picking up women, although he continued to shack up with the woman I dubbed "Neon Woman, or Cindy #2." He'd been living with her since late 1998. They were a well matched pair according to what I'd been told. Personally, I thought they were a dangerous combination. But, that was just my opinion.

In 1994, he'd picked up with the woman I called "Chevette Woman." {See The Lion Roars} They had lived together until he got a good job with the company that had Martin in its name. After that, he didn't need Chevette Woman .... in fact, he "needed" rid of her. Otherwise his duplication of me was going to be very difficult:{see The Duplication Of Bonnie Martin-Wells}:

Chevette Woman stayed with Wild Bill until he threw her out in September of 1995. She moved on .... and so did he.

My Anniversary 2003

Today is June 4th, 2003. Mike and I have been married for 27 years today.

We've accomplished a lot in those 27 years. Almost everything I've ever laid my hands to has been a success ... not because it came easy, or was handed to me, because nothing ever was ... but because I worked at it. Looking back, I have few regrets. The one big exception is Wild Bill. He brought more turmoil into my life than all the rest of the world put together, and yet, for some strange reason, I still thank God for bringing him to me. I still believe there was a real purpose to my meeting him and getting to know him....perhaps better than anyone else on earth would ever know him.

I'm still not certain what that purpose was .... but I have my suspicions. That's why I continue to watch .... continue to wait ..... continue to research as many cold cases as I can find. The internet has been a big help, but I'm still amazed that the news is never on time, regardless of whether it's over the tv, radio or the internet. It's always days, weeks, months or years behind.

Never the less, Pure Coincidence was written just because of this delay in the news. It gave me a way to keep track of things that I might otherwise have forgotten. Now, when I eventually hear the late news, all I have to do is turn to the PC book that contains that time period, and bingo.... there's the real news from yesterday ..... weeks .... months .... years ago.

Just today I ran across the following article on one of the crime groups that I am a member of. I thought it was interesting ..... think you might too....


Sarah Rae Boehm

Skeletal remains found near an interstate in Ohio belong to a 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl who had been missing since 1994, authorities said Tuesday.

Sarah, who was about to enter ninth grade in the Rochester school system, disappeared after telling her family she was going to spend the night of **July 14, 1994, with a friend. As it turned out, her story was false. Sarah's friend knew nothing about a sleep-over nor did she see her that day.

Sarah's mother reported her disappearance to police on July 15, 1994. She was listed as a runaway that day.

The remains that turned out to be Sarah's were found less than four months later in rural Deerfield, halfway between Youngstown and Akron. The spot is about 60 miles from Rochester.

Although the remains were found about four months later off an interstate near Akron, Ohio, investigators initially believed they belonged to woman who was about 20 years old.

In April 2001, a detective in Pennsylvania made the connection with Boehm's case after finding a sketch of what the victim in Ohio might have looked like on a Web site for missing persons. The detective then called police in Ohio.

A DNA test was requested from the FBI, but the results were delayed because an initial DNA sample was insufficient and because of a backlog after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Boehm's family was told Monday that a positive identification had been made.

2007 Note: In September of 2006 I was contacted by a detective from Pennsylvania, and an appointment was made to come to my home and talk to me about Sarah's case.

The appointment time arrived, but the detective never did!

Although I wrote to the detective a few days later, there was never any response ...... not even an apology, or an explanation. So be it.

I mention it here today for one simple reason. I want a record of things that has been posted before this serial killer is caught, because I don't ever want to hear anyone say that it was my fault that he got by for so long. I'll not listen to that.

May 2009:

The Following Info Comes From The F.B.I's Website


Sarah Rae Boehm, a fourteen-year-old female teen, was reported missing by her parents on July 14, 1994, to local law enforcement in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Several months later, on November 4, 1994, Sarah's remains were discovered in the "Berlin Reservoir," located within an Ohio state park, Portage County, Ohio. This rural community in Ohio was located approximately two hours away from the victim's home in Pennsylvania.

