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First Face-off In Legislature

For Clark and Dix

Premier rebuffs calls by NDP leader to fund groups

participating in Missing Women's Inquiry

So Clark says that we are having a less formal commission run by Wally Oppal.

Oh I get it another commission/inquiry with no teeth. Then we have people worried about the cost of a couple more lawyers on the current tab of over $150 million.

The police and justice system have themselves 10-15 lawyers for the toothless Wally Oppal commission. The authorities need all the lawyers they can get to cover up their incompetence from the start.

Where else could one get a job and perform it with such stunning gross incompetence that allows people to be killed and not be held accountable what so ever( Running someone over in a car must be the other end of the spectrum).

The facts are:

The murderer had been arrested in 1997 and charged with attempted murder(charges stayed). His clothing contained the blood of three women, two of whom had already been reported and considered missing.

Authorities had even directed Crime Stoppers since 1994 to stake out and record license plate numbers coming and going from the murderer's property on an ongoing basis.

Kim Rossmo an internationally known profiler had requested the authorities to warn the public in 1998 that a serial killer was on the loose in the Vancouver area.

And it goes on and on.

The stench of the killing ground could only be out done by the stench of the authorities.

Demonstrable incompetence and probable political interference (those darn license plates)has become another paycheck for those that wouldn't want to be getting too "formal".

My Comments:

I'll just repeat what I've said so many times before. I see little difference between the judicial systems in Canada and the United States.

It appears their main concern is for the criminal, and covering their own asses. There is little concern or compassion for the victim.

How many chances will we give them to do their jobs? How long will we watch them fail to do their jobs before they are held accountable?

A word to the wise - Don't ever forget Mike Nifong!


Bonnie M. Wells


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