Patsy Dawn Sparks

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Predicted Strike Date:

How I determined the next "strike" date after *Terri Roach's murder, had absolutely nothing to do with "being psychic."

Terri Roach was murdered in July of 1990 and although I heard about the case I was not familiar with Terri or anyone who knew her. Therefore, I didn't actually become "involved" in her case until I met a man who had worked with her, but who told me some half truths and some lies when I questioned him about her. Of course I didn't become aware of this man's dishonesty for several months and by that time he'd had an altercation with my friend Wild Bill and had told Wild Bill to tell me that ** if he ever caught me out alone he was going to kill me!

So.....before I ever became involed in Terri Roach's case .... I decided to do a little "background search" on the man who told Wild Bill that he intended to kill me!

That search revealed some disturbing things about "Mr. A." Things that made me very suspicious ..... so much so in fact that I asked my two closest friends to assist me in running a little surveilence on him on certain dates.

Wild Bill and Judy agreed to help me. Judy and I made a trip to the man's hometown and did a court house record search which revealed several things that made me very uneasy. We also noticed the date of *** April 23rd, in connection to a family member of his that had died suddenly.

Experts said that sometimes the death date of someone close to an unstable person could trigger violent behavior within that person. I figured April 23rd would be a good place to start, so Judy, Wild Bill and I all discussed how we would conduct our "around the clock surveillance" on Mr. A!

We were a work of doubt about that!


[* Terri Roach lived in Belpre, Ohio but her dead body was found in the Marietta, Ohio area.]

[** exact words said to Ronda Manley 18 days 'before' she was murdered in August 1992 in Marietta, Ohio]

[*** exact date of Patsy's disappearance.]

April 21st, 1992

Judy and I began our surveillance. I figured we'd allow a three day spread!

The night of April 22nd was Wild Bill's turn, but he balked on me. He said he had to work the next day and couldn't stay up all night and "babysit" me! No problem. I hadn't needed a baby-sitter even as a child, and I certainly didn't need one now!

Still, it hurt my feelings to think that Wild Bill was the one that Mr. A had told that he intended to kill me. I'd think a friend would be a little more concerned about me than he was. But.....if he wanted to go home, then that was OK with me.

So Wild Bill went home.....and to bed.....I assume. And I took the night shift alone.

April 23rd, 1992

At day break I headed home with a sigh of relief.

Mr. A never left town, and I went home with a renewed confidence that I'd been wrong about the man......

{Mr. A and I would eventually reconcile our differences and I would ask him repeatedly about the threat he supposedly made to Wild Bill. He would deny having ever said anything of that nature. He continues to deny it to this day.

Mr. A was unaware that April 23rd was the death date of one of his family members. He said he never could actually recall the exact date but did know it was in April.

An interview with his sister and brother revealed the same information. None were aware of the actual date of this person's death.

The only people who were aware of the correct date were Wild Bill, Judy and me. I know where I was, and I know where Judy was. I know where Wild Bill said he was.... but I also recall several other things that Wild Bill "said," during the years I knew him and they all turned out to be lies: Mr. A did not frequent bars and pick up women. Wild Bill did. He had a reputation for following (today we call it stalking!) women to see where they lived. Mr. A did not frequent the Wheel Club but Terri Roach, Patsy Sparks and Wild Bill did!}

And as time passed, I had to admit that I had been wrong about Mr. "A"..... and may very well have been wrong about another man whom I trusted and considered my friend.

Patsy's Disappearance

Patsy Dawn Sparks lived in Marietta, Ohio, but disappeared from *Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Unlike Terri's murder, Patsy's disappearance grabbed my attention immediately because it was the very date that I had "predicted" - April 23rd!

Judy and I were among the first people to interview Patsy's family and friends, and were surprised to learn that she and Terri Roach were not only friends but were in fact related to one another. The girls had grown up together and often spent nights at one another's homes when they were young. They had attended Sunday School together and remained close even after they entered high school.

I had been shocked to realize how much a picture of Terri Roach had resembled my daughter. But words could never describe the looks on our faces when Judy and I walked into Patsy's grandmother's home and saw the portrait of Patsy!