Kathryn Menendez

Kathryn Menendez, another female teen victim, went missing on August 21, 1994, and her nude body was found several days later on an oil road near the "Berlin Reservoir." Kathryn had been strangled to death. Both Sarah and Kathryn's bodies were located approximately 1/2 mile apart in the same Ohio state park. Seventeen-year-old Kathryn was from Portage County, Ohio.

Information is being sought in both cases. Specifically, how Boehm from Pennsylvania ended up murdered in Ohio and information regarding the murder of Menendez. Investigators believe the two cases may be related. The FBI from both Pennsylvania and Ohio have been working closely with local law enforcement from Portage County, Ohio, as well as Beaver County, Pennsylvania.







TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

NOTE: Jenifer McCrady was also found on 'an oil road.' See my September page:


Press Room: Wanted by the FBI

Mr. Schiff: Hi. This is Wanted by the FBI, from the FBI. This week we look at a two-state case. A 14-year-old girl from Western Pennsylvania went missing in 1994, and a month later a 17-year-old girl from Ohio went missing. Special Agent Tom Carter of the FBI’s Pittsburgh office…

Mr. Carter: “Both girls were found dead in a park—Berlin Reservoir—located in Portage County, Ohio.”

Mr. Schiff: Authorities don’t know how Sara Rae Boehm and Kathryn Menendez ended up in the Northeast Ohio park. Carter says these murders may be related.

Mr. Carter: “We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that two teenage girls were found in this park; the crime scenes are similar.”

Mr. Schiff: Carter says Sarah Boehm’s parents reported her missing.

Mr. Carter: “She was supposed to go to a friend’s house but never showed up at that friend’s house.”

Mr. Schiff: Kathryn Menendez didn’t live too far from the Berlin Reservoir Park. Carter says if you hear anyone talking about this case a lot, call the FBI.

Mr. Carter: “Anyone that seems concerned about it; that they continue to talk about it to others.”

Mr. Schiff: See pictures of the teens and more information at That’s Wanted by the FBI for this week. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau’s Office of Public Affairs.

Wanted by the FBI Archives


Wild Bill went to jail on April 26th, 1994. He spent 60 days there and got out on June 25th.

When he got out of jail, he was unemployed, and remained unemployed except for occasional work he did for his brother, until June of 1995.

He did a lot of 'traveling' during the summer of 1994, and finally managed to talk a woman into moving in with him in October of 1994.

I was the only one trying to keep track of him back at that time, and have several entries in my own diary - however - at the time that both of the girls listed on this page disappeared, Wild Bill was NOT home, and did not return to this area for 2 or more days.

He was NOT at his new woman's house either. She lived just off the highway in Belpre, Ohio and the complex was checked regularly. He was NOT there.

2009 Note from my diary: {Wild Bill was home the early evening hours of August 19th. He and his son were seen in Belpre in the white Toyota truck: He took his son home around 8:00 P.M. in the white Cavalier {LHG 603} convertible, and promptly disappeared from this area. He was no where to be found during the day or night of August 20, 21 and into the afternoon of August 22: By 7:00 P.M. there was an old, gray Chevette sitting in his driveway - and I said {"job completed, alibi established, end of story"} On August 23rd, Wild Bill parked the Cavalier in his front yard and put a for sale sign on it! Mission accomplished... time to get rid of whatever 'evidence' there might be. Works like a charm every time.}

By 1998 Wild Bill was [through other people] directing my attention to the Akron, Ohio area.

To this day I have never learned exactly why he wanted me to 'look at Akron,' but I did take a look - and what I found was the two cases mentioned above.

Whether he was involved or not, I guess I can't say - and I suppose his not being home at the precise time both disappeared, could be two more 'coincidences' in a never ending string of them. I suppose....

I've never heard anyone 'talking a lot about either of the above mentioned cases, and I'm no more 'concerned' about either case than any of the other cases mentioned on my web site.

And at this point and time -- fifteen years after the fact -- it doesn't appear to me that whoever the killer is, he has any concerns at all. But then, if one studies the psychopathic serial killer, it shouldn't take very long to understand that these men have no conscious. They don't dwell on what they have done. They don't have time to think about the past because they are forever plotting and planning the future kills. They don't have remorse for what they have done because they feel entitled to whoever or whatever they want in this world. They feel no shame for what they have done because there is no shame in them. It is a character flaw, not a mental illness or sickness, and therefore no 'treatment' will ever be effective.

