Paw Prints

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Paw prints of eternity,

And the Shepherd combine

United by love

And spirit alike

Lifted on gilded wings,

In Heavenly flight

To guide the spirit

Of mortal man

And protect,

As only The Shepherd can


Paw Prints was written by me, and given to my friend Judy at the time of Zep's death. Judy and I co-owned Zep and he lived with her all his life. He passed away on 9/19/94. We miss him.

Baron and Toot-Toot.
Two of Zep's litter mates.

Granville Shepherds

Starlight Inner-Prizes

Bonnie M. Wells

Midi Playing Is .... Don't Mess With My Toot-Toot

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