Two people who were never at a loss for words .... and yet, we both sank to the couch in stone cold silence and continued to stare at the portrait.

The girl looked enough like me to have been my daughter! She looked more like me than my own daughter did! Same blue eyes, same jaw line, same smile.....

"What the hell is going on here?" I finally managed to whisper to Judy.

"One murdered kid looks like my daughter, Christina, with chestnut hair and eyes, and the next is a relative of hers, looks like me and has my sister's first name!"

Was this coincidence? Could this be coincidence?

Little did I know back in 1992 just how many incredible coincidences were yet to come .... perhaps if I'd known I would have walked away right then and there.



*Parkersburg, West Virginia is located just across the Ohio River bridge from this area:

More Similarities

The last day that Patsy was at home, she went to check on a job with a local lingerie modeling agency. I knew several girls that had worked for the agency, including my own daughter who had modeled for them at two different times.

Immediately I thought *April 7th, 1992, when Wild Bill and I had accompanied a couple of our friends to a Health Department meeting.

After the meeting we'd stopped at Elby's Restaurant and had coffee and deserts. After Elby's we took Wild Bill home, and when he got out of the car he made me promise that I would call him when I got home.

At the time I'd thought it was caring and sweet of him. So had my friends. Even though I was riding with them, he still wanted to make sure I got home safely. That was nice.

I agreed to call him and he reminded me to call as soon as I got home because he was going in and getting ready for bed because he had to be at work early the next morning.

Precisely ten minutes later I was standing in my home listening to his phone ring. My call went unanswered. I called again .... several times. No answer. Then I became concerned about him! Perhaps something had happened to him. I drove back to his house by myself and his truck was gone!! Where in the world had the man gone at ten o'clock at night? Especially after telling me he had to get to bed? I parked in the dark section of his property and waited .... midnight, one o'clock .... one thirty .... two o'clock in the morning.

It was about fifteen after two when he came pulling into the drive-way and by the time he saw me it was too late to escape!!

Needless to say, I had a few questions for my dear, concerned for my safety, friend. I wasn't prepared for his answers though!

He insisted that he was upset with me because I had ignored him all evening .......talking and laughing with my friends T and D, and just ignoring him! This was not true. I'd never ignored anyone in my life in favor of someone else. He was as much a part of our conversation during the evening as any one of us had been. But where he'd gone "because I'd ignored him," was the real stumper....

He said he just decided to go over to the Holiday Inn to watch the Lingerie Show!

He should have known that I knew the shows were over around 10:30. He knew that Christina had modeled for this same lingerie company and had attended several shows there at the Holiday Inn. [and I recalled that she had a stalker when she modeled at the Holiday Inn ... and the beginning of many doubts crept into my mind.]

Where had he been for three and a half hours after the show? I didn't know and it wasn't my place to ask so I let it slide.

Sixteen days later Patsy Sparks was gone, and when I learned that she had attended some of the lingerie shows at the Holiday Inn so she could see what the girls did, and that she had gone to be interviewed as a model the very day she disappeared ... I couldn't help but recall Wild Bill's extreme behavior a few days earlier.



*There are 16 days between April 7th and April 23rd.

Same Employers?

Prior to Terri Roach's murder, she had been employed at Elby's Restaurant in Belpre, Ohio.

My own daughter Christina had been employed at Elby's Restaurant right after high school, and worked there while she modeled for the Lingerie L., at Holiday Inn's in a three state radius. In fact, Christina had been working both jobs when she discovered someone was following her late at night as she returned from her jobs.

When I learned that Patsy Sparks had been inquiring about a job with The Lingerie L., I couldn't help but wonder if Terri and Patsy's disappearances had something to do with me .... or my daughter.

Was it a killer's way of saying .... "The cases are related?" Or was it simply a coincidence? I didn't know, but the entire situation made me recall another peculiarity about Wild Bill.

Elby's was one of the few restaurants that Wild Bill didn't seem to care for. We'd gone to restaurants far and wide during the years I'd known him, but Elby's was never his choice.

Actually we'd only gone there twice with other people, and both times he had become agitated and angry with me without any reason whatsoever.

The Wheel Club

When I first met Wild Bill, [1990] my daughter had recently divorced, and was dating the leader of the band Asylum.

She and Jamie had known one another since grade school days, but had never dated before.

Christina knew all the band members, and since Christina and her son Joshua were staying at my house since her divorce, most of the band members were in and out of my house on a regular basis.

I even did a little work assisting with costumes and a portfolio for the band, and sometimes accompanied Christina to some of their local performances.

The Wheel Club was one of the local night clubs where the band often performed. After I met Wild Bill, this was actually the first place he ever went with us.

I was told that Terri and Patsy enjoyed listening to Jamie's band. And in fact, his band was playing at the Wheel Club the night Patsy disappeared.

This fact only added to my suspicions, and raised even more questions that might never have answers.

Cleveland, Ohio

During the 'family and friends' interview, Judy and I learned that Patsy had recently accompanied an older man to the * Cleveland, Ohio area, and had returned with high hopes that the older man was going to "help her" in some way. They said she had the wrapper from a thousand dollar roll of money, but no money.....and never told them the man's name.

I asked about the clothing Patsy wore the last time she went to the Wheel Club before she disappeared and learned that the jacket she'd worn was there at her grandmother's house.

Someone got the jacket and a pocket search revealed a small piece of folded paper with a man's name on it!

** "Mike Barbock," it said. {{Note: 6/27/2010 change: I have decided to 'fill in the rest of the name instead of having B--b--- like I originally had on this page. // BMW }

Judy and I stared at one another in shocked horror.

"Mike" is my husband's first name!!! And the last name was spelled exactly the way Wild Bill pronounced his last name!



[* "Cleveland, Ohio" would surface again: See Gina DeJesus story]

[** "Mike" - was a warning of the next case - a dark haired girl murdered on my husband's birthday in Marietta, Ohio in August of 1992

Wild Bill Enters Via The Back Door

As if the shock of discovering my husband's first name, and Wild Bill's last name on a piece of paper in Patsy's pocket was not enough.... Judy and I had barely recovered our composure before someone announced .....

"Wild Bill just came in the back door!"

I'm sure the look on my face was priceless!

I had invited Wild Bill to accompany us on the interview trip but he had declined, saying [*he could not afford to take the day off from work.]

...."This is Wild Bill," someone said, and I looked up into the eyes of a tall, dark haired man who looked nothing at all like the man that I knew who nick-named himself Wild Bill.

I thought back to the first two times that I'd met "my" Wild Bill character. He'd lied about his real name on both occassions and had actually given me the name of his cousin! It would be a couple of years before I discovered the fact that the man T.D. was actually related to Wild Bill, and by that time Patsy had disappeared and there were many other things that caused me to question the words and actions of a man whom I had come to know pretty well.

Now I wonderd if he was assuming the names of other men and perhaps committing some horrible crimes under those names, knowing all the while that if authorities ever questioned the other man, he would have an iron clad alibi. And also knowing that the other man would not fit the description of anyone who might have gotten a glance at him. Was it possible?



[*After telling me that he could not afford to take the day off from work and accompany me to the interview with the Sparks family, that's EXACTLY what he did! He took the day off from work, hid his truck so I wouldn't know he wasn't working, and went somewhere on his motor cycle. This was an action that would be repeated time and time again during the course of my interviews with family members of murdered girls. None of the trips would ever be explained to me, and no one else ever cared enough about his wierd actions to question him.]

Coincidence or Borrowed Identities?

My mind went back to Patsy's relative Terri Roach. She too had been murdered just a couple years before Patsy disappeared. One report said that Terri had been seen getting into a vehicle with a man she called Mark. Everyone had searched high and low for this "Mark" character and no one could locate him. I wondered about it for a long, long time. In fact, I was still wondering about "Mark" after Wild Bill and I were no longer friends, no longer even speaking to one another.

I stopped to visit the people that Wild Bill had purchased his Toyota truck from. Actually I'd met the people first and had made arrangements for Wild Bill to buy the truck. Our friend Judy had loaned him the money to buy it, and in the process, we all became friends.

Sometimes Wild Bill and I would stop to chat with the folks if we went past and saw them out in their yard. Other times Mike and I stopped to visit. But this time I was by myself. I wasn't there too long before the woman asked me...."Why doesn't Wild Bill wave at me when he's driving the big truck?" What "big truck," I wanted to know. The big semi from where he works, she replied..... and it hit me like a bolt of lightening ...

Wild Bill didn't drive the semi. I too had seen the man who did and marveled at how much he resembled Wild Bill from a distance ... Oh dear God, Wild Bill didn't drive the semi.....that was a man named Mark!!!

Patsy Is Found

Patsy's murdered body lay in Noble County, just north of Marietta for some thirty months.

Many said Patsy had ran away from home. I knew better. Patsy was dead and I felt that her killer was close enough to me to reach out and touch.

I was concerned about who was killing our girls, and felt I had a right to know who he was.....before he eventually reached out for one of the three women I believed were his chosen targets of destruction.... My daughter, my sister or me.

From the time Patsy's remains were discovered on December 17, 1995, until April of 2001, very little was said about her case..

Then, with the solving of the twelve year old Lisa Burkhammer case, came fresh hope to the families of the still unsolved cases of Terri Roach, Patsy Sparks and others. It gave me hope too ... for awhile.

But, it didn't take very long for the excitement to recede and for Patsy's unsolved case to slip back where it had been lying for ten years.

The average person on the street didn't remember her name or any of the details of her disappearance. Too many didn't even realize that her case remained unsolved. But I remembered .... I remembered every scrap of information that I had gathered and exactly who had given it to me, where and when.

And I remembered a little piece of paper and a name that I'd searched high and low for.... Mike B--b--- / B----b---. {{6/27/10/change: Mike Barbock / Bauerbach: // BMW }}

DNA Solves Another Old Case

Patsy Sparks disappeared in April of 1992 and eighteen year old *Ronda Manley was murdered in August of 1992. Her dead body was left lying in Oak Grove Cemetery in Marietta. The same city that she and Patsy had both lived in. Her case went cold almost instantly, and lay in the "unsolved" category for the same years that Patsy's had been there.

I'd had my suspicions in Ronda's case too ... and her case can be found on this web site also....follow the "Manley" links:

When Aubrey Alexander Davis "confessed" to murdering Ronda, it brought Patsy's case back into focus for awhile.

Still, it seemed to me that things had gotten completely "out of focus" during the past ten years, and I wasn't sure the attempt at refocusing was accomplishing much of anything except confusion.


*Ronda Manley received a phone call from an unknown man on August 6th, 1992. The man warned her - "If I catch you out alone, I'm going to kill you." This warning was issued 18 days before she was murdered. She was murdered on my husband 'Mike's' birthday.

A Suspect Is Chosen

Judy and I conducted interviews twice with Patsy's family and friends shortly after she disappeared (1992).

At that time we were told about a man named Randy Slider who was a friend of Patsy's.

Wild Bill {that came is the back door as we were interviewing} took Patsy to check on the job with the Lingerie L., but Randy was the man who had taken her to the Wheel Club on the evening of April 22nd, 1992.

One of my first suspicions was about Randy Slider, but family members and friends were very quick to tell me that Randy was a good friend and would never hurt Patsy.

Patsy was supposed to meet her grandmother at a Marietta bar around midnight that night, and Randy was supposed to bring her back to Marietta. However, Randy's story was .... As he and Patsy were leaving the Wheel Club, they encountered a man that Randy knew. They stopped to chat for a moment and while standing on the street in front of the club, a man yelled from across the street ... "Hey Patsy, come here."

Randy insisted that Patsy ran across the street to speak with the man, and since he was talking to his friend he had paid little attention to the man that she spoke to. About all he could recall was that *the man wore a trench coat/rain coat and a ball-type cap. He continued speaking to his friend until Patsy came running back across the street and said...."Hey, my friend over there (pointing back toward the man she'd been speaking with) said he'd take me to Marietta ... you wouldn't mind if I rode up with him, would you?"