They have no guilty conscious as you or I surely would have if we were to murder another living human being, because the dead bodies mean less to them than the living does. And even the living have absolutely no value beyond providing whatever satisfaction the psychopath desires at the moment .... and when the moment is gone, so is the person. I sometimes think this is why the psychopathic serial killer almost always takes souvenirs -- not to remember the victim [as such] but to remember the thrill, the power, the control.

As far as I am concerned, the psychopath is as evil as they come. It's a shame that most are of above average intelligence, and yet fool so many people into believing they are just dummy's. And it's a real shame that modern man has forgotten how to read these people and to understand their language --- because they do speak -- but only in ways that man obviously cannot understand.

In my humble opinion, I believe Sara Boehm and Kathryn Menendez were probably murdered by the same man. I don't believe it was his first or second kill, nor do I believe either was his last.

There again, that's just my opinion, and probably counts for very little in the big scheme of things.

The only information that I have on either of these cases is posted here on this page .... not because I'm obsessed with the cases, and continually wanting to talk about them or overly concerned with either case - but simply because I am the person who has the records on Wild Bill that pertain to the time period involved. And, in both of these cases - as in dozens of other cases - he is the only person I know who wasn't home at the time the murders occurred.

It doesn't make him guilty -- but in my book, it certainly should make him a person of interest. Of course, after fifteen years, I cannot imagine how anyone would go about verifying or determining the whereabouts of an unemployed man that could have been anywhere he chose to go ..... but I suppose someone could do it somehow.

2007 Special Update Note:

My friend 'Sindee' who is mentioned within this story is Cynthia Davis, nickname 'Sindee': Wild Bill's girlfriend is Cynthia B. / nickname Cindy: Both were originally referred to as 'Mysde no 1 - my friend' and 'Mysde no. 2 - Wild Bill's friend.'

2009 / Something Odd: I was just thinking about another 'teenage trio' - Terri, Patsy and Ronda. In that trio we saw a pattern. We had the murder of Terri in July [1990], then waited until April of 1992 for Patsy's murder, and just {FOUR MONTHS} later lost Ronda in August.

In the cases of the 'teenage trio' of Sarah Boehm, Kathryn Menendez and Barbara Barnes, we see almost the same pattern with the months reversed! Sarah in July; Kathryn in August, and disregarding the year again, we see Barbara {FOUR MONTHS} later in December.

Anyone else out there think this is a pattern instead of 'coincidence?'

Barbara Barnes


2010 Note: What I was told back in those days was - Wild Bill said he had been taking his 'Cindy' to visit her mother in the Akron, Ohio area, and while there, they had been hitting the bars and really having a good time.

He said the night life in Akron was much better than it was down here in 'Hicksville'. I looked into the matter on my own and granted, it took me awhile to get the facts, but I got them.

In November 2005, Cindy B. told me herself that she and Wild Bill had never gone bar hopping in Akron, and that she had never gone to Akron with him for any reason - especially to see her mother - who lives in Marietta, Ohio!

So, the question still remains - what was he trying to show me - or tell me about the Akron, Ohio area in 1998?

What had he done, perhaps years earlier that he thought I still didn't know about?

Well, I suppose everyone knows what I think he did, but until someone with a little bit of clout starts looking into this matter [and this man] I don't suppose we'll ever have any real answers.


2013 Notes:

Wild Bill continues to work in the area of Washington County, Ohio. I'm told that he does some river traveling, and goes 'up river' buit not down. This would take him into Wheeling, WV, Pennsylvania, Maryland, etc.

He is no longer dating or living with Cindy B. In fact she told me that he was supposed to get married last August (2012). I don't know whether he did or not.

I am no longer working with or friends with Sindee Davis. She continues to reside in Jackson, Ohio as far as I know -- or care.

June 25th, 1998 Murder

Bonnie M. Wells

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