Randy reportedly answered that it was okay with him and as Patsy ran back toward the guy in the trench coat Randy turned and went back into the Wheel Club with his friend.

Patsy failed to show up to meet her grandmother, and the rest is now history. But in 1992, Randy Slider was not a suspect in Patsy's case .... or if he was considered a suspect by law enforcement, he certainly was not considered one by her family and friends.

More than a year after Patsy's disappearance, Randy Slider was convicted of a crime against a woman he'd met while bar hopping, and sent to prison.

He did not "kill" the woman, but was convicted of beating her up pretty bad. The stories in the news papers hadn't made much sense to me. They reported that the woman had actually "picked Randy up" in a bar and that the two of them had gone from bar to bar that night drinking and partying.

Eventually the woman's vehicle ran low on gas so she took it to her sister's house and exchanged it for her sister's vehicle which apparently had more gasoline in it, and the two set out for yet more beer joints.

I was never able to determine if the woman was driving or if Randy Slider was driving. Either way, he's a pretty remarkable fellow. After drinking all evening, the two apparently decided to go out in the country by an old barn and have sex.

The victim claimed that Randy passed out at some point ... so I certainly hope she was doing the driving!!

And since she was so afraid of him ... when they reached the destination, she shook him a time or two and then turned the interior light on and shook him some more.

When he didn't wake up, she got out of the vehicle and walked back down the country road to a farm house she'd noticed as they passed by.

There she spent the night [and left Slider lying in an abandoned vehicle on the coldest night of the century!!!] and the next morning went to the hospital with evidence of a severe beating.

Randy Slider was immediately arrested, tried and convicted. I did not sit in on the trial, and I've been kicking myself ever since. But I do still have all the news clippings from the case.



* this exact same description would surface in the 1996 murder case of Jenifer McCrady. However, no one paid any more attention to it in 1996 than they did in 1992 - in fact, the prosecution refused to allow the witness to tell the jury what she had seen!!! Shocking? Neah, not here.... [or in Durham, North Carolina!!]

Some Memories Fade .... Some Improve

After Dale Sparks confessed to murdering Lisa Burkhammer, and after Scott Hickman was turned loose (after being accused of killing Kimberly Fulton and her son Daniel) there was another flurry of interest in Patsy's case.

I conducted another interview with Patsy's mother and her grandmother over the phone.

It had been nine years since Patsy disappeared, and I was concerned that many details might have been forgotten. I guess I should not have been concerned, because just as nine months had "improved" certain memories in the McCrady case, nine years had done wonders for Patsy's family.....especially her grandmother.

There was no longer any mention of Patsy meeting her grandmother at a local bar. Instead, the story had changed dramatically, as the grandmother now claimed to "remember" things that she had not remembered within days of Patsy's disappearance. The most important memory recovery was the fact that the woman now claimed that she remembered that Randy Slider had indeed brought Patsy home that April night in 1992. The two of them sat inside Randy's car in front of her house, while her grandmother stood inside the screen door and made "funny faces" at her nineteen year old granddaughter, who "stuck out her tongue and made funny faces back."

I wondered what time all of this funny face making occurred since the woman had originally told me as well as law enforcement that she waited at the local beer joint for Patsy for quite some time after she was supposed to arrive that night. If Randy and Patsy were just heading back to Marietta around midnight, then they would not have arrived there until at least twelve thirty. It's pretty dark in that section of Marietta at 12:30 am.

Next the grandmother informed me that Patsy had tried to get out of Randy's car but he had pulled her back inside and driven away quickly so that she could not escape.

When I asked why the woman didn't notify the police immediately ... I was told .... "Because I blacked out. I think Randy Slider threw something and hit me in the head and it knocked me out." Oooohhhh kkkkk!

"So why didn't someone else in the household call the police and report the kidnapping as well as the assault on you?" I asked.

I really didn't get an answer to my question. Just more confusing statements.

The woman insisted that after she regained consciousness she "blocked" the memory from her mind because it was so traumatic. Then she said something that turned the picture completely upside-down!

She said when she watched Randy drive away with Patsy, she told her daughter .... Patsy's mother ...."They won't make it very far. The cops will get them because the exhaust on his car is really bad. They won't get very far."

Shock? Stunned silence was more like it. I just kept listening.

The woman claimed that a local detective had told her long ago that Randy Slider's car was full of Patsy's blood and that he'd like to question Slider about Patsy but his attorney wouldn't let him!!!

An attorney is stopping a detective from conducting a murder investigation? !! Give me that attorney's name.....NOW!

Strange that they didn't have any problem questioning Slider about the incident with the woman that landed his hide in prison. Wonder why they didn't name him as a suspect in Patsy's case at that time?

I know the detective she spoke of. He once indicated to me that he thought Slider was guilty. I disagreed then. I'm even more inclined to disagree now.

Whoever took Patsy was not concerned about the cops pulling him over because he had a loud muffler or bad exhaust on his vehicle. And he had plenty of gasoline and plenty of money to buy more if the need arose. He wasn't a drunk, and (if) Slider's story is true, the man was no stranger to Patsy Sparks. She referred to him as her friend. I believe she had good reason to believe he was a friend.

I also know that whoever Randy talked to that night could be questioned ..... and probably already has been .... to determine if Randy did in fact turn and go back into the Wheel Club with him.

The news media in this area has been real quick to connect Randy Slider to Patsy Sparks at each and every opportunity. And yet, I've noticed .... he is never called a suspect, or even the more recent and popular term.....a person of her case. The most.....the best....and the worst they can say about Slider is that he was the last [known] person to be seen with Patsy.

Time Is Served

Randy Slider was released from prison in April of 2001. I hoped they would bring him in for questioning about Patsy's case. , and although some people insisted there was a mountain of incriminating evidence.....way more than my "circumstantial evidence," I have noticed he has never been charged with, nor arrested for Patsy's murder.

He wasn't out of prison very long before law enforcement was looking for him again! This time he'd apparently assaulted yet another woman and stolen her car. It didn't take them long to find him. I couldn't help but notice, he'd killed neither woman. I assume he's back in prison. And I'd be the first to say that's where he belongs.

If Randy Slider is a suspect in Patsy's case, then I think he should be so named. And if there is enough evidence to name him a suspect, then there's enough to get him convicted least in this county, so I say get on with the show. And if there isn't anything except personal opinions, repressed memories and wishful thinking, then I say it's time to honestly work Patsy's case and see if we can't find her killer. He's still out there, whoever he is, and if he's cold blooded enough to kill Patsy, he's cold blooded enough to kill again .... and again.

A Little Piece Of Paper

Sometimes, teenage girls pick up older men because they are hookers and that's how they make the extra money to buy cigarettes, booze, drugs, clothing, gasoline and/or whatever else they think they need to be happy. Sometimes they are flattered by the attention of an older man. Sometimes there are reasons that fit into neither of these categories.

There is such a girl in our area. Her reasoning is not important.

What is important though ... is what was reported to me.

This girl, whom we shall call Candy (not her real name).....Picked up with Wild Bill one night and he took her to the house that he shared with his son at that time.

His son's name begins with the letter D. but when he introduced this teenage girl to his son, he introduced the boy as "my son *Mike B--b---" and he pronounced it exactly as it was written on that little piece of paper in Patsy's pocket so very long ago!

{{6/27/10/change: He pronounced it "Mike Bar + bock: // BMW }}

And there is something else of great importance that needs to be mentioned here and now. This same girl travels in a circle of friends that have direct connections to me. Anyone who wished to get a message to me ..... a message that only I would understand .... could drop the clue exactly where this clue was dropped.

They would have no fear of reprisal. No fear of law enforcement. No fear of discovery. But would be assured that they had just driven another nail into me........just made another bold faced brag that no one would ever hear about!

Why I Got Involved

I became interested in Patsy's case because I honestly believed her murder had something to do with me, and because I wanted to help stop a killer.

For years I'd became angry every time I saw someone on tv who said they "didn't want to get involved," or "it was none of their business." I couldn't understand how you could be a human being and not have consideration and compassion for your fellow humans and I couldn't understand how crime could not be anyone/everyone's business. Crime hurt us all.

Perhaps my reasoning came from being raised on a farm in the country. Maybe I wasn't as "worldly as I pretended to be sometimes."

2006: It's been nearly fourteen years now since Patsy Sparks was murdered. I'm no longer seeking information in her case. None of it ever done any good anyway.

Still, I can't help but think .... whoever killed Patsy is still out there. What if I was right? Will he eventually come after me, my sister or my daughter? I know that I will never stop wondering about Patsy's case and her killer. And I'm afraid I'll never be able to forget about a small piece of paper and a kid who had the foresight to write down the name that was given to her.... and a man who yelled "Hey Patsy come here," ...

And though it's been a long while

I can still hear Wild Bill's voice .... still see his smile.

"Hey Bonnie, come here."

If only I could have stayed near.

In The News

In the past few months I've been amazed at the number of cases from all across our nation in which there appear to be an unusually high "coincidence" rate. And I've watched news reports with considerable interest as experts have debated the likelihood of such coincidences. For some reason, they all seem to agree that there just can't be a large number of coincidences in any given case. Wish they were here!

Time and time again I reported to John Winstanley {years ago, back when I thought I was helping our cops!} "The no one there phone calls come in on anniversaries of our dead girls, and often preceding the death of another woman." It never meant anything, so my contribution to this [2003] anniversary date for Patsy Sparks is another tid bit of nothing .... another coincidence for those who are keeping track.

At approximately midnight on April 18th, [2003] my friend Mysde [Sindee] was shopping at a local Wal*Mart store and ran right smack into Wild Bill. It was the first time she had seen him for several months. His appearance has changed since the last time she saw him. How is not really important because he changes it often. They spoke to one another and then went their separate ways.

Little did Wild Bill know, Sindee was not alone in the store. Neither of us are ever really alone. There was someone with her that was watching from a distance, and Sindee learned that Wild Bill had been following her movements throughout the store for quite some time before he just "coincidentally, of course," came down the isle that she was turning up.

I never mentioned the anniversary of Patsy Sparks when Sindee told me about the experience with Wild Bill, but in the back of my mind, I'd been wondering if he'd rear his ugly head on schedule, now that he didn't live anywhere near me. In a way, I was hoping he'd forget. And, perhaps he did. Perhaps it was simply a coincidence. Perhaps it wasn't Patsy Sparks' "anniversary" that he was showing Sindee after all. Perhaps it was his own!

After all, it had been the 17th of April when he was arrested in 1994. Maybe he was at Wal*Mart celebrating his freedom! One can only hope.

I'm Not Allowed To Forget

Saturday, April 19th, 2003, was a beautiful spring day and I was in and out most of the morning and early afternoon. After a couple of short errand trips, I headed for my front yard and the flower beds where I spent most of my leisure time. The yard was almost always decorated according to the season or holiday. This was the first time in several years that none of my Easter decorations graced the yard. It was decorated in red, white and blue in honor of our service people and the war with Iraq.

I'm not sure when the call came in because I was outside most of the time, and didn't bother to take the cordless phone out with me. But, during one of my trips inside I noticed there was a message on the answering machine.

I pushed the button and listened to a woman's voice....."Hi, this is Rebbecca Barbock, and I'm calling for Shaun. If he's there, have him call me."

The last name was the same as Wild Bill's last name. I played the message back a time or two. I'd made no mistake. She had said her name was the same as his.

I never heard of a Rebbecca Barbock, nor do I know anyone named Shaun. I have no idea how the woman got my phone number or why she would have called me.

Perhaps it was a coincidence .... perhaps it wasn't. I honestly don't know, and furthermore, I honestly don't care anymore.

If he's talking women into calling me and posing as someone else, then he's wasting his time because I don't care how many women he has in his life, where he goes or what he does.

If the objective was to remind me that an anniversary approached, he was wasting his time there too. I never forget the anniversaries, any more than I forget the girls' birthdays or anything else that I learned during my years of trying to locate their killer(s).

I may be one of the few people in this area who need no reminders .... me and their killer(s). We remember. I just don't understand why Wild Bill just keeps popping up. And, as sad as it is, with the way things are going in this nation, I doubt I'll live long enough to figure it all out!

Targets Of Obsessional Neurosis:


'Patty' / sister

April 23rd - death date:

Marietta & 2.2 miles

News From 2000:

Washington County, Ohio Grand Jury Indictments

"William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998."

Note: Bauerbach is pronounced - Bower and Bock, or as some say - Bar and bock ... like a little piece of paper from long ago -- "Barbock":


More than 24 years after her disappearance, the Patsy Sparks homicide case is being re-opened. The Washington County Cold Case Unit says with recent success in both the Pat Arnold and Ray Clark investigations, they feel they can continue solving even more cold case files. The unit is made up of five individuals, all of which will work on this case until it's solved. The family says they're elated and grateful the case getting re-opened. "Somebody that doesn't have this kind of thing happen to them really doesn't understand how much it changes. I was only fourteen when this happened, so it changed my whole outlook. Knowing that somebody got away with that is a really hard pill to swallow," says a cousin of Patsy Sparks, Jessica Whipkey. The investigators will review the case and come together with a strategy to find justice for Patsy Sparks.

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) Update: 1/24/2018 10:00 A.M.

Randy Slider, 56, who was indicted on Friday, January 19, for the 1992 death of Patsy Sparks, is scheduled to be arraigned February 14 before Noble County Common Pleas Judge John Nau.

UPDATE: 1/23/2018 11:00 A.M.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Tuesday that a Washington County man has been charged with killing a Marietta woman in 1992. A Noble County Grand Jury indicted Randy Slider, 56, on Friday, January 19, on three counts of Aggravated Murder and one count of Murder for the 1992 death of Patsy Sparks. The charges relate to the 1992 killing of Patsy Sparks. Sparks was last seen in Parkersburg, West Virginia on April 22, 1992, when Slider offered her a ride to a bar in Marietta. She was missing until hunters discovered her remains in a wooded area in Noble County in 1994. Slider, formerly of Marietta, is currently serving a 40-year prison term on separate kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault charges in Clermont and Hamilton counties. The Washington County Sheriff's Office cold case squad led the investigation with assistance from the Attorney General's Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Parkersburg Police Department, the Noble County Sheriff's Office, the West Virginia State Police, the Marietta Police Department, and the FBI Crime Lab also assisted with the case. At the request of the Noble County Prosecutor, attorneys from the Ohio Attorney General's Office Special Prosecution section are prosecuting the case. An arraignment date is pending.

And so the story changes yet again. All I can say is this page will remain up and nothing will be changed because the truth does not change regardless of how many years go by or who wishes it were different. Randy Slider means nothing to me. I have never known him and have no desire to know him, but if he didn't kill Patsy then where is the honor of sending him to prison for the crime while the real killer walks among us? Never the less, I remain here, willing and able to share my information with anyone who needs it. I have never sought glory, fame or fortune .... simply the truth. May God grant us all the truth.


Bonnie M. Wells

Symbolic Representatives


Patsy Sparks

April 23rd is the date of the death of my son-in-law's mother.

Patsy lived in Marietta. Her home was located 2.2 miles from where the dead body of her cousin Terri Roach was left lying:

The last place Patsy was seen alive was at The Wheel Club. It is precisely 2.2 miles from the rear parking lot of that club to Wild Bill's driveway.

The Old Wooden Bridge

Terri Lee Roach

Kimberly Kay Fulton

{{ Fulton, like my sister's last name! Kay, like my friend Judy's middle name; and Kay, like the kid he was indicted for raping in 2000!!!}}

The Symbolic Murder Of My Sister

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Bonnie M. Wells